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Muscles Are Made From Red Blood Cells!


Ryan lost 31 pounds of excess acidic fat and gained  11 pounds of muscles in 12 weeks following the pH Miracle diet of increasing healthy red blood cell production.  No hormones just chlorophyll, oil, water and salt.

Muscles are made from red blood cells. Red blood cells are made from erythroblast cells. Erythroblasts are made from stem cells. Stem cells are made from chlorophyll, oil, water and salt. The primary site of stem cell production takes place in the crypts of the small intestines. For perfect stem cell production the food must be liquid, green, oily, salty, and alkaline at a pH of 8.4. To learn more read The pH Miracle books and Sick and Tired by Dr Robert O. Young. Www.phoreveryoung.com


Johnny Reeves follows the blood building pH Miracle diet with great success.