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JULY 23, 2014


Two Months after being in hospital with an attack of colitis (January 2012), I would go as far as to state as far as I’m concerned, I didn’t have IBD anymore. This might be a case of positive thinking, but I didn’t have any pain or symptoms anymore, if it is dormant then I don’t care. I know already that it will never come back. I stopped taking all medication at this point. All that extra acid that was going into me wasn’t needed.
An update on how I feel: I still don’t have any cravings at all, for sugar, carbs, anything. I feel an abundance of energy, I’m so productive now, all I want to do is learn and work out. There isn’t enough time in the day it seems. Time management ideas are more than welcome. The gym is easier, bones ache less, not even one stomach cramp or symptom of discomfort since January 2012. Considering I’d have pain every day for 6 years or more I’d say my results stand as testimony for anyone wishing to follow the ph miracle views on diet and lifestyle.
In the same year having reversed colitis and become med free, this was the year i cycled 150 miles from one coast to another in 4 days, and a few months later climbed Scafel Pike. It might not seem too impressive to some, but i hadn’t moved from the sofa for years until this point.
Who doesn’t want to feel better when they realise all their health problems can be improved by realising they are down to an over acidic lifestyle.
After cleansing I went back to juicing on a morning, salads made up my other meals, snacking on seeds and nuts and all things alkaline, avocados is always a favourite. This is how life is now for nutrition and health and abundance of energy. I just feel sorry for people with any similar digestive disorders who are given advice to keep taking the meds to ‘control’ the symptoms. And a bit later maybe we can operate to get part of your colon removed. That was advice given to me.  I had been on strong medication for Ulcerative Colitis (total colitis as it was stated it was as bad as could be) and anti-depressant which id been on for 10 years. It took me 2 months to feel no pain and have no symptoms and get off medication! I’ve not taken any medication since. I would like to shout that last statement somewhere. People suffering should know this.
JULY 23, 2014

THE ph miracle


This is from my notes made in February 2012…
The rules I followed:
  • 4 Litres of water per day, each with the juice of a full lemon
  • 2 litres of water per day, each with a teaspoon of wheatgrass
  • Dinner time (or Lunch if you are posh) was a green vegetable juiced drink (Spinach, cucumber, celery and lemon or lime, with water added.
  • Tea time (or dinner if you are still posh) was another juice, or an avocado soup, blended avocados and onions and added to hot water with herbs and sea salt to taste.
  • I also took 4 (Dr Robert O. Young’s) pHlush tablets with morning drink, and another 4 at both meal times. 12 in total. http://www.phoreveryoung.com or http://www.phmiracle.com
For Exercise I did 20 minutes bike ride per day. Couldn’t have done any more at this time.
Day 1
Was tough, headaches and eventually hunger that wouldn’t let up.
Day 2
Saturday was the worst day by far. Same as Friday, headaches and hunger but also what felt like flu symptoms, runny nose, feverish.
Day 3
Things improved with the earlier symptoms, though sadly the toilet symptoms arrived about 6pm. And never left again until the cleanse was over. I won’t go into these.
Day 4, 5 and 6
The best thing about from day 4 was I had no hunger at all, I was fine, sticking to the juices and waters. Wheatgrass is also a great appetite suppressant. I felt great.
Day 7
I really couldn’t face a vegetable juice drink on Thursday. I had my lemon waters and wheatgrass and decided against the juice. I decided I was fasting but all the while getting plenty fluids.
Day 8
I felt much the same as Day 7. Couldn’t face a juice, but I made one anyway as was worrying I wasn’t getting enough nutrients. But then I didn’t have my second of the day. Got weighed and had lost 9 lbs since I had started the cleanse, that wasn’t the goal, but was interesting to see.
Day 9
Because the previous 2 days i had faltered with the juicing, and I hadn’t stayed true to the rules of the cleanse, I started to feel very weak. And by about 1pm decided I was off the cleanse. I got myself some carrots and humus. It’s what I’d craved all week. I was so full after 2 carrots. Very odd. They tasted different to what i remembered. Felt weird eating at first.
What I’ve taken from this most, is although I haven’t exactly enjoyed not eating, I have enjoyed having absolutely no IBD (colitis) pain or discomfort. And I think that is the first time in over 5 years that I could say that. My goal was to set me on the right path bringing my body back into pH balance, and I think I’ve made a pretty decent start. I didn’t make it to day ten, but even a 1 day cleanse is pretty good if you can manage that now and again. When I do it again maybe later in the year, I think I will plan for about 5 days cleansing.
Another thing, when I ate those carrots on Saturday, something I didn’t expect. I had to try some peppers later too and had the same results. My taste buds had changed in the week of experiencing nothing but alkaline food and drink. They were not being ruined by spoiled processed foods crammed with chemicals and sugars and i felt that i was getting the true taste of foods for the first time in a long time.
JULY 23, 2014



This is from my notes made in January 2012…
Firstly here is a breakdown of my dietary history:
  • 20 years vegetarian. Too much dairy every day.
  • 3 year’s vegan. A lot of bread/wheat, and cravings.
  • 2 month’s raw vegan. Each day a salad, every time it’s different and enjoyable.
As it is early days i am still on my medication for ulcerative colitis, and i would love to be free of that as soon as i possibly can. I know how it was before the meds so I’m a bit wary, but i do have strong feelings that i can get to where i want to be.
These are the aims:
  • To be medication free
  • Pain/Discomfort free
  • Energy Abundant
  • Have an improved memory/concentration
  • To help others do the same..
It is a work in progress, and I’m recording my progress here online. What i have found is my taste buds have changed. I crave things like carrots and humus, or cucumbers, or leafy salads with tahini dressings.
I have to say it’s a continual learning curve for me as i plan to improve and absorb everything in my path in this area, hopefully I can pass on some good information while I’m at it.
The most inspirational books I’ve read, and by far the best place to start  are these 2:
Paul Nison – Healing Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which is the book that made me think this was achievable. This set my goals in motion.
Dr. Robert O. Young – The pH Miracle revised and updated which really goes in-depth into what causes disease in the body and what you can do to reverse it.  www.phoreveryoung.com or http://www.phmiracle.com
I’m half way through a 10 day cleanse at the minute. Having followed the guidelines in the books I am already seeing results. I’m going to blog again on Monday to record how the time went and what I experienced.
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