Why Ebola and Why Now? And Why ALL the Drama?

An African nurse vaccinates a child against a fungus called pneumococcus. Pneumococcus fungus is a biological transformation of what use to be a healthy plant, animal or human cell. This fungus is said to be responsible for over 60 percent of all childhood deaths in Africa. I would suggest that the increase in this fungal condition is directly related to the water, food, sanitation and hygiene of the child. Bacteria, yeast, fungi, mold and their waste products – viruses, are born in us and from us as a consequence of an acidic lifestyle and diet.All infectious disease at home or in Africa is born within the body from the acidic waste products of diet, metabolism, respiration and the environment which are NOT properly eliminated through the four channels of elimination.
When acidic waste products are NOT circulated and eliminated through urination, defecation, perspiration or respiration they are distributed out to the connective and fatty tissues. When this happens you set the stage for ALL sickness and disease. All viruses are non-living entities and because they are liquid or gas they can penetrate the cell membrane damaging and destroying the DNA. These non-living entities are ALL the acidic waste products from diet, metabolism, respiration, environment and the biological transformations or evolutions of healthy cells into bacteria, yeast and mold that produce acidic waste products. These acidic waste products are called exotoxins, endotoxins and mycotoxins. The creation of pneumococcus or fungi is the result of acidic build-up in the tissues, organs or glands and the biological transformation of once healthy body cells into bacteria, fungi and then mold. Just like food in your refrigerator goes from healthy to moldy so the human body when NOT in an alkaline state goes from healthy to moldy. Don’t you know you don’t get old you mold.
So should we vaccinate our food or the human body so it won’t go moldy? O-wait they are already doing this to our food and children! The germs of the air can only contribute to a sickness or disease but it cannot cause a sickness or disease. Seeds grow perfectly well in soil but throw them on concrete and they will not grow. It is all about the environment – the internal environment. And there is only one sickness and one disease! That one sickness and one disease is the over-acidification of the blood and then tissues due to an inverted or acidic way of living, eating and thinking.
One last example. I call this example the ‘Love Boat’ metaphor. So what happens on a cruise ship like the ‘Love Boat’ – Over-eating acidic food, over-drinking acidic drinks, lack of restful sleep, lack of exercise, over-exposure to chemicals in the food, drinking water, shower water and swimming pool water. People get constipated. They become dehydrated. They stop eliminating their waste products. So, people get sick on the ‘Love Boat’ because of their lifestyle and dietary choices and NOT because of some pHantom virus like Ebola or fungi like pneumococcus. And the interesting thing is NOT everyone gets sick.
Only those who stop eliminating their acidic waste products get sick. This condition of sickness is NOT caused by some phantom virus that selectively picked on YOU! IT is ALL about circulation, elimination and maintaining the delicate alkaline pH of the body fluids. Germs and viruses are symptoms of acidic living, eating and thinking. They do NOT cause disease they are the result of acidic build-up in the tissues, organs and glands because of poor circulation and elimination. Sickness and disease is the body in preservation mode trying to rid itself of toxic acidic waste products and restore its natural healthy alkaline state before it quickly dies. As Claude Bernard, a 20th century medical doctor and research scientist, stated, “the germ is NOTHING the TERRAIN is everything.”
The healthy and natural approach to preventing and/or reversing any sickness or dis-ease condition is to maintain the alkaline design of the body with an alkaline lifestyle and diet. True immunity is then achieved by maintaining the delicate alkaline pH of the blood, tissues, organs and glands through good hygiene, clean alkaline water, green alkaline fruit, vegetables, and sprouts, cold-pressed polyunsaturated oils, daily exercise, low stress, and restful sleep.
So why Ebola and why NOW? That is a question for each of us to answer. I know the answer! What do you say? To learn more about pH Miracle Living and living pHorever read The pH Miracle revised and updated –  www.phoreveryoung.com 1381316_575064435875488_1597323541_n I would also suggest reading ‘Sick and Tired’ and ‘A Second Thought about Viruses, Vaccines and the HIV/AIDS hypothesis’. Finally, pick up Professor Peter Duesberg’s book on ‘Inventing the AIDS Virus’. He also talks about the inventing of Ebola, Hep C, SARS, West Nile Virus and other pHantom viruses. fe189-robert27sclipart319 PS
The picture below of the so-called Ebola is NOT
Ebola it is a parasite. NO ONE has ever isolated the Ebola Virus – NO ONE!!!!!!!!!! Ebola is a pHantom virus. This scientific fraud started in 1983 with the invention of the AIDS virus. PLEASE read Dr. Duesberg’s book ‘Inventing the AIDS Virus’ and NOW the EBOLA Virus!!! Education NOT Medication! Education NOT Vaccination! Education NOT Radiation! Prevention NOT Intervention! Health Care NOT Sick Care! YoungaCare NOT ObamaCare!

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