Count Your Acids and Bases NOT Your Calories or Fat!

Count Your Acids And Bases

— Not Your Calories Or Fat – And

You’ll Lose Weight And Prevent Disease

“It is clear to me how this way of eating can totally change your life. It’s a revelation, a way of looking at the world in a new light. It affects the way we look at ourselves, and disease, and how the food we pit into our bodies affects everything we do.” — Jane Clayson, CBS News

“In The pH Miracle, Dr. Young may have discovered the true key to long life and health. It is simple and even spiritual in its approach, and is founded on the truth your mother tried to give you: eat your vetegables! James Redfield, author, best-selling The Celestine Prophecy

“Perfect for women who’ve tried everything.” — First Magazine

“Tired? Bloated? Can’t Lose Weight? A pH imbalance may be to blame! Lose 25 lbs. in 4 weeks on the revolutionary new pH Miracle Diet! Breakthrough research shows that the acidity of common foods is making us sick, tired and very fat. Restoring ideal health and reaching an ideal weight is as easy as building your meals around foods that neutralize acid.” — Woman’s World Magazine

“Shelley Young’s recipes will help you to alkalize your body and live a healthier, more energized, and ultimately more fulfilling life.” — Anthony Robbins, best- selling author of Awaken The Giant Within and Unlimited Power

“Filled with sensible science in an easy-to-read format, flexible guidelines, and delicious recipes…a must read.” — Verne Varona, author of Nature’s Cancer-Fighting Foods

“A diet that focuses on weight-loss, fats, or calories will not necessarily lead to better health or even a slimmer body,” says Dr. Robert O. Young, an internationally respected microbiologist and innovative author of the best-selling book series, The pH Miracle.

“Instead, you must focus on how acidic your body is. The resulting diet change will inevitably lead to better weight control, and more importantly, disease-free life.”

He has appeared on CNN, Fox, CBS, and has been featured by other national media for his revolutionary and breakthrough science, believes a lot of weight problems and diseases can be done away with – without pills, surgery, or invasive therapy.

Dr. Young:

  • Reveals how weight-loss is not about fat, but acid. Forget about fat grams, carbs, cholesterol hormone levels or even calories. Reaching your ideal weight and maximum state of health is simply a matter of maintaining the delicate pH balance of your blood.
  • Offers a balanced diet and exercise plan to help you shed unhealthy pounds, energize your body, and ward off many diseases.
  • Explains how one’s body chemistry is greatly influenced by diet and shows the ramifications of being in or out of balance.

“The standard American diet could be killing you,” warns Dr. Young. That may sound like a strong statement, but the facts back it up. Oversized portions of over-processed foods have created diets loaded with calories that are deplorably lacking in the vital nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. “We are living in an epidemic of obesity and increased occurrences of diseases like diabetes, atherosclerosis, and cancer. Yet all of that can be changed by a few simple changes in our lifestyle,” says Dr. Young.

The statistics on the state of America’s health are troublesome:

  • Nearly two-thirds of adult Americans are overweight or obese. The rate of obesity has doubled in just 40 years. 1 in 9 males weigh 250+ pounds; 1 in 6 women are 200+ .
  • 45% of adult American women and 30% of adult American men—at any given time— are actually trying to lose weight.
  • 15% of American children are overweight or obese. 9 million children are overweight and another seven million are at risk—triple the numbers of just a few decades ago.

In their books, renowned nutritionist Dr. Young, and Shelley Redford Young look at three vital changes that you can make in your life. These changes in turn will give you increased health, stamina and protection from illness.

Now Robert O. Young, Ph.D, in partnership with his wife, Shelley, share their revolutionary and effective diet program for balancing your body chemistry to help you achieve incredible health.

