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A Response to a Nasty Character Assassination of Dr. Robert O. Young

The following is a letter from Deborah Tumlinson who sent a response to an article written by Ian, an Aussie network marketer of water and nutritional products, who wrote a very hurtful, nasty, untrue, libel and character assassination of Dr. Robert O. Young and his thirty-plus years of successful and effective cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, lupus, MS, CFS, Autism, HIV/AIDs, and heart disease research.

Dear Ian,

I want to express to you my thoughts and feelings on your article concerning Dr. Robert O. Young. (http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1078614).

As I am open to others expressing their opinions, you have the facts all wrong. First of all, I know first hand that his program works as I was his patient who had been diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer and now I am caner free.  I lost over 100 lbs and was self-healed of over 29 ailments including asthma, pre-diabetic (one point away from type 2), high cholesterol, fungal infections, menopausal symptoms, adult acne vulgaris, …etc.  The list goes on I could send them all to you if you need a specific list.   My point being that I was the world’s biggest skeptic when I met him. At first I did not like him because he told me something I did not want to hear.   He told me that I was responsible for all my health problems.   How dare he tell me (the truth) this, none of my many and numerous doctors did this for me. They just sent me for tests, diagnosed me with another ailment and prescribed good old drugs.  At the time I came to see Dr. Young which was three days before my surgery,  I was on 13 different medications for pain, sleeping, inhalers, remedies for aches and pains,  you name it I was taking it.
Dr. Young challenged me to do his program for ten days (that was June 11, 2012).   I delayed my surgery and went to the PH Miracle Ranch and started my ten-day detoxification process.  I was a big skeptic that it would work but I told Dr. Young I would follow his advice.  I secretly hoped it would work because I did not want to endure surgery and months of chemo and radiation.    I felt like I had been hit by a truck each day as I was detoxing, I smelled awful, I felt awful and I looked awful but after 9 days of headaches, bad breath, body odors (worst smells ever), my sinuses and chronic post nasal drip disappeared.   My daily migraines and sinus headaches disappeared.   I started hearing, seeing and smelling better.   I could actually smell things with a heightened sense of smell.  It was a brand new world that I had been exposed to in those 9 days.  Dr. Young told me that on the tenth day I would be doing plank on the floor for two minutes.   I thought he was doing drugs.  You see I had shoulder surgery in March 2012 and I had been through 4 months of physical therapy but I only had 10% mobility with my right shoulder.   Each day I had movement range but I did not want to let Dr. Young know because he would be right and I would be wrong.  I would wake up each day feeling better and better after days of agony.    He was right because on the tenth day, he had me get on the floor and with my bad shoulder and all I did a plank for 2 minutes and 17 seconds.   Ian, from that point forward I have never looked back.

I adore Dr. Young and his work and I have personally witnessed miracle after miracle.  I saw people who were dying and wheelchair bound,  get up and be healed.  I saw people given no hope leave here and be self-healed.  I witnessed a woman from Australia who had been given less than two weeks to live,  she arrived here in November and wanted to make it to Christmas.  She lived for another 11 weeks.   It was miraculous to see her family and her change their entire lives to help her heal.   She was an Aussie that traveled here to have a fighting chance.  She wanted time that others told her she did not have.  She came here and lived.  This woman made us all feel wonderful.  She realized that she was going to die but she wanted time.   Dr. Young never guaranteed her anything just educated her on how she could extend her life by eating, drinking and relaxing.  This woman family rallied around her and they changed their lives to accommodate her.  Her children left here happy and healthy.

They had Christmas and New Years together and four weeks later she stopped all treatments and said she was ready to go.  She was happy but she was tired.   She died peacefully here at the ranch.     Her death all though deemed natural started this entire witch hunt of Dr. Young.   He allowed her to die peacefully surrounded by her husband and family. He gave her dignity and she died with a smile on her face.   The DA’s office used this as an excuse to confiscate her body from the funeral home,  chopped her up only to conclude that she died of natural causes.  Her family was mortified and distressed by the series of events.  They kept this women’s body for three weeks after her family had returned to Australia.

To this day, her family defends Dr. Young and now they all swear by the alkalarian lifestyle.

They have been his biggest supporters and have told the DA to piss off.   They could never repay him for the 9 extra weeks that they had with their precious wife, mother and sister.

I just want you to know that Dr. Young never purports to be a medical doctor, never promises anyone anything and has never treated a patient.  He has a full medical staff of doctors, nurses and nurses assistants.   NO medical care was administered to any patient.   His course of treatment is ten things,  kinda like a telephone number.

