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Conventional Diagnostic Scans for Breast Cancer Cause Breast Cancer! There is a Better Non-Invasive and Non-Radioactive Way! Say NO MAM to MAMMOGRAMS!


Life Saving rule change on mammograms

The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force is doing women a favor by issuing a draft recommendation that will put a C grade on breast-cancer screening mammograms for women ages 40 to 49. If this happens, health plans will no longer be required to cover mammograms for women falling within this age range. The task force is committed to providing the best evidence based information to help patients make informed decisions regarding health screenings.

This proposal is exciting news because mammograms can be very detrimental to a woman’s health and well-being. The Harms include false-positive and false-negative mammography results, false reassurance, anxiety and worry over diagnosis and resulting overtreatment, and large amounts of radiation exposure. The USPSTF after examining the old studies; new studies and evidence show that women who get mammograms have a mortality ( death ) rate 4% higher than women who don’t get mammograms, have proposed downgrading their recommendations that women in this age group receive annual mammogram screening. This proposal would also save on a huge amount of insurance money that is being spent on this unnecessary testing.

It is important to understand the risks versus rewards when making an important decision regarding your health. I encourage you to do some research yourself on the issue of mammogram testing. If you are interested in supporting this proposal along with me, you can submit a comment by visiting http://screeningforbreastcancer.org/

You will find the comment section below the video and there will be a small maze of links to click through. Your contribution may be greatly beneficial here. Evidence that may not have been considered is especially important. You have until Monday May 18th to get your thoughts in and help make a difference regarding this issue.

This rule change would hopefully decrease the pressure from health clinics/hospitals to force women into unwanted mammograms and hopefully allow them to get ultrasounds which is a better diagnostic test and without the harmful radiation and compression of the breast. My personnel recommendation is ultrasound combined with a thermogram which will yield a 95% sensitivity compared to 52% sensitivity for mammograms.

Ben S Johnson MD DO NMD

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