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At 57 years old, Paula Abdul is far from slowing down!

How Does She Do IT?

 The singer and dancer is currently prepping for her first Las Vegas residency — which begins Aug. 13 at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino — and she’s putting in the hard work, starting each day before the sun and going until late at night.

“It’s very physically intense,” Abdul tells PEOPLE. “I get up at 6 and I work with my trainer for an hour and a half. Then I go to rehearsals at about a quarter to 9. We do a warm-up and then we dance. We go from about 9:45 until 7 p.m., and we take one day off.”

The “Opposites Attract” singer has to treat her body well to keep going day after day.

“I do a lot of stretching,” she says. “When I’m with my trainer I’m doing Pilates, I’m doing a lot of back and core work. Even though I’m dancing all day I often do straight cardio just so that I’m conditioning my body. And after each performance I usually get in an ice-cold tub. It’s not fun! It shocks your body, but it helps with inflammation.”

Abdul also watches what she eats, partially because of the hours spent dancing, and partially due to her history with reflex sympathetic dystrophy(RSD), a type of chronic pain after an injury or surgery.

“When you have RSD, the best thing to do is lower your acidity to slow inflammation, so I follow a low alkaline diet,” she says. “I don’t like following diets but I try to keep the acidity down because that’s what causes flares up in my body. But I’m really blessed; I’m in remission and I’ve been in remission for years now.”


Dr. Robert O Young discovered many years that you cannot have inflammation without acid. He has stated, “acid is inflammation and inflammation is acid.”


Where do acids come from?

According to Dr. Young acids come from, “what you eat, what you drink, what you breathe, what you think and what you believe.”


To learn more about an alkaline lifestyle and diet read, The pH Miracle, revised and updated. and


Libros de la serie de la Milagrosa dieta del pH


Libro Basico: La milagrosa dieta del pH donde viene el tratamiento general de Robert O Young.

Segundo libro: La milagrosa dieta del pH para bajar de peso.

Ambos disponibles en Librerias de prestigio como el sotano, La ventana, Amazon entre otras.

Y ya pueden pedir en Amazon el tercer libro de la serie: La milagrosa dieta del pH para la diabetes que se publicará en Junio del 2015.

Esto no es solo para diabéticos e intolerantes a la glucosa, sino para cualquier persona con deseos de conocer su causa raiz y sobretodo como poder prevenir la destrucción de ese organo tan importante en nuestro organismo y aíi poder evitarla al cambiar tu regimen alimenticio antes de que sea demasiado tarde.

Espero pronto se publique el libro para el cáncer en español.

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