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108 Not a Diet a Lifestyle

Our blood carries oxygen, nutrients and our life force to every part of our body. We have over 70 trillion cells that make up every part of us. Each and every part of us can only be as healthy as our blood. It is our blood that is constantly working and rebuilding every organ and every part of us. You see our blood cells make organ, tissue, bone, brain, all body cells. In essence we are our blood. We are designed after conception from one drop of our mother’s blood and from this liquid alkaline fluid grows a lung, a tongue and a heart and into a fetus. Our body relies on our blood for rejuvenation and well being, so how are our choices affecting our health? Everything we eat, drink, ingest, think, feel and believe shows up in our blood. Our physical and emotional bodies are a true and direct reflection of what is going on inside of us. Our body’s optimum health is reached and supported in an alkaline state verses an acidic state. When our body shows signs of discomfort including simple things like casual pain, cramps, stiffness or other dysfunctional symptoms and experiences, it has reached an extended state of acidity.In 1912 Alexis Carrel, a famous French physiologist, researcher at the Rockefeller Institute, New York and Noble laureate removed an unhatched chicken embryo and placed it in fresh nutrient medium (alkalinity) in a pyrex flask dish. He transferred the tissue every forty-eight hours, during which time it double in size and had to be trimmed before being moved to its new flask with the same saline solution with proper alkaline minerals. When he stopped changing the solution after 20 years the heart died. The secret on Carrel’s chicken heart surviving for 20 years lies in the knowledge that the cell is only as healthy as the fluids it is bathed in. Carrel’s experiment brought us to modern physiology which says; “the composition of the body fluids that bathe the outside of the cells must be controlled very exactly from moment to moment and day to day, with no single important constituent ever varying more than a few percent.” (Alexis Carrel and Charles Lindbergh: The Culture of Organs 1938).

7 pH StripsWe have a pH number just as we have a preferred blood pressure number. Our blood has a pH of 7.365 as well as other parts of our body having their own pH number. By measuring the pH of our saliva we can determine the condition of our alkaline reserves and through measuring the pH of our urine first thing in the morning before we eat or drink anything helps monitor the condition of our organs. It’s an indicator showing if they were bathed in alkalinity all night to heal or in acidity thus creating illness. Dr Otto Warburg understood the relationship between oxygen and the pH of our body. He determined that cancer thrives in an environment that has a pH of 6 or lower. His research proves that cancer cannot live in an oxygen rich and an alkaline rich environment with a ph of 7 or higher. He won the Novel Prize in Medicine for this in 1932. Current day leaders such as Dr. Robert Young of the pH Miracle Center extended this information to show that it’s best for our saliva and urine pH to be 7.2 or higher in a healthy body. 10 Body pH Levels

By design we are 80% alkaline (blood, organs, tissues, muscles and all body fluids) and by our bodily functions we produce a 20% metabolic acidic waste. Our bodies know how to handle this 80/20 ratio but when the scales are tipped too far we find ourselves in a state of not feeling well. Often our four channels of elimination (urination, defecation, lymphatics and breathing) become over worked, saturated, congested or back up with acidity.

Emotions and OrgansRemember too, that thoughts, feelings and emotions can produce 2-3x more acid than an acidic food or beverage. The preferred way these toxins exit the body is through our connective tissue and lymphatic system. But when overload happens we become sluggish and waste is not discarded fast enough or properly. This creates physical, emotional and mental issues and symptoms. Symptoms are our body’s way of communicating to us. As long as the body remains in an acidic state we’ll continue to experience disharmony from our natural state of being in various forms of discomfort, illness and dis-ease (distance from our natural state of ease). It shows up in a variety of ‘problems’ as simple as a cold, flus and mood swings or more complicated issues likes viruses, breathing difficulties, allergies, hormonal issues, lymphatic, digestive and endocrine problems, skin sensitivities, sinus issues, swelling, headaches, bowel issues like IBS or in the form of other more severe issues. 94 Lemon Cucumber Drink

Our body uses its own language, physical, mental and emotional symptoms in order to cue us into making changes for our own well-being. For when the causes are reversed the symptoms are naturally eliminated, the body is programmed for self healing. To help your body and mind return to its natural healthy state, weight, shape and vitality consider pH Nutritional Microscopy and integrating an alkaline lifestyle. Learn how to revitalize and enhance your own health and vitality… the ARE way, “Alkalize Realize Energize”. It’s a self care to health care!


Donna Porteous, 
pH Nutritional Microscopist

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