Big Pharma, The FDA, and the CDC Are ALL A Cesspool Of Corruption – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


A few thoughts about Big Pharma, the CDC, the FDA, the scientific community in general, and those who blindly support vaccination while parroting the phrase “The science is settled.”

1) Throughout the years the pharmaceutical industry has produced many products that have been deemed safe and effective–only to have those products withdrawn after injuries and deaths attributed to those products are reluctantly acknowledged. So with the skyrocketing cases of Autism, Childhood Cancers, Auto-immune diseases, Behavioral and Learning Disorders, Food Allergies, Diabetes, Digestive sensitivities, leukemia and more since the amount of vaccines have tripled since the 80s, why is it that vaccines are above this scrutiny?

2) All drug companies enjoy liability coverage by private insurance companies for all of their products except vaccines. If the science is settled then why won’t private insurance indemnify them for this one product line and why must the US government use taxpayer funding to protect those companies from financial loss? If the science is settled then why has over $3 billion dollars been paid out to families of vaccine injured children? Would you pay damages for an injury not attributed to you?

3) Universities who perform many studies on drugs and vaccines receive tens of millions of dollars a year in endowments for their science departments and researchers from the very same drug companies who sell and greatly profit from the products being studied. In any other industry those research studies would be scrutinized and rejected for the blatant conflict of interest. The “endowments” might even be considered as bribery. Is the science really settled when it comes to vaccine research or perhaps has the data been manipulated to please the “donor”.

4) People who rest on assurances that the CDC and FDA have approved vaccines and therefore they have to be safe and effective tends to be the same people who distrust every other agency and branch of government as the multiple scandals over the past several years have justified such skepticism. With the revolving door policy that allows drug company insiders to hold and maintain policy making positions at the FDA and CDC, and with these insiders overseeing the approvals of these products, how can people turn a deaf ear to this type of cronyism?

When it’s not your child, your brother, your sister, your mother, father, aunt or uncle that’s been victimized it’s very easy to ignore facts, statistics, and the pain and suffering of those injured by a product by resting on the phrase “The Science Is Settled.” The problem with science is that it’s results are brought to us by scientists and scientists are human. The validity of the science is in direct proportion to the honesty of the scientist conducting it, recording the results, and reporting it to the agency overseeing it and making policy based upon it.

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