The E-coli and Spinach Myth

In the most recent headlines associated with E-coli from spinach where medical savants suggest caused kidney failure and then death of several people, I perceive I am left to ask some very important questions — “how were these folks living, eating, drinking and thinking?” Was the real cause of death from a germ called E-coli or was it the acidic waste products from digestion and metabolism from lifetsyle and dietary choices that killed or shut down the function of the kidneys?

The non-profit organization, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine began tracking folks having health challenges. For example, in the Good Medicine Magazine from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Volume XIII, Number 1, addressed medical complaints from users of protein diets such as Atkins and South Beach.

Here is how they responded:

Loss of energy 50%
Constipation 50%
Bad Breath 34%
Difficulty concentrating 31%
Gallbladder problems 14%
Heart problems 10%
Reduced kidney function 9%
Kidney stones 9%
Elevated cholesterol 8%
Gout 6%
Osteoporosis 6%

Other problems cited include colon polyps, colon cancer, other forms of cancer, heart attacks, severe stomach problems, irritable bowel syndrome, arotic aneurysm, daily hives, elevated iron levels, rheumatoid arthritis, brain hemorrhage, diverticulitis/osis, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, headaches, cramps, diarrhea and numbness in limbs, just to name a few. In 1997, the largest study in the world on food, nutrition and the prevention and cause of cancer was published in a 670 page report by the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) and the American Institute for Cancer Reserach (AICR). This very important ten year study is called, “Food, Nutrition and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective.” The researchers listed protein from animals and fish as the number one cause of cancer of the kidney, prostate, breast, colon, rectum and pancreas. They also listed vegetables, including spinach as the number one food to prevent and cure cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, oesopharus, lung stomach, pancreas, liver, colon, rectum, breast, ovary, ednometrium, cervix, prostate, thyroid, kidney and bladder.

Starting Thursday, November 9th at 6 pm, in a new 2-week interactive teleseminar, I will demystifying the cause of all sickness and disease, including cancer and give you straightforward solutions to all of your health questions.

To register or for more information for this life saving and life changing teleseminar go to: (on the side bar hit calender to register) or call:760 751 8321.

I guess you might say that acidic lifestyle and diets are to die for not live for.

In love and light,

Dr. Robert O. Young
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Spiritual Nutrition

Here is an interesting article by James Redfield the Author ofThe Celestine Prophecy, The 10th InSight and The Secrets of Shambala, regarding pH Miracle Living and what he calls the Spiritual theory of food. James was responsible for helpingus get our pH Miracle books published with Time Warner. Weare so thankful and grateful for his love and support.


Nutrition and SpirituallityMost of those reading this article would agree that a new spiritual awareness is emerging in human culture. We believe that human beings are essentially spiritual beings slowly awakening from the mistaken idea that we are material beings living in a material world. We are made up atoms, which are much more mysterious than we ever thought, consisting of so-called elementary particles of minuscule size separated by mostly empty space.What most physicists are understanding of course, is that these particles, rather than being material are actually fields (patterns) of energy. At our core, we humans are not made of matter at all, at least not in the ordinary sense. We consist of a most fascinating and mysterious energy that is capable of shifting and changing dramatically. How else can we explain the numerous documented cases of wounds healing and tumors disappearing suddenly in our bodies – and not in days or weeks but instantaneously.We are spiritual beings learning how to conceive of ourselves as spiritual, and to live in a way that increases our energy and raises the level of our vibration toward ever higher ranges. In fact most of us believe that the systematic progress in energy level, generation by generation, is what animates human evolution. Our destiny as a species is to eventually achieve a state of vibration so high as to be pure light, just like the mystics and prophecies of every religion have indicated. We know, finally, what human life is all about.Interestingly, as this awareness increases, an old issue is again rising to the fore. If we are essentially spiritual beings learning to vibrate at a level of light itself.

How does food and nutrition relate to this process. Can we eat anything we want and still increase our energy levels? Despite the common idea that we can somehow transmute bad food into good, I believe most of us realize that our diets have to somehow be congruent with the spiritual reality of our being and destiny.For some time now, I’ve been looking for a higher more evolved spiritual theory of food. And recently I have discovered the work of Robert O. Young, who I think takes us a long way toward just such an understanding.

I would characterize Dr. Young’s theories as complex and yet simple. On the one hand, he is a respected biological researcher who knows the chemistry of the human body, but on the other, he has reduced these complexities to a simple understanding that there is only one disease that ever afflicts humans, and only one cure. I would add, as well, that there is only one diet, which solves all the problems of obesity, and why the usual ways of dieting don’t work, and healthy weight maintenance.

That truth is this: health can be measured in one basic way, whether our tissues are more acidic in PH or more alkaline. And that condition is determined in large part by the kinds of foods we eat. You see, when the foods we eat are utilized by our cells, they leave an ash that is either acid or alkaline. If it is alkaline, it is easily handled by the body and kept in balance. But if it is acid, it is extremely toxic and throws the body into stress and eventual disease and decline.

