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A Drug-Free Self-Care to a Self-Cure for Acid Reflux, Fatigue, Sickness and Over-Weight!


Hi my name is Elissa.  The picture above is when I was sick, tired, and over-weight suffering from an over-acidic lifestyle and diet.

Back when i was about 37 I started having stomach problems leading to acid reflux.  I went to many Doctors and had numerous medical tests but not a single Doctor could diagnose me.  Finally. i was put on an anti-acid called Prevacid and went on with my life.  About 8 years later- the Prevacid stopped working so the Gastroenterologist Doctor put me on every drug related to reducing stomach acids. Nothing helped!  The Doctors performed 3 endoscopies over the next 8 yrs.  Not a single Doctor could help me and i began to panic. I felt sick, depressed and tired and didn’t know where to turn .

I started googling everything i could on curing acid reflux. Finally, I came across Dr. Robert O. Young’s articles about how changing your lifestyle and diet and getting rid of acidic foods would reverse acid reflux.  I researched and read his books and began changing my way of eating.  Almost immediately the acid reflux began to ease up. I was so happy!  As weeks went on my stomach and bowels healed. I lost weight, gained tons of energy and my all-over demeanor became calmer.  I was healthy and happy!

I am now 47 and I can do over 20 pushups when before I couldn’t even do 3 pushups.  I can curl 15 pounds on each arm when I couldn’t even curl 8 pounds.  I completed a 5k run for the first time. I sleep great. And, just recently I had the flu and got rid of it in 4 days using raw garlic.

My body is making me very happy these days and I owe it all to Dr. Young for guiding me on my path to healing and good health.  Look at me now free from acidic drugs, acid reflux, fatigue, sickness and over-weight.  Dr. Robert O. Young’s pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet changed and saved my life.