The Science of Truth

Mother Theresa was a Catholic nun who spent many of her years in the most impoverished streets of India. She gave ceaselessly and lovingly of herself. Her life was an example of love and compassion for others. I assume one day she will be canonized in her Church.

According to Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power Vs. Force and many other fascinating philosophical and spiritual books, Mother Theresa calibrated above 700 on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness. That is, Mother Theresa calibrated in the “category” know as enlightenment.

There are only a very small number of people on the planet who calibrate above 700 or who have entered that sacred and serene level of consciousness. ( )

Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness from 600 to 700 is the level of Peace. Peace of mind, heart and spirit. Those people who can somehow look at the complexity of life though peaceful eyes, lovingly, with a peaceful mind, non-judgmentally, with a steady and quiet heart, and without negative feelings, would be said to live in the Peace that Hawkins defines on his scale above 600.

Yet, this level of peace is so difficult to achieve in this busy and seductive world, that less than 1,000 people on the planet have achieved that stage at the present time.

From 500 to 600 is Hawkins category for Love on his Scale of Consciousness. About four people in 1,000 live their lives with an everyday predominance of love for their neighbor, unquestioning love for their family and friends, and with constant empathy, understanding and compassion for their fellow man.

If you want to understand how Hawkins comes to this conclusion, I guess you will have to buy his book and read about what he refers to as “The Science of Truth.”

His concepts and numbers are not assigned arbitrarily, nor are they subjective, but are confirmed and reconfirmed via the same replication used in the physical sciences. Otherwise, it couldn’t be called “science.”

Now, what does this have to do with pH acid-alkaline levels?

In a word, EVERYTHING.

You have heard me say and you have seen me write about what stress does in terms of dumping acid into the body. People who love unconditionally and live in peace usually live long and valuable lives. At the end, they die a healthy and easy death. They live with minimal stress.

The misery through which they walk, the devastation that affects others, is viewed by them with empathy and understanding. They believe with a faithful heart that everything happens for a reason and every event which appears to be negative has a valuable lesson–whether or not we realize it at the time.

The following words are attributed to Mother Theresa. They have been circulating on the Internet for some time. If you have seen them before, my hope is that re-reading them will be a reminder of many of the goals that we would somehow like to adopt. In that way we can increase in our own health and prosperity and bring cooperation and harmony into our relationships with others.

The following are Mother Theresa’s words:ANYWAY

People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered.

The service you do may seem insignificant in the eyes of others.

If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies.

If you are honest and simple, people may cheat you.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight.

If you find serenity and happiness, others may be jealous.

If you are kind, you may be accused of selfish, ulterior motives.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.

If you are generous and helpful, others may take advantage of you.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough.

For in the end it is between you and GOD


In love and light,

Dr. Robert O. Young

Plant Foods May Cut Breast Cancer Risk

Appended below is an article reported by REUTERS this past Wednesday regarding the effects of plant lignans on breast cancer eventuation. Of note to youis the fact that Avocado Oil is an especially good source of lignans., along with flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and olive oil.



Olive Oil and Avocado – Lignans, monounsaturated fats, vitamin E at:

Also note:

Avocado oil

Avocado oil is slowly becoming a popular cooking oil. With a high smoking point at 225 C, avocado oil is being increasingly used over salads, steamed vegetables and for soups and sautés.
Avocado oil is rich in vitamins E and D and has properties to lower LDL levels. This is mainly due to the natural plant compound Beta-Sitosterol that prevents absorption of LDL in the bloodstream.

Studies conducted show that avocado oil reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and prostate incidence.. It is free of trans fatty acids and cholesterol-inducing fats. Premium, extra virgin avocado oil can be substituted for olive oil in cooking or food dressing. It has a higher viscosity than olive oil and does not disguise the flavor of food. You can pick up many popular brands of Avocado oil made in Australia and New Zealand. It’s nutty flavor can be used to drizzle potatoes or salad dressings and marinades.

You can now order organic California Haas Avocados fromthe Rancho del Sol and shipped directly to your home at:

—————————-Referenced Article———————————————

Plant foods may cut breast cancer risk

March 21, 2007

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Postmenopausal women who eat healthy amounts of plant foods rich in estrogen-like compounds called lignans may reduce their risk of developing breast cancer, according to a new study.

‘Following the general dietary guidelines for a healthy and prudent diet, that is, consuming large amounts and varieties of fruits, vegetables and whole-grain cereal products daily (all foods rich in lignans) may also help prevent breast cancer in postmenopausal women,’ Dr. Francoise Clavel-Chapelon told Reuters Health.

Clavel-Chapelon, from the National Institute of Health and Medical Research, Villejuif, France, and associates evaluated the relationship between the amount of four types of plant ligands in the diet and breast cancer risk in 58,049 postmenopausal French women.

Over an average follow-up period of 7.7 years, 1469 women were diagnosed with breast cancer, according to the study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Analysis of the data showed that women with the highest total amount of lignans in the diet had a 17-percent lower risk of developing breast cancer compared with women having the lowest dietary lignan levels.

‘The reduction in risk was confined to breast cancers positive for hormone receptors, the major type, of which incidence is increasing,’ Clavel-Chapelon noted.

A diet containing lots of plant foods is hypothesized to offer a breast cancer prevention strategy, the researcher added. This hypothesis was recently confirmed by a study that found a reduced risk of invasive breast cancer among postmenopausal women with high lignan levels in their diet, Clavel-Chapelon said.

SOURCE: Journal of the National Cancer Institute, March 21, 2007.

© Reuters 2007. All Rights Reserved. Reference:

Clinical Evaluation of Alkaline pH Miracle Ionized Water

Clinical evaluation of alkaline pH ionized water for abdominal complaints:

Placebo controlled double blind testsby Hirokazu Tashiro, Tetsuji Hokudo, Hiromi Ono, Yoshihide Fujiyama, Tadao Baba (National Ohkura Hospital, Dept. of Gastroenterology; Institute of Clinical Research, Shiga University of Medical Science, Second Dept. of Internal Medicine)

Effect of alkaline pH ionized water on abdominal complaints was evaluated by placebo controlled double blind tests. Overall scores of improvement using alkaline pH ionized water marked higher than those of placebo controlled group, and its effect proved to be significantly higher especially in slight symptoms of chronic diarrhoea and abdominal complaints in cases of general malaise. Alkaline pHionized water group did not get interrupted in the course of the test, nor did it show serious side effects nor abnormal test data. It was confirmed that alkaline pH ionized water is safer and more effective than placebos.


