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Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR), is an acid busting alkalizing supplement that improves mood, learning, and memory.

ALCAR also helps lactic acid in muscles, use fat to buffer acidity, which can increase your endurance, give you an edge in the gym, and help you recover faster. For nootropic benefits, take two grams of ALCAR a day.For better endurance and faster recovery, take 2-3 grams of ALCAR a day — one capsule at breakfast and 2 capsules before your workout. You can also take one capsule after workout.

Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR), is a powerful addition to your biohacking toolbox. This valuable little molecule has been a staple in the bodybuilding and brain-hacking communities for years now, thanks to its ability to help you lose weight and power up your brain.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of acetyl L-carnitine, safety and proper supplement dosage.


Acetyl-L-carnitine is an amino naturally produced in your body to protect cells from excess metabolic acids, use stored fats to build stem cells, and protect electrical energy for cellular function.. We suggest supplementing with acetyl L-carnitine, because of its many benefits.


You can use ALCAR to enhance your cellular electron function to increase cognition function, and to reduce metabolic acids, like lactic acid during workouts, and more. ALCAR helps your body use fat for buffering excess acidic so that the body cells have more more energy — especially for your muscles and brain.

Acetyl L-carnitine has two main benefits:

Boosts brain power: ALCAR is an anti-aging nootropic, or smart amino, meaning, it helps your brain perform better. The acetyl group on it lets it pass your blood-brain barrier and reach your brain and nerves, for buffering metabolic acids thus improve your mood, learning, and memory.

Helps the body use fat and builds muscle: ALCAR can give you an edge in the gym, too. It buffers lactic acid from cellular function of the muscle, which increases cellular endurance and recovery time of the muscle. ALCAR also improves acid-bound fat elimination while you are working out.

Here’s a closer look at how ALCAR works.


When you take pH Miracle ALCAR, it turns into carnitine in your body, and if your insulin levels are low — for example, from eating a high carbohydrate/sugar diet, doing intermittent fasting, working out intensely, eating a highly acidic diet of animal protein or not eating enough alkalizing fruit and vegetables— carnitine becomes very important for reducing metabolic and dietary acid-loads.

When your insulin (insulin buffers the metabolic acid glucose and lactic acid)levels are low, your body starts pushing metabolic and dietary acids into the interstitial fluid compartments and then into the fatty tissues..[1]

The more metabolic and dietary acids that are not properly eliminated through the five channels of elimination – urination, defecation, respiration, perspiration and for women menstruation – are then stored away from the organs that sustain life in the fatty tissue. It is important to understand that overweight is NOT a fat problem but an acid problem! (Read The pH Miracle for Weight Loss)

Basically, carnitine latches onto metabolic, dietary, respiratory and environmental acidic waste and carries them out of the interstitial fluids into the fatty tissues when they cannot be removed via the elimination organs. Depositing acidic waste into the fatty tissues is protective but is also the cause of excess weight that leads to obesity!

In other words, you need carnitine to eliminate acidic metabolic, dietary, respiratory, and environmental acidic waste out through the five channels of elimination. If you’re low on carnitine, acidic waste can get into your body cells that make up all of your organs causing enervation,(low energy), irritation, inflammation, ulceration, induration (stones and tumors) and finally degeneration (cancer).

Once again, the body retains fat to protect the organs and organ systems from breakdown.[2] But with abundant L-carnitine, your body can remove excess metabolic and dietary acidic waste and you will feel more life force energy or experience less fatigue or enervation. The best news is you will start losing excess acidic weight bound to fat and start building muscle. That’s why the pH Miracle ALCAR supplement is so popular with folks who want to lose weight and build muscle and prevent chronic and acute diseases.


Acetyl-L-carnitine is a supplement form of L-carnitine that can pass your blood-brain barrier, giving it access to the dense collection of mitochondria in your brain, as well as to the mitochondria in the rest of your body. That explains why ALCAR is becoming so popular as a nootropic supplement (something that makes your brain work better).

