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Twelve Good Reasons to Say NO To EGGS and CHICKEN!

Next time you consider eating a chicken egg and making it part of your body think about the following:

1) The main purpose of a chicken egg is to create a new chicken.

2) Eggs come from a chicken’s period.

3) Each egg once physically disturbed from shaking to cracking creates over 37,500,000 bacteria and/or yeast. (Source USDA)

4) The ingestion of a chicken egg activates the immune response for 3 to 5 hours in order to clean-up the toxic mess.

5) According to Dr. Livingston Wheeler, a medical doctor and cancer research scientist, eggs contain the progenitor cryptocide which causes cancer.

6) Eggs are one of my top 10 acidic foods to never eat. This includes the egg white or plasma.

7) Chickens do not have a urinary tract system so the absorption of acidic waste or urine may be pushed out into the connective tissue or muscle. But that’s what makes them so juicy! Enjoy eating chicken urine with your chicken period.


8) Chicken flesh when ingested produces 4 cancer causing poisons of nitric, uric, sulphuric and phosphoric acids, if not eliminated via the four channels of elimination may cause sickness and disease.

9) All the scientific reasons NOT to eat EGGS, CHICKEN, BEEF, PORK, TURKEY OR FISH FLESH! SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FLESH AND EGG EATING FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10) Eggs are more toxic and poisonous then smoking  cigarettes – http://m.prevention.com/food/healthy-eating-tips/study-claims-eggs-are-unhealthy-smoking

11) Eating eggs leads to plaque in your arteries –http://www.cbsnews.com/news/eating-egg-yolks-leads-to-two-thirds-of-the-plaque-buildup-youd-see-in-a-smokers-arteries-study-shows/

12) Eating chicken and eggs causes cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, diabetes and prostate cancer.


Eating Eggs Will Increase Your Risk For Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes!


A recent question in The New York Times Well blog created some confusion by asking how many eggs you can (or should) eat. The answer was not eggs-actly correct.

Since one egg has the same amount of cholesterol as a Big Mac, it is unnecessary—even detrimental to your health—to consume eggs or egg products. One egg has more cholesterol than your body needs. In fact, any added dietary cholesterol is unnecessary because our bodies already produce more than the amount we require. An excess of cholesterol leads to heart disease, so it’s no surprise that a 2010 study in theCanadian Journal of Cardiology found that those who consume the most eggs have a 19 percent increased risk for cardiovascular problems.

What The New York Times blog fails to explain is that eating an occasional egg might not increase health risks for people already eating a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet—just as smoking an occasional cigar might not increase health risks for people already smoking cigarettes. But if people are already eating a healthful diet without any added dietary cholesterol, eggs can contribute to many problems in addition to heart disease. Recent studies in Atherosclerosis and the International Journal of Cancershow that egg consumption can also cause diabetes and even cancer.

The misperception surrounding the necessity of eggs has even spread to the courtroom. Unilever is suing Hampton Creek Foods for using the term “mayo” in relation to its egg-free Just Mayo condiment. The argument is that “mayonnaise” is defined as an egg-based product. However, removing the egg from mayonnaise also removes the cholesterol, a win-win. The lawsuit seems to be backfiring for Unilever by helping people realize that there are more healthful alternatives to Hellmann’s mayonnaise.

No matter what you call it, egg-free is the better option.

For more information about egg consumption and health, read and share our fact sheet:http://www.pcrm.org/pdfs/health/Nutrition-Fact-Sheets/Eggs-fact-sheet.pdf

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