Effect of alkaline pH ionized water on abdominal complaints was clinically examined by double blind tests using clean water as placebo. Overall improvement rate was higher for alkaline pH ionized water group than placebo group and the former proved to be significantly more effective than the other especially in cases of slight symptoms. Examining improvement rate for each case of chronic diarrhoea, constipation and abdominal complaints, alkaline pH ionized water group turned out to be more effective than placebo group for chronic diarrhea, and abdominal complaints. The test was stopped in one case of chronic diarrhoea, among placebo group due to exacerbation, whereas alkaline pH ionized water group did not stop testing without serious side effects or abnormal test data in all cases. It was confirmed that alkaline pH ionized water is more effective than clean water against chronic diarrhoea, abdominal complaints and overall improvement rate (relief of abdominal complaints) and safer than clean water.


Since the approval of alkaline pH ionized water electrolyzers by Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in 1966 for its antacid effect and efficacy against gastrointestinal disorders including hyperchylia, indigestion, abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation and chronic diarrhea, they have been extensively used among patients. However, medical and scientific evaluation of their validity is not established.

In our study, we examined clinical effect of alkaline pH ionized water on gastrointestinal disorders across many symptoms in various facilities. Particularly, we studied safety and usefulness of alkaline pH ionized water by doubleblind tests using clean water as a control group.

Test subjects and methods

163 patients (34 men, 129 women, age 21 to 72, average 38.6 years old) of indigestion, abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation (with abnormal gas emission and rugitus) and abdominal complaints caused by irregular dejection (chronic diarrhea, or constipation) were tested as subjects with good informed consent. Placebo controlled double blind tests were conducted using alkaline pH ionized water and clean water at multiple facilities. An alkaline ionized pH water electrolyzer sold commercially was installed with a pump driven calcium dispenser in each of the subject homes.

Tested alkaline pH ionized water had pH at 9.5 and calcium concentration at 30ppm. Each subject in placebo group used a water purifier that has the same appearance as the electrolyzer and produces clean water.

The tested equipment was randomly assigned by a controller who scaled off the key code which was stored safely until the tests were completed and the seal was opened again.
Water samples were given to each patient in the amount of 200ml in the morning with the total of 500 ml or more per day for a month. Before and after the tests, blood, urine and stool were tested and a log was kept on the subjective symptoms, bowel movements and accessory symptoms. After the tests, the results were analyzed based on the log and the test data.

Test Results

1. Symptom

Among 163 tested subjects, alkaline ionized water group included 84 and placebo group 79. Background factors such as gender, age and basal disorders did not contribute to significant difference in the results.

2. Overall improvement rate

As to overall improvement rate of abdominal complaints, alkaline pH ionized water group had 2 cases of outstanding improvement (2.5%), 26 cases of fair improvement (32.1%), 36 cases of slight improvement (44.4%), 13 cases of no change (16%) and 4 cases of exacerbation (4.9%), whereas placebo group exhibited 4 (5.2%), 19 (24.7%), 27 (35.1%), 25 (32.5%) and 2 cases (2.6%) for the same category.

Comparison between alkaline pH ionized water and placebo groups did not reveal any significant difference at the level of 5% significance according to the Wilcoxon test, although alkaline pH ionized water group turned out to be significantly more effective than placebo group at the level of p value of 0.22.

Examining overall improvement rates by a 7, 2 test (with no adjustment for continuity) between the effective and noneffective groups, alkaline pH ionized water group had 64 (79%) of effective cases and 17 cases (21%) of non effective cases, whereas placebo group had 50 (64.9%) and 27 (35.1%) cases respectively. The result indicated that alkaline pH ionized water group was significantly more effective than placebo group at the level of p value of 0.0.48.

Looking only at 83 slight cases of abdominal complaints, overall improvement rate for alkaline pH ionized water group (45 cases) was composed of 11 cases (242%) of fair improvement, 22 cases (48.9%) of slight improvement, 17 cases (44.7%) of no change and 3 cases (6.7%) of exacerbation, whereas placebo group (38 cases) had 3 (7.8%), 17 (44.7%), 17 (44.7%) and 1 (2.6%) cases for the same category.

Alkaline pH ionized water group was significantly more effective than placebo group according to the comparison between the groups (p value = 0.033).

3. Improvement rate by basal symptom

Basal symptoms were divided into chronic diarrhea, constipation and abdominal complaints (dyspepsia) and overall improvement rate was evaluated for each of them to study effect of alkaline ionized water.

In case of chronic diarrhea, alkaline ionized water group resulted in 94.1% of effective cases and 5.9% of non effective cases. Placebo group came up with 64,7% effective and 35.3% non effective.

These results indicate alkaline pH ionized water group proved to be significantly more effective than placebo group. In case of slighter chronic diarrhoea, comparison between groups revealed that alkaline pH ionized water group is significantly more effective than placebo group (p=0.015).

In case of constipation, alkaline pH ionized water group consisted of 80.5% of effective and 19.5% of non effective cases, whereas placebo group resulted in 73.3% effective and 26.3 non effective. As to abdominal complaints (dyspepsia), alkaline pH ionized water group had 85.7% of effective and 14.3% non effective cases while placebo group showed 47.1% and 62.9% respectively.

Alkaline pH ionized water group proved to be significantly more effective than placebo group (p=0.025).

4. Safety

Since one case of chronic diarrhoea, in placebo group saw exacerbation, the test was stopped. There was no such cases in alkaline pH ionized water group. Fourteen cases of accessory symptoms, 8 in alkaline pH ionized water group and 6 in placebo group, were observed, none of which were serious. 31 out of 163 cases (16 in alkaline pH ionized water group, 15 in placebo group) exhibited fluctuation in test data, although alkaline pH ionized water group did not have any problematic fluctuations compared to placebo group. Two cases in placebo group and one case in alkaline pH ionized water group have seen K value of serum climb up and resume to normal value after re-testing which indicates the value changes were temporary.


