Dr. Robert O. Young – Front Cover for the May/June Edition of the New Life Magazine – New York City, New York

NEWLIFE Magazine – May/Jun-2015 – Dr. Robert O. Young – Research Scientist

– Your Future is in Your Hands
– Good Mood Raw Food
– Excess Body Fat Weight: Today’s Most Dangerous Health Toxin
– Oral Dysbiosis: The True Cause of Your Mouth Problems

This months magazine in word format

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Welcome to our special May/June Health & Wellness Expo issue. All of
the articles will enlighten you to how you can maximize your health. All
of the writers will be appearing at the NEWLIFE Health & Wellness Expo
at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City on May 29-31. You can meet
them in their lectures, panels or at their booth. I am sure they will be
happy to sign their books with you or offer you any advice you may need.
Our cover man this issue is Dr. Robert Young, author of the “Ph
Miracle”. He is flying in from California to share with you his
knowledge on creating a healthy human being. Dr. Young has a lecture,
workshop and is on three panels at the NEWLIFE EXPO.

Our first article by Dr. Robert Sorge explains why excess body fat weight is America’s most deadly toxin and what we can do about it.

Chef Debra Secunda’s article will make your mouth water with four delectable recipes. Debra will be giving two cooking classes at the expo as well as appearing on the raw food panel.

Dr. Alex Shvartsman, a dentist of the future who uses, needleless needles, ozone and lasers to give you non-evasive, non-pain dentistry explains why Oral Dysbiosis is the true cause of your mouth problems. Visit him at his exhibit booth at the expo or come to his lecture.

Our next article is by Irina Kravtsov who takes the mystery out of palm reading. Visit her at her exhibit booth and attend her lecture at the expo to learn more.

Dr. Howard Robins explains his powerful mind-blowing technique for ridding the body of Herpes 100%. He will be giving three don’t miss lectures at the expo.

As for myself, I will be teaching a yoga class sharing my 45 years of practice. Come and visit me. 

So as you can see, this magazine is a prelude to New York City’s major Health & Wellness Expo.Mark your calendar and join our exhibits, lectures, yoga classes, health food and fun on May 29-31.

Om Sholom, 

Mark Becker 

           Mark Becker

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