Do YOU Give Your Cells Enough Nascent or Atomic Oxygen (O1 NOT O2)?


In 1931, Dr Otto Warburg was given the Nobel Prize for his pioneering research on cancer. His work showed that cancer cells grow best in an oxygen-poor environment. In other words, it is dependant on whether our body, cells, tissues, glands and organs get enough atomic or nascent oxygen. If there is too little atomic or nascent oxygen an acidic or cancerous condition can develop.

It is quite simple. The acidic or cancerous cells cannot survive in an alkaline, nascent-rich oxygenated environment. Therefore, it is important that we check the nascent or atomic O1 oxygen levels with your interstitial pH (fluids that surround the cells).

This can be done using our non-invasive 3-D Bio-Electro scan which will test the interstitial pH and oxygen levels of the body fluids outside all body cells to determine atomic oxygen levels and pH.


We will also test the functionality of all glands, organs and tissues to determine their health, vitality and fitness.

The 3-D Bio-Ellectro Scan will determine metabolic alkalosis, metabolic acidosis, interstitial sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium levels, antioxidant levels, oxidative stress, hormone balance or imbalance, electrical conductivity of the body cells, water concentration in-and-out of the cells, cardio/vascular evaluation, arterial, venous and capillary stiffness, cognitive functionality, thyroid functionality, liver functionality, reproductive gland functionality, pancreas functionality, gall-bladder functionality, lung functionality, thymus functionality, kidney functionality, stomach functionality, small and large intestines functionality, spinal health, bone density and bone loss, lymphatic system functionality, lymph node congestion and/or enlargement, circulatory system functionality and much, much more!

Over 100 comprehensive tests performed and consulted on in less than 60 minutes.


After your 3-D Bio-Electro Scan you will have a comprehensive base-line of your physical and emotional health and a plan-of-action to achieve your ideal perfect health (pH).

Dr. Robert O. Young will be excepting appointments for scans, tests, and consultations during his World Tour at the following locations:

1) Milan, Italy July 11th
2) Como, Italy July 12th through the 25th
3) Munich, Germany July 26th and 27th
4) Paris, France July 28th through July 31st
5) London, England August 1st through the 3rd
6) Los Angeles, California August 5th through the 8th

You can contact Dr. Young to schedule an appointment by emailing to: or calling: 760 484 1075.


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