Video presentation by Dr. Robert O. Youn

Video presentation by Dr. Robert O. Young of his 3 books in Barcelona, Spain!

We are pleased to announce that we NOW have available on our YouTube channel the video presentation of Dr. Robert O. Young in Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Young has three published books on lifestyle, diet, cancer, diabetes and weight loss. This is a full video in which Dr. Young explains, from his professional viewpoint WHY an alkaline lifestyle and diet leads to a healthy and happy.

Nos complace comunicaros que ya tenemos disponible en nuestro canal de YouTube el vídeo de la presentación que el Dr. Robert O. Young hizo por primera vez en Barcelona para presentar sus tres grandes libros. Un completo vídeo en el cual el Dr. Young nos explica, desde su visión más profesional, en qué consiste llevar un estilo de vida alcalino y los beneficios que ello aporta a nuestro organismo.

To learn more about the man and his research go to: http://www.linkedin/in/drrobertoyoung and

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