As a result of double blind clinical tests of alkaline pH ionized water and clean water, alkaline pH ionized water was proved to be more effective than clean water against chronic diarrhoea, abdominal complaints (dyspepsia) and overall improvement rate (relief from abdominal complaints).

Also, safety of alkaline pH ionized water was confirmed which clinically verifies its usefulness.

For infomation on alkaline pH Miracle Water go to:

The Spark of Life – The Negative Charged Ion

Every breath we take, every move we make… so goes the song.

Yet every move we make does depend on every breath we take
and every drink (or meal) we take, because our movement is fueled
by electrical energy that we store in the body. We receive our energy
from the triune sources of air, food and water.

Electrical energy doesn’t just ‘drop’ out of the air, food or water that
we ingest. In its usual form it is not chemically available. It can’t always
be called upon to support every move we make because it is not always
ready for chemical reaction.

For any chemical reaction to occur there needs to be two molecules
involved, and each of these molecules must have something to ‘trade’,
in the form of compatible atoms that are either positively or negatively

Positively charged molecules (and the atoms within them) will easily
and naturally unite with negatively charged molecules of equivalent
and compatible charge.

Put simply, all of your body functions rely on the electrical energy released
from the unity of the ‘charge’ of the molecules in it and the opposite ‘charge’
in food water or air that enters it.

So what is an ion?

An ion is any atom that has a positive or a negative charge. A positively
charged ion will seek a negatively charged one to unite with, have a glorious
‘coupling’ and then turn into something totally new and

So why do we rave on so much about negative ions?

Because the result of every move you move (a net spending of electrical
energy) is a positively charged body. The molecules in your body are left
holding a positive charge. They are unavailable for future ‘couplings’ unless
we get a new batch of attractive and giving negative ions in quickly.

As we hear so often these days, things ain’t what they used to be. The air
is different. Putting it very frankly and unscientifically, it’s full of crud or acid.
Positively charged crud or acid . Nothing ever ‘goes away’ on our little green
planet and every exhaust, every chimney plume, every release of gas, stays
within our thin and fragile ionosphere.

It stays in the air we gulp as we run along the beach, it stays in the water
we drink, and it stays in the food we eat. And all of it this acidic pollution is
useless for energy production within the body.

The air we breath in our garden, only 500 meters from the beach, contains
only around 150 negative ions/cc/sec. but it also contains around 700 positive
ions. This means that even as we lay on the beach doing absolutely nothing, our
bodies are getting short-shifted by 2000 (required) plus 700 positive less
150 negative ions = 2550 ions/cc/second.

Because the environment can no longer supply our basics , our bodies
have to negatively ionize the air, water and food that enters our bodies
just to get bare minimum ionization needs, and lying there in the sun, they
are working non-stop just to supply enough available electrical energy for
us to get up off the sand and walk to the car!

Did we always have to do this?


We have managed to take our beautiful planet from garden paradise to
technoaicidtrash in less than a century, and we have done one ‘good’ job.

Where once clear air and spring or glacial water gave us all the negative
ions we needed, today the same basics actually rob our bodies of energy.

Like the idea of drinking pure alkaline rainwater?

Don’t .

It robs you of electrons. It is also acidic, having combined with CO 2 and
pollutants as it falls from the clouds, and so it only contributes to the acidic
state of your body.

Want to go to the beach and reinvigorate on pure ocean air?

That air just blew all the way from a Brazilian chemical factory and now
it’s your turn to breath it in.

So we are suffocating in our air, drying up in our water, and toxifying as
we eat our clean supermarket food.

In a radical state, radical action is required – and we are indeed in a radical
state of personal bodily survival. We have lost the negative ions, the life
electrical energy we need to even breathe freely.

It’s not hard to understand how we age the way we do. Suddenly we are
old and we wonder how it happened. Yet it’s been happening for years
because every day our wonderful, amazing bodies have been slugging it
out and losing the battle to keep aging at bay by maintaining its alkaline

Instead of performing daily housekeeping functions, it is flat out ionizing
water food and air to make it energetically available for energy storage.

The Chinese adepts well knew the power of this ionization process. They
call the energy in the body chi, and they say it comes from the air, from
water and from food.

In his book The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity, author and longevity
expert Daniel Reid says, ‘Since there exists no equivalent term in English
for ‘Chi’ or ‘Prana’, we shall refer to it as ‘bionic’ or ‘bioelectric’ energy.

This combines the idea of living energy uniquely associated with living
organisms (bio-) with that of electricity (-electric) and negatively
charged ions (-ionic)..’

In 1838, deHufeland wrote in The Art of Prolonging the Life of Man, ‘
A careful study of the phenomena of the vital force in the organized
world leads us to recognize in it the following properties ands laws: the
vital force is the most subtle, most penetrating, most invisible agent we
have known until now in nature; in this respect it surpasses even light,
electricity and magnetism, with which in other respects it seems to have
the greatest analogy…

We find a striking analogy between the vital force and magnetism. The
life force can exist in a free and latent state, and in this respect has a
close analogy to heat and electricity.’

More recently, French Scientist Dr J. Belot said, ‘When we consider organic
life in the light of biophysics, we find that electrical phenomena are at the
root of all cellular life and we conclude that the end of everything is an
electrical charge.’

In March 1968, 36 years ago, Le Monde reported that the presence of
negative ions or ionization facilitates oxygen absorption, aids elimination
of CO2 in the alveoli of the lungs, yet positive ions have precisely the
opposite effect. Gases, dust, chemical fumes, all enter the body as positive
ions, trapping the tiny negative ions in their large absorbent form, rendering
your air technically ‘dead’.

When we read the work of Dr Otto Warburg, Nobel Scientist, we begin
to understand the absolute importance not only of oxygen, sodium, hydrogen
and nitrogen, but the utter importance for our longevity of their entry
into the body in negatively charged form.

