Know Your Health and Fitness! See The Health of Your Blood Live! in New York City, May 28th through June 2nd!

The Health of the Blood is Determined by What YOU Eat, What YOU Drink and What YOU Feel!


Healthy red blood cells should be even in color, even in shape and even in size. The health of the red blood cells are determined by the health of the intestinal villi and the food and liquids ingested. Healthy blood is made from 4 ingredients and they are chlorophyll, oil, water and salt. These are the foundational ingredients for making healthy red bloods cells that differentiate into ALL other body cells, including bone, muscle and organ cells. The health of the blood then determines the health of the body and the health of the body is only as healthy as the red blood cells. So, if you eat donuts expect to have donut red blood cells. Understand?


If you would like to see the health of your blood then contact Dr. Robert O. Young for a one-on-one consultation, May 28th through June 2nd, New York City, New York –


To learn more about the blood read Sick, A Finger on the Magic of Life, The Blood, The Third Anatomical Element, and Pathological Blood Coagulation –


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