What’s amazing is that Dr. Young broadens this truth to include the larger picture of what happens during human disease — including both infectious diseases and such chronic ailments as arteriosclerosis, cancer, and AIDS — and how germs and microbes all fit into this process. To begin with, Dr. Young explains the shortcomings of the Germ Theory of disease advanced by Louis Pasteur, which essentially states that we live in a world where dangerous bugs exist out there that can invade our bodies, overwhelm our defenses, and kill us.

Current scientific evidence presented by Dr. Young shows something different. Microbes live in our bodies all the time, and change form into bacteria, viruses, yeast, or mold as the internal environment changes. In healthy bodies these microbes are inert, or have positive roles in cell and gene repair. But when our body tissues become overly acidic, these microbes come alive and take on a different purpose in the body, a role which is perfectly logical if you think about it: they are there to decompose dead tissue and recycle it back into the soil of the earth. That is what Dr. Young means by only one disease. When our tissues become overly acidic, this is the condition that all organisms go into just before death, so the microbes inside get the signal that we are dying and go into action to decompose us. The symptoms would begin at the weakest link in our bodies, so it might start with any of the diseases humans get. But in reality there is only the one disease: over acidification that tells the microbes we are ready to die and decompose.

Dr. Young shows that every disease is associated with this process in one way or another, and in this light, such mysteries as auto immune disorders like arthritis, as well as cancer and AIDS, become understandable. Arthritis happens when the immune system desparately tries to get rid of acidic tissues. AIDS is a systematic overwhelming of the immune system by microbes flourishing in an acid environment, and cancer is one of the end point diseases. What happens when an organism (an animal or a piece of lettuce left out of the refrigerator) decomposes? It Molds. Cancer is our tissues molding!If, then, there is only one disease, there is only one cure: the re-alkalization of our tissues. To do this we have to begin to eat foods which are alkaline in nature, food that Dr. Young has carefully researched. They are just the ones you wound expect, what I have called alive foods: fresh, green vegetables, the juices of green sprouts, such as barley and wheat and soy, and beans and peas of all kinds. The killers are moldy, stored grains, breads that turn into sugars that feed the yeast in our bodies. Meats and milk products, liquors, and some nuts and other sugars as well. If you think you are being healthy by drinking a lot of the sweet fruits and juices, you should think again. They create an acidic tissue environment.If you are interested in these ideas, I would suggest that you look into Dr. Young’s work directly. Is he right about everything? I don’t know… You will have to check into them for yourself. What I am endorsing is his theory of nutrition and the relationships between health, energy, disease, and diet. I believe that this theory will ultimately gain supremacy in human culture and science.

We have crossed a threshold of understanding. If we believe we are spiritual beings here to further evolution toward an ever higher human energy level, then we now know how what we eat is related to this mission, and its implication for how well we can pull it off. Changing what we eat is difficult. Each of us must make a choice. We are either raising our energy and expanding our aliveness or we are in the process of decomposition.The truth is out. There is no way to go back to sleep.

James RedfieldAuthor,
The Celestine Prophecy,
The 10th InSight,
The Secrets of Shambala.


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Blood Transfusions with Chlorophyll

In recent weeks The American Red Cross has been cited for a multitude of violations of federal blood safety rules … AGAIN. That was the beginning of one of our newsletters almost four years ago and it is true once again.

This time a record .2 million dollar fine was levied. That makes almost 1 million dollars in fines since 2003 for the Red Cross not following mandatory guidelines. A statement from the organization noted that it takes this “seriously and is committed to full compliance with the amended consent decree and all applicable federal regulations.” Yet almost four years ago the website of the Red Cross noted, “Ensuring a safe blood supply is the top priority of the American Red Cross.” That notice was almost 10 years after a federal court order requiring improvements had not been met. It has been more than 20 years that the American Red Cross has not been meeting mandatory safety guidelines while the price of a pint of blood soars to hundreds of dollars per pint. Money, money, money!

A Red Cross spokesman said revenue from the sale of blood products will be used to pay the fine rather than using donated money. Yet the blood products sold are from blood donated for free so that the fine is being paid for with funds from donations. What to do? Almost 20 years ago a Regional Director for The Red Cross in southern California came to my office to inquire about my services as a writer. Her job was to convince people to be blood donors. I smiled and told her she could never convince me to give blood. She smiled back and said, “Oh, you’re a Jehovah’s Witness.” Members of that sect do not believe in blood transfusions for religious reasons. I told her that I was not a Jehovah’s Witness and that my reasons were science based.

I began to tell her about liquid chlorophyll that is from plants and is commonly available. I explained that numerous studies from decades before showed that liquid chlorophyll was virtually identical to human blood in its molecular structure. The Red Cross director interrupted me at that point, “Oh, we know all about chlorophyll.” Blood money! I was stunned. The Red Cross is in the blood business. They are well invested in it. They have shown less interest in liquid chlorophyll than they have in following mandatory safety guidelines. Chlorophyll is what makes plants green. It is inexpensively produced, easily stored without the expensive refrigeration that blood requires, and has a much longer shelf life than human blood. It also has decades of studies that show its health benefits without side effects.

