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A Vegan Plant-Based Diet Proves Most Effective for Weight Loss

A vegan plant-based diet leads to the most weight loss, compared with other dietary patterns, according to a new study in the journal Nutrition. Sixty-three overweight adult study participants were assigned to one of five different dietary patterns for a six-month period: omnivorous, semi-vegetarian, pesco-vegetarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian, and vegan. At the end of the study, the vegan group lost, on average, more than twice the percentage of body weight (7.5 percent), compared with omnivores (3.1 percent), semi-vegetarians (3.2 percent), and pesco-vegetarians (3.2 percent). The lacto-ovo vegetarian group lost an average of 6.3 percentage points. The vegan group also had the greatest reductions in total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol and greatest increase in dietary fiber intake—all protective against chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
Turner-McGrievy GM, Davidson CR, Wingard EE, Wilcox S, Frongillo EA. Comparative effectiveness of plant-based diets for weight loss: A randomized controlled trial of five different diets. Nutrition. 2014. doi: 10.1016/j.nut.2014.09.002

Lose Weight NOW Ask Me HOW! The pH Miracle for Weight Loss!


Alkalizing and good quality healthy fats like the ones I get from Udos oil , (Thank you Udo Erasmus) even shrinks your skin back, you would think I would have so much loose skin with the size of that stomach on the left.But it has gone back and my body has healed itself (Thank You Dr.Robert O Young).DOWN 83 POUNDS!!!!!

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'Alkalizing and good quality healthy fats like the ones I get from Udos oil , (Thank you @[100000761061664:2048:Udo Erasmus]) even shrinks your skin back, you would think I would have so much loose skin with the size of that stomach on the left.But it has gone back and my body has healed itself (Thank You Dr.@[100007707879435:2048:Robert O Young]).DOWN 83 POUNDS!!!!!'

An Unexpected Journey! My pH Miracle of 100 libs. Weight Loss and Renewed Health and Energy!


Anyone who has known me through the years, has witnessed the continuing battle my excess weight brought to me. As a young child, I developed my love for food early on. I lived for Friday night Dominic’s pizza, big Sunday dinners, followed by rides to Johnny’s dairy bar. Dinner was served promptly at five, and my whole family gathered each night to eat and share the days events. The kitchen table was a happy place. Although I wouldn’t replace those moments, it’s become clear to me, that I chose to linger there a bit too long, continuing to eat past the point of fullness on every occasion.

By the age of nine I became aware that I was bigger in size compared to my friends. At 11, the name-calling started, I was know as Fatso to one of my classmates. The summer preceding Middle School found me in the ER, with an appendix on the verge of bursting. Surgery and a 10 day stay led to some weight loss. I remember thinking, this will be my chance to “get skinny” before school starts! This was the catalyst to many diets that would come and go, causing a yo-yo effect on my weight, and setting the stage for the emotional baggage that went with it. You name it, I tried it.; Weight Watchers, Zone diet, Grapefruit diet, Atkins diet, plus calorie counting. Each one left me tired, hungry and still craving junk food and sweets. This gradually brought the scale up and up and up. At the age of 46, I found myself at 255 pounds. Not only was I severely overweight, but I was experiencing the following symptoms; pain in my joints and muscles, IBS, fogginess in thinking, acid reflux, memory issues, elevated blood pressure, plus unexplained kidney pain that would awaken me each night.

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Welcome To My World!


Welcome to my world, I am Scott Jacobs and what I am about to share with you in my opinion is the largest kept secret in the world. It helped me reclaim my health, my life and an inner peace that I have not had in 52 years. Had I known about this years ago, I could have evaded many of life’s pitfalls and painful situations. My life choices and lack of knowledge and wisdom resulted in a 325 pound unhappy depressed and physically failing human being. One of my mentors, Dr Robert O Young, refers to it as the pH Miracle and says it is Alkalizing love; Development of self first priority. I believe this is a necessary and key ingredient for every human being and a priority to be taught to every child in the world. It would alleviate so much self destruction in our world and we would move from striving to thriving!

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A Self-Care for a Self-Cure for Obesity – The pH Miracle for Weight Loss!

Fat Rick 2

The pH Miracle for Weight Loss will help you lose ALL acidic weight bound to fat. Normal weight loss for women is 1 pound per day and for men 2 pounds per day. To learn more read The pH Miracle for Weight Loss!


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Before and After Pictures of Rick who lost over 180 pounds!

fatrickHealthy Rick


The Amazing Health Benefits of Grapefruit

If one has never tasted a pH Miracle, Rancho del Sol ruby-red grapefruit, the first experience may be somewhat disconcerting: less sweet than an orange, less acid than a lemon, and you will find that they are NOT sour to the taste. At first, you may be surprised because you were expecting a sour after taste.  But, the Rancho del Sol organically grown grapefruits are watered with high pH (8.5)  and high sodium water (1000 ppm) that makes these unique tasting grapefruits unbelievably delicious and alkalizing.