He explains how:

  • To choose which Acidic and Alkaline foods to eat or avoid—and why.
  • To get rid of the harmful bacteria, yeast, and mold that is in your body.
  • Exercise can actually make you fat—unless you do it the right way.
  • A liquid detox cleanses your body of impurities, normalizes digestion and metabolism.
  • To make sure you drink plenty of water—but only the pure and safe kind.
  • You should ignore the fatphobes and keep plenty of healthy oils in your diet.
  • You can build lean muscle and maintain healthy bones without a lot of proteins and dairy.
  • To select, shop for, and calculate the dosage of supplements that’s ideal for your body.

Dr. Young helps you say goodbye to low energy, poor digestion, excess weight, aches, pains, and disease, and say hello to a new way of living, eating, and thinking that will bring you vigor, mental clarity, overall health, and a lean, trim body.

Dr. Young, the co-author of eight books including the best selling pH Miracle series, speaks to audiences around the world on health and wellness. He holds a degree in microbiology and nutrition. He has devoted his life to researching the causes of disease and helping people reclaim their health and well-being. He is head of the pH Miracle Research and Health Education Foundation and has gained national recognition for his research into diabetes, cancer, leukemia, and AIDS.

Contact Information: Paul Ryan Productions: Paul Ryan

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Robert O. Young, PhD., D.Sc.


Dr. Robert O. Young is one of the world’s leading experts on disease prevention and weight loss based on placing the body in an acid-alkaline balance, and has shared his life’s results in microbiology and nutrition in eight books, including the best-selling The pH Miracle.

Dr. Young has devoted his last 30 years of research to the causes of disease, measures of prevention, and to helping rebalance the health and well-being of people. He has been widely recognized as one of the top research scientists in the world. As a microbiologist, he has investigated the links between over-acidification of the body and the development of morbid microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, fungus, and mold), whose metabolic poisons produce the wide range of symptoms we generally call “diseases.”

He has been featured in numerous media, including Fox-TV Evening News, Fox-TV Health Tips, CBS-TV Early Show, CNN-TV Sunday Evening News, CNN-Radio, Self magazine, Fitness, Let’s Live magazine, First magazine, and Woman’s World magazine.

He heads the pH Miracle Research Center, dedicated to the healing arts. He is a member of the American Society of Microbiologists and the American Naturopathic Association. He conducts classes in “live blood analysis” and the “New Biology.” His empowering new biology that allows people to become healthy once again is a practical program for the restoration of health. It’s a revolution in science and medicine. As head of the pH Miracle Research Center and Health Education Foundation, he has gained national recognition for his research into diabetes, cancer, leukemia, and AIDS. His proprietary Mycotoxic/Oxydative Stress Test reliably predicts the onset of degenerative conditions. He is also a pioneer in colloidal technology.

His research findings have been published in numerous professional journals, including, The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. He has lectured at many colleges across the country and abroad, including The Women’s College of Beijing in China, Oxford University in UK, and Harvard University.

With an MS in Nutrition, a Ph.D in philosophy of nutrition, and a D.Sc. in chemistry and biology, Dr. Young has been the keynote speaker at medical and health gatherings throughout the world. Dr. Young has been honored with an invitation to sit on the Vegetarian and Fasting Committee for NASA’s earth and space mission, and is currently working with research scientists at the University of Puerto Rico and the Center of Diabetes Puerto Rico, seeking a potential cure for Type I and Type II diabetes.

Dr. Young, whose great, great grandfather was Brigham Young, and whose cousins include NFL Hall of Famer Steve Young and Academy Award, Winning Actor Robert Redford, is a member of the American Society of Microbiologists and the American Naturopathic Association. He resides in SD, CA. For more information, consult

Dr. Robert O. Young

Q & A

1) What is a pH Miracle? A pH Miracle is the truly remarkable transformation one can experience by following my simple program. As we’ve seen time and time again, someone in the poorest of health—chronically sick or suffering from disease, fatigued and often plagued by weight issues—can actually reverse his or her symptoms and achieve vibrant health by following my alkaline lifestyle and diet program.

