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Over 4.5 Million pH Miracle Books Sold Worldwide!


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If you are looking to learn more about alkalinity and would like to see the same results in your own weight loss then read The pH Miracle for Weight Loss by Dr. Robert O. Young – http://www.phoreveryoung.com. Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 200 pounds the pH Miracle is a lifestyle NOT a die-it and you can sustain your weight loss. There are four great books to read to help you along the way The PH Miracle  and The pH Miracle for Weight Loss by Dr . Robert O Young, The Whole Heart Solution by Dr Joel Kahn and Fats that Heal and Fats that Kill by Udo Erasmus

An Unexpected Journey! My pH Miracle of 100 libs. Weight Loss and Renewed Health and Energy!


Anyone who has known me through the years, has witnessed the continuing battle my excess weight brought to me. As a young child, I developed my love for food early on. I lived for Friday night Dominic’s pizza, big Sunday dinners, followed by rides to Johnny’s dairy bar. Dinner was served promptly at five, and my whole family gathered each night to eat and share the days events. The kitchen table was a happy place. Although I wouldn’t replace those moments, it’s become clear to me, that I chose to linger there a bit too long, continuing to eat past the point of fullness on every occasion.

By the age of nine I became aware that I was bigger in size compared to my friends. At 11, the name-calling started, I was know as Fatso to one of my classmates. The summer preceding Middle School found me in the ER, with an appendix on the verge of bursting. Surgery and a 10 day stay led to some weight loss. I remember thinking, this will be my chance to “get skinny” before school starts! This was the catalyst to many diets that would come and go, causing a yo-yo effect on my weight, and setting the stage for the emotional baggage that went with it. You name it, I tried it.; Weight Watchers, Zone diet, Grapefruit diet, Atkins diet, plus calorie counting. Each one left me tired, hungry and still craving junk food and sweets. This gradually brought the scale up and up and up. At the age of 46, I found myself at 255 pounds. Not only was I severely overweight, but I was experiencing the following symptoms; pain in my joints and muscles, IBS, fogginess in thinking, acid reflux, memory issues, elevated blood pressure, plus unexplained kidney pain that would awaken me each night.

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A Self-Care for a Self-Cure for Obesity – The pH Miracle for Weight Loss!

Fat Rick 2

The pH Miracle for Weight Loss will help you lose ALL acidic weight bound to fat. Normal weight loss for women is 1 pound per day and for men 2 pounds per day. To learn more read The pH Miracle for Weight Loss!


You can also watch the documentary “Losing a Ton and Making It Fun!”

“Dropping A Ton and Making It Fun” “The Healthiest Film of All Time!” A Lovable DocuComedy that follows one man’s struggle to lose 180 pounds. You will meet holistic superstars sharing timeless messages, effortless weight loss and how Cancer is Simple!

Before and After Pictures of Rick who lost over 180 pounds!

fatrickHealthy Rick


The Truth Shall Set You Free! Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually!


I am truly grateful for the truth, The PH Miracle for Weight Loss by Dr . Robert O Young has changed my life in ways that I never expected. This powerful information will transform your life, spiritually, emotionally, physically and quite possibly will be the the best decision you will ever make for yourself. Obviously the picture on the left tells a painful story and when I look at it even now it shocks me.  But I am more focused on the picture on the right that is me now.

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