The Rancho del Sol organically grown ruby-red grapefruit is the largest of the citrus fruits and the most alkaline. It has also been the object of the most scientific research in recent years. As much for its composition as for its medicinal properties,the Rancho del Sol organic ruby-red grapefruit is surprising investigators, who continue to focus their attention on this incredible alkalizing fruit.

The Rancho del Sol grapefruit pulp contains a moderate amount of carbohydrates and very few proteins and lipids. Among its vitamins, the most prominent is C at 34.4mg/100grams. As for mineral salts, it is high in potassium at 139 mg/100 grams making it an alkalizing fruit, in addition to a certain amount of calcium at 12 mg/100 grams and magnesium at 8 mg/100 grams.

The Rancho del Sol Grapefruit contains hundreds of no-nutritive components. Among these are pectin, flavonoids, carotenoids, and limonoids.

Pectin is a type of soluble vegetable fiber found in many fruits such as citrus. Vegetable fiber was the first non-nutritive food component to be studied because of its medicinal effects. Grapefruit pectin is found in the fiber forming its pulp and in the whitish layer just below the skin and between the sections. The fiber stands out for its arterial protection and its anti-cholesterol effects as demonstrated in numerous scientific experiments.

The flavonoids are part of a group of non-nutritive components known as phytochemicals. Chemically they are glucosides, which are widespread in plant-based foods and whose medicinal properties continue to amaze scientists. The predominant glucoside found in the Rancho del Sol Grapefruit is naringine, which is transformed into naringenine in the body. It improves blood flow, and has anti-oxidant and anticarcinogenic properties.

Carotenoids are a good source of beta-carotene, the precursor to Vitamin A. The Rancho del Sol grapefruit contains many other substances, called carotenoids, which act similarly and facilitates the antioxidant effect of Vitamin C and flavonoids.

Limonoids are terpenoids that constitute the essence of the Rancho del Sol grapefruit.

TheRancho del Sol Grapefruit is particularly rich in one of these – limonene, which gives the fruit its bitter alkaline taste, and a large portion of its proven anticarcinogenic properties.

The Rancho del Sol grapefruit serves to protect the arterial walls from the acidic hardening and induration associated with the deposit of acid bound cholesterol and its consequent acidic calcification, the process known as arteriosclerosis. In this way the Rancho del Sol grapefruit increases the volume of blood reaching the tissues and improves circulation. Pectin is the non-nutritive component that is principally associated with this effect.

The protective and healing effects of the Rancho del Sol grapefruit on arteriosclerosis are more pronounced if the whole fruit is eaten and not just its extracted pectin. This is probably because the flavonoid maringine contained in the Rancho del Sol grapefruit has the proven effect of lowering the blood hematocrit when this is excessive (more than 55%). Hematocrit is a measure of the concentration of the blood in cells. When the hematocrit is lowered to normal levels by the effect of grapefruit, the blood becomes more fluid, circulation improves through the arteries, and there is less risk for blood clots, which are the most serious complication of arteriosclerosis. It is important to note that when the hematocrit is low because of excess acidity (causing anemia), the Rancho del Sol grapefruit does not reduce it further, but rather, it causes it to rise toward more normal levels.

The combined components of the Rancho del Sol grapefruit, then, have a positive effect:

1) on the arterial walls, increasing their interior diameter, and

2) on the blood, making it more fluid.

The use of the whole Rancho del Sol grapefruit,including the pulp is particularly useful for all forms of arteriosclerosis, whether or not its is complicated by clotting:

1) cerebral (lack of circulation to the brain);
2) coronary (angina pectoris, heart attack):
3) peripheral (lack of circulation to the limbs).

The virtual absence of sodium and fat in the Rancho del Sol grapefruit, as well as its high level of potassium, makes it very suitable for those challenged with heart dis-ease, particularly heart failure. Those suffering from hypertension should also eat an abundant amount of Rancho del Sol grapefruit, since it has a mild diuretic effect that helps decongest the circulatory system. In these cases the juice is adequate, although eating the whole fruit including the pulp provides better access to the benefits for the circulatory system.

Excess uric acid from eating animal proteins, in any of its forms: gout, urate arthritis, kidney stones, breast stones, brain stones, gallstones, a Rancho del Sol grapefruit is very effective in dealing with these symptoms of over-acidity.

