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The Cause and Cure for Fibromyalgia and Sclerosis


An exercise program that incorporates walking,
jogging, strength training and stretching may
improve daily function and alleviate symptoms
in women and men from the acidic connective
tissue dis-ease, fibromyalgia, according to a
report in the November 12 issue of Archives of
Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives
journals. These benefits appear to be enhanced
when exercise is combined with education about
managing this acidic metabolic and dietary

Fibromyalgia affects approximately 3.4 percent
of women and 0.5 percent of men in the United States,
according to background information in the article.
Patients with fibromyalgia experience chronic acidic
pain throughout their bodies for at least three months,
along with specific sites of tenderness all caused
by the blood pouring out metabolic and acidic
wastes into the connective tissues and muscles.

Dr.Robert O. Young, a research scientist at the
pH Miracle Living Center suggests,
“fibromyalgia is a response to increased metabolic
and dietary acids to protect the delicate pH balance
of the blood. The body will eliminate excess acidity
from the blood into the “acid catchers” the connective
tissues to protect the alkaline pH of the blood.”

“This excess acidity in the tissues, especially in the
connective tissues is then eliminated via the lymphatic
system during body movement and especially exercise,
with sweating.”

“Fibromyalgia is the 4th stage of acidosis which is
the inflammatory stage. If the acids in the
connective tissues and muscles are not eliminated
via the lymphatic system this can then lead to
fibrotic tissues or sclerosis’s or the 5th stage
of acidosis. This stage is also referred to as

Daniel S. Rooks, Sc.D., from Brigham & Women’s
Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, and
now with Novartis Institutes for Biomedical
Research, Inc., Cambridge, Mass., and colleagues
recruited 207 women taking medication for
fibromyalgia between 2002 and 2004. For 16 weeks,
the women were randomly assigned to four groups:
51 performed aerobic and flexibility exercises
only; 51 added in strength training; 50 received
a self-help course on managing fibromyalgia;
and 55 participated in all the exercises and
the education course. The exercise groups met
twice weekly, gradually increasing the length
and intensity of their workouts, with instructions
to perform a third day of exercise on their own.

A total of 135 women completed the study and
underwent a six-month follow-up assessment.
As measured by two self-assessment questionnaires
and one performance test, women who participated
in all forms of exercise improved their physical
function, an effect that was larger in the combined
education and exercise group. “Social function,
mental health, fatigue, depression and self-efficacy
also improved,” the authors write.

“The beneficial effect on physical function of
exercise alone and in combination with education
persisted at six months.”

The present study suggests that progressive
walking, simple strength training movements and
stretching activities are effective at improving
physical, emotional and social function, key
symptoms and self-efficacy in women and men with
fibromyalgia who are being actively treated
with medication,” the authors write. “Furthermore,
the benefits of exercise are enhanced when combined
with targeted self-management education, and
improvements in physical function continue for
six months after completion of the intervention.
Our findings suggest the need for inclusion of
appropriate exercise and patient education in
the treatment of individuals with fibromyalgia.”

According to Dr. Young, “fibromyalgia is a condition
where the body is in preservation mode to protect
itself from metabolic and dietary acids that are not
properly being eliminated through urination, perspiration,
defecation, and respiration. The body tissues,
especially the connective tissues and muscles
become the depositories for acidic waste products
to protect the blood and to maintain its delicate
pH balance at 7.365. Exercise, such as walking,
jogging, swimming, rebounding and “whole body
vibration” helps to move acids out of the connective
tissues and muscles and then out through the pores of
the skin via the sweat glands or back into blood
circulation to be eliminated via the urinary system.”

Dr. Young suggests, “if you want to be healthy
you must exercise everyday for at least 1 hour,
while hydrating your body tissues with alkaline
water (at 9.5) so you can excrete the daily acidic
waste products of metabolism and diet. In other
words you need to sweat and pee your way to health.”

“One of the best ways to do this is by walking,
jogging or any exercise that will contract
and expand your 70 trillion cells simultaneously
to move acidic waste products out of the body tissues.”

“One of the best low impact, passive aggressive
exercises for folks who do not move their bodies
or cannot move their bodies daily because of
health challenges, is the “whole body vibrational”
machine called the Vibra pHirm (TM). This “whole
body vibrational” machine will contract, expand
and exercise every cell in the body simultaneously
from 1 to 50 times per second and thus move acidic
waste products across the cell membranes and out
into the extracellular fluids to be removed by
perspiration or urination. When you move the
acidity out of the cells and tissues you prevent
and reverse the conditions of fibromyalgia
and scleroderma,” states Dr. Young.


To learn more about the Vibra pHirm and “whole body
vibrational” exercising, one of the best forms of
passive aggressive movement for moving metabolic
and dietary acids out of the body, go to:


Reversing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Cellulite, Low Energy, and Sciatica with the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet!

Dear Dr. Young,

My name is Lisa and I am a 51 year old woman. I am writing because I wanted to let you know of my success following an alkaline lifestyle and diet.
I have abused this body with an acidic diet and lifestyle for a good many years. Three of the biggest issues were “IBS”, low energy and aching in the hips and down the legs (Sciatica). Standard medicine has not been able to offer any substantial longterm relief from any of these conditions, apart from prescribing acidic medications to mask the discomfort, but not cure the problem.
The way I stumbled on the pH Miracle alkaline journey was unusual. In a random chance meeting with an Indian Shaman, he told me some things about my health and what I needed to do to fix them. He told me that I needed to give up the endless coffee and energy drinks, as well as the cigarettes.
This is what was happening to me: my colon was dehydrated and my whole system was acidic. He told me to drink aloe vera juice for rehydrating and healing the colon and go on the internet and learn about eating “happy food”..lol. At this point, I was desperate to fix these chronic health issues and I had nothing to lose and everything to gain so I did what he told me to do. This led me to you Dr. Robert O. Young.
I immediately gave up all but one cup of coffee in the morning and the sugary energy drinks entirely. I switched to herbal teas with lemon and water with lemon. I drank the aloe vera juice and dove into learning about which foods I should be eating. As with any major overhaul, I am still honing my knowledge and skills, as I attempt to practice eating alkaline.
Now here is the my testimony: In less than 6 weeks of implementing my newfound knowledge of Dr. Young’s alkalizing protocol, the IBS is completely gone! That’s right completely gone! I’m not going to get graphic, but this was a chronic horrific condition that I suffered fo over 12 years.
I have recently started juicing and my energy level is no longer fluctuating from extreme highs to even more extreme lows. I feel great all thru the day without acidic coffee and energy drinks! The pain in my joints and hips has also lessened, as long as I restrict the majority of acidic foods. My skin is just beginning to have a healthy glow and I think my body fat content (cellulite) is disappearing as well.
Keep in mind, I am a beginner at this and by no means a perfect alkaline/acid practitioner. But even so, the good news is that within only 6 weeks under my belt, I have already seen amazing results!
I look forward to applying this newfound pH Miracle alkaline lifestyle to the rest of my years.
Thank you sooo much Dr. Young.
To quote a fairly “popular” author: “My people perish for lack of knowledge”.
Thanks much for sharing the knowledge everyone needs out there!
Lisa King