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A Self-Care to A Self-Cure for Inflammatory Ductal Cell Carcinoma

Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, shares a pH Miracle reversal of a medically diagnosed inflammatory ductal cell carcinoma breast cancer with a 14+ cm tumor in the left breast following Dr, Robert O. Young’s pH Miracle lifestyle and diet.



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What is Breast Thermography?


Breast Thermography is a digital, infrared photograph of your breast. Thermograms can increase your chances of detecting early stages of breast cancer by several years when combined with breast self-examination, doctor examination and diagnostic Ultrasound. 

Most patients are surprised how easy, quick and pain free the procedure is and they choose to make annual Thermograms a key part of their selfcare health maintenance program.

Advantages of Breast Thermography at a glance.

• Thermography is the only breast screening available for women ages 25-39
• No other screening tool detects potential cancer earlier than Thermography
• Breast Thermography is non-invasive and pain free, there are no harmful side effects
• Thermography has a very high accuracy compared to other screening methods
• There is no compression or body contact
• No radiation is used
• Breast Thermography is known to detect potential breast cancer several years sooner than any other method of detection
• Thermography is safe for people with implants and for pregnant women.
• Thermography is safe for women with fibroids and dense breasts.
• Thermography is very helpful in monitoring treatment methods
• Breast Thermography has been FDA approved since 1982 as an adjunct to other anatomical scans.

Who should have Breast Thermography?

Women and men can benefit from Breast Thermography screening. Younger women in their 30’s and 40’s with a family member with breast cancer are particularly benefited by Breast Thermography.

You should have Breast Thermography if:

• You feel any changes in your breasts
• Have a history of breast cancer in your family
• You want early indication of potential problems in your breast health
• You wish to lessen your exposure to radiation having already been subjected to radiation therapies
What is the procedure like? 

In a private room you will disrobe from the waist up and after a 15 minute acclimation time, 6 pictures will be taken of your breasts. This takes another 5 to 10 minutes. The images will then be interpreted by a doctor and the report will be sent to you.

Early Detection Saves Lives!

Breast Thermography can provide information on breast health, risk assessment, breast cancer, early detection, prevention and ultimately the preservation of the breast and the survival of women.

Thermography utilizes highly sensitive infrared cameras that can display abnormal cellular and vascular patterns in breast tissue. Universal Medical Imaging Group and PH Miracle strive to provide accessible thermal imaging that can detect subtle physiologic changes that accompany breast pathology, whether it is cancer, fibrocystic disease, and infection, or vascular disease.

Breast Thermography is beneficial for women of all ages, but especially for women who do not want exposure to radiation, have implants, have dense breast tissue, are fibrocystic, have had a mastectomy or are unable to undergo routine mammography.

Current research has determined that the key to breast cancer survival rests upon its earliest possible detection. If discovered in its earliest stages, 95% cure rates are possible. Our center is dedicated to providing one of the most important adjunctive breast imaging procedures available.

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