2) What is the theory of the pH Miracle? Illness, fatigue, weight issues and generally poor health are caused by one thing–an imbalance in the body’s pH levels. Without the proper foods, fluids and lifestyle, our blood and tissues can become too acidic and we become sick. However, we can overcome even some of the most dramatic health issues simply by alkalizing (or adjusting) the pH level of the fluids in our bodies through proper diet and lifestyle.

3) How important is it to maintain the pH of the fluids of the body? Everyone knows the number 98.6. To be healthy, our body must maintain that temperature. Well, 7.365 is just as magic a number. It’s the delicate number that measures the delicate pH balance of the fluids in the body. If that number goes up or down, we start to feel lousy. Anyone who’s ever taken care of pet fish knows that the pH level of a salt water aquarium is of utmost importance for the fish. If the water becomes acidic the fish dies because it’s only as healthy as the water in which it swims. While we humans won’t go belly up right away if our pH balance swings up or down, our health can still suffer immensely by our gaining weight, developing diabetes, heart disease, etc.

4) How do you measure the pH of the blood, urine or saliva? Your doctor can send your blood to a lab to check its pH levels, but it’s also possible to use pH Hydrion paper to measure your levels through your urine. You can find pH papers at your local pharmacy or at

5) What foods affect the pH in a positive way? All green vegetables and fruits like broccolli, spinach, avocado, cucumber, celery, leafy greens, sea salt, etc.

6) What foods affects the pH in a negative way? Meats such as beef, chicken and pork; dairy foods; fermented foods such as vinegar; grains and fruits that are high in sugar.

7 ) How does exercise and what kinds of exercises help to maintain the pH? Exercise helps to remove toxins from the body. When you exercise the process of sweating actually flushes acids out of the tissues by way of the lymphatic system, then through the circulatory system and then eventually through the urinary tract system. When you move metabolic or digestive acids out of the body you are helping the body maintain its fluids’ delicate pH balance. In the book, I outline a simple workout using a rebounder and I also talk about the importance of stretching.

8 ) Why is America so fat? It’s not about the fat, it’s actually about the acid. Americans are simply overly acidic. When the body’s blood and tissues are too acidic, it is simply not receiving the nutrients it needs to function properly. This sends us into what’s called the “emergency preservation” mode, which tricks our bodies into retaining fat in order to protect our organs. And, retaining all this fat unnecessarily makes us, you guessed it—fat. We are a fat food nation.

9 ) In America we have more medicine but less health — why? Essentially, doctors and the pharmaceutical companies are not going to the source of health problems. The current Western medical model does not understand or accept the reality that what we call “disease” is nothing more than the expression of imbalanced body chemistry. The human cell is only as healthy as its surrounding alkaline environment. But instead of taking measures to simply stop the formation of irregular cells that make us sick in the first place (an overly acidic body), mainstream medicine is waiting for unhealthy cells to develop and then trying to kill them once they exist.

Additional Suggested Interview Questions

1) So what you speak of is nothing short of revolutionary when it comes to how we come to view health. What will it take to get the government, the medical profession, and ordinary people to catch on? In order for this message of healing to catch on I must have a forum to share these new revolutionary ideas. Personally I perceive the most powerful forum is the local, national and international media who can open the door to this new way of living, eating and thinking and in doing so empower every person on this planet with the knowledge to determine their own quality and quantity of health and life.

2) Where do you see healthcare in this country in 10 years? The tide is already changing where more and more people are finding other ways of healing alternative to traditional allopathic medicine. I believe that in the near future that scientists and lay people will understand that the cures of sickness and disease are not found in a treatment but in their prevention by making better lifestyle and dietary choices.

