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Diagnostic Medical Thermography


Carolyn Dean MD ND

I remember speaking at the American Medical Women’s Association and getting into an argument with a woman radiologist. I was asking, and quite politely I thought, why she didn’t consider Thermography a safer tool to screen for breast cancer than radiating the body with mammogram X-rays. You would have thought I killed her first-born…and maybe that was her fear. Taking away her livelihood and her favorite tool. We have known for over a decade that Mammograms do NOT save lives. Now in the past couple of years researchers have finally come to recognize that mammograms can cause cancer with their cumulative ionizing radiation.

So, what’s a girl to do? Why are we still getting our breasts smashed and irradiated with cancer causing X-rays? Good question. My advice? Find a good Thermography practitioner and get periodic testing. Even if you have to fly to LA to do it! I’m serious.

While in LA last month I visited with my friend, Dr. Galina Migalko, a medical doctor who is skilled in Medical Thermography and Diagnostic Ultrasonography. Dr. Galina operates from her center Universal Medical Imaging Group in Los Angeles, CA and the pH Miracle Living Center in Valley Center, California.

Thermography is a painless, non invasive, adjunctive state of the art clinical test without any exposure to radiation and is used as part of an early detection program which gives women of all ages the opportunity to increase their chances of detecting breast disease at an early stage. One of the reasons Mammography doesn’t save lives is that it is too late when it detects tumors. But Thermography may detect breast cancer years earlier than Mammography. Dr. Galina does much more than breast Thermography. Looking through her computerized full body Thermography scans I was amazed at what could be discerned about a patient’s health.

Instead of chopping up the body into individual parts and doing testing, Dr.Galina prefers to get a full picture of the body and put all the pieces together to create an overall diagnosis. If she finds something on Thermography, she can immediately use Ultrasound to learn more if needed. This is far superior to having to wait and worry for weeks to do follow up testing on something that may have shifted in the meantime. Diagnostic Medical Thermography and Ultrasound are complimentary tests. When using these two diagnostic tests together the diagnostic sensitivity goes up to over 95%. And how much more sane than the latest “fad” of doing full body CT Scans with radiation doses equivalent to hundreds of chest X-rays.

Thermography is unique in that it shows physiology or “what’s happening” in the tissues as opposed to CT’s, MRI’s and other static pictures of simple anatomy. It is the only imaging test that can show pain, inflammation, lymphatic congestion, and more. This testing is not just for women! Thermography can detect early signs of arthritis, neck and back pain, dental infections, headaches and sinus infections, immune dysfunction, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), digestive disorders, bursitis, ligament or muscle tears, nerve problems, as well as screen for strokes and detect cancer in the very early stages.

Dr. Galina Migalko is also a trained and experienced Naturopath who can offer a treatment program based on your results so that preclinical conditions detected long before they become pathologic can be eliminated. So, I suggest that when you bring your kids to Disneyland, stop by and consult with Dr. Galina and stay “the picture of health.” For more information please go to the Universal Medical Imaging Group website: www.universalmedicalimaging.com or www.phoreveryoung.com or http://www.phmiracle.com
(818)508-8895 – 760-484-1075


pH Miracle® Health Retreat: COMO, ITALY Starts Soon! Updated Pricing!

pH Miracle® Health Retreat:
COMO, ITALY Starts Soon!
Updated Pricing!

July 12th to the 18th and July 19th to the 25th, 2015
(sold in one week increments) 

Call 760-751-8321 or email phmiracleliving@aol.com
for more information. 

We are thrilled to make available the pH Miracle Health services in Italy. You will be able to enjoy all of the same benefits of the pH Miracle Center at the Rancho del Sol but in a picturesque setting at the Ti Sana Resort, just outside of Milan, Italy.

This unique resort offers luxurious accommodations and tremendous spa amenities. Ti Sana provides all the elegant intimacy of an 18th century noble dwelling located in the historic area of Arlate, near the Adda River which flows from Lake Como in the foot of the Alps. This is the ideal location for a once in a lifetime alkalarian lifestyle experience.

We invite you to join us for this spectacular opportunity to grow and heal together.

Benefits and Services Available: 

  • Daily alkaline meals and snacks
  • Thermography, full-Body ultra sound, and full-body functionality testing
  • Daily massage
  • Live and dried blood testing
  • Daily Colonics: lower bowel cleansing with alkaline infusions to flush-out toxins
  • Nebulizing to infuse alkalinity and nutrition directly into the blood and tissues
  • Nasal salt treatments
  • Basic alkalizine-nutritional supplementation with Young pHorever pH Miracle® products
  • Use of resort amenitites: sauna, spa, exercise facilities, walking trails, etc.

The pH Miracle Whole Body Healing Retreat is a medically supervised protocol for all symptoms of sickness, dis-ease or so-called disease. Anyone can attend if they are ambulatory.

Retreat participation can be booked by the week or by the per day. 


Transportation will be provided to and from the Milan, Italy Airport to the Resort.

Pricing, 3 Options: 

  • The Works including all medical diagnostics, treatments, supplements, accommodations, alkaline food, exercise, daily colon hydrotherapy, infrared therapy, lymphatic massage, lectures, one-on-one consultations with Dr. Young.

    Price: $13,200 per week or $12,200 per person (per week) for double occupancy.

  • The Basics pH Miracle Plan includes accommodations alkaline food, alkaline exercise, daily hydrotherapy, daily lymphatic massage, daily infrared therapy, daily lectures.

    Price: is $8,200 per person or $7,200 for double occupancy.

  • The Economy pH Miracle Plan includes accommodations, alkaline food, alkaline exercise, daily lectures.

    Price: is $4,200

Price includes: 

  • Accommodations (Only for the Dates listed. You must pay for the extra nights if you arrive or depart before the listed event days.)
  • Food
  • Resort Amenities
  • Instruction from Dr. Young and Dr. Galina Migalko, MD
  • Basic Supplements
  • Massages
  • Colonics
  • Thermography, full-body ultra sound, and full-body 3d functionality testing
  • Colonics
  • Transportation to and from Milan Airport
Not Included in Price: 

  • Airfare
  • Rental Car
  • Other Services and Activities

Call 760-751-8321 with any questions you might have or to book your stay. 

* Payments received are non-refundable; if you are unable to attend your scheduled retreat your participation will be rescheduled to an alternate retreat date that is more convenient for you.
** Pre-Payment plan available (you can book with a down payment and then make payments up to the event)

Spend The Summer in Como, Italy with Dr. Robert O. Young Getting Healthy and Fit!


Finalmente torna in Italia il Dott. Robert Young,
l’autore del best seller americano e italiano
“Il Miracolo del pH Alcalino”

Dopo la conferenza di Milano, si tratterà in Italia per 15 giorni per seguire programmi di disintossicazione per tutti coloro che credono nel beneficio della teoria alcalina. To register for the pH Miracle Ti Sana Retreat go to: www.phoreveryoung.com or call Dr. Robert O. Young at: 760-484-1075.