Here’s what the research has to say about using ALCAR to make your brain work better:

More mental & physical energy: Older men and women who took ALCAR daily saw a significant boost to their physical and mental energy levels, as well as better overall cognitive ability.[3]

Improves cognitive function: People with low carnitine levels see a major decrease in brain function. Taking ALCAR improves that brain function. A lot. In a recent study, 8 out of 14 participants reversed a diagnosis of dementia and returned to their full cognitive abilities after taking ALCAR daily. [4]

Lowers inflammation: Acetyl-L-carnitine decreases inflammation in healthy adults. Part of it is because ALCAR increases glutathione, your body’s master antioxidant.[5] Side note: glutathione is awesome for hacking hangovers. And, as it turns out, ALCAR decreases damage to brain cells after drinking, too.[6]

Boosts circulation: In healthy adults, ALCAR increased circulation and nutrient-rich blood flow after a high-fat meal.[7] Good blood flow is an essential part of brain and muscle function and the removal of dietary and metabolic acids from the interstitial fluid compartments of the Interstitium that make YOU sick and tired.

Improves focus: Acetyl-L-carnitine improves attention, both in kids with ADHD[8] and adults who struggle with mental fatigue.[9]


It’s worth mentioning that, although a few of these studies are in healthy young adults, a lot of acetyl-L-carnitine research is in older people. It’s clear that ALCAR is great for anti-aging, but what if you’re young and thriving, and want an extra edge?

As is the case with many nootropics, ALCAR is popular in the brain-hacking world thanks to lots of individual reports about how much it helps cognitive function. That is why pH Miracle L-Carnitine is one of those supplements that’s worth trying on your own, to experience ALL of its benefits.

What about pH Miracle ALCAR for improving your workouts?


ALCAR has been a staple of the bodybuilding community for years. Check out the research that backs up all the incredible benefits:

Increases strength: Resistance-trained young men who took carnitine 90 minutes before intense exercise enjoyed a significant increase in power output, as well as lower lactate levels (lactate contributes to the burning feeling in your muscles).[10]

Burns more fat: Young men who took carnitine burned more fat during moderate exercise, and their muscles produced more energy during intense exercise.[11]

Boosts testosterone: Men who took acetyl-L-carnitine after lifting had more dense hormone receptors in their muscles, which may have improved their testosterone uptake. In other words, ALCAR doesn’t increase your testosterone; it makes you better at using the testosterone you have (Here’s how to increase your testosterone).

Speeds recovery: pH Miracle ALCAR can speed up recovery and decrease muscle inflammation after exercise, in both men and women.[12][13] [14][15]

Better insulin sensitivity: pH Miracle ALCAR improves insulin sensitivity in people who don’t process glucose well.[16] [17][18]

Builds muscle: ALCAR is a powerful anti-aging supplement if you’re older and want to build muscle. In older people, it decreases muscle fatigue and increases fat loss.[19][20][21]

Ian Jacklin – World Kick Box Champion –

Reduces muscle fatigue: One study found that acetyl-L-carnitine decreases muscle fatigue in young people, too.[22]

Summing up

The pH Miracle ALCAR can help your workout in the gym, reduce acidic waste that causing inflammation that leads to faster recovery. And if you’re older, pH Miracle acetyl-L-carnitine is especially useful for maintaining your energy levels and shedding acidic body fat

Before & After Following the pH Miracle Lifestyle for 12 Weeks!



pH Miracle Acetyl-L-carnitine is a valuable addition to your daily supplement routine, especially if you’re an athlete or you’re looking for anti-aging benefits. As with most supplements, timing matters. Here’s what you need to know.

Most of the studies you just read about used between 2 to 3 grams of L-carnitine, taken every day. Two grams a day is a good place to start. From there, you can increase or decrease the dose when you reach your goals. Here are sample plans for taking pH Miracle ALCAR:


2g/day; half first thing in the morning, half in the afternoon


2-3g day; half 90 minutes before exercise (to increase your muscle endurance), half after exercise (to speed up recovery)


Just click on the following link:




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Is There a Cure for Brain Cancer?

Is There Any Cure for a Brain Tumor?

Robert Young

Robert Young

Research Scientist at the pH Miracle Center

This was a question asked by Sahar Sahar (a face book friend) and here is my answer:

My own young and beautiful daughter Ashley, at the age of 21 followed the pH Miracle Alkaline Lifestyle and Diet with great success. She has now been in remission from brain cancer for over 15 years. She elected not to have brain surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.


Ashley was married and pregnant with her first child and in her 3rd trimester when she had a shocking seizure while at the movie theater. She was rushed to the hospital and after brain scans was found to have a large complex mass in her brain.

She was told that she needed emergency surgery and that since she was pregnant the Doctors recommended the termination of her pregnancy by C-section so they could begin treating her cancer.

