What is Live and Dried Blood Cell Analysis?


At the pH Miracle Center, in Valley Center, California we offer Clinical/Diagnostic MICROSCOPY AND BLOOD CELL Assessment: A live and dried blood analysis for detection and monitoring of dietary and metabolic dysfunction in the prevention of ALL human and animal sickness and disease.
The live blood phase contrast microscopy assessment and the dried blood brightfield mycotoxic oxidative stress assessment are two unique blood tests that are used as pre-screening tests combined with Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound, Thermography and 3D Bio-Electro Scan to monitor dietary and metabolic dysfunction—thereby taking the guesswork out of diet determination and the selection of an appropriate natural hygiene health and fitness protocol.

Among the phenomena observed in the live and dried blood are:

• The level of activity of the immune system or white blood cells
• The condition of the red and white blood cells
• Liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, lung, prostate, ovary and breast stress
• Detection of the presence of parasites, yeast, fungi and mold
• The observation of blood cell features associated with blood sugar imbalance
• The observation of blood plasma features associated with malabsorption of fats
• The observation of blood cell features associated with protein malabsorption or the ingestion of excessive protein
• The observation of blood cell features associated with nutrient malabsorption and vitamin deficiency
• The observation of blood cell features associated with irritation, inflammation, ulceration and degeneration of the connective tissues, glands and organs of the body
• The observation of acute and chronic health conditions
• The observation of crystalline or solidification of dietary and/or metabolic acids such as protoplasts, fibrous thallus, uric acid, cholesterol, and mycotoxins
• The observation of features associated with gastro-intestinal tract dysfunction, constipation, irritation and degeneration
pH Miracle Center
16390 Dia Del Sol, Valley Center, CA 92082
www.phoreveryoung.com, http://www.phoreveryoung.wordpress.com, http://www.phmiracle.com

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