3) We are so preoccupied with creating drugs to contain disease, but are you saying the focus really needs to be on nutrition and acid balance in the body? I am saying that the human body was designed to be alkaline but is acidic by function. We need to understand that the most important factor we need to check and manage is the delicate pH balance of the internal fluids of the body to maintain outstanding health, energy and vitality. Just like our cars – they are alkaline by design but acidic by function. When they burn gasoline for energy they produce an acid called carbon monoxide. If the carbon monoxide is not eliminated through the exhaust system then the car will breakdown and die. And so it is with all of us. The human organism needs fuel for energy to breath, think and move. If the waste products of energy consumption for breathing, thinking and moving are not eliminate and the delicate alkaline pH balance is not maintain then we will also breakdown and eventually become sick, tired and die.

4) Why do you believe many different cancers are preventable, based on diet alone? In my research I have found that cancer is not a cell but is an acidic liquid that spoils and breaks down our tissue. Cancer cells are cells that are spoiled from excess acidity and the lack of alkalinity in the fluids of the body. If we want to prevent cancer we must manage out thoughts, our words and our deeds and realize that cancer is not something we get it is something we do. Cancer is the consequence of poor lifestyle and dietary choices!

5) When the flu season is going strong, that so many people – without a flu shot – don’t get the flu? The flu is the body’s way of eliminating excess acids through our elimination organs. It is a good thing and the body’s way of eliminating excess acids through the pores of the skin. When we make acidic lifestyle and dietary choices such as drinking or eating over-acidic foods the body can induce a fever to open up the pores of the skin to eliminate the excess acidity by sweating. The aches, pains or chills we feel are the result of excess tissue acidity that has not been properly eliminated through urination, defecation, respiration or perspiration. The bottom line here is that the flu is not a thing caused by some phantom virus but an imbalance of the delicate pH balance of the fluids of the body. I find it interesting that the flu season is also the season that many people over-indulge in acidic foods like alcohol, meat and sugar. The cause of the symptoms of the flu is the over-acidification of the blood and then the tissue due to an inverted way of living, eating and thinking.

6) How have we corrupted the digestive process? The digestive process is acidic and harmful to our tissues and organs. That is why I have suggested from my research, that the stomach is an organ of contribution not an organ of digestion and its may purpose is to produce an alkaline buffer called sodium bicarbonate to alkalize our food in preparation for the small intestine at a pH of 8.4. When we support the alkaline design of our bodies by making better alkaline food and drink choices we reduce the amount of sodium bicarbonate that is produced by the stomach to alkalize our food and at the same time reduce the waste product of sodium bicarbonate production – hydrochloric acid that causes stomach upset, irritation, nausea, acid reflux, ulcers and stomach cancer.

7) What steps can we take to attain harmony and health? When we understand this most important truth that the human body is alkaline by design and acidic by function we can then make better lifestyle and dietary choices. Harmony and health is not something you get it is something that you do and they only way to do it is by making alkaline lifestyle and dietary choices.

8)What is bodyecology? Bodyecology is the study of how to prevent disease (preventology) with an environmental or contextual approach – not treating disease but preventing disease by maintaining the delicate alkaline pH balance of fluids of the body.

9) What do we need to know about viruses, bacteria, yeast,/fungus, and mold? That viruses are chemical molecules like snake venom and bacteria, yeast/fungus and mold are biological evolutions of organized matter and cannot possibly be the cause of disease but only the expression of cellular change brought about form internal environmental change in the pH from physical and/or emotional stressors.

10) You emphasize we need to drink a lot of water. How much? What kind? When we are born we are 90% water and when we dead we are about 50% water. You might say we are a bag of water with a little dirt added. When we are acidic we are dehydrated and need to be drinking at least 1 quart of alkaline, 9.5 pH water per 30 pounds of weight in order to support the alkaline design of the human body.

11) What is cellular-level exercise? Cellular exercise is when you are exercising every cell of human body simultaneously. I have found the easiest and most effective way of exercising every cell of the human body simultaneously is with a mini-trampoline. The up and down motion on a mini trampoline expands and compresses every cell of the human body simultaneously giving you the ultimate cellular exercise with little or no skeletal stress.

12) What is an isofalovone, and what role does it play in the healing process?