We also begin to see the extent of the effect of common-use substances.
A plastic seat will accelerate mental fatigue, as will plastic wall coverings.
Objects covered in polyethylene produce fields of between 5 and 10,000

In a space enclosed by polyethylene the rate can skyrocket to 100,000
volts/meter . Certain synthetic clothes are strong enough to set up a field
that repels all negative ions in your immediate vicinity! Go stand on a
mountain; it won’t help much if you’re wearing your favorite synthetic
ski jacket!

Without adequate negative ions, we are literally working ourselves to death
and we don’t even realize it. Yet the technology now exists to replace the
body’s load, to support the alkaline design of the body, the white blood cells,
and to promote not just a long life, but a strong, vital electron rich life.

With pH Miracle Water Ionization (ionized water), you are now able to
derive huge quantities of negatively charged ions as Hydroxyl ions in a
microclustered form that will flow between cell walls and react with acidic
wastes that are causing energy loss, lethargy and a predisposition to almost
every major illness; all in water direct from your tap or in a glass bottle.

With the ionization of air you will receive ionized nitrogen and oxygen that
gives itself away immediately to facilitate energy conversion and storage.
The ionized nitrogen acts on your cellular communication system and dilates
the blood vessels to maintain not only a strong nutrient transport system,
but an efficient messaging service, allowing your body to reinstate real
communication. You begin to know your own body again.

The cost, when we look realistically at a future that statistically means
ill health, cancer, heart disease and bodily degeneration, is incredibly
small. Like the tiny negatively charged atom, this technology is easy to
dismiss, but deceptively powerful.

The technology is here and now with pH Miracle Water.

To learn more about how to make pH Miracle Water go to: or

pH Miracle Water

What is Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water and how is it different from regular water?

Why is Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water the best water health alternative?

Who drinks Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water?

What is the difference between Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water and other health waters?

What benefits does Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water have in household uses?

1. What is Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water and how is it different from regular water?

Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water retains healthful minerals but is purified of contaminants and ionized to produce a healthful, pure water from your tap. Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water is split into two pH fractionsusing a process called electrolysis. The alkaline water is used for drinking.

The acid water is positively charged and used for bowel cleanses, foot baths, skin challenges,household cleaning, sterilization, and disinfection. Dr. Young’s pH Miracle alkaline water is also anti-oxidant water, just as vitamin A and E are anti-oxidant vitamins. Anti-oxidants prevent cellular and DNA damage by gastrointestinal and/or metabolic acids.

2. Why is Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water the best water health alternative?

Dr. Young’s pH Miracle alkaline water is also anti-oxidant water, just as vitamin A and E are anti-oxidant vitamins. Anti-oxidants prevent cellular and DNA damage by neutralizing gastrointestinal and/or metabolic acids. Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water also creates energy by giving up electrons to positive ions. Dr. Young’s pH Miracle ionizers produce an alkaline water that is highly negatively charged or “anti-oxidant” and therefore has the ability to block gastrointestinal and/ormetabolic acids. Anti-oxidants prevent cellular and DNA damage by neutralizing gastrointestinal and/or metabolic acids.

The alkaline pH of Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water assists in preventing fermentation in the gut that leads to “acidosis”.

Acidosis is a condition where the blood in it’s constant effort to maintain pH within an extremely limited range of variation (7.356 to 7.400) is forced to re-absorb alkaline minerals from muscle and bone tissue. The healthful minerals that are retained by Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Ionizer’s purification process are available for assimilation by the muscle and bone tissue. This helps to maintain bone density and muscle mass otherwise lost in the aging process.

Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water has antioxidant properties thatinhibit accelerated aging by safeguarding DNA’s ability to re-produce perfect copies of cells that renew the body 300 billion times each day. Regular water is unable to check gastrointestinal and/or metabolic acids from damaging cells and their DNA.

3. Who drinks Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water?

People who want to drink fresh tasting, clean, pure water. People who want to maintain an optimum body weight. People who want to monitor their blood sugar for optimal balance in managing diabetes, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or hyperglycemia (kids or adults who crave sugar and eat too much of it).People who are susceptible to allergens.

People who want maximum nutrient absorption from their diet. People who want optimum hydration for exercise, skin tone or recovery from illness.People who want to reduce the rate of acceleration of damage that metabolic acids cause. Metabolic acids accelerate the aging process.

4. What is the difference between Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water and other health waters?

Water filtering is a process that removes contaminants such as pesticide, benzene, gasoline, tri-halo-methane and chlorine. Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water Ionizer has an activated carbon pre-filter that removes these contaminants and chlorine ions before it ionizes the water. Reverse Osmosis is a non-selective process that removes anything that isn’t water such as: organic pathogens like bacteria, fungal spores, parasitic cysts, some heavy metal toxins and ions including beneficial nutrient minerals.

Dr.Young’s pH Miracle Ionizers remove pathogens, toxins and nitric and sulfur ions (acidic) but retain nutrient ions or “electrolytes” such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, in the alkaline water.

Micro-clustered water, what is it?

Micro-clustered water is a transient property of water as it passes through a micro-pore filter in the alkaline acid separation process. The smooth taste of “micro-clustered” pH Miracle Water is actually a property of the high pH alkaline water. Mineral water may be spring water with natural or tap water that has minerals added to it. Some hot spring water is naturally alkaline and effervescent from carbonates (HCO3-CO2 + OH-) but often mixed with acidic minerals. Other mineral waters inject CO2 to make artificial effervescence but not necessarily alkaline water.

Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water has all the alkaline mineral benefits of carbonated mineral water without the effervescence. 5. Performance water, vitamin water, energy water – These waters are “value added”. But does adding ingredients to the water really add value if the water doesn’t function adequately in delivering that value to your body?

Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water gives you the best functionality of water. “Energy” waters may even add toxins and adrenal stressors like caffeine or guarana.

Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water actually adds value to everything you consume that is healthy. Soft water is a method of removing beneficial alkaline minerals (calcium and magnesium ions) that cause scale and lime build up in exchange for salt (sodium ions). The salt discharge can cause environmental damage, the salt content is not healthful to drink, and can cause the body to deplete mineral from bone and muscle to balance the “salty” water.

Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water has the benefit of minerals without that “slippery” feel of “softened” water.

Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water also comes with an optional pre-filter for people who have very hard tap water.