Chlorophyll does not pass along disease as it has natural antiseptic properties. Numerous studies have also shown that chlorophyll injected into the bloodstream is readily converted into blood within the body. All the good attributed to blood transfusions is possible with liquid chlorophyll.

None of the bad possibilities from blood transfusions apply to liquid chlorophyll. Oh, and the cost of a pint of liquid chlorophyll is significantly less.

For more information on the importance of green foods and green drinks register for our next teleseminar called, “The pH Miracle for Cancer” starting this coming Thursday, October 5th at 6 pm Pacific Time.

Or, go to our website at: www.phmiracleliving and register by going to the side bar and hitting “calender.” Registration ends this coming Wednesday. You can also give us a call at: 760 751 8321 to register.

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The pH Miracle for Cancer – The Formula for Preventing or Reversing Cancer

During Week 4 of our Thursday night teleseminar on the pH Miracle for Cancer we answered several questions on THE FORMULA FOR PREVENTING AND REVERSING CANCER.

The following is an overview of those questons and answers.

1) Is there an inexpensive way to prevent or reverse cancerous tissue?

I truly believe that the cure for cancer is found in its prevention not in its treatment. It has been said that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. An inexpensive way to prevent and/or reverse cancerous tissue is to maintain the alkaline design of the human body through lifestyle and diet.

This lifestyle and diet is outlined in Chapter 11 of the pH Miracle for Weight Loss or should we say the pH Miracle for Cancer. Go to:

When you understand that there is only one sickness and one dis-ease caused by the over-acidification of the blood and then tissues due to an acidic lifestyle and diet — then you can understand why there is only one treatment. And that treatment is to alkalize and energize the body with the right alkaline lifestyle, foods and drinks.

If you have the conviction and will make a commit to change I believe you can have a confirmation or a pH Miracle.

2) If I have cancerous tissues do I have to have radiation, chemotherapy or surgery?

Now that you understand that cancer is not a cell(s) but an acidic liquid that spoils cells it doesn’t make alot of sense to radiate or chemically destroy cancerous cells with more poison. Logic should tell you that radiation or acidic chemical therapies may only make things worse or more acidic spoiling even more cells. But there are situations where the tissue has become so cancerous or acidic that it needs to be cut out so it doesn’t spoil more of the healthy tissue(s). This is when surgery can save lives and should only be used as a last resort.

Cancerous tissue is not something you get — it is something you do as a consequence of daily choice of what you eat, what you drink, what you THINK, and how you live. You either have an alkaline lifestyle and diet and enjoy a fit and healthy body, or you have an acidic lifestyle and diet and experience or will experience the aches, pains and suffering from metabolic acids — your own toxic waste products that is absorbed into your tissues.

This is your life and it is your free choice — choose wisely.

May I suggest once again that prevention is the key to a healthy and fit body.

3) What are some of the latest natural ways to prevent or reverse cancerous tissues?

Here are a few of my recommendations which should be reviewed and approved by your medical doctor before implementing:

a) There are several powerful natural antioxidants or antiacids that can be used in buffering the acids associated with cancerous tissues. They are as follows:

Acetyl-L-Carnitine – 200 mgs. 6x a dayNicotinamide (B-3) – 25 mgs. 6x a dayCojugated unsaturated fats – 1000 mgs 6x to 9x a dayCo-enyzme Q-1 and Q-10 – 800 mgs. dailyN-acetyl-cysteine – 500 mgs 6x to 9x a dayGSH or glutathione sulfhydryl – 500 mgs 6x to 9x a daySodium and Postasium bicarbonate – 1000 mgs in 3 to 4 ounces of water 6x a daySodium Chlorite – 10 grams a day. For more information go to:

b) Dry heat infared sauna is a wonderful way to activate the lymphatic system and remove acidic wastes through the pores of the skin. I would suggest that a thirty minute dry heat sauna everyday can be helpful in removing acids through perspiration preventing the build up of acids that can lead to cancerous tissue. For more information go to:

c) The lymphatic system is the vaccum cleaning of acids in the tissues. This is why I recommend a 2 hour lymphatic massage to help remove acidic cancerous acids out of the tissues and back into general circulation to be eliminated through urination.

d) Hydration is one of the most important keys to alkalinity and preventing or reversing cancerous tissue. I have suggested for years that one should be drinking at least 1 quart per 30 pounds of weight. The water should have a pH of at least 9.5 and an ORP of -250 mV. For more information go to:

e) Make sure you are drinking your greens. Build up to it gradually if necessary.Drink at least 1 liter of green drink at least 30 minutes before exercising.

f) Exercise more often or for longer periods of time. Do 30 minutes instead of 15, or do your 15-minute routine twice a day. In general, more often is better than longer. If you can’t exercise, you can still sweat: take a 30 minute infrared dry heat sauna at 140 degrees F. Be sure to hydrate yourself with green drink. This kind of sauna is the best passive exercise you can get. It will increase blood circulation, begin the movement of lymphatic fluids, and increase your hearth rate as if you were moving. And you will sweat! For more information go to:

g) Dry brush your skin daily to open pores. You can do this in the shower after a workout.

h) Take an Epsom salts or pHlavor bath to open the pores and draw out acidic toxins. For more information go to:

4) What is the formula for preventing and/or reversing cancerous tissue?

