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The Self-Care to a Self-Cure for Prostate Cancer, Hepatitis C, CMV and Arteriosclerosis

Prostate Cancer diagnosis for this patient was determined by MRI, Biopsy, Ultrasound, and Blood tests.
The following conditions were found:

1) Prostate cancer – 3 lesions
2) Hepatitis C
3) CMV
4) Arteriosclerotic plaque
5) High Bilirubin
6) High C-reactive protein
7) High cholesterol
8) High PSA
9) High Gleason score
10) Low testosterone

Duration of treatment: April 2012 to November 2014

These were a few of the first pictures of live and dried blood taken from the patient in April of 2012. The patterns of the live and dried blood were consistent with prostate cancer showing several polymerized protein pools in the center of the coagulated blood.

After 6 months of following the pH Miracle Protocol his live blood showed incredible improvement with normal healthy blood. The dried blood showed a reduction in polymerized protein in the center of the coagulated blood indicating improvement in the health of the prostate.

On November 2014 his live and dried blood shows no indications of malignancy. Live and dried blood showing the normal healthy profiles.


Results: October 2014 biopsy, MRI and blood tests showed that all conditions of prostate cancer with 3 lesions, Hepatitis C and CMV reversed.

Also, the current blood report of November 2014, showed normal cholesterol, sclerotic plaque gone, normal bilirubin, normal C-reactive protein, normal PSA and normal Testosterone levels.