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Temporary Acidic Disease Causing Vaccination Vs Natural Immunity and Alkalizing


A bill just passed the senate eliminating personal/religious exemption to immunizations. It now heads
for the California Assembly, where if it passes, parents and children will lose their rights for permanent natural protection rather the temporary protection sometimes afforded by vaccines.

Vaccines are far from perfect. In a recent outbreak of 1000 cases of mumps over 77% had two doses of the MMR. The CDC’s propaganda has been that unvaccinated children were the cause of outbreaks. However in recent years there have been repeated outbreaks of diseases like pertussis, influenza and mumps in fully vaccinated populations calling into question the effectiveness of commercial vaccines. Further calling into question the effectiveness of vaccines, Merck the primary manufacturer of vaccines, was recently sued for covering up the ineffectiveness of the mumps portion of the MMR vaccine costing the US government millions of dollars, and exposing children to unnecessary risks for the limited benefits afforded by temporary vaccination.

Meanwhile around the globe in Italy the health minister reignited the debate over the safety of MMR when it was conceded that the MMR vaccine caused autism in a nine-year-old boy. The CDC also wound up with mud on its face recently for covering up the fact that vaccines dramatically increased autism rates in black children. One just has to wonder what else they might be covering up.

Children who contract mumps and other childhood diseases are afforded life long protection from these sp-called diseases. What has become crystal clear, is that if the vaccine works at all that it is only a temporary effect.

The CDC and big Pharma’s response? Give a third or fourth vaccine! I think someone defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result – well? Whether it is natural nutrients, herbs or drugs there is a point in which “more” is not “better”.  We have reached this tipping point in the US with our vaccination schedule. Our children in the US are the most vaccinated children in the world and yet they are the sickest in the World. In the last 30 years the number of American children with learning disabilities, ADHD, diabetes, and asthma has more than tripled. At the same time the number of vaccinations recommended by physicians and the CDC to our babies and children under the age of six has also tripled. There are 16 currently recommended vaccines with 69 doses being mandated by state health officials for children in order to attend school.

Barbara Loe Fisher, Pres. and cofounder of National Vaccine Information Center recently explained that overburdening your child’s immune system with too many vaccines can seriously compromise their health for life.

“Vaccines are supposed to fool your body’s immune system into producing antibodies to resist viral and bacterial infection in the same way that actually having the disease usually produces immunity to future infection. But vaccines atypically introduce into the human body lab altered live viruses and killed bacteria along with chemicals, metals, drugs and other additives such as formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury, monosodium glutamate, sodium phosphate, phenoxyethanol, gelatin, sulfites, yeast protein, antibiotics as well as unknown amounts of RNA and DNA from animal and human cell tissue cultures.”

“Whereas natural recovery from many infectious diseases stimulates lifetime immunity, vaccines only provide temporary protection and most vaccines require ‘booster’ doses to extend vaccine-induced artificial immunity.
The fact that manmade vaccines cannot replicate the body’s natural experience with the disease is one of the key points of contention between those who insist that mankind cannot live without mass use of multiple vaccines and those who believe that mankind’s biological integrity will be severely compromised by their continued use.”

This knowledge leaves many open-ended questions about the vaccine process in the United States, and whether it is ultimately causing more harm than good. Barbara Loe Fisher continues:

“First, is it better to protect children against infectious disease early in life through temporary immunity from a vaccine or are they better off contracting certain contagious infections in childhood and attaining permanent immunity? Second, do vaccine complications ultimately cause more chronic illness and death than infectious diseases do? Both questions essentially pit trust in human intervention against trust in nature and the natural order, which existed long before vaccines were created by man.”

If the loss of your right to natural immunization is of concern to you – and it should be, you should write your California assemblyman regarding this bill that has been passed by the Senate and been sent to the assembly.

Ben S Johnson MD DO NMD

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