Here is the secret formula — and please do not keep it a secret any longer! Pass it on to your friends and loved ones.

I call this formula the five (5) “B’s”:

A healthy BASE diet and lifestyle = healthy BOWELS = healthy BLOOD = healthy BRAIN = healthy BODY.

A healthy BASE dietgives rise to healthy BOWELS.Healthy BOWELS creates healthy BLOOD.Healthy BLOOD creates a healthy BRAINand a healthy BRAIN creates a healthy BODY.

Beginning this Thursday night, November 9th and 16th, at 6:30 pm Dr. Robert and Shelley Young will continue the discussion on pH Miracle Living and how to prevent or reverse sickness and dis-ease (Flus and colds) during the Holidays. This teleconference call is interactive and will include an internet based power-point presentation. For more information on how to sign up go to:

Once again in closing, I would like to share with you my vision of medicine in the 21st century.

My vision of the relative purpose of medicine is to include prevention of illness and promotion of health and fitness rather than focusing all our attention on the diagnosis and treatment of disease. I believe the ultimate purpose of medicine is to help people discover something fundamental within themselves. And that is the awareness that the true source of well-being, joy, and contentment that we all seek lies within one’s mind and heart – the emotions and the spirit – not in the physical world. This is important so we can all begin to be freed from the process of grasping for happiness in this physical world. To support this approach, I believe we must begin to embrace a more spiritual vision of ourselves and of humanity as a whole. While providing great love, care and attention to the physical body, medicine can then, and only then help people discover the nonphysical, spiritual dimensions of themselves. When this happens, we can all live and work with less fear and stress, grasping to preserve the physical body at all costs – we can truly be free.

For more information on pH Miracle Living visit our website at: or read The pH Miracle Book or visit our blog at:

How To Exercise to Lose Weight

In chapter 10 of ‘The pH Miracle for Weight Loss,’ – ‘Let’s get Physical,’
you learned:

· How to exercise in a way that’s going to really help you lose weight.
· How exercising the wrong way could be making you fatter.
· That when you ‘sweat more’ you ‘weigh less.’
· The best exercise to lose weight, remove acids and tone your body
is… the Rebounder.

So What Is A Rebounder?

‘Imagine one piece of exercise equipment that could strengthen all
parts of your body in just 10 minutes each day!’

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‘In December I gave myself a rebounder for Christmas and I was
off and jumping. Now for the results so far. As I was hitting midlife
I felt like everything was drooping, heading south so to speak
instead of north. When I started jumping my muscles started firming
and now everything is once again heading north. The exercise is
gentle and does not fatigue me. In fact, it seems to really aid in
circulation, giving me more energy. I was bothered with what felt
like congestion in my liver area and now I can jump a short, gentle
period and this congestion even clears. …My entire family, husband,
13 year old son, and my mother have now started jumping too.
My mother, at over 80, liked mine so well that she purchased one
for herself.’

Imagine, a piece of exercise equipment that can strengthen the
entire body from the inside out; increase circulation, improve
digestion and elimination, melt away fat, strengthen the heart,
improve cell efficiency. Stimulate body functions; thyroid,
endocrine system, adrenals, strengthen muscles and bones,
release stress and help you live a longer more productive life.
One piece of equipment for all age groups to improve the immune
system, fight diseases and reverse the symptoms of aging.

Whereas most exercise works by applying weight to specific muscles
or groups of muscles, rebounding increases weight on every cell.
A 10 minute a day program applies an increase of weight on every
cell of your body nearly 100 times each minute. Every muscle, bone,
connective tissue, ligament, tendon, even the collagen and the skin.
As a result the entire body starts to tone and firm up.

For full details go to:

Dr. Morton Walker, author of Jumping for Health,
lists over 30 health benefits to Rebounding:

Increases your balance and coordination.

Lessens your chances of cardiovascular disease.

Increases your production of red blood cells.

Aids in lymphatic circulation.

Strengthens your heart and other body muscles.

Lowers your resting heart rate.

Lowers your cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Stimulates your metabolism.

Improves your vision.

Promotes your body’s growth and repair.

Increases your breathing capacity.

Circulates more oxygen to your tissues.

Tones your glandular system, especially the output of your thyroid.

Expands your body’s capacity for fuel storage and endurance.

Increases your muscular vigor and the tone of your muscle fiber.

Reduces your headaches, back pains, and other aches caused by
lack of exercise.

Improves your digestion and elimination.

Allows for deeper and easier sleep and relaxation.

Stimulates better mental performance, with keener learning

Lessens fatigue and menstrual discomfort for women.

Improves your immune system.

Tends to slow down your aging process by stimulating each cell.

