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The pH Miracle Mayan Celebrity Cruise with Dr. Robert O. Young October 29th through November 5th, 2015!


The pH Miracle Mayan Celebrity Cruise with Dr. Robert O. Young October 29th through November 5th, 2015!

Please check out the several cruise options and prices at the end of this article!


Join Dr. Robert O. Young and his team of experts on the pH Miracle Mayan Celebrity Cruise Oct 29 to Nov 5, 2015, for an alkalizing healing and fitness vacation that you will never forget.


The pH Miracle Mayan Adventure and Alkaline Retreat on the awesome Celebrity Infinity Cruise Ship will include alkaline meals, alkaline exercise with Dr. Young teaching YOU his New Biology and pH Miracle protocol – A NEW WAY OF LIVING, EATING AND THINKING.

We will sail TOGETHER from Fort Lauderdale to the Yucatan and Western Caribbean, where we will Sail and Snorkel in Cozumel, experience an authentic Mayan Ceremony in Altun Ha in Belize, Swim with the Dolphins in Roatan, and visit the Chacchoben Mayan Sacred Site and Seven-Color Lake in Costa Maya.


For more information or to book your reservation please send us an email with your name and phone number at: phmiraclelife@gmail.com


In addition to the beautiful ocean view room with balcony, alkalizing food, drinks, snacks, entertainment, daily exercise, swimming and lectures, The pH Miracle Mayan Cruise includes a private one-on-one consultation with Dr. Robert O. Young, diagnostic testing and health and wellness treatments as follows:

1) Live Blood Cell Analysis with consultation


2) Dried Blood Cell Analysis with consultation



3) Non-invasive blood and interstitial chemistries

4) Functionality testing, including metabolic alkalosis and acidosis

5) Antioxidant testing

6) Hormone level testing

7) Heavy metal toxicity testing

8) pHase Angle testing  the  conductivity of the body cells

9) Intra, Inter and Extra cellular fluid hydration

10) Non-Invasive Full-Body Ultrasound – a total of seven scans with consultation. All organs and glands will be evaluated anatomically.  We will also scan for any major blockages in the arteries and veins and check for stones, cysts and tumors.


11) Non-Invasive Full-Body Thermography with consultation


12) Non-Invasive Full-Body 3-D Electro-Bio Scan with consultation



13) EKG and homocysteine levels.


14) Hemoglobin and Hematocrit blood testing.

15) Body fat Index.

16) Bone density testing.


17) Lipid and cholesterol testing.

18) Lymphatic system and lymph node testing.

19) The pH Miracle Nutritional Cruise Pack of alkalizing supplements

20) Three 90 minute lymphatic massages.

21) Bio-electrical lymphatic drainage for detoxing lymph nodes

23) Aqua-chi foot baths – 2 treatments

24) Emotional clearing and release of emotions blockages

25) Complete 100 page report including lifestyle and dietary recommendations

26) Bonus: Comprehensive, Classical Homeopathic Constitutional Consultation with Dr. Mitchell A. Fleisher, M.D., D.Ht., D.A.B.F.M., Dc.A.B.C.T.


The Comprehensive, Classical Homeopathic Constitutional Consultation includes:

*Very detailed, in-depth, careful analysis of all the physical, emotional and mental symptoms that a person is experiencing, which limit their life in any way.

*Comprehensive analysis of the fundamental, bio-energetic and biochemical basis for an individual’s symptom pattern, and what is essential for their deepest possible healing.

*Prescription of the true, Homeopathic Constitutional Simillimum (the most similar, deepest healing, Homeopathic remedy), which acts as a very safe, gentle, but powerful, bio-energetic catalyst stimulating the innate, God-given, defense mechanism to bring about profound healing of the mind and body on all levels, and which also allows all other holistic therapeutic interventions to work more effectively.  This Test and Consultation  is an additional $1200 add-on.

To register NOW! email us with your name and phone number at: http://www.phmiraclelife
We look forward to seeing you on the cruise that will change your life forever!
The pH Miracle Center




Thu Oct 29 Fort Lauderdale, FL 4:30pm
Fri Oct 30 At Sea
Sat Oct 31 Cozumel, Mexico 7:00am 5:00pm
Sun Nov 1 Roatan, Honduras 9:00am 6:00pm
Mon Nov 2 Belize City, Belize 7:00am 5:00pm
Tue Nov 3 Costa Maya, Mexico 7:00am 4:00pm
Wed Nov 4 At Sea
Thu Nov 5 Fort Lauderdale, FL 7:00am


There are several options and pricing for the pH Miracle Mayan Celebrity 5 Star Cruise as follows:
Option 1
We are  offering the “Cruise ONLY package” which includes an ocean view room with balcony, alkaline meals, daily alkaline fitness training, a $270 on board cruise credit, and lectures on the pH Miracle Protocol and New Biology.
The price of this package is: $2,495.00 per person.  If you sign up for the cruise prior to May 2nd the early bird price is: $1995.00 per person. Please note that the “Cruise ONLY Package” does NOT include the 25 services or treatments as outlined above.
Option 2
The “Complete Package” includes ALL 25 services and treatments as outlined above including an ocean view room with balcony, alkaline meals, alkaline fitness training, lectures on the pH Miracle and the New Biology, a $270 on board cruise credit, non-invasive medical diagnostic testing, one-on-one consultation, reports with personal protocol, alkalizing pH Miracle nutritional supplements, energy work, emotional clearing, infrared sauna and lymphatic drainage massages.  The price of this package is: $9,950.00 per person.
Option 3
The “Dr. Young VIP Complete Package” includes ALL 25 services and treatments as outlined above plus a special private lecture with Dr. Young, a follow-up one-on-one consultation with Dr. Young at the end of the cruise, VIP access to the Celebrity Spa and special seating for alkaline meals with Dr. Young.  The price of this package is: $11,995.00 per person.
Option 4
You can also add on individual non-invasive diagnostics and/or alkalizing treatments to the “Cruise ONLY package” from the 25 services and treatments listed below as desired.  For example the live and dried blood non-invasive testing with a one-on-one consultation and report with Dr. Young is $1400. Or a 90 minute lymphatic drainage massage for $360.
Option 5 
If you would like to upgrade to a suite or a penthouse please give us a call at: 760 484 1075 for pricing.
CEL_IN_210x118_02_royal_suite CEL_IN_210x118_02_celebrity_suite CEL_CS_PenthouseSuite_460x256
If you have any other questions or when you are ready to book please give us a call at: 760 484 1075.
To book your reservation we will need your full name, address, email address, phone number, copy of your passport, birth date and credit card information or choice of payment, including Pay Pal, Wire Transfer, Cashiers Check,  Personal Check or you can pay on-line on our website at:
We look forward to meeting you on the cruise.
Kindest regards,
The pH Miracle Team