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A Self-Care to a Self-Cure for Oxidative Stress, Aging, and Diabetes!

The testimony and before and after pictures of Laurence Yap‎ who has been following The pH Miracle Protocol for over one year!
My 2nd round of pH Miracle intensive cleansing took place this April-May of 2015. The 1st time following the pH Miracle Whole Body Cleanse was carried out in January of 2014. Following the pH Miracle Protocol I was successful in reducing my blood sugar levels from 13 mmol (abnormal or diabetic) to 5 mmol (normal or non-diabetic). There were two pictures taken before the pH Miracle diet in 2013.
Many people asked me why am I looking younger and glowing. My ex-colleagues have told me that I looked younger than I was nine years ago.I told them I am following the pH Miracle alkaline lifestyle and  diet.
I still experience a healing crisis periodically as I continue to live the pH Miracle alkaline diet to rejuvenate and reverse the aging of my body.
If you study the research of Dr Daug Kauffman (Fungus), Dr John Bergmen (Chiropractic) and Dr. Barbara O Neil, they are all fall back to the framework advocated by Dr. Robert O. Young and  pH Miracle  Protocol for human biological Health – alkalinity, pleomorphism and thinking.
Dr Robert Young’s pH Miracle science is indeed a NEW BIOLOGY.  It has proven to be the solution for my health recovery. I have tried many methods before and the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet is the ONLY method that has had lasting impact on my physical and emotional health!
Bottom-line the pH Miracle Protocol works! I hope by experience will encourage others who are following or who want to follow to continue or to start pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet.
All I can say is endure the pains for the healing will come.  It did for me!