Reduces your chances of obesity.

For full details go to:

‘For several years, I had been exercising with a Lifecycle Stationary
Bicycle but I could never get rid of the horrible CELLULITE on the
back of my legs. Three weeks on the rebounder and my legs were
so smooth and toned that it was amazing. Within the first six months,
my stomach muscles were tight and defined as were my arms and
shoulders. My sense of balance has greatly improved and so has my
flexibility. All of these results without even feeling as if I was exercising.’

Carolyn – California.
Dear Dr Young,

‘I’m writing to tell you how much I love my Miraclebounder®! I’ve
had it for a month and I can’t imagine living without it! I do two ten
minute sessions a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.
I had a right knee problem from an old gym injury for 4 years.
It’s gone! My body has firmed, toned and gone down a size. It has
improved my mental attitude at work dealing with stress issues. It
definitely helps reduce stress. I feel better physically, mentally and
emotionally! My mother has decided to buy one! This is truly amazing!’
Sincerely, Shirley D.

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‘I currently do not do any abdominal exercises at my gym. However,
since I have been using my Rebounder, my abdominal muscles are
stronger than any time in my life. What is really amazing is that I
have not targeted my abdominals with the Rebounder. Since
rebounding works EVERY cell in the body, I am automatically
working the abdominal muscles every time I perform an
‘advanced bounce’.’
Phil…New York

Perhaps the greatest Rebounder success story comes from 94 year
old Ruthmary McDowell of Seattle, WA. She was featured in the
Seattle Times, March 9, 2001 as a testament to the life altering
effects of Rebounding. Her story is one of triumph over the effects
of aging. She now enjoys the health she once had decades ago.
Suffering from an inability to maintain weight, she constantly
struggled to stay above 80 pounds, a problem that robbed her body
of valuable, life giving nutrients and minerals. Now, after
Rebounding, she holds steady at 90 pounds.

‘You know how you can feel kind of old in the morning…After being
very ill, I could not seem to get better. It was most discouraging. I
express how I feel about what it has done for me. I really have the
power to live or die. I really think it has saved my life. I really think
it has saved my life.’
Ruthmary McDowell

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In Love and Light

Dr Robert & Shelley Young

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Grapefruit May Help You Lose Weight and Balance Blood Sugars

Researchers conducted a three-month study on 100 obese adults who were divided
into three groups to see if eating grapefruit had an affect on weight loss. The
first group ate half a grapefruit with each meal, three times a day, and lost
3.6 pounds on average. The second group of participants, who ate a similar diet
without the grapefruit, lost only 0.5 pounds on average, and the third group
drank grapefruit juice and lost 3.3 pounds on average.

Individually, some participants who ate the grapefruit lost as much as 10
pounds, researchers say. Results of the study also showed that the grapefruit
group had reduced levels of insulin and glucose, which might be linked to weight

They believe the phytonutritients found in grapefruit affect the way the body
deals with sugar and makes it less likely to be bound up to fat. This may help
the body to use food for energy more efficiently and reduce the amount as stored
fat, they explain. Because of this finding, researchers say eating grapefruit
may help protect obese people from diabetes. ( January 29, 2004)

My own research indicates that grapefruit helps to buffer excess acidity from
the the foods we eat and the energy we consume and thus helps to lower acidic
blood sugars. The body will only retain fat as a protection against acids in our
lifestyle and diet that are not being eliminated through urination,
perspiration, respiration or defication.

Grapefruits also contain a flavonoid naringine that helps to increase hematocrit
or blood iron to normal levels in cases of anemia. Naringine is also effective
in preventing cancer. Furthermore, narigine improves blood circulation, while
pectin (a soluble vegetable fiber) unclogs arteries.

The bitter flavor comes from limonene, a limonoid that gives grapefruit its
proven anticarcinogenic properties.

For more information on the healthy alkaline benefits of grapefruits visit our
website at:
ph Miracle Center

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Are Parasites Making You Sick, Tired and Fat?

In this month’s National Magazine, First for Women, the cover story features Dr. Robert O. Young who suggests that the natural by-products of parasites are acids that make 32% of women in the US sick, tired and fat. That’s 1 and 3 Americans who are affected!

Dr. Young also suggest that the acidic waste products from parasites can damage organs, break down muscle tissue and cause the central nervous system to become sluggish. Ironically, the body’s self-preservation system can make the problem worse by shuttling acid waste from parasites into the fat cells and slowing metabolic rate so more portective fat must be stored. This is the body’s way of getting acids out of circulation, but it makes losing weight virtually impossible.

To learn more about how acidic wastes are making you sick, tired and fat may I suggest reading our book, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss or you can pick up a copy of First for Women at your local grocery or magazine store. Ask for the October 30th issue with Georgia on the front cover who lost over 65 pounds in six weeks. Average weight loss is twenty-two pounds in two weeks on the pH Miracle living program.

