Step by Step to Health, Energy and Vital

Step by Step to Health, Energy and Vitality!


Step by step changing my habits and creating a new lifestyle, starting out early stages of type 2 diabetes, severely overweight and feeling terrible everyday. Now I am happier, healthier and alot more energetic. The path I followed was challenging at times but the rewards are worth any of the challenges. I am physically, emotionally and spiritually a new person. It has been over 14 months now and I still follow the plan laid out in the PH Miracle by Dr . Robert O Young, he is changing lives everyday with what he teaches and I am grateful for the changes in me. – Scott Jacobs​

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The Cure for Cancer? That’s an easy question to answer! The Cure for Cancer is Found in its Prevention NOT in its Treatment! – Dr. Robert O. Young

Do you know what rotten apples, grapefruit or bananas look like? If you do then you know what cancer cells look like. Cancer cells are nothing more that healthy cells that are spoiling because of a compromised environment! Look at the picture below and you will see colorized cancerous body cells rotting in their toxic acidic environment.

What compromises the internal environment of a human body that causes body cells to begin spoiling and rotting? The answer is simple! The body’s build-up of acidic metabolic and dietary waste that has not been properly eliminated through the four channels of elimination – urination, defecation, respiration and perspiration!

Cancer is not a noun but an adjective that describes what is happening to body cells in an acidic environment due to an acidic lifestyle and diet.
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