With the help of her husband Matthew and Ashley’s strong faith and courage she decided no surgery and no taking the baby prematurely. She rested at home for several weeks until it was time to give birth.

She gave birth to a healthy boy (who is now 16 pictured below loving his sisters) and was told by the Doctors that she would not be able to have any more children because of her brain condition.


Ashley did not believe what she was hearing and had faith in God and the truth she had learned from her parents. She now has 4 beautiful healthy children – 1 boy and 3 girls. The newest addition came to their family just one year ago.


Her decision to follow the pH Miracle alkaline lifestyle and diet was her own decision and was supported by her loving husband and her parents.


As her Father who loves his daughter is so happy she is alive, healthy and able to attend to all her family needs. She is a wonderful example of Motherhood, a wonderful wife and has a strong abiding faith in God. I am so proud of Ashley and her bravery, courage and especially her faith to make such a bold decision at the young age of 21.

With love I share this very personal story that has a happy ending with many tears and trails knowing Ashley is healthy and alive today because she followed her heart with the knowledge that healing comes from within and is our personal responsibility.

Each person must decide for themselves (not the government) the path they will choose to go. It is all about free-agency to choose YOUR own healing path. Ashley listened to her parents, to her husband and especially to that still-small voice that speaks to our minds and through prayer and the support of family members made a wise choice. That choice is why she is alive today!

You might remember in the story of Alice in Wonderland when Alice came to a crossroads on her path and encountered the Cheshire Cat. As the story goes Alice asked the Cheshire Cat which road she should choose to go. The Cheshire Cat answered wisely, “If you do not know where you want to go any road will do.”


May God bless all of you who are at the crossroads of life with the depth of perception and the faith to choose YOUR own road wisely. Listen to that still-small voice that will speak to your mind and tell YOU the path YOU should choose. This voice will never deceive YOU or lead you astray!

Believe in Miracle even pH Miracles!

With sincere gratitude, love and healing light,

Robert O Young (Ashley’s Father)

To learn more about Ashley’s choice and the pH Miracle alkaline lifestyle and diet go to: and

PS I believe that the road Ashley chose was the road that gave her a cancer cure and a healthy life, including the protection and love of her family, friends and a living and loving Father in Heaven!

PSS Ashley’s husband Mathew operates the that sells the pH Miracle alkaline nutritional products.

Brain Wave Optimization – Non-Invasive Process for Balancing and Optimizing Brain Patterns

What Is Brainwave Optimization?

This process is an effective, holistic and non-invasive method of achieving greater brain balance. Improving brain function has shown to help with injuries, stress, pain, sleeplessness, major afflictions, addictive dependencies, compulsive disorders, and challenges to learning.

Does It Work?

Over 50,000 people worldwide have experienced breakthroughs utilizing Brainwave Optimization with RTBTM (Real-Time Balancing). Almost every client has reported that Brainwave Optimization resulted in an improved quality of life, with many reporting significant improvements in their overall well-being.


How Much Is It?

Pricing varies per client, per package, and per number of sessions. Clients are responsible for payment, however insurance may cover

The cost, if you receive Brainwave Optimization from a licensed medical facility or therapist.

Various healthcare accounts and insurances that cover alternative modalities may also cover the cost. VIP and mobile packages are available. Please call for details.

What’s the First Step?

As a new client, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to your first visit that helps to gain a full understanding of your specific concerns and goals. Once you

and your Brainwave Technologist have a clear understanding of your situation, he or she will conduct a Brainwave Assessment (60 min.)

– this will be used to design a personalized Brainwave Optimization program just for you.

How Do I Get Started?

Please contact us at: 760-484-1075

Research Studies on Brain Wave Technologies:

The peer-reviewed science journal Brain and Behavior published a paper on the methodology behind HIRREM™, aka, Brainwave Optimization®.  This paper explicates the scientific methodology behind the recently published Wake Forest School of Medicine Insomnia study and provides a detailed guide for further research and experimentation involving HIRREM.

Brain State Technologies is pleased to announce the publication of new research into their proprietary HIRREM technology in the peer-reviewed journal Brain and Behavior.  The study, conducted by the Department of Neurology at Wake Forest School of Medicine, found that the patented Brainwave Optimization technique is highly effective in the treatment of Insomnia.