If you are not currently part of our pH Miracle healthy living community, sign up now by visiting our website at:
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Vaccines and their Acidic Ingredients and Adverse Reactions

“Doctors put drugs of which they know little, into the bodies of which they know less, for diseases of which they nothing at all.” ~ Voltaire
Dr. Young,
I think this topic is worthy of being shared so that the truth may be spread with regards to the awful notion that these vaccine ingredients are harmless to our little ones. I witnessed my granddaughter having a seizure, quite noticeable, while video-taping her in her ‘saucer’. I believe it coincided with her having received a vaccine at the time. Of course, my daughter brought it to the attention of the doctor who told her it was nothing, possibly just a shiver from a chill. My daughter is young, in a state of denial and is greatly influenced by her ‘boyfriend’ who convinces her I’m a quack and the doctors are right. He’s one of 10 and they are all in some sort of seriously dis-eased (acidic) state and support the drug lords, I mean pharmacists. Although there’s this appearance of rejection, I expect that somewhere down the road, my daughter will turn her heart back to ‘home’ for the sake of her children. Below are links from different sources and the final one is the CDC “safer, healthier people”….what a logo!
Thank you for being who you are….
“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled” Matt. 5:6
I’m not sure if you know the following but I’ll offer the information to use as you see fit. The Greek word “pharmakia” literally means “drugs”, and appears five times in the New Testament: in Gal 5:20, Rev 9:21, 18:23, 21:8, and 22:15. “Pharmakia” is translated into our English Bible as either “witchcraft” or “sorceries”. We also get our English word “pharmacy” from the Greek word “pharmakia”. In each of the above five passages, “pharmakia”, or “drugs” is listed as a work of the flesh of man as opposed to the Spirit of God working in us.
One verse for example, Gal 5:16-23 in the KJV: 20 Idolatry, witchcraft (“pharmakia” or drug use), hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, The King James Bible translators translated “pharmakia” as “witchcraft”, because no one but witches and sorcerers used drugs 400 years ago. Drugs were most commonly used in pagan worship to hallucinate and to try to get in touch with evil spirits.
pharmakeia {far-mak-i’-ah}
1) the use or the administering of drugs
2) poisoning
3) sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it
4) metaph. the deceptions and seductions of idolatry
Vaccine Ingredients
All the various ingredients, defined and their effects.
Vaccine Ingredients and Side Effects
2 examples of vaccine ingredients…follow the links to see the full information of others.
Chicken Pox Vaccine Varivax (M)
Varicella virus/ human diploid lung cells, Embryonic Guinea pig cell cultures, Beef heart
infusion/ fetal bovine serum, ammonium sulfate, MSG (monosodium glutamate), neomycin
Adverse Reactions
Anaphylactic Shock/ Anaphylactoid, Encephalitis/ Encephalopathy, Seizures/infantile spasms, Guillain-Barre Syndrome/ Bell’s Palsy, Aseptic Menningitis / Transverse myelitis, Arthritis/ Arthraglia, Thrombocytopenia, Urticaria, Optic neuritis, Otitis Media (ear infection), Lymphadenopathy, Impetigo, cellulites, herpes zoste
Long-Term Studies have not been done for Carcinogenic, mutagenic potential or fertility impairment, developmental malformation (animal reproduction studies), effects on pregnant woman, fetus, or transmission of toxins to human breast milk
Vaccines Diphtheria, Tetanus Toxoids, & Acellular pertussis
Diphtheria, Tetanus Toxoids, & Acellular pertussis endotoxin, beef heart infusion/fetal bovine serum, aluminum, formaldehyde, thimerosal (mercury derivative), phenol/phenoxyethanol, polysorbate 80 (T ween 80), dry natural latex rubber
Adverse Reactions
Anaphylactic Shock/Anaphylactoid, Encephalitis/Encephalopathy, SIDS and or deaths reported, Seizures/infantile spasms, Guillain-Barre Syndrome/ Bells Palsy, Arthritis/Arthralgia, Diabetes Mellitus
Long-Term Studies have not been done for Carcinogenic, mutagenic potential or fertility impairment, developmental malformation (animal reproduction studies), effects on pregnant woman, fetus, or transmission of toxins to human breast milk
Source: Vaccinations and the Physicians’ Desk Reference: Who Will Tell the Parents? by Barbara Flynn, MBA Used with permission.
Source: US Department of Health and Human Services,Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Controland Prevention, Guide to Contraindications toChildhood Vaccinations, 2000.Last revised, October 2000.

Disease is Acidity!

