Are YOU or a LOVED One Suffering from Psoriasis or Eczema?

Have YOU Tried an Alkaline lifestyle and Diet as outlined in Chapter 11 of The pH Miracle revised and updated book?

Danielle Cadell, from Omagh, Northern Ireland, (pictured above) was so self-conscious about her skin she started a blog to post photos of it in a bid to try to embrace it without shame. She had suffered with psoriasis since she was 15 years of age – and found that stress made it worse.

“It really knocks your confidence,” said the 29-year-old full time carer. “It started off mild but then covered me virtually from head to toe. It was so painful, my arm could have fallen off with all the scratching. “I tried methotrexate but as well as the side effects of nausea, I was worried about having to have tests for my liver function and I thought what is this doing to me? It wasn’t a long-term solution.”

Then Danielle heard about the pH alkaline lifestyle and diet.

“The results are fantastic. Nightshades – tomatoes and aubergines – and spicy food are triggers for me so I avoid them”.

“Stress causes flare ups so I now meditate and make sure I exercise and it’s worked wonders. I still have flare ups when I’ve not been following the alkaline diet a hundred per cent. I’m human and it’s easy to slip up but then I get back on it”.

“Finally I feel in control, after realizing that what I put into my body impacts the state of my skin.”


Glenda Metcalfe (pictured above) developed psoriasis eight years ago after getting strep throat. At first it wasn’t too bad, but then it became so severe her doctor put her on chemotherapy drug methotrexate.

“I had the plaques all over my body, including my scalp which is awful as it gives you dandruff” said the 49-year-old from West Sussex. “It gets you down, especially in the summer when you want to wear nice dresses. “I tried UV light therapy and that didn’t work for me. Steroid creams would calm things down but I’d get a flare-up as soon as I stopped using it. “I was on the methotrexate for three months. It didn’t have any effect and I was extremely sick, nauseous and couldn’t carry on with it.” After a bad flare-up last summer, Glenda went to on a pH alkaline retreat. “Within three weeks my skin had cleared after following the diet very strictly. “I notice now that it comes back if I go off it, dairy and sugar are the worst culprits for me, which for me is proof that this works. I would say my skin is 98 per cent cleared up when I follow the diet.”


Hanna had eczema as a child and at 15 developed psoriasis. By the age of 35 her skin problems were worse than ever, with plaques covering her eyelids, arms, legs, chest, tummy and scalp. She said she remembers feeling helpless when the doctor told her there is no cure.

“Not once was diet suggested as a potential factor,” she said.

“This is not about making somebody feel bad for what they’re eating, it’s about educating people to help them make better choices for their health and skin.”

Now she has clear and beautiful skin but following a pH alkaline lifestyle and diet.

If you’re ever feeling down about your skin … think of Charlie 💕 This gorgeous, inspiring little girl has battled psoriasis ever since she was a baby. Her ‘before’ pictures show just how tough topical steroid withdrawal is to go through. Her incredible family made the decision to stop medication in favor of healing Charlie through an alkaline pH diet. As an adult this is such a difficult decision to make … watching your little girl go through this I can’t even imagine. How awesome does Charlie’s skin look now?!


I know many of you feel disheartened if you don’t see change within days, but this is day 212 for Tiffani. The key is to make this enjoyable and a sustainable lifestyle rather than ‘a die it’ I call it the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet.

The hardest part of the pH alkaline lifestyle and diet is to start. Once you start the 12 week pH Miracle cleanse the rest is easy. Read and learn now how to improve the health of your skin –

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