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A Day To Never Forget – A Testimony of Joy and Peace!

A Day To Never Forget - A Testimony of Joy and Peace!
Dr. Robert Young

 MSc., DSc., Ph.D, ND

Naturopathic Physician at the pH Miracle Ti Sana Medical Spa, Arlate, Italy

Monday September 21, 2015 A day to never forget. For this day was a day that brought the same feelings of elation and joy as did the days my daughters we born and put into my arms for the first time! Speechless as I looked in wonder and awe at their stunning beauty and unimaginable perfection.

Today, as I again looked in amazement at the scans that were repeated from August 17, just 5 weeks ago. Tears of joy ran down my cheeks as comparisons were made to the then and now. I was speechless to find the tumors had shrunk and were dying off. To that I now refer to all of you who have contributed in faith.

For all the prayers that were offered on my behalf. For all the heads that humbly bowed, For all the arms that were reverently folded and knees bent upon the floors of your dwelling spaces. For all of the kind and sincere acts of faith, expressed even in fasting. I now express my deepest gratitude to all of you. We can all celebrate our Father in Heaven, collectively. Our faith combined as increased and I feel honored to be the recipient of your “faith” and “His Will.”

My dear friends and family, not only were the areas of cancer concerns definitively reduced. But, many others areas of concern, within my body in were in trouble.

There is no doubt, that had I taken the conventional approach as the treatment at this time, these other areas of concern, that were not even on the radar would have not withstood the effects of chemotherapy and radiation, not to mention, it is at the cellar leve very dipilatingl. Because of the promptings (inspiration) that I felt guided to pursue, my body has shown tremendous healing and as a result of diet & lifestyle change. Miracles have taken place.

I express my deep and sincere gratitude to all of you for caring and being so kind and selfless in your contributing to help save my life. I feel as though, I have been holding my breath in anticipation of this monumental day. I felt ashamed that I had any level of doubt or fear. My Dad quickly reassured me that we are all human and those emotions are at times unavoidable.

The first call I made was to my Mom & Dad, then my Doll & Mcke. We all through cracking voices & flowing tears of joy, began expressing to God. While dad struggled through tears to offer a prayer of our emmense gratitude we once again had been a witness to Gods tender Mercies, as they have now begun to take place.

One might ask, “just how many miracles can one woman experience?” The answer, perhaps is there is no limit. Gods “Will” always comes first. Then When Mercy collides with Grace, I don’t think there is a score board keeping track
For me, this journey has become a fascinating opportunity to really take a serious look at the bigger picture. This isn’t just about cancer at all. It’s about opportunity and the gift of friends and family coming together no matter the distance and uniting in love and faith, to help lift and cheer one another.

Thankfully, it’s me. Most of you know, that I have an amazing capacity to overcome and succeed. Sometimes, I forget that God knows me better than I know myself, the “what next?” really doesn’t matter because, He’s got my back… He always has and always will and it’s the same for all of us.

Remember, the times that are the most difficult, when we may feel that we are alone and fears, sneaks up on us? There are always only one set of footprints. He not only carries us to but through them.

It really all comes down to one thing and one thing and one thing only, that we have as strong as possible a trust in our Savior.

One response today came in a txt, as this scripture in Luke 8:48, And he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace.

Today, when I did just that as I left doctor’s office. I walked outside I was acutely aware that what I was feeling was a sense of Peace. For a huge burden of the unknown had been lifted. Yay!

Riding home, I sent a few groups, txt announcing the wonderful news. “ALL PRAYERS ANSWERED” Fantastic news!!! My body is healing and I am so healthy and strong thanks to the pH Miracle for Cancer protocol!!! All areas are improving. My next apt. 12/21/15. Can you imagine the gift of “life” this years holiday season will bring? I am already in the “Joy Zone” as the messages went out, I would like to share the responses received back:

1. That’s great news Diana. I’s so happy to hear that your body is healing and recovering. We will keep the prayers coming.
2. Tears of joy for you beautiful
3. Great news! congratulations.
4. Hallelujah, that is wonderful news!!!!
5. Awesome news!!!
6. Yay! Praise God!! and you for working so hard to get healthier.
7. Oh Diana, this is such awesome news!!! I am thrilled for you. Prayers certainly have been answered.
8. Making me tear!!! Wonderful… I knew it! You are amazing and truly a light. I’m thinking and praying for you throughout the day! Everyday!
9. Oh, that is wonderful, Thank you heavenly Father for answered prayers!!!!
10. I knew you would overcome!! Just s speed bump like I said. Hooray Xxox
11. Praise God!
12. Amen! we will definitely continue to keep praying!
13. Great news! keep getting better
14. I am so happy for you!
15. This is great!! I am hopeful for you.
16. I was just thinking about you. So positive!!! That is such good news Di.
17. Hi Diana, I am so happy… I have been praying for you. I will call you soon.
18. Wonderful news
19. Yay!!! So exciting!!
20. That is amazing news!!! Just heard from cke too!!! So happy to read this. Stay strong!!! Xoxo
21. Omg! Tha’ts the best news ever!!! I can’t wait to hear all about it.
22. There is no limit to the number of miracles is there? That is awesome news. Thank you for sharing with me. Excellent to hear!!!
23.Omg!!! That’s wonderful Di!!!
24. What Awesome News. Lu very much and thanks so much. Can’t wait to see . Xxoo
25. Awesome

So many of you mentioned the word ” Good news,” to that I say “He Lives” Thank you for all your wonderful words of inspiration, where friends and faith have come together, as well as many prayers still being said. The outpouring of love. Wow, with 56 exclamation marks, that sets a record for so many, in the shortest time ever. Your enthusiasm is overwhelming.

Thank you all so very much!

Blessings, Di

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