Now You Have The Freedom to Choose Conventional or Traditional Health Care That is Affordable!!


A mere days after President Obama announced this month that 11.4 million people enrolled or renewed their registration under the Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration suffered serious setbacks, causing frustration for many with this conventional health or sickness care program.

On February 20th of this month, it was revealed that 800,000 customers received incorrect tax information from the government, which will result in delayed tax filings and possible penalties for many.
According to a Huffington Post report, “another 50,000 or so who already filed may have to resubmit their returns.”

A recent CBS study further states that the program could undergo further changes where potentially millions of registrants could lose their subsidies.

Since the program’s inception in 2010, the path to universal healthcare has been a disaster, with various issues including website difficulties, technical glitches, confusing plans, expensive premiums, no freedom to choose your own doctor and NO alternative or traditional health care offered, to name just a few of the big problems with Obamacare.

Senator Rand Paul, among the many critics of the law states that, “what’s going to come out of Obamacare is worse than anybody can imagine.”

The highly visible flaws with the system have caused many to ponder what alternatives are available, especially for 60 percent of the population prefer traditional or alternative healthcare methods, where the Affordable Care Act covers nothing! At the current time, the Affordable Care Act is said to cover only “essential health benefits” which some critics have said will “kill alternative or traditional medicine in America.”  But isn’t that the point for Big Government, Big Pharma and Big Business – kill alternative medicine.

Among those organizations providing true conventional and traditional healthcare alternatives is O’NA HealthCare™, one of the few true health plans that covers alternative or traditional holistic medicine. Their co-operative healthcare system provides alterative healing methods and is touted as the “credit union” of health care.

Each day up until the organization’s Health CARE for Healer’s event February 25, in Mesa, Arizona, O’NA HealthCare™ continues to see an increased interest in their services.
Ana Hawk, President of the RED PAPER CLIP CENTER, a nonprofit helping break cycles of abuse and advocate of O’NA Healthcare states, “Healthcare is something that everyone needs, and although ambitious in its efforts, the Affordable Care Act is still incomplete in what it offers. With its limited options, exorbitant fees and complicated processes, it almost seems that the negative outweighs the positive. Regarding natural alternatives to healthcare, including homeopathic and naturopathic doctors, it only makes sense to put more emphasis on maximizing physical health, which in the long run would promote a happy lifestyle, and reduce, if not eliminate. a number of medical costs.”
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Dr. Robert O. Young, an approved and authorized naturopathic doctor for O’NA Healthcare clients/patients states, “finally there is a health care plan that allows the insured to choose their own doctor and choose their own type of health care whether it be allopathic or naturopathic – both conventional and traditional health care qr. NOW covered!  And it is truly affordable!”

Here are just a few areas of coverage:

1) Emergency care
2) Hospital care
3) Conventional care
4) All diagnostic tests, including Pet scan, MRI, Cat Scan, Thermography, Ultrasound, Live and Dried Blood Cell Tests, Comprehensive Blood Tests,  Bio-electro scans, just to name a few.
5) Traditional or Naturopathic care
6) Colon Hydrotherapy
7) Lymphatic, deep tissue, Swedish massage.
8) Accupunture
9) Accupressure
10) Legend or Pharmacuetical drugs
11) Nutracuetical drugs including vitamins, minerals, herbs, glandulars, and cell-salts
12) Accommodations at Healing spas and Retreat centers, including food.
To learn more about the only true health care plan in the United States that respects YOUR personal freedom to choose YOUR own doctor and choose YOUR own type of health care, go to:  Make sure when you enroll to use the referral email address of Robert O. Young
Remember it is YOUR BODY, YOUR HEALTH, YOUR LIFE AND YOUR CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Therefore, choose WISELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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