Whenever one wishes to ‘cleanse the blood,’ thus promoting the body’s detoxifying functions (particularly in the liver), one may drink a glass of fresh Rancho del Sol grapefruit juice on an empty stomach each morning. The best results are obtained by following this regime for one month, resting one or two days a week. The detoxifying effect of the Rancho del Sol grapefruit , at least partially, because its limonoids, chelate excess acids in the body and especially the liver.

The Rancho del Sol grapefruit does not promote weight loss in and of itself, although it is recommended in the pH Miracle Weight Loss Plan. However, because of its depurative and detoxifying properties, it is an excellent complement to the diet of anyone wishing to lose weight. This is accomplished by including the Rancho del Sol grapefruit juice in the diet.

An interesting study using laboratory animals was conducted at the University of Florida, USA. During an entire year the animals were fed an atherogenic diet (one that generates arteriosclerosis) very rich in saturated fat and that, indeed, generated arteriosclerosis. From that point, one group of animals was fed small amounts of grapefruit pectin each day. After nine months, the average arterial narrowing in these animals was 24%, as opposed to 45% in those animals that had not been fed pectin.

Other experiments show that grapefruit pectin intake may lower the level of LDL cholesterol by 10.8% in four weeks.

The grapefruit’s specific combination of Vitamin C, pectin, and limonoids help protect against the acids that cause cancerous tissue. Regular consumption of Rancho del Sol grapefruit is a good way to protect against the acid that may cause cancerous tissue.

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The pH Miracle for Cancer


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Lose Your Acid and YOU WILL Lose Your Fat – Obesity Can Cause Death 8 Years Earlier and 20 Years of Miserable Health!


Lose Your Acid and YOU WILL Lose Your Fat!

Obesity Can Cause Death 8 Years Earlier and 20 Years of Miserable Health!

Come to the Rancho del Sol/pH Miracle Living Center and lose your acids and go to health! – 760-484-1075 to book your reservation!

A new study out of Canada has scientifically quantified the obesity health toll as shaving up to eight years off of a person’s life, with several decades of relative misery leading up to this early death.Researchers from McGill University in Montreal noted that the major risk factors associated with obesity are common illnesses like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Most people are aware of these conditions, and even their relationship with obesity, but they often fail to recognize how quality of life is degraded once they are present.

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Getting Rid of Acid Bound Cellulite

get rid of cellulite

The ‘fight against cellulite’ today affects millions of women worldwide. It can occur at any age and may be related to a number of factors, poor elimination of acidic waste products, low endocrine function, weight changes, dehydration, lack of exercise, high acid diet, acidic damage to the intestinal villi, congested bowels, chronic metabolic acidosis, just to name a few symptoms of excess acidity.

A quick alkaline pH Miracle live-it to lose acidic weight fast and to rid the body of acid bound fat called cellulite

Solve the acidic problem of cellulite is possible by changing your lifestyle and dietary habits. It is best to start with at least 1 hour of exercise daily. It should be noted that daily exercise should be low impact, but daily alkalizing exercise is needed in order to improve circulation and then elimination of acidic bound fat. It is also recommended to change to an alkaline healthy diet of green fruit and vegetables, drinking plenty of alkaline fluids and getting enough sleep at least 6 hours per night. It is essential to avoid sugar intake and to increase alkalizing mineral salts.

If you already have cellulite, it is advisable to follow a special diet to periodically cleanse the body of acidic toxins and open the pores of the skin to eliminate waste products that are making you fat.

Below is a quick pH Miracle alkaline diet to lose acidic weight fast and get rid of acid bound fat called cellulite. It should be applied for eight to twelve weeks; its effectiveness is greatly enhanced when combined with dietary restriction of animal flesh, dairy products, all forms of sugar, bread and to increase physical activity: walking, jogging, or doing other sports that have your preference, like rebounding on a mini trampoline or even Younga Yoga.


Breakfast: juice of grapefruit and green vegetables such as spinach, celery, cucumber, and a purred green shake of avocado, cucumber, spinach, whole unprocessed salt, lime or lemon.

Lunch: 32 ounces of green juice and a purred salad of arugula, kale, spinach, tomato, cucumber with olive oil or avocado oil and lemon or lime as the dressing.

Snack: slices of tomato, cucumber and avocado with liberal amounts of olive oil and unprocessed salt.

Dinner: steamed green vegetables, bean sprouts, salad seasoning spinach shoots olive or flax oil, lemon juice or lime juice.


Breakfast: juice of whole red and/or white grapefruit and 32 ounces of green vegetable juice of spinach, celery, and cucumber, and a purred green shake of avocado, cucumber, spinach, whole unprocessed salt, and lime or lemon.

Lunch: 32 ounces of green juice and a purred salad of arugula, kale, spinach, tomato, cucumber with olive oil or avocado oil and lemon or lime as the dressing. and steamed purred vegetable of broccoli.

