The Big “C” Word!

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Everyone I know of, with a few exceptions are terrified of being told by a traditional medical doctor that they have cancer. The biggest problem is by the time they hear the ‘C’ word it’s usually too late and death by acid or death by treatment is imminent. Many times those who we love and care about never have a fighting chance since this deadly acidic killer of the body fluids has been rotting or breaking down healthy tissues silently for years, with no signs or warning signals until it is too late.

Cancer can be likened to the acids of termites in the way that dietary and metabolic acids slowly and insidiously breakdown and rot your vital organs, bones and many times brain. Many of these acidic cancer victims are described by their friends and family as the ‘PICTURE OF HEALTH’. Your beautiful house looks good on the outside, all the while the acid spray from your lifestyle and diet have literally destroyed it’s very core and it’s now moments away from collapse.

In the last 30 years the global cancer burden has doubled, and is estimated to nearly triple by 2030. We must begin to take cancer PREVENTION seriously. 1,638,910 people will be diagnosed with a cancerous condition this year alone. 33% of these individuals will fall victim to this RUTHLESS ACIDIC DESTROYER of health, life and the pursuit of happiness.

Did you know that most people actually ignore the very ACIDIC symptoms that, if PAID ATTENTION to, could potentially save their lives? They are often ignored because medical doctors never educate their patients as to what a cancerous acidic symptom actually looks like.

Some of the ignored early acidic symptoms are:

1. Frequent fevers or outfections
2. Wheezing or shortness of breath
3. Swallowing problems or hoarseness
4. Unexplained weight loss
5. Bowel problems
6. Changes in fingernails
7. Chronic heartburn
8. Unusually heavy or painful periods or bleeding between periods
9. Irritation and inflammation
10. Loss of energy
11. Sore joints and muscles
12. Headaches
13. Light headedness, dizziness, muddled thinking
14. Hardening of the tissues and arteries – induration
15. GERD
16. Acid reflux
17. Skin eruptions
18. Toe or finger nail fungus
19. Craving for ice or cold drinks
20. Sugar and chocolate additions, just to name a few.

Your body could be talking to you and warning you of ACIDIC danger. Don’t make the costly mistake of not listening.

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