From Dud to Stud!

Rick Goode Testimonal

I wanted to take a moment and thank you so much for helping me achieve what I felt was impossible. I started a 12 week challenge to lose as much weight and gain as much muscle as possible. I started the challenge at 24% body fat and ended at 6.8%.

My success was directly linked to the mental preparedness that you helped me with. With your help, I was able to focus more clearly and have the discipline I needed to lose 31 pounds of fat and at the same time gain 11 pounds of muscle in just 90 days!

In addition, I was able to be injury free as a result of my inner mind warning me when I was on the verge of training too hard. My biggest challenge was eating right. As a result of the mental shift you helped me create; I now view food as a tool to help me accomplish my goals, not a relaxant after a stressful day.

Thanks for a great mental tune up. It worked!

Rick Goode Vancouver, WA

2 thoughts on “From Dud to Stud!”

  1. There are many men who are looking at this and wondering about your sperm count. There are many infertile men. We know how much food horses need, but not humans. We know what they need for the best health, but not humans (OK, except for the pH Miracle).
    Ask the Expert — Nutrition: relevance: 80%
    … m. Most HORSEs should eat 2% of their body WEIGHT DAILY (total diet). Hay should be at least 1.5% (if not more) of that ration. For example, an average-sized (1,000 lb) HORSE should eat about 20 lbs o …


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