Isoflavones are a type of “plant hormone” found in high concentrations in soy beans and soy sprouts that help to prevent the growth of hormone-dependent cancers, such as many breast cancers.

Rejuvenate Your Health, Lose Weight, Ward Off Disease, and Energize!

by Robert O. Young

1. Rethink breakfast. Ditch acidic cereals, eggs, baked goods, dairy products, fruit juice, and coffee in favor of the same alkaline foods you’d choose at other times of the day, especially green veggies.

2. Cover three-quarters of your plate at every meal with vegetables.

3. Increase the amount of food you eat raw.

4. Phase out sugary desserts.

5. Eliminate meat.

6. Get off dairy products.

7. Cut out yeast.

8. Get rid of white flour.

9. Switch from white to brown rice.

10. Avoid added sugar.

11. Eat only low-sugar fruits.

12. Check your condiments.

7 Steps To Your Ideal Weight

A New You – Literally – In 12 Weeks

by Robert O. Young

It takes three to four months for the body to recycle all of its blood cells. That is, every three or four months, you have an entirely new supply of blood cells. Consequently, twelve weeks on this program is enough to replace all or most of the blood you have now with blood cells at the peak of health. With healthy blood comes a healthy body – and healthy body has no use for excess pounds. Live The pH Miracle for healthy weight loss and it will change not only your weight but also your life. Forever. You’ll be, literally and figuratively, a different person three months from now.


Your first step toward your ideal weight must be to fully hydrate your body. Drink water! Good water, of course. Alkaline water (pH 9.5 or above). If you don’t have a water machine that will do the job, buy distilled water and add to it sodium bicarbonate, sodium chlorite, or sodium silicate. Every day you need 1 liter of alkaline water for every 30 pounds you weigh. Thus a 210-pound person needs 7 liters a day, a 150-pound person needs 5, and so on.


Eat whole, natural, unprocessed organic foods, and build your diet around green vegetables and healthy fats. You may want to do it gradually, letting your body get accustomed to the new energy you will be providing, and getting rid of acids more slowly, with less chance of the unpleasant symptoms that can result from releasing toxins.


Get the right kind of exercise, in the right amounts. You might consider walking, swimming, bicycling, weight training or using a cross-trainer like an elliptical machine, or other exercise that will help you sweat out excess acids from your body. Whatever you choose, do it at least five times a week for at least fifteen minutes (and for up to an hour) and make sure you sweat. Also, add strength training to your aerobic activity three times a week (on alternate days).


Once you’ve got what you drink and eat on track, the next phase is to add electron-rich supplements. Work up to your full doses gradually. As for the green drink, start by adding just one-quarter of a teaspoon to each liter of water, building up over time to reach the full teaspoon per liter. If you are highly acidic to begin with, try alternating green drink with plain good alkaline water with pH drops initially, and work up to all of your liters containing green powder. Take capsule supplements with food or drink at least six times a day and liquid colloidal supplements under the tongue and before food or drink.


You now have in place the major components of taking care of your physical body, but your journey isn’t complete unless you also take care of your mind, heart, and soul. You must break the cycle of negative thoughts, emotions, and actions that acidify your body as surely as sugar does. Your whole lifestyle needs to be alkalizing, not just your food and exercise but also your relationships, spirituality, and emotional life. Cleanse yourself emotionally, nourish your spirit, reconnect to your true self. All of you, not just your physical body, needs to transition.


The best way to make sure you get where you’re going on any journey is to know where you are in relation to where you want to be. Set a goal for how much weight you would like to lose (or what weight you would ideally be), or what size waist you want to have on your pants, or what dress size you want to wear.


Okay, now you’re ready to start the clock running on your twelve weeks. Consider this “last” step as, actually, the beginning of the cycle. The true pH Miracle for weight loss begins with a two or three-week “cleanse,” or “liquid feast.” Here’s what you do: Eat as much as you want, as often as you want, as long as all your food is green, electron-rich, and pureed or juiced. Be sure to include good fats, like avocados, and olive, flax, and fish oils. You must avoid all acidic foods entirely for the duration of the liquid feast. As usual, as much as possible of what you eat or drink should be raw. Not only will this infusion of alkaline energy rid your body of accumulated toxins and acids, but also it will allow your body to devote all of the energy it would otherwise need for digestion to healing you – from the inside out.

