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"Dr. Young may be on the threshold of a new biology, whose principle—if proven—could revolutionize the biology and medicine worlds." Neil Solomon, M.D., Ph.D. Former Head of Research for John Hopkins University. Over the past three decades, Robert O. Young CPT, MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner, has been widely recognized as one of the top research scientists in the world. Throughout his career, his research has been focused at the cellular level. Having a specialty in cellular nutrition, Dr. Young has devoted his life to researching the true causes of "disease," subsequently developing "The New Biology™" to help people balance their life. In 1994, Dr. Young discovered the biological transformation of red blood cells into bacteria and bacteria to red blood cells. He has since documented several such transformations. ( Dr. Young's research has been published in several noted journals, including The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. (Sympathetic Resonance Technology, Scientific Foundations and Summary of Biologic and Clinical Studies, Dec. 2002, Vol. 8, No. 6: 835-842, Alkalizing Nutritional Therapy, Robert O Young and Galina Migalko. Universal Medical Imaging Group, Medical doctor, non-invasive medical diagnostics, USA) . He is the author of numerous articles (Herbal Nutrition 1988) and author and co-author of many books including: Herbal Nutritional Medications (1988), One Sickness, One Disease, One Treatment (1992), Sick and Tired(Woodland Publishing, 1995), Back to the House of Health (Woodland Publishing, 1999), The pH Miracle(Warner Books, 2002),The pH Miracle for Diabetes, (Warner Books,2003), Back to the House of Health 2, (Woodland Books, 2003) and The pH Miracle for Weight Loss(Warner Books, 2004) and The pH Miracle: Revised and Updated (Warner Books, 2010), Reverse Cancer Now (Hikari Publishing, 2014), The pH Miracle for Cancer (Hikari Publishing, 2016, 2018) ( and The Cancer Solution (Hikari Omni Publishing, 2018). The pH Miracle series has sold more than 10 million copies. The pH Miracle books have been translated into 29 languages and are gaining a widespread following internationally. Aside from his work as an author, Dr. Young has been honored to speak at Central University for Nationalities - Beijing, China, Women's College - Beijing, All-China Women's Federation - Beijing,China, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, Utah Valley State College, Provo, Utah, University of Minnesota, University of Hartford, Olin University, Sacred Heart University of Boston, Oxford University - Oxford, England, U.K., Harvard University, the University of Vienna, and the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. In addition, Dr. Young has been honored with an invitation to sit on the Vegetarian and Fasting Committee for NASA's earth and space missions. He also has worked with a team of research scientists at the University of Puerto Rico, as well as the Center of Diabetes in Puerto Rico, on a potential cure for Type I and Type II diabetes. Before Dr. Young began his extensive nutritional research, his love for sports and science led him to the University of Utah, Salt Lake city, Utah, a University founded by his Great, Great Grandfather Brigham Young —where he studied biology and business in the early 70's. There he was granted a full athletic scholarship for tennis. His team was consistently one of the top 10 schools in the nation. He had the experience of competing with the likes of Stan Smith, Jimmy Connors, and Roscoe Tanner In the 80's, following his schooling at the University of Utah, Dr. Young studied medical microbiology—training under Dr. Robert Bradford at the Bradford Research Institute in Chula Vista, California. Dr. Bradford was formerly a trustee and professor at Capital University in Washington, DC, where he taught live and dry blood microscopy ( Dr. Young also studied darkfield microscopy under Dr. Maria Bleker—who was the prodigy of the great late biologist, Dr. Gunther Enderlein—in Essen, Germany. In 1991 through 1993, Dr. Young received a BSc and MSc in nutrition from the American College in Birmingham, Alabama. In 1995, he received his D.Sc. with emphasis in chemistry and biology. Dr. Young's doctoral dissertation was entitled, "Disseminated Intravascular Blood Coagulation and Pathological Blood Coagulation". In 1997, Dr. Young received a Ph.D. in nutritiona from Clayton College of Natural Health. His Professor, James E. Harvey from San Diego State University, reviewed and accepted his dissertation as completing all the requirements for a doctorate of philosophy degree in nutrition. Continuing his studies and research, Dr. Young later received an additional doctorate degree in naturopathy (ND) from Clayton College of Natural Health, (1999). Dr. Young has been a member of the Farm Bureau since 2001(Membership number C118341) as well as a recognized certified organic Avocado grower by the California Avocado Commission. Dr. Young is a member of the American Society of Microbiologists, the American Naturopathic Association, an honorary member of the Connecticut Holistic Health Association, the Presidents Council at Brigham Young University, a consultant for InnerLight, Inc., and an advisor to Dean Lawrence Carter at the Martin Luther King Chapel at Morehouse College. He was honored by Professor Lawrence Carter at Morehouse College and inducted into the collegium of scholars as well as placed on the advisory board. Professor Carter made this statement about Dr. Young's work: "With over 75 books on the market, Dr. Robert O. Young has established himself as the preeminent scientific researchers on how to balance the body chemistry and achieve one's ideal weight. Every African American and African Caribbean, every person suffering from type I and type II diabetes, hypertension, cancer, AIDS, heart disease and youth obesity, and every person reared on 'soul food' needs to discover The pH Miracle and the rejuvenating recipes that alkalize and energize an over acidified diet. "I have made this revolutionary dietary paradigm shift an official part of my professional ministry because it eliminated my acid reflux without prescriptions and reduced my weight by 50 pounds in less than two months. This reduction in weight greatly speeded reduction of my PSA level after seeds-implant treatment for low-grade prostate cancer. Dr. Young's nonviolent peace diet is the natural scientific solution for a healthy body that is free from the warring of excess acidity. With Dr. Young's " New Biology™" and nutrition program, pastors and congregations will rediscover the miraculous link between nutrition, health and spirituality." ---The Reverend Dean Lawrence Edward Carter Sr., Ph.D.;Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel; Gandhi Institute for Reconciliation;Founder, Gandhi, King, Ikeda Legacy of Building Peace Exhibition;Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia. Dr Young has been the keynote speaker at medical and health gatherings all over the world and appeared as a guest on many national radio and television shows. In 2002, he and his wife appeared on CBS's The Early Show with Jane Clayson and Bryant Gumbel. ( In addition, Dr. Young has also been interviewed by CNN Nightly News, (, CBS News and ABC News. Some of his most notable accomplishments include: developer of a new theoretical paradigm called the New Biology Theory; pioneer in the research of a biological process called Pleomorphism; and the discoverer of the etiology of diabetes, cancer, atherosclerosis, and many other diseases. Dr. Young's work has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Dr. Oz and several documentaries including "Crazy Sexy Cancer", ( and "The Secret". Dr. Young has devoted his career to the discovery of the missing pieces necessary to complete the larger picture of health, wellness, energy and fitness! (

