The Information Below Could Possibly Prevent a Serious Health Challenge or Even Save Your Life!

The following is a preview of the lectures of Robert O Young CPT, MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner and Galina Migalko MSc, MD, NMD on June 18th at the 3rd International Conference for Pancreatic Cancer and Liver Disease in Rome, Italy.  To learn more and to register go to: or

Where Can You Go To Have Your Interstitial Fluids of the Interstitium Tested for pH, Chemistry, Metabolic Alkalosis and Acidosis and then Compared to the Extracellular Fluids of the Blood with pH, chemistry and metabolic data?



The fluids of the Interstitium make up over 60% of all body fluids! Today, most all fluids being tested are a portion of the extracellular fluids which represent only 20% of all body fluids. The extracellular fluids which include the blood plasma is around 5 liters compared to the interstitial fluids which is 20 liters.  The plasma is buffered to maintain a constant pH of 7.365 to 7.4. The interstitial fluids collect all of the acidic waste from metabolism, respiration, diet and environment from the extracellular fluids and holds these acidic wastes in compartments for alkalization and then elimination via the lymphatic system and then through the pores of the skin. The compartments containing the interstitial fluids makes up what is call the largest organ of the body – the Interstitium.


Currently medical science knows very little about this organ and its purpose and yet it is of critical importance in the prevention and treatment of ALL sickness and disease, including cancer.

If you would like to learn more about the Interstitium and the importance of the pH and chemistry of the Interstitial Fluids, read the published scientific article, “Alkalizing Nutritional Therapy in the Treatment and Reversal of All Cancerous Conditions,” by Robert O Young CPT, MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner and Galina Migalko, MSc, MD, NMD


On June 18th, Dr. Young and Dr. Migalko will be presenting their research, findings and discoveries on the Interstitium and Cancer at the 3rd International Conference for Pancreatic Cancer and Liver Diseases. You can attend in person or you can receive a copy of Dr. Young’s and Dr. Migalko’s presentations by registering at: or calling 760-751-8321 or 818-987-8668.


As it pertains to the question above there is only one place in the World where you can have a quantitative analysis of the interstitial fluids, including pH, chemistry and other metabolic markers compared to the conventional blood tests of the extracellular blood plasma fluids. This will then give the client/patient a more comprehensive analysis for diagnosis and the efficacy of the treatment protocol recommended by the physician.


To learn more about the science of the interstitium email:

Note: The following are the calculations used to determine the percentages and liters of all the fluids of the body:

Male = 60% Female = 50% Babies = 75% Elderly = 45% Calculation: 1 Kg = 1 L water volume. 150# = 70Kg. 60% of 70Kg. = approx 40Kg. 40Kg = 40L. Fluid compartments. 2 main ones. ICF = 2/3 volume of fluid in body. ECF = 1/3 volume of fluid in body. Plasma = 20% Interstitial fluid = 80% Calculation: 40L = fluid volume. 2/3 = 25L of ICF. 1/3 = 15L of ECF. NB: Blood = 3-4% of weight.

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