Snack: slices of tomato, cucumber, jicama, red pepper, green pepper and 1 whole avocado with liberal amounts of olive oil and unprocessed salt.

Dinner: vegetables, seasoned with 1 tablespoon olive oil, and slices of avocado and tomato.


Breakfast: 1 cup of fresh almond or hazel nut milk with 32 ounces of green vegetable juice.

Lunch: a bunch of sunflower seed sprouts, tomato, seasoning with olive oil and lime or lemon with spices of your choice, salad spinach.

Snack: 1 whole avocado, hemp seed sprouts, and slices of jicama, tomato and red peppers.

Dinner: raw or lightly steamed and then purred green vegetables, plain avocado dressing with lemon or olive oil or linseed oil with 32 ounces of fresh green organic juice of spinach, parsley, cucumber, salt, and lime.


Breakfast: fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, 32 ounces of fresh almond and/or hazel nut milk mixed with fresh juiced organ spinach, celery, and cucumber.

Lunch: 32 ounces of purred vegetables of zucchini, kale, spinach, cucumber, grapefruit, coconut water and 32 ounces of green organic vegetable juice of spinach, celery and cucumber.

Snack: 1 cup of almond and/or hazel nut milk and 1 whole avocado.

Dinner: 32 ounces of purred vegetables with herbs, pumpkin steamed, 32 ounces of green juice, and a purred mixed salad of mixed greens.


Breakfast: 32 ounces of green juice and 32 ounces of green pureed shake with fresh almond and hazel nut milk.

Lunch: mixed green salad with olive oil, lemon and salt and 1 whole avocado, 32 ounces of green juice and 32 ounces of green shake.

Snack: slices of avocado, jicama, young coconut, red, green and yellow pepper, tomato, and cucumber with lemon, lime and olive or avocado oil.

Dinner: vegetable soup, mixed greens, 32 ounces of green organic juice and 16 ounces of almond milk.


Breakfast: 32 ounces of green organic juice, 32 ounces of purred green vegetables, 16 ounces of almond milk and 16 ounces of coconut milk.

Lunch: steamed asparagus, artichoke, or other green vegetables steamed with liberal amounts of olive oil, lemon and whole unprocessed salt, 32 ounces of green organic juice and 32 ounces of green organ purred vegetable and fruit, including a bunch of spinach, 1 grapefruit, 1 young coconut, 1 lime, and 2 cucumber.

Snack: 1 whole avocado, jicama, tomato, cucumber, and red and orange pepper.

Dinner: steamed green vegetables with liberal amounts of olive oil, lemon and whole unprocessed salt, 32 ounces of green organic juice and 16 ounces of almond and/or hazel nut milk.


Breakfast: 32 ounces of green organic vegetable juice, 32 ounces of purred green vegetable and fruit, including spinach, cucumber, avocado, grapefruit, young coconut and lime.

Breakfast: steamed green organ vegetables purred with a tablespoon of olive oil, lemon or lime and whole unprocessed salt.

Snack: 1 sliced avocado, cucumber, tomato, peppers of all colors, and jicama.

Dinner: vegetable broccoli soup and purred steamed vegetables.

Note:  when you feel hungry you are really thirsty so drink a 50% blend of green organic juice with fresh almond and/or hazel nut milk, you can also drink alkaline water with a pH of 9.5.

Holiday Season and New Year’s Resolution Health and Fitness Kit

The pH Miracle Holiday Season and New Year’s Resolution Kit

It’s not too late to get started on your Holiday Season and New Year’s Resolution to improve your health. This health care pack was designed to give you the tools you need to turn your health around and put you on the path to having an Alkaline body, which as we now know is the healthiest condition for us. Staying alkaline is the end goal, because that is where disease, sickness and emotional imbalances like clinical depression won’t take hold. For a limited time, everyone who orders this starter pack will receive a complimentary copy of Dr. Robert O. Young’s latest book, “The pH Miracle for Weight Loss,” a $24.95 value, absolutely FREE!!!

“Obesity is now the number one reversible cause of death in the United States.” Discover the missing link to weight loss and how to KEEP IT OFF!  Obesity has become such an epidemic that for the first time in recent history researchers are predicting that children may have a shorter lifespan than adults.
  • In the United States alone, more than 64% of adults are overweight or obese.
  • Nearly 30% of Americans have 20 or more pounds to lose.
  • Nearly one third of American children under 18 are overweight.
  • Nine million people in the United States have more than 100 pounds to lose.
THE pH MIRACLE LIFESTYLE AND DIET IS THE ANSWER TO THIS PROBLEM!The pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet is the “New Biology” that is giving people a unique system that has never been available before. THE RESULTS ARE IMMEDIATE AND REAL.
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