  1. HIRREM: A Noninvasive, Allostatic Methodology for Relaxation and Auto-Calibration of Neural Oscillations
    “This study introduces a novel, noninvasive electroencephalography-based interventional technology, called high-resolution, relational, resonance-based, electroencephalic mirroring (HIRREM™), or Brainwave Optimization®.”
  2. Open Label, Randomized, Crossover Pilot Trial of High-Resolution, Relation, Resonance-Based Electroencephalic Mirroring to Relieve Insomnia
    “This pilot clinical trial, the first using HIRREM as an intervention, suggests that HIRREM is feasible and effective for individuals having moderate-to-severe insomnia, with clinically relevant, statistically significant benefits based on differential change in the ISI. Effects persisted for 4 weeks after completion of HIRREM.”

  3. Brainwave Optimization (High-Resolution, Relational, Resonance-Based Electroencephalic Mirroring): A Non-invasive Technology for Neruo-Oscillatory Calibration
    “The purpose of this paper is to describe technical and theoretical aspects of Brainwave Optimization®, also known as High-resolution, Relational, Resonance-based Electroencephalic Mirroring™ (HIRREM™). HIRREM is an innovative, non-invasive approach to facilitating greater self-regulatory capacity for, by and through the human brain. The approach may be conceived as a high-resolution electronic mirror that reflects the brain’s activity back to itself in real-time.”
  4. Similarities and Difference Between Brainwave Optimization (HIRREM) and Electroencephalographic biofeedback
    “In terms of technological lineage, Brainwave Optimization® (more formally known as High-resolution, Relational, Resonance-based Electroencephalic Mirroring or HIRREM) can be considered as an advance on the methodology of electroencephalographic biofeedback (also known as ‘EEG biofeedback’ or ‘neurofeedback.’) For purposes of this discussion, we will generally refer to it as ‘EEG biofeedback.’”

  5. Neurorehabilitation of Post-Traumatic Stress and Depressive Behaviors of Brainwave Optimization
    Vijendra K. Singh and Lee Gerdes conducted a study in which clients with symptoms of PTSD, depression, and anxiety experienced Brainwave Optimization, a technology that optimizes brainwaves in real-time to achieve balance and harmony in the brain. After administering Brainwave Optimization over the course of several personalized sessions, Dr. Singh and Mr. Gerdes observed alleviation of depressive and anxiety tendencies and noticeable improvements in quality of life in all of the clients. As a result, they recommend Brainwave Optimization as a viable approach to help with PTSD.
  6. Overcoming Depression Through Brainwave Optimization
    Vijendra K. Singh and Lee Gerdes performed a study of four subjects who were exhibiting symptoms of major depressive disorder. The goal of the study was to overcome the clients’ depression, alleviate anxiety, and achieve physical health and balance, among other things. Following individual assessments, Dr. Singh and Mr. Gerdes administered Brainwave Optimization®, resulting in positive responses from all of the subjects. All of the subjects improved their test scores for depression and anxiety, and showed reductions in depressive tendencies, anxiety, substance abuse, and sleep deprivation.
  7. Evidence Suggest a Pathogenic Role of Brain Autoimmunity in Central Nervous System Diseases
    Vijendra K. Singh, Ph.D., Director of Research at Brain State Technologies, discusses the importance of recognizing neurological diseases and mental illnesses, such as autism spectrum disorders and Alzheimer’s disease, as autoimmune diseases. Dr. Singh argues that the patient population with these brain diseases “must be included in all future epidemiological studies” in order to get the full picture of autoimmune diseases’ impact on human health.
  8. Brainwave Optimization in Neurodegenerative Disease
    Lee Gerdes and Vijendra K. Singh performed a preliminary study on cognition of six patients with Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. After assessing each client’s brain, Mr. Gerdes and Dr. Singh used Brainwave Optimization, to correct patients’ brain imbalances over the course of 10-15 personalized individual sessions. All of the subjects showed improved neurological and behavioral characteristics, including improved cognitive functions.
  9. Yavapi County Adult Probation Trial
    This report depicts individual results achieved in the Prescott, Arizona Yavapai County trial using Brainwave Optimization sessions with repeat offenders. Arrests were for possession of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia, petty theft, disturbing the peace, assault, and other miscellaneous crimes.
  10. Returning Soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD
    The VA has seen a tenfold increase in PTSD cases in the last year. According to the VA, more than 37,000 Vets of Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from Mental Health disorders, and more than 16,000 have already been diagnosed with PTSD.