Mineral Salts Help To Normalize Blood Pressure

Research shows that boosting levels of potassium in
the diet may lower a person’s risk of developing
high blood pressure and may decrease blood pressure
in people who already have “hypertension.”

High blood pressure remains the chief reason for visits
to doctors’ offices and for prescription drug use in the
U.S., two researchers from Nashville, Tennessee note in
a special supplement to The Journal of Clinical
Hypertension this month.

Dr. Mark C. Houston, from Vanderbilt University
School of Medicine and Dr. Karen J. Harper from Harper
Medical Communications, Inc. in Nashville, also point
out that a healthy intake of potassium is thought to
be one reason why vegetarians and isolated populations
have a very low incidence of heart disease.

In isolated societies consuming diets low in sodium and
high in fruits and vegetables, which have and therefore
high levels of potassium, hypertension affects only 1
percent of the population, they note. In contrast,
in industrialized societies, where people consume diets
high in processed foods and large amounts of dietary
sodium 1 in 3 persons have hypertension.

The typical American diet contains about double the
sodium and half the potassium that is currently
recommended in dietary guidelines. Low potassium
intake is thought to contribute to the prevalence of
high blood pressure in Americans.

Based on their review of published studies on the topic,
Houston and Harper say if Americans were to boost their
potassium intake, the number of adults with known high
blood pressure could fall by more than 10 percent. In
2006, the American Heart Association issued new
guidelines calling for Americans to get 4.7 grams per
day of potassium.

“An increase in potassium with a decrease in sodium is
probably the most important dietary choice (after weight
loss) that should be implemented to reduce
cardiovascular disease,” Houston and Harper

Some studies also show that diets containing at least
500 to 1,000 milligrams magnesium daily and more than
800 milligrams of calcium daily may help lower blood
pressure and the risk of developing high blood pressure.

“A high intake of these minerals through increased
consumption of fruits and vegetables may improve blood
pressure levels and reduce coronary heart disease
and stroke,” Houston and Harper conclude.

According to Dr. Robert O. Young, a research scientist
at the pH Miracle Living Center, “the body uses sodium
to produce magnesium and potassium and potassium to
produce calcium. Increased amounts of colloidal
unprocessed mineral