Omega-3 Oil Reduces Dangerous Colon Polyps

A purified form of omega-3, the so-called “healthy alkalizing fat” found naturally in certain fish, seed and nut oils, reduced dangerous polyps among people prone to bowel cancer, says a British study published on Thursday by Gut, a journal of the British Medical Association.

Fifty patients were enrolled in the investigation, all with a genetic mutation that prompts the development of polyps — precancerous growths in the bowel that often develop into tumors requiring removal of large sections of intestine.

Twenty-eight were randomly assigned to a group that received a two-gram daily dose of a new, highly purified form of omega-3, while the other 27 were given a dummy lookalike, or placebo.

After six months, the number of polyps had risen by almost 10 percent among the placebo group but fell by 12 percent for those taking the omega-3 capsules, amounting to a difference of more than 22 percent.

In addition, polyp size increased by 17 percent among the placebo takers, whereas it decreased by 12.5 percent in the capsule group, a difference of just under 30 percent.

According to Dr. Robert O. Young, Director of Research at the pH Miracle Living Center, “Omega-3 oils work because they take-up on their unsaturation hydrogen ions or dietary/metabolic acids thus reducing acidity in the gut that causes the formation of polyps and then the formation of cancerous tumors.”

5 thoughts on “Omega-3 Oil Reduces Dangerous Colon Polyps”

  1. I have a bottle of organic cold pressed CHIA seed (Salvia hispanics). It says 20 drops has 610 mg of OMEGA 3. what would be the dose for an adult that is about 65 kg? Thank you very much!!! I think this is great news!


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  3. Hello yeah the omega 3 is really good i love to eat fish and avocado cause this product contain this omega 3 and now i know that the oil reduce colon polyps which is even better also medifast diet plan reduce weight wich is very healthy .


  4. My colon always wells very early in the mornings, I would like to know whether there is a remedy for this that is natural. A friend of mine took a tablet of Sildenafil and then his problems in his colon disappeared.


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