The New Biology, most simply stated, is the fact that the over-acidification of the body is the single underlying cause of all disease. In contrast, the old biology, based on the work of Louis Pasteur in the late 1800s, stems from the idea that disease comes from germs which invade the body from the outside. Dr. Young has found that when the body is in healthy alkaline balance, germs are unable to get a foothold.
Think of your body as a fish tank. Think of the importance of maintaining the integrity of the internal fluids of the body that we swim in daily. Imagine the fish in this tank are your cells and organ systems bathed in fluids, which transport food and remove wastes.
Now imagine we back up a car and put the tailpipe up against the air intake filter that supplies the oxygen for the water in the tank. The water becomes filled with carbon monoxide, lowering the alkaline pH, creating and acidic pH environment, and threatening the health of the fish, your cells and organs.
What if we throw in too much food or the wrong kind of food (acid-producing food like dairy, sugar, and animal protein) and the fish are unable to consume or digest it all, and it starts to decompose and putrefy? Toxic acid waste and chemicals build up as the food breaks down, creating more acidic byproducts, altering the optimum alkaline pH.
Basically, this is a small example of what we may be doing to our internal fluids every day. We are fouling them with pollution (smoking), drugs, excessive intake of food, over-consumption of acid-forming foods (dairy food, sugar, animal protein), and any number of transgressions which compromise the delicate balance of our internal alkaline fluids.
Some of us have fish tanks (bodies) that are barely able to support life, yet we somehow manage to struggle from day to day, building more severe imbalances until there is the inevitable crash and debilitating chronic, disturbing and disorganizing symptoms to deal with.
The pH level (the acid-alkaline measurement) of our internal fluids affects every cell in our bodies. Extended acid imbalances of any kind are not well tolerated by the body. Indeed, the entire metabolic process depends on a balanced internal alkaline environment. A chronically over-acidic pH corrodes body tissue, slowly eating into the 60,000 miles of veins and arteries like acid eating into marble. If left unchecked, it will interrupt all cellular activities and functions, from the beating of your heart to the neural firing of your brain.
In summary, over-acidification interferes with life itself leading to all sickness and disease!
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The Effects of SRT on the pH and ORP of Four Different Commercial Waters