    “After Brainwave Optimization with Brain State Technologies® (BST) I’m sleeping better than ever and my irritability/anger has decreased significantly,” says SGT. Dan F., U.S. Army 10th Mtn. Div. “The best thing about this technology is that I never had to mention a thing about my combat experiences as BST is not a ‘talk’ solution.”

  11. Results from Nevada Prison Demonstration using Brainwave Optimization
    Brainwave Optimization® was conducted with six inmates, all with history of violent crimes and drug abuse. The PTSD Checklist (Stressor Specific Version, or PCL-S) was administered pre and post-Brainwave Optimization. All reported improvements in anger management, focus/attention, sense of happiness, overcoming depression and ability to interact socially.

The good news is that as far as brain health goes, you have a lot of options. The bad news is…you have a lot of options.

There is no such thing as a problem with a single solution and the bigger the problem the more viable solutions we need on the table. We are proud to be part of a larger community that has recognized and is seeking to address these issues. Still there is some disagreement as to the best approach and you’ll forgive us if we are partial to ours.

With over 50,000 client brain patterns in our system (and growing) – the largest relational database on brain functioning available today – what we share below is founded on hard data and scientific evidence.

Ultimately, however, the best way – and really the only way – to truly understand how Brainwave Optimization® works is to experience it yourself. We encourage you to do so.

Brainwave Optimization® versus Pharmacological Interventions

Traditional medicine contends that chemistry drives function. We believe that function drives chemistry and that all function begins in the brain. Rather than altering the brain’s chemistry to correct dysfunction in the brain, our approach seeks to improve the brain’s function

Brainwave Optimization® versus EEG Biofeedback or Neurofeedback

First, the similarities: both Brainwave Optimization and Neurofeedback are aimed at improving brain function by altering brainwave activity and both have proven helpful to thousands of clients. From there, our modality takes some dramatic departures from neurofeedback.

  • Brainwave Optimization helps the brain to change itself. Neurofeedback depends on training the person to change their brain. 
    Brainwave Optimization collects energy from brainwaves. The energy is transposed into data that is converted into sound. During Brainwave Optimization, the brain’s own sounds are played back to the brain, causing it to seek its own, natural level of health. In neurofeedback, brainwave data is collected and transmitted to a neurofeedback interpretation center. At the center, the data is compared to brain patterns considered “normal.” Then neurofeedback protocols are delivered to force brain patterns to match pre-determined patterns for normal.
  • Neurofeedback depends on operant conditioning; forcing brainwaves into new and prescribed patterns. Brainwave Optimization induces the brain back to its own healthy state.
    Brain changes happen much more quickly and permanently when the brain balances itself rather than when a person is being asked to train their brain. Results happen more quickly and sustain much longer when the brain seeks its own “normal” and is not forced to match a pre-determined pattern of “normal.”
  • Brainwave Optimization is based on the belief that brainwave disturbances are a result of physical and emotional traumas. Neurofeedback is based on the idea that brainwaves are dysregulated, and training can regulate them.
    Through the Brainwave Optimization process, we are able to identify how trauma is affecting brain function. We are able to arrive at a more precise understanding of how that trauma is affecting brain patterns. Armed with that understanding, we are able to directly target the areas of the brain that require re-balancing and harmonizing.
  • Neurofeedback treatments require a much longer time before results appear. 
    Although every person’s experience is different, neurofeedback typically requires 40 to hundreds of sessions or more for the average person to experience results. With Brainwave Optimization, clients typically commit to a one-hour process for the initial assessment and then participate in 10-12 sessions in the space of one week. Whereas, our clients often report results within three or four sessions, it may take 20 neurofeedback sessions before it can be determined that any positive effect is taking place. For many, this can be precious time wasted. For children, it can be nearly impossible.
  • Brainwave Optimization utilize proprietary sensors and software analytics to gather more brainwave data and analize it in far greater detail than is possible in Neurofeedback.
    Brainwave Optimization utilizes proprietary sensors and software to gather and analyze brainwave pattern data at nearly 7000 times the level of resolution employed by standard Neurofeedback systems. Our software analytics identify dominant frequencies in specific spectral brackets, in up to 48,000 bins of spectral data for any given bracket. Neurofeedback typically analyzes brainwave frequencies in no more than 7 frequency ranges. With our high level of data granularity, imbalances and irregularities are easy to spot and good data is easily distinguished from bad data. This makes the filters and deartifacting measures that neurofeedback systems rely on unnecessary and ensures that all relevant data remains intact.