Dr. Young also offers a salt-free alternative for scale-free, conditioned water throughout the home with no environmentally damaging salt discharge.

6. What benefits does Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water have in household uses?

Use it to water plants for better hydration and nutrient absorption (tomatoes and tropical plants may prefer the acid water and leafy vegetables may prefer the alkaline water – check with your gardening guide)

The acidic water of a pH Miracle Water Ionizer has anti-bacterial properties that make it excellent for cleaning delicate or sensitive skin, as an aftershave or for gargling. Use the acid water for disinfecting surfaces especially where food is prepared. Use the alkaline water to wash dishes, rinse vegetables or shampoo the carpet. Alkaline water facilitates the break down of proteins, grease, fats and blood.

Information on Dr. Young’s pH Miracle Water or Ionizers go to:

pH Miracle Center
16390 Dia Del Sol
Valley Center, California

The Flu Drugs Are Killing People

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating reports that the deaths of 12 Japanese children may be linked to the anti-viral drug Tamiflu. The possibility has caused alarm, since millions of doses of the drug are currently being stockpiled for use in a potential flu pandemic.

Also Linked to Seizures

Tamiflu has also been linked to 32 neuropsychiatric incidents in children, including seizures, loss of consciousness, and delirium.

Jumping Off of Roofs

The reports mention incidents including:

A 14-year-old boy with flu took a dose of Tamiflu and two hours later fell from the ninth floor of his apartment building. Another child, hours after taking a dose, jumped from the second floor of his house into deep snow.

Fatal Side Effects of Flu Drug A junior high school girl in Japan fell to her death, possibly as the result of a suicidal jump, after allegedly taking Tamiflu.

Tamiflu has been linked with erratic behavior in children, including jumping from buildings or walking in front of oncoming cars.

It is believed that the girl dropped from a passageway on the 10th floor of an apartment complex. Earlier the same day, she was given an anti-flu medication, believed to be Tamiflu, at a hospital.

Tamiflu Used FAR More Frequently in Japan

However, it is important to realize that the reason Tamiflu side-effects may show up earlier in Japan is that Tamiflu is used 12 times more frequently in Japan than in the United States — 11.6 million prescriptions for children in Japan between 2001 and 2005, compared to about 872,000 during that same period in the United States.

The U.S. Goverment Has Invested $2 Billion

Last year, the United States placed an order for 20 million doses of this acidic drug at a price of $100 per dose. That comes to a staggering $2 billion. It was abundantly clear that this drug was not going to help anyone with the flu, and now we find out that this drug has a serious potential of killing children that take it.

To add insult to injury, the drug companies have made a sweet arrangement with the U.S. government that they are not liable for any of the side effects from the drugs. President Bush’s $7.1-billion pandemic flu plan seeks broad limits on lawsuits against producers of vaccines and antiviral drugs, but is silent on how those injured or killed by adverse reactions might be compensated.

So, even if these drugs or vaccines wind up killinginnocent children, these companies will not be held liable. But, you don’t have to worry the FDA announced that Tamiflu was safe.
Of course, this is the same agency that gave Vioxx its safety blessing before it killed 55,000people. Now that’s an epidemic!

Did you hear that the leading cause of death in the world today is NOW death by medicine!

The Truth

There are NO FLU VIRUSES. VIRUSES ARE ACIDIC LIQUIDS! The symptoms of the flu are the body’s way of protecting itself from excess acidity caused by poor dietary and lifestyle choices. The symptoms of the flu are a good thing not a bad thing – they area perservative of life!

The body will naturally induce a fever to increase lymphatic circulation and open the pores of the skin for the elimination of dietary and metabolic acids. This prevents a serious breakdown of the organs that sustain life.

The truth is, the flu symptoms are saving your life from acidic lifestyle and dietary choices. All you prove when you inject a flu vaccination into your body is that you can poison yourself and then live through it. Unfortunately, there are some people who decide to risk these acidic flu shots and die from their acidic side-effects.

The Cure for the Flu Will Only Be Found in its Prevention NOT its Treatment!

If you want to prevent flu-like symptoms then eliminate acidic lifestyle and dietary habits, including:

1) Dairy products

2) Animal products

3) Alcohol

4) All forms of sugar

5) Saturated and Trans fats

6) Tabacco

7) Coffee and tea, and

8) Excessive emotional and physical stress

And then include the following dietary and lifestyle changes, including:

1) Daily exercise that induces sweating for at least 30 minutes a day

2) Drink 1 quart of alkaline 9.5 pH water per 30 lbs. of weight

3) Eat and/or drink lots of green vegetables and fruits

4) Eat poly-unsaturated fat up to 90 grams a day

5) Get at least 6 hours of restful sleep

6) Laugh everyday

7) Daily meditation and prayer

8) Daily creativity – doing something extraordinary.

Hippocrates said this about treating dis-easeand staying healthy:

‘Let your food be your medicine and your medicinebe your food.’

For more information on pH Miracle Living go to:

To Prevent Flu Pandemics Avoid Vaccinations.

May I suggest reading in our book ‘Sick and Tired’the technical essay on viruses and vaccines, ‘ASecond Thought on Viruses, Vaccines and the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis.’


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Sick and Tired 1999

Genetic Modified Rice – GM Watch – Don’t Eat Rice – Its Acidic and Contaminated!


1.USDA Backs Production of Rice With Human Genes

2.GM Rice: Second US contamination incident revealed

3.Flavonoid-rich GM rice – Italian/Indian study EXTRACT from Washington Post article: Also on Wednesday, the agency revealed that a type of rice seed in Arkansas had become contaminated with a different variety of genetically engineered rice, LL62, that was never released for marketing.

