Top 20 Alkaline Questions TRUE or FALSE


Every day I am asked questions about things, practices, food and beverages toting to be alkaline or which have an alkalizing effect that clearly do no and are not. Often I meet with new clients who have been working on an “alkaline system” or who have received “alkaline advice” or who have been doing all sorts of “alkaline cures” and eating alkaline, clearly were not; otherwise their symptoms would have disappeared and the root of their health issues would have already cleared and healed. It’s true we are alkaline by design and acidic by function. There is only one sickness, illness and disease though with many names and faces. It’s over acidification of the body fluids, tissues, muscles, organs and bones.

There is only one solution, reverse the condition of over acidification by eliminating the acidic build up in the body through the four channels of elimination and allow the body to restore and heal itself by honouring the innate alkaline design of the body, for when it is restored the body naturally heals itself. It is obvious when we look at our blood for the blood never lies but our mind and traditional training can fool us. I am always surprised when I listen to someone’s story and then look at their blood. It is such an eye opener and refreshing at the same time. So I am putting all those questions, issues, myths and false educational totes here for you in hopes that you may benefit. There are a total of 20 myths so I have shared 10 this week and the last 10 will be in next week’s issue.

Vinegar1. Apple cider vinegar is alkaline. Absolutely FALSE. It is highly acidic just like all other vinegars and robs our body of our own natural alkaline buffers; sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium. It is made from fermenting apples. Right from get go it is acidic because apples are too! Being a vinegar, it is also a neuro toxin. It is fermented which means rotten. This goes for ALL fermented foods. They are rotten and do not belong in our body. They may appear to give results but I assure you it is short term and at a long term risk to your health. To test this out we used pH strips to test our saliva. First we tested our saliva base number. It was 7.4. When we ingested the apple cider vinegar our saliva pH in 30 seconds went highly acidic to a 4. When tested in another 30 seconds it went highly alkaline to a 10 (this was our body naturally compensating for the acidic overload and purging our buffers mostly sodium). Then the miracle happened. In another 30 seconds it went back to our normal healthy 7. 4 on the pH scale, slightly over alkaline. So apple cider vinegar is toxic, fermented acid and does not belong in our body. We all know that vinegars are acidic, all vinegars! Common sense.. grade 3 science… vinegar is acid.

2. Fruit is alkaline. FALSE. Fruit is fructose aka sugar which is acidic. There are two types of food and beverages; alkaline or acidic. This makes life very easy and simple and true health even easier. Sugar aka acid equals illness and disease. There are 5 friendly fruits that either are or have an alkalizing effect on our body; avocados, lemons, limes, coloured bell peppers, tomatoes and occasionally grapefruit. Yep all those berries, apples, pineapples, mangoes, bananas, grapes etc are all high sugar and acidic. Even though they may tote health benefits, they are 100% acidic with damaging long term side effects. You can get all the benefits without the acidic intoxication from eating and drinking green coloured veggies. However, if you are eating traditional fruit eat it in the morning on an empty stomach and 20 minutes away from all other food and beverages. And never mix it with any “healthy” item like yogurt or granola… it’s alcohol poisoning at this point as it begins to ferment and make acetaldehyde from fermenting in your bowel.

3. Mushrooms are healthy for us and are an alkaline veggie. FALSE. They are mould and fungus and 100% acidic. Think about how they grow and what they naturally grow out of…. right! NO more mushrooms.

4. Natural sugars are okay like honey or maple syrup. FALSE. Both are sugar and sugar to the body is sugar! Besides maple syrup is full of mould which often is visible in the bottle before it is even opened. It grows in the sap and is still in the syrup once boiled down. I can assure you that after all the years of tapping, boiling, bottling and selling it I have seen my fair share of this. Yes, yummy, natural but 100% acidic and toxic to us.

Protein5. We need lots of protein. FALSE. We only need 5g daily of a healthy digestible usable protein. Greens (chlorophyll) builds healthy blood which builds healthy body cells used for tissue, muscle, organs and bone cells. That means with green plant based nutritional source, 100 calories of dark leafy greens like kale or spinach has double the protein of any meat. Get your greens on and build strong healthy muscle easier, faster and less down/burn time because there is way less acidic build up.

6. Whey is a healthy protein source. FALSE. Whey is a toxic acid with side effects that cause congestion in our body systems leading to acidic poisoning. Whey is the scum bubbled up from making cheese, then skimmed off the top, dried and processed and then packaged and sold as “protein” supplement. Once again it has been funnelled into profits and business as our health risk. All it does is make our blood sick and congested. So all those pre-fab shakes and smoothies are adding to your health issues and concerns. Healthy food has no side effects. It also has no bar code unless it is fresh vegetable and needed to be bagged for produce department.

7. Eggs are good for us. FALSE. Eggs are full of thousands of bacteria and acidic… looks like bugs under a microscope. They are a chicken’s period, a potential little chic.

Green Drink8. We need dairy for calcium. FALSE. Dairy is very dirty and full of thousands of puss cells per liter plus it is liquid sugar and 100% acidic. It contains animal casein which is for building animal hooves and interferes with our human design. It is meant for calves not humans. It is a government business. By ingesting dairy in all its forms we rob our body of minerals as it tries to buffer the acidic liquid or cream sugar. Our body saves us by purging calcium out of our bones to buffer the acids from it…. thus osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Eat dark leafy greens to get way more calcium and zero negative side effects.

9. “Healthy Chocolate”, organic cocoa/cocao has health benefits and good for us. Believe me, I wish I could lie on this one but NOT. FALSE. All, yes ALL have two lethal ingredients… theobromine and methobromine and 100% acidic. If any of it is ingested by an animal it can kill them. It does the same to us too. The death is just slower with longs side effects like constipation, spastic bowel, skin irruptions, headaches and such.

10. Nuts and seeds are good for us. TRUE and FALSE. All food needs to be liquefied before it goes into our small intestinal tract. Nuts and seeds NEVER liquefy and become lodged in our bowel to fester and irritate us thus compromising our gut health. Nuts carry mould, mildew and bacteria in the air space between the skin and the shell. Almonds have the least amount of space and therefore less opportunity to be contaminated. Still drink your nuts… as in almond milk. Best to make your own fresh but if you buy make sure it has fewest ingredients and no carrageenan.

Stayed tuned for the last ten in next week’s issue. In summary, we are alkaline by design and when we tend to that and nourish ourselves with it, we flourish. We are acidic by function and when we take care of our four channels of elimination and discard our dietary and metabolic acidic waste from consuming and functioning, we flourish in health and vitality.

It is quite simple; put alkalinity in and keep our systems flowing with lots of water and healthy oils so all of our systems get flushed out daily! We are what we ingest.

For more pH reading I suggest reading The pH Miracle for Living by Dr.  Robert O Young –


Donna Porteous, 
pH Nutritional Microscopist

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    The answers have showed that our current dietary habits (SAD) are not effectively build and grow our bodies, right from the feeds to the soil , vegetable and animals to fake food then the chemical -medical based treatment. Full circle of ineffective human biology and health education causing pains and suffering in later age.


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