1)  Water (Alkaline) about 6-7 liters daily to rehydrate the body
2)  Dry Brushing daily to remove the toxins away from the heart and lymphatic system
3)  Colonics with implantation    Infusing chlorophyll, sodium bicarbonate and magnesium chloride that is infused in the colonic bags to enter the blood stream through the colon and intestinal tract
4)  Exercise   Low impact but intense enough to have you sweat out the toxins.  He prefers yoga, low impact aerobics, rebounding, treadmills, whole body vibrations.   These open up the lymphatic systems and release the toxins.  Must do one hour to be effective.   At the ranch we do 2 3 hours by choice.
5)  Saunas.   Infrared saunas to help you sweat and detox through the pores.  The skin is the biggest organ and easiest way to get toxins out of the organs.
6)  Massages,  Lymphatic massage therapy which allows you to relax while your muscles, and organs are massage and concentration on the lymphatic system.
7)  Meditation,  It is important that you master the art of meditation.  Freeing your mind of acidic thoughts (Stress, Anxiety and Depression) are all stress points that have severe physical and psychological effects on the body.  Acid causes you to have stomach issues.   Which creates excess acid.
8)  Urine Testing   Making sure that your urine is above 8.0 pH daily in your first urine of the day.  You have to get your body to the point where when you are the most acidic you are registering at least 8.0.  This is the point where no disease, no inflammation, no illness can survive in alkaline environment.
9)  Supplementation. It is imperative whether you use Dr. Young’s products or others that you get the required nutrients needed to help regenerate your body into healing and preventing further health challenges.
10) Finally and most important is Diet.   Unfortunately this seems to be the hardest for most people but the key to self-healing.   Removing all acidic elements of normal standard diet.  Removing Sugars (Both processed and natural), no dairy, no grains, no vinegar, no corn, no mushrooms, no meats, no fish or poultry.  No GMO vegetables.  Mostly a  rich green organic diet that in the beginning is mostly liquid (juices, shakes and raw green soups)   I currently eat 6-8 avocado a day.  I call it God’s Butter.

These ten steps healed me and helped me to battle the most dangerous cancer that takes so many women’s lives.   I owe him my life and my existence

I would rather go see a doctor who has been arrested three times for his passion, his drive and his beliefs, who helps you recognize the cause of all illnesses, diseases and health issues is over acidification of the blood.   There is not a disease or health issue that cannot be healed by these steps.   I have seen people with diseases that were told were incurable post pictures of their recovery.   Take for instance Ida Kolander, who was convinced she was dying and there was no cure.  See her you tube films   Flare (her documentary film before PH Miracle) and Overcome her documentary after she learned how to heal herself with Dr. Young’s self –care protocol. She lived at the PH Miracle Ranch for four months.   We have sent her story to LUPUS foundation and it has been banned.  It is Lupus Awareness Month and we cannot get anyone to see her before and after results.

I went to work for Dr. Young not to make money because believe me, I have endured losses you cannot even imagine since I started working for him.   I do not care any more about money.  I care about telling the world what the alkaline lifestyle can do for you.
I have two books coming out one is called “Cancer Healed Me” my journey to self-healing spiritually, emotionally and physically.      It will be released on June 11, 2014.  The second one is Mormon Yes Molly No a converts guide to self acceptance.  This books details my journey from a city girl from New York/New Jersey to Laid back carefree cancer-free Mormon woman who journey is quite different from most.  I speak about how Cancer healed me in a way I could never fully explain.

I wanted you to know Ian that Dr. Young is a remarkable man who only cares about helping others, taking care of his family, his friends and that the charges against him are false.   I know he will prevail.   His daily mantra is “This too shall pass”   He still is at his ranch every day exercising, drinking his shakes, juices and his alkaline food.  He talks to hundreds of supporters daily.

I implore you to remove your negative article and interview him and write a true to life expose that truly talks about the truth.   This man deserves at least an opportunity to discount your science.  Which by the way he says is bogus.   It is only half the truth.
If you would like to know more than email me at my personal email adecoratingmom@gmail.com and I will respond.
Deborah Tumlinson
Devoted friend, client and believer of Dr. Robert Young
Deborah A. Tumlinson
760-803-9053 cell
760-913-7079 message number

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Leighanne D.
I just want to say how much of a gift to the universe you all are and I extend that to Dr Young. I cannot thank you enough for your energy, your passion, your knowledge, your love and for this opportunity to be your student. Words just do not express my gratitude to each of you.
Rosalie E.
I just want to let you know guys that I had a problem with my eyesight at night time. After a week of the cleanse, my eyesight has been much clearer and not needing my glasses at night time. I am able to drive without my glasses at night Isn’t that amazing?!

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This cleanse and information, materials, documents, and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before starting this program please be sure to check with your physician or health care practitioner.

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