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Will It Light?

Uploaded on Jul 18, 2010

Prenderá? es una serie de vídeos que nos hace preguntar: ¿Los líquido que bebemos nos dan energía o nos la quita. El Dr. Robert O. Young Ph.D. pone a prueba algunas bebidas para descubrir su potencial de energía. En este vídeo evalúa Cola, café embotellada y cerveza.

Will it Light? is a video series that asks the question: Will the liquid we drink give us energy or take it away—will the liquid we drink light us up? Dr. Robert O. Young Ph.D. tests beverages to discover their energy giving potential. In this video he evaluates Cola, Bottled Coffee, and Beer.

The Wheel of Diet


“When you go green you become clean, lean and serene”  Dr. Robert O. Young – http://www.phoreveryoung.wordpress.com and http://www.phoreveryoung.com and http://www.phmiracle.com

Finally the Truth is OUT! Salt is Good For YOU!


New Study: Salt intake not associated with higher risk of mortality, CV disease in older adults.

TIME (1/20, Sifferlin) reports that while “it’s currently recommended that adults aged 51 and older consume less than 1,500 mg of sodium a day for better heart health,” research published in JAMA Internal Medicine suggests that “consuming up to 2,300 mg of salt isn’t associated with greater mortality, cardiovascular disease, or heart failure in older adults.”
        Forbes (1/20) contributor Larry Husten writes that investigators “analyzed 10-year followup data from 2,642 adults between 71 and 80 years of age who participated in an observational study and who had their sodium intake assessed based on a food frequency questionnaire filled out in the second year.” Husten writes, “No significant relationship was found between sodium intake and mortality or the development of cardiovascular disease or heart failure.”
        Modern Healthcare (1/20, Johnson, Subscription Publication) points out that “in an interview with the Associated Press last June, Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg said the agency was looking to issue voluntary standards for the amounts of salt that food companies and restaurant add to their products “relatively soon,” but did not lay out a more exact timetable.” The FDA “said in 2013 it hoped to have such guidelines published by 2014.” HealthDay (1/20, Reinberg) and MedPage Today (1/20, Wallan) also cover the story.

Does Your Body Run On Sugar or Salt?

Does the body run on sugar or salt? Or does the body run on electrons in a matrix of salt at a pH of 7.365? www.phoreveryoung.wordpress.com,www.phmiracle.comwww.phoreveryoung.com


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The Red Blood Cell is the Primary Stem Cell!

Blood is made in the roots or in the crypts of the small intestines from liquid food of chlorophyll, polyunsaturated oil, alkaline water and mineral salts at a pH of 8.4.

LB 16

Just like the picture of the roots of the great majestic redwood tree, the roots are the key to building a healthy trunk, branches, stems and leaves or needles. The tree is ONLY as healthy as its roots and so the body is only as healthy as its intestinal roots.


New formulated blood made in the small intestines will flow directly back to the heart and then to the lungs to receive alkalizing oxygen and then back to the heart and out to general circulation.

This newly formulated blood will flow to the muscles or the bones or the glands or the organs when contracted and then differentiate into new healthy muscle, bone, gland or organ cells.

The blood being negatively charged will always flow to its opposite polarity which is always positive. ANY cell contracted or damaged will always attract blood. WHY? Because any contracted or damaged body cell is positively charged and will attract its opposite polarity. When you cut yourself what flows to the cut? The answer is blood! What does the blood become? The answer is the clot! What does the clot become? The new skin, nerve or muscle cells! Do YOU understand? That is the basic law of pHysics – opposites ALWAYS attract! If they do NOT then the body is SICK!

Muscle, bone, glands and organs are ALL made from blood NOT protein!!!!!!!! So to build healthy muscles and bones or to repair glands and organs YOU MUST CREATE HEALTHY BLOOD. This can only be done with healthy alkaline food and water in a healthy alkaline environment of the small intestinal tract!

Don’t YOU know that you were created out of ONE DROP of BLOOD?

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