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This Holiday Season Give the Gift of Health – WaterMark – $100 off + Free Shipping

The pH Miracle Non-Electric WaterMark Ionizer is an amazing affordable product which will produce high-quality alkaline water and improve water by reducing the molecular cluster size of the water molecules. This creates greater surface area and charge, increasing the electrical/ionic charge of the water or what is called Oxidative Reduction Potential (ORP). This molecular change is noticeable by the wonderfully soft texture and crisp clean taste of WaterMark water.
This benefit is achieved by WaterMark’s vortex action. Water is sent through a vortex tube where it is spun around charged crystals, which creates major improvements to the structure of the water—similar to the action of a water fall which creates the same result. Moving, living waters are far healthier than stagnant bottled or other waters.
Retail price: $680.00
Holiday Price: $580.00 plus free shipping.
Please email your name and phone number to HolisticCode@yahoo.com
Offer good through 12/31/14.