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Reversing Stage IV Lymphatic Cancer with an Integrative Holistic Medical Approach!


Charlotte Tenney shares her beautiful testimony of hope that there is life outside conventional oncology. Read, like and share her life changing and life saving reversal of Stage 4 Lymphoma Type B.

Hello, my name is Charlotte Tenney, and I am a survivor of stage 4 Lymphoma type B. I wound up in the emergency room, wondering why I could not breathe. They took 2 L of fluid off my lungs, because they were collapsing. When I asked what the diagnosis was they responded: “oh, didn’t you know you have stage IV lymphoma and are going to die”. When I talked to the oncologist he said that the best that he could do was to give me a few months to get my house in order. I was shocked! I am an integrative healthcare specialist and that didn’t sound like a very good prognosis to me. I felt that any doctor, who thought that I was going to die under his care, was probably not the proper Dr. to be treating me. I lost weight – about 40 pounds over the course of the next two months. I continued to go in for thoracentesis. I was very fatigued, had fever and tachycardia but I was determined to find a treatment with someone who believed in my ability to heal. I was very lucky to be introduced to Dr. Ben Johnson. He worked with me personally. He did blood work that was sent off to Europe, which gave him knowledge that wasn’t available in the US to determine exactly which natural and medical agents might be effective for my specific cancer cells. That allowed us to create a personalized treatment for me. We proceeded with that plan and got started. Immediately, I began to feel better. I was getting stronger and I was able to go back to work. The program included various nutritional support supplements and medical agents as per Dr. Johnson. Soon I began traveling again and even returned to hiking and climbing mountains. Not long after I was officially declared in remission. I returned to full-time work every day. I have regained my weight and energy and I feel terrific – much better than dead. My message to people is if you get a diagnosis like this, look further than standard commercial oncology. Integrative health and alternative health has a lot to offer. It works together with your body to enable it to heal itself in a way that is more constructive. There are ways to work with your body to help it heal itself. This includes a combination of integrative medical treatment, nutrition, supplements and exercise – you do have options. You can stay alive.

Charlotte Tenney
San Diego, CA

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