The error was discovered in the course of an ongoing investigation into the widespread contamination of U.S. rice by yet another gene-altered variety, LL601, which has seriously disrupted rice exports. Those problems, along with the previous discovery of unapproved, gene-altered StarLink corn in food and the accidental release of crops that had been engineered to make a vaccine for pig diarrhea, undermine the USDA’s credibility, critics said. (item 1) — —

1.USDA Backs Production of Rice With Human Genes By Rick Weiss Washington Post Staff Writer Washington Post, March 2 2007 pf.html The Agriculture Department has given a preliminary green light for the first commercial production of a food crop engineered to contain human genes, reigniting fears that biomedically potent substances in high-tech plants could escape and turn up in other foods. The plan, confirmed yesterday by the California biotechnology company leading the effort, calls for large-scale cultivation i n Kansas of rice that produces human immune system proteins in its seeds. The proteins are to be extracted for use as an anti-diarrhea medicine and might be added to health foods such as yogurt and granola bars. “We can really help children with diarrhea get better faster. That is the idea,” said Scott E. Deeter, president and chief executive of Sacramento-based Ventria Bioscience, emphasizing that a host of protections should keep the engineered plants and their seeds from escaping into surrounding fields. But critics are assailing the effort, saying gene-altered plants inevitably migrate out of their home plots.

In this case, they said, that could result in pharmacologically active proteins showing up in the food of unsuspecting consumers. Although the proteins are not inherently dangerous, there would be little control over the doses people might get exposed to, and some might be allergic to the proteins, said Jane Rissler of the Union of Concerned Scientists, a science policy advocacy group. “This is not a product that everyone would want to consume,” Rissler said, adding that other companies grow such plants indoors or in vats. “It is unwise to produce drugs in plants outdoors.”

Consumer advocacy groups, including Consumers Union and the Washington-based Center for Food Safety, have also opposed Ventria’s plans. “We definitely have big concerns,” said Joseph Mendelson, the center’s legal director. Ventria has developed three varieties of rice, each endowed with a different human gene that makes the plants produce one of three human proteins.

Two of them — lactoferrin and lysozyme — are bacteria-fighting compounds found in breast milk and saliva. A recent company-sponsored study done in Peru concluded that children with severe diarrhea recovered a day and a half faster if the salty fluids they were prescribed were spiked with the proteins. Deeter said production in plants is far cheaper than other methods, which should help make the therapy affordable in the developing world, where severe diarrhea kills 2 million children each year. “Plants are phenomenal factories,” Deeter said. “Our raw materials are the sun, soil and water.”

The company is also talking to the Food and Drug Administration about putting the proteins into health foods. Its third variety of rice makes serum albumin, a blood protein used in medical therapies. Until now, plants with human genes have been restricted to small test plots.

In October, Ventria sought permission to grow its rice commercially on as many as 3,200 acres in Geary County, Kan., starting with 450 acres this spring. A previous plan to grow the rice in southern Missouri was dropped when beermaker Anheuser-Busch — the nation’s largest rice buyer, which has expressed concern about the safety and consumer acceptance of gene-altered rice — threatened to stop buying rice from the states if the deal went through. Because no other rice is grown in Kansas and because rice can only grow in flooded areas, the risk of escape or cross-fertilization with other rice plants is nil there, Deeter said.

The company will mill virtually all the seeds on site — using dedicated equipment — to minimize the risk of seeds getting mistakenly released or sold. On Wednesday, the Agriculture Department published its draft environmental assessment, which concluded that the project posed no undue risks. The public can comment until March 30.

Also on Wednesday, the agency revealed that a type of rice seed in Arkansas had become contaminated with a different variety of genetically engineered rice, LL62, that was never released for marketing. The error was discovered in the course of an ongoing investigation into the widesp read contamination of U.S. rice by yet another gene-altered variety, LL601, which has seriously disrupted rice exports. Those problems, along with the previous discovery of unapproved, gene-altered StarLink corn in food and the accidental release of crops that had been engineered to make a vaccine for pig diarrhea, undermine the USDA’s credibility, critics said. “USDA’s record is not good,” Rissler said, pointing to several recent court judgments against the department and a December 2005 inspector general report that savaged the department for its poor oversight of biotechnology. “We don’t think they can enforce even the inadequate system that is in place.” — —

2.GM Rice: Second US contamination incident revealed Press Release from GM Free Cymru, 4th March 2007

It has emerged that the GM rice contamination scandal which caused massive damage to US rice producers last year was not an isolated incident. Now a second incident has come to light — involving a different strain of GM rice and a different contamination history (1). Statements which have been slipped out quietly by the US regulatory authorities have confirmed that a widely-used rice variety called Clearfield 131 is contaminated with a Bayer GM rice variety called LL62.

In a major programme of testing, involving more than 500 samples, 20% of samples have been found to be contaminated with trace amounts of LL62, suggesting that the contamination incident may have occurred some years ago (probably in 2004) and was previously undetected because nobody bothered to do any GM testing.

Last year’s contamination incident, which led to financial damage amounting to millions of dollars in the southern states of the USA, and which has caused much of the world to block off the once-profitable market for American long-grain rice, involved the contamination of a rice variety called Cheniere with Bayer’s LL601 GM rice (2).

As a result of that incident, there are thirteen pending lawsuits against Bayer CropScience in America, and it is rumoured that there will be further lawsuits in Europe, where rice importers, millers and food retailers have all suffered from major disruption, damaged public confidence and financial loss.

In the United States there has been no formal announcement of this second contamination incident, and indeed there is a concerted campaign to keep it under wraps as part of a long-standing “damage limitation strategy.” However, there is turmoil in the rice industry, and rice growers are being forced to plant contaminated Clearfield 131 this year since Cheniere (which is very widely contaminated) cannot be planted for at least two years since the rice processors will not buy it.

If the farmers do not plant Clearfield 131, there will not be enough rice seed to go round (3). So the decision has been made in Arkansas to plant contaminated Clearfield 131 specifically for the American market, bearing in mind that the GM variety LL62 does have US authorisation for growing and marketing.

In Europe neither of the varieties responsible for the contamination — LL62 and LL601 — has any authorisation in place, and the new revelations will inevitably do further damage to the US rice industry. Commenting on the new revelations, GM Free Cymru spokesman Dr Brian John said: “It is now apparent that GM contamination of US rice supplies is endemic (4). Bayer, the US regulators, and the rice industry itself are all culpable. But hopefully some good will come out of this appalling situation, when farmers finally wake up to the fact that GM contamination (by out-crossing and other means) is impossible to control, and that the global market wants food that is clean and healthy, not genetically manipulated to increase s ales of chemicals and the profits of the biotechnology corporations.”