Over the years I have had the honor of working with Clarus Transphase Scientific, the developers of the Q-Link Pendant and other related products in researching the effects of their patented Sympathetic Resonance Technology on organic and inorganic matter. We have had several papers published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine specific to SRT.
I have found the technology of SRT to be effective in increasing the zeta potential or life force of matter. The following is a blinded pilot study I conducted on four commercially bottled waters and the chemical and electrical changes that took place in that water, treated with SRT. The results are impressive and demonstrate the efficacy of the SRT technology.
Summary: The effects of SRT or Sympathetic Resonance Technology on water were measured. The pH, ORP and rH2 of water, with and without SRT processing were measured for four (4) different types of water. All four (4) waters were commercially bottled waters. The results showed some consistent changes due to SRT including improved pH, ORP and rH2 in all waters tested. In brief, it is shown that SRT increases pH, lowers ORP and rH2, which could help to reduce states of oxidative stress or over-acidity of the blood and tissues of living organisms.
Introduction: This is an exploratory pilot study to test a variety of drinking waters with and without SRT-treatment. The purpose is to compare the waters without SRT treatment to waters with SRT treatment to measure any changes in the hydrogen ion concentrations (pH) and the proton/electron concentrations (ORP and rH2), to demonstrate how SRT processing of the water affects positively the pH, ORP and rH2.
Materials and Methods: Four (4) types and eight (8) samples of commercially available bottled drinking waters were processed with SRT for 45 hours. These eight (8) samples from four (4) types of waters were then compared with the same four (4) types of waters without SRT using a Thermo-Orion multi-function pH/ORP meter. The eight (8) samples of bottled water treated with SRT and the four (4) samples of bottled water not treated with SRT were tested twice for pH, ORP and rH2. Average values were calculated from duplicate measurements. Prior to testing all samples there was no prior knowledge of what samples were treated with SRT and what samples were not treated with SRT, making this a blinded exploratory pilot study. Table 1 summarizes the results of 72 measurements.
Explanations of pH, ORP and rH2: The pH is a scientific exponential measurement of the concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxyl ions (OH-) in an aqueous solution ranging from 1 to 14 with 7 being neutral. A pH below 7 would be acidic; having a higher concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) and a lesser amount of hydroxyl ions (OH-) and a pH, above 7 would be alkaline, having a lesser concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) and higher concentrations of hydroxyl ions (OH-). The pH scale is exponential, so a pH of 6 would have 10 times more hydrogen ions (H+) and 10 times less hydroxyl ions(OH-) than a pH of 7 and a pH of 8 would have 10 times less hydrogen ions (H+) and 10 times more hydroxyl ions (OH-).
There are two ways to measure the electron/proton activity, or the energy potential of an aqueous solution: ORP and rH2. The value of ORP (oxidative reduction potential) quantifies the amount of energy in the aqueous solution by numbering its electrons. It is expressed in milli volts (mV), either positive or negative. Typically water samples show a positive ORP or proton saturation of over +100 mV. A positive ORP means that the aqueous solution is acidic or oxidized and has no potential energy for further oxidation: that is, it has no free electrons for energy. Such an aqueous solution has no antioxidant or anti-acid potential to support life. A negative ORP means that the aqueous solution possesses electrical potential – energy, and is rich in electrons to support living organisms. Aqueous solutions with a negative ORP has antioxidant or anti-acid properties and are beneficial in that they can buffer or neutralize acids and thus reduce oxidative stress. Water with a negative ORP is the only water that can support life, buffer gastrointestinal and metabolic acids and provide electrons to support the energy needs of any living organism. Water with a negative ORP no longer exists on the earth because of inorganic and organic contamination of our oceans, rivers and streams. All negative ORP water has to be created chemically, electrically or through the use of SRT or a combination thereof. Consider rH2 (reduction of hydrogen; sometimes called “redox”) as sort of a backup measurement to ORP. rH2, is measured on a scale, just the way pH is. The rH2 scale ranges from 0 to 44, with 22 being the mid-point; the lower the number, the greater the concentration of electrons. With each step, the number of electrons increases by a factor of 10; water with rH2 of 22 has 10 times more electrons than water at 23. An increase of just two places on the scale, then, means 100 times fewer electrons. Ideally, you want your water to have an rH2 of 22 or less. Unfortunately, most municipalities have, on the average, an rH2 of 30 or greater. That’s 100 million fewer electrons.
Conclusions: The waters not treated with SRT showed positive ORP’s at +378 to +431 and rH2’s at 27.9 to 28.04. The untreated Evian water was the best bottled water with an alkaline pH of 7.39, an ORP of +390 and an rH2 at 27.9, but was still lacking in electrical potential and electron concentration. All other non treated waters were acidic, with AquaFina, a purified municipal water, being the most acidic, at a pH of 5.83.
However, the effects of SRT on pH, ORP and rH2 were similar for all four (4) waters and all eight (8) samples, in that SRT increased pH from .44% to 19.21%, reduced ORP from 48.21% to 60.09% and reduced rH2 6.64% to 9.15% respectively. (Refer to Table 1)
Of the four (4) types of waters and eight (8) samples treated with SRT, AquaFina had the best result with a pH prior to treatment of 5.83 and with SRT treatment, a pH increase to 6.95, a 19.21% increase. The ORP went from +431 to +200 and a rH2 of 28.31 to 25.93, indicating a 1500 times increase of electrons or electrical potential.
This pilot study showed the effects of SRT on physical properties as well as the subtle energetic properties of water. However, not all waters appear to react in the same way to SRT. Some waters showed a stronger effect than others. The most notable changes were the increases of the pH, and reductions in ORP and rH2 of the AquaFina water, which is nothing more than treated tap water. This means that water treated with SRT can reduce hydrogen ions, increase hydroxyl ions, decrease protons and increases electrons and thus lower oxidative stress, gastrointestinal and metabolic acids and provide energy for living organisms to sustain life.
Moreover, this is consistent with previously published research on SRT, which shows that SRT makes human cells, tissues, organs and living organisms more resistant and resilient to the ravages of acidic stress.
The fact that various types of waters react somewhat differently to SRT may be due to their molecular structure and mineral composition and the ability of the atoms of the waters ability to hold new information. It is also possible that the various bottled waters may already contain information from the processing at the bottling plant, which makes it harder for them to hold SRT processing.
In summary: SRT or Sympathetic Resonance Technology is shown to enhance drinking water properties including its electrical or energetic potential and antioxidant/anti-acid capacities.
Water Non SRT Water Type pH % Change
1) Evian Mineral 7.30 pH
2) Calistoga Mineral 6.81 pH
3) Dasani Treated Tap 6.60 pH
4) AquaFina Treated Tap 5.83 pH
Water With SRT
1) Evian Sample 1 Mineral 7.54 pH 2.03%
2) Evian Sample 2 Mineral 7.65 pH 3.52%
3) Calistoga S-1 Mineral 6.84 pH .44%
4) Calistoga S-2 Mineral 6.91 pH 1.47%
5) Dasani S-1 Treated Tap 6.81 pH 3.18%
6) Dasani S-2 Treated Tap 6.81 pH 3.18%
7) AquaFina S-1 Treated Tap 6.95 pH 19.21%
8) AquaFina S-2 Treated Tap 6.68 pH 14.58%
Water Non SRT Water Type ORP% Change rH2 %Change
1) Evian Mineral +430 mV 27.90
2) Calistoga Mineral +404 mV 28.04
3) Dasani Treated Tap +378 mV 27.78
4) AquaFina Treated Tap +431 mV 28.31
Water With SRT
1) Evian Sample 1 Mineral +202 mV 48.46% 26.03 6.77%
2) Evian Sample 2 Mineral +202 mV 48.21% 26.02 6.74%
3) Calistoga S-1 Mineral +190 mV 52.97% 25.90 7.63%
4) Calistoga S-2 Mineral +200 mV 50.50% 26.00 7.27%
5) Dasani S-1 Treated Tap +156 mV 57.73% 25.56 7.99%
6) Dasani S-2 Treated Tap +156 mV 57.73% 25.56 7.99%
7) AquaFina S-1 Treated Tap +172 mV 60.09% 26.01 6.77%
8) AquaFina S-2 Treated Tap +193 mV 55.22% 26.02 6.74%
Table 1: pH, ORP and rH2 values on four (4) types of water with and without SRT
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