The Best-Selling pH Miracle Series

The pH Miracle for Weight Loss: Balance Your Body Chemistry, Achieve Your Ideal Weight

“Building on the success of their first book, the best-selling The pH Miracle, Dr. Young and his wife turn their attention to what is considered by many health experts as America’s number one health crisis – the growing numbers of people who are seriously overweight or obese. Contrary to other weight-loss books, most notably those such as The Atkins Diet and The South Beach Diet, that low-carbohydrate approach to achieving weight loss, the Youngs maintain that the primary culprit of excessive weight gain, as well as many other health problems is a chronic state of acidity, in the body (with a pH value below 7.1). Shifting the body’s chemistry to a more alkaline pH, they maintain, will quickly and easily result in the loss of excess weight and the build up of more lean muscle tissue.”

The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health

“Dr. Young may be on the threshold of a new biology whose principles could revolutionize biology and medicine and potentially help people worldwide. Additional research is desperately needed!” — Neil Solomon, MD, PhD, director International Council for Caring Communities Health Advisory Board, Non-Governmental Organizations, United Nations

“A real breakthrough! Like all good programs of true worth, this is more than a diet. Followed conscientiously, The pH Miracle delivers where it truly counts the most, not only with weight loss, but also with a healthier body, newfound energy, and a stronger immune system.” — Harvey Diamond, author, Fit For Life

The pH Miracle for Diabetes: The Revolutionary Lifestyle Plan for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

“Dr. Young has discovered a brilliant insight to re-create our health, expand our longevity, and feel better fast!” – Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of the best-selling Chicken Soup for The Soul series

“Dr. Young is a leader in groundbreaking research in nutrition and health.”

Janet Konefal, PhD, Chief, Division of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Miami School of Medicine

Major Story Angles

How Acidic Are You?

The over-acidification of the body sets in motion a destructive cycle of imbalance, overweight, and disease. By balancing your pH level — which measures how acidic you are – and by reducing your acidity, you will drop those excess pounds and be on your way to health. Your body will let go of excess fat once you keep out and remove the acids. The key is to take in food and drink that are alkaline.

Get Your pH Measured

As with any blood test, you need to get an understanding of your health through measuring what’s in your body. Your pH can be a 1 or 14 or somewhere in between. Ideally, you want to be at about a 7.2. By measuring how acidic you are, you can chart your progress towards eliminating excess weight and warding off disease.

The Importance Of Being Alkaline

Acid/alkaline balance affects a myriad of health concerns, including obesity and other diseases. Practically speaking, getting to – and keeping – your ideal weight requires eating plenty of high-quality, healthful fats and focusing your food choices around green vegetables. The biggest secret of all is actually in what you drink. Keeping your body sufficiently hydrated with the right water makes all the difference.

7-Step Lifestyle Program To Balance Your Body Chemistry

You can change your shape to slim down to your ideal weight – naturally and permanently — by following a 7-step program. Despite what you may believe, weight loss is not about fat grams, cholesterol, carbs, or calories. It’s all about acid. According to Dr. Robert Young, renowned microbiologist and nutritionist, reaching your ideal weight is simply a matter of maintaining the delicate pH balance of the blood.

Reclaiming Your High Energy Levels

A surprising body-chemical imbalance may be to blame for stubborn fat, low energy, and frequent illness – but there are foods that can rebalance your system quickly. Learn what they are and how to consume them properly.

The Medical Profession Needs To Understand Nutrition

Too often, doctors react to illness with surgery, drugs, or radical treatment. They do not often promote prevention, especially in the form of diet change. And when diet is discussed, usually the concern is placed on weight or fat – not on acidity.

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