(1) APHIS Program Announcement Biotechnology Regulatory Services February 2007: Independent testing by the Arkansas Rice Board in January indicated the presence of genetically engineered (GE) material in non-GE Clearfield 131 (CL131) rice. As a result, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service conducted its own CL131 testing, which detected trace levels of LLRICE62 in CL131 2004 headrow seed. LLRICE62 is a line of GE rice developed by Bayer Crop Science… The positive sample was pulled from 2004 headrow seed–an early step in the plant breeding process–and not from foundation seed.

NOTE: this “positive sample” has now been supplemented by many ot hers. In Arkansas alone, 21 samples of Clearfield 131 have tested positive for LL62 contamination.

(2),,1884523,00.html 601

(3) Arkansas’ third most popular variety in 2006, CL 131 was planted on 500,000 acres, and there remains an undeniable demand for the variety. With certified seed stocks already in the shortest supply in years, “any loss of CL 131 will make for a very short certified seed supply,” warned Randy Woodard, speaking for the seed industry. “CL 131 and Cheniere represent 39 percent of the certified rice seed acres in the South. If we were to lose CL 131, it would cut o ur seed supply to 36,000 acres.”

(4) The contamination of Clearfield 131 by LL62 is particularly worrying from an environmental point of view, because Clearfield out-crosses very easily with red rice, which is a weed for the rice growers of the southern states of the USA. It has already been proved to pass herbicide tolerance to wild red rice — and it is now virtually inevitable that it will pass on tolerance to the herbicide Liberty (glufosinate ammonium) as well.

See this: — —

Flavonoid-rich GM rice to boost antioxidant levels? By Stephen Daniells [extract only] ioxidant 3/2/2007 – Rice genetically modified to have high flavonoid content has a 22 per cent higher antioxidant activity than untransformed rice, says a joint German-Indian study. Sou rce: Metabolic Engineering Volume 9, Pages 95-111 “Novel transgenic rice overexpressing anthocyanidin synthase accumulates a mixture of flavonoids leading to an increased antioxidant potential” Authos: A.M. Reddy, V.S. Reddy, B.E. Scheffler, U. Wienand, A.R. Reddy

The Right Kind of Salt is Vital For Humans and Animals Too!

Herds of elephants risk injury and death in aperilous journey to hidden salt caves where they supplement their sodium deficient diets.

Our pets also suffer from sodium deficiency. Farmers place salt-blocks on their pasture so that their livestock and all other animals can lick the salt to their heart’s content.

An abundance of the ingredients in unrefined liquid pHlavor salt are as synonymous with life today as they were a billion years ago before single cells appeared here.

Lack of salt is synonymous with birth defects, organ failure, decay, dis-ease, premature aging and death at a young age.

Long before the earth knew pollutants of any kind, a huge, ancient sea covered what is now North America. Pure, natural salt was the main ingredient of this sea, and over millions of years, the water in the sea evaporated, leaving the salt in undisturbed deposits – like the Great SaltLake where we farm pHlavor liquid salt.

In her marvellous book, Wild Health: How Animals KeepThemselves Well and What We Can Learn From Them,Cindy Engles, Ph.D. documents that for millennia, humans have observed animals in the wild eating plantsand minerals and applying naturally occurring topicalanti-acids or anti-toxins from the same sources to combatwounds, parasites and internal disorders.

Herds of elephants risk injury and death in a perilous journey to hidden salt caves where they supplement their sodium deficient diets.

Monkeys rub poisonous millipedes on their fur to repel biting, dis-ease-carrying insects. Birds line their nests with parasite-resistant herbs.

Engel details a world where nature is the pharmacy and every animal is its own practitioner.
Alert: don’t supplement your diet or your animal’s dietwith sodium chloride (common table salt); all of the otherbeneficial elements have been removed. Humans and animals need unrefined, unprocessed real salt.

Major producing companies dry their salt in huge kilns with temperatures reaching 1200 degrees F, changing the salt’s chemical structure, which in turn adversely affects the human or animal body.

Avoid the common refined table salt.

For the right kind of salt go to:

Humans and domesticated animals need the right kind of salt – liquid pHlavor salt with all of its naturallyoccuring mineals. One way to provide salt to your animal (you can also dothis for yourself) is to provide two separate water bowls(or two separate polycarbonate 1 liter bottles).
One bowl (or bottle) with real-unrefined-unheated-natural-liquid pHlavor sea salt and one bowl (one bottle) without salt, so that the animals (you) can consume as much salt as they (you) require.

They (you) will drink from the bowl (bottle) that contains liquid pHlavor salted water, however once they (you) havehad enough salt, they (you) will drink from the bowl (bottle)that has plain water.

To purchase your bottle of liquid pHlavor sea salt go to:

The Growing Acidity of Our Oceans is a Threat to ALL Life on Earth!

The growing acidity in our ocean waters is a threat to mankind and will wipe out coral and many species of fish and other sea life if nothing is done soon.

Extra carbon dioxide in the air caused by the burning of fossil fuels is not only spurring climate change, but is making the oceans more acidic and endangering the marine life that helps to remove carbon dioxide from the earth’s atmosphere.

Marine scientists have become so alarmed that special briefings have been held for goverment departments. Carol Turley, head of science at Plymouth Marine Laboratory in England, warnedof a “potentially gigantic” problem for the world.

“It is very urgent to warn people what is happening,” she said. “Many of the species we rely on to eat, like cod, will disappear. In cartoon form, you could say people should prepare to change their tastes from cod and chips to jellyfish and chips. The whole composition of life in the oceans will change.”

Jerry Blackford, another of the authors of a paper presented to a climate change conference in Exeter, England, has modeled the effect on the oceans. He said: “Some scientists are saying that in 35 years all the coral reefs in the world could be dead – it could be less or more. Put it this way, my children may never get the opportunity to go snorkeling on a living reef. Certainly, my grandchildren won’t.”

Although the phenomenon is caused by the excess acidity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it is not a “global warming” problem. It is more serious then that!

A simple chemical reaction between the acidic air and the alkaline sea starts the chemical and electrical attraction. With the sea being alkaline and the air being acidic, it pulls the carbon dioxide into its watery body causing an acidic decline in the pH and the potential death of the oceans! The oceans of the world are becoming cancerous!

