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Microwave – and other forms of electromagnetic – radiation are major factors in many modern unexplained disease states.


Microwave – and other forms of electromagnetic – radiation are major (but conveniently disregarded, ignored, and overlooked) factors in many modern unexplained disease states. Insomnia, anxiety, vision problems, swollen lymph, headaches, extreme thirst, night sweats, fatigue, memory and concentration problems, muscle pain, weakened immunity, allergies, heart problems, and intestinal disturbances are all symptoms found in a disease process originally described in the 1970s as Microwave Sickness.

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The ‘pH Miracle’ book teaches Self-Care to a Self-Cure for Type I, Type II and Type III Diabetes!

Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Yet modern medicine is focused mostly on treating established diseases after they are already well-advanced.


Many times our bodies try to inform us that’s it is time to take preventive measures, but we refuse to listen and even worse mask the symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs and fail to correct the cause.

Some early warning signals of diabetes development are: increased thirst, increased urination, change in urine, weight loss, fatigue, vision problems, frequent prescription changes, poor or slow healing, edema/swelling, polycystic ovary disease, fatty liver, and neuropathy. Remember, 25% of diabetics do not know they are developing disease. In other words, there are NO SYMPTOMS! 

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