Dr. Robert O. Young is a HeadLiner in New York City at the New Life Expo! May 29th through May 31st!

NewLife Expo and Consultations
in New York City

May 28th to June 1st

Dr. Young will be doing one-on-one consultations while in New York City. To scheduling an appointment for you or your loved one, please email Dr. Young at: phmiraclelife@gmail.com

See you at the NEWLIFE Health & Wellness Expo
Hotel Pennsylvania – New York
05/29/15 – 05/31/15


For additional information or to book a consultation with Dr. Young please send an email including your full name and phone number to: phmiraclelife@gmaill.com or you can call: 760-484-1075.

In love and healing light,
Dr. Robert O. Young

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