Carbon dioxide mixed with water produces carbonic acid making the oceans more and more acidic and increasingly sick. For example, it takes thirty parts of alkalinity in the form of sodium bicarbonate to buffer or neutralize one part or one molecule of carbonic acid in order to maintain a pH of 8.2 – the healthy pH of our oceans. Thus, the chemistry to buffer carbonic acid in the oceans is a thirty to one ratio. This means thatit is going to be virtually impossible to reverse this catastrophic situation unless we do something about decreasing the emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere–and do it NOW!

Current scientists, like doctors, have not been looking at this potential problem because they have assumed the chemical composition of the sea is constant just like our blood pH. This is not case for the oceans or our blood. The oceans and our blood are constantly trying to maintain their alkalinity at the expense of the coral for the ocean and the bones for our blood.

Scientist are just now seeing the huge problem with the oceans becoming more and more acidic. They are beginning to see that our oceans are beginning to die.

And when the oceans begin to die, we begin to die – risking human extinction!

The oceans vital role in limiting carbon dioxide levels in theair is now being reassessed by scientists aroung the world. Plankton are as important as plants and trees in the take-up of carbon dioxide.

We estimate that about half the 800 billion tons of carbondioxide put into the atmoshere by mankind since the startof the industrial revolution has been soaked up by the sea.

Much of the carbon dioxide poison is fixed in the shells of creatures called coccolithphores, the tiny plankton whose bodies make up the white cliffs of Dover in England. They live on the ocean surface in trillions and when they die, their shells sink to the bottom of the ocean taking the carbon dioxide with them. They could not survive in a more acidic sea and their removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere would stop. These creatures are part of the survival of the human race. The oceans give us a sustainable atmosphere by taking out the carbon dioxide.

They are the lungs of the planet. People have not awakened to the potential impact that their removal will cause! The acidity of any liquid is measured on the pH scalefrom 1 to 14, with 7 being the midpoint. The higherthe number, the more alkaline. The oceans have previously been recorded at an 8.2 pH reading which is approximately 10 times more alkaline then human or animal blood. But the concern here is that the oceans pH has now dropped to a pH of 8.1 and is continuing to fall.

The sea around Britain has been found to be more acidic than many other areas, partly because of ocean currents, but mainly because Europe and North America are the largest polluters of carbon dioxide! Experiments show that even a small increase in ocean acidity reduces the ability of shellfish and plankton to grow and the population to fall. The loss of coral would seriously affect small islands and coastal regions.

The fundamental problem is the effect on the food chain. Zooplankton, essential food for fish, could suffer increasing mortality rates and starfish, whelks and other shellfish, eaten by cod, might perish. This might lead to a population explosion of other creatures such as jellyfish, crabs, shrimp and lobsters which rely on chitin rather than sodium transformed to calcium for their shells.

The growing acidity of the ocean is highly distrubing to me, personally, because I believe that the human race is only as healthy as our oceans–just as the human cell is only as healthy as the alkaline water in which it is bathed. This problem is at the foundation of global warming as a symptom of our acidic oceans.

I appeal to you to share this email with everyone youknow, love, or care about. It is a matter of life and death of the planet and for you. It will take many sacrifices such as limiting the amount of time we drive our cars or fly on airplanes. But we all need to be aware of the problem and begin doing something about it.

A healthy life is all about the water, and the health of any animal or human is determined by maintaining the purity and akalinity of that water – first from without (our earthly oceans) and then from within (our bodily oceans).

On March 8th, the pH Miracle Center will be releasingour pH Miracle Water. This water is a structured alkaline water with a pH of 9.5 and an electrical potential of -250mV. This water is a natural spring water that containsover 87 trace minerals necessary to sustain life.

When you purchase pH Miracle Water, not only will yoube drinking what I believe to be the best water on the planet, but you will be contributing to the pH MiracleLiving Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to alkalizing our oceans, our planet and the animals and humans that live here.

For more information on the importance of the right kind of healthy alkaline water go to: and

To become a part of our healthy alkaline communitygo to:

Salicylates or Aspirin – Is it Good for the Body?

Salicylates or commonly know as aspirin causes metabolic acidosis and respiratory acidosis leading to tissue acidosis and possible cancerous tissue. Respiratory alkalosis develops first to nuetralize the increase of acids and occurs in all patients with salicylate intoxication.

A superimposed metabolic acidois then develops in some people, especially those with more severe salicylate intoxication. Salicylates are usually ingested as acetylsalcylic acid (plain, ‘aspirin’). This compound rapidly dissociates to actylsalicylate, which is metabolized in the liver to salicylate. It is salicylate that causes increased risk for latent tissue acidosis and cancerous tissues.

Salicylate interferes with the alkaline/base balance, leading to increased production of organic acids, especially lactic acid associated with all cancerous tissue.

This increase of lactic acid causes latent tissue acidosis – associated with all cancerous symptomologies. (Protons liberated during the dissociation of acetylsalicylic acid do consume sodium bicarbonate lowering the pH of the extra cellular fluids and interstitial fluids by this mechanism.)

Salicylates also directly stimulate the medullary respiratory center, causing hyper-ventailation leading to respiratory acidosis and possible cancerous tissue of the lungs.

Finally, acetylsalicylic acid unnaturally thins the blood by destroying the red blood cells setting the stage for many blood disorders, beginning with anemia.

Bottom line – acid equals pain and pain equals acid. Using an acid like acetylsalicylic acid or plain ‘aspirin’ to mediate pain, thin blood or prevent cancer, is like trying to put out a fire with kerosine.

To overcome aches and pains in your body you need to minimize and eliminate metabolic acids from the blood and tissues. To minimize and eliminate metabolic acids from the blood and tissues you need to super-hydrate with high pH water and electron rich alkaline foods.

On March 10th, Dr. Robert O. Young will be releasingthe first stablized electron rich, high pH water, at a -250 mV and a 9.5 pH. This super-charged electron rich, pH stable water will be available in 750ml glass cobalt blue and antique green bottles and will be sold in case lots of 24.

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