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The Alkaline Green Drink


“When you go green you are clean, lean and serene.” Dr. Robert O. Young

Alkaline green drink:
2 cucumbers
8 kale leaves
10 Swiss chard leaves
5 celery stalks
3 large handfuls of spinach
4 Roma tomatoes
2 green zucchini

Juice all the veggies and add to your blender, add 2 whole avocados (meat only) 1 oz liquid chlorophyll, 1-2 oz. Udo’s Omega 3,6,9 oil blend, and pH miracle living YOUNG PHOREVER green powder.
Young pHorever green powder contains: avocado, cucumber, tomato, lemon, lime, broccoli sprouts, spinach, celery, parsley, cabbage, collard greens, okra, kale, soy sprouts, barley grass, wheat grass, lemon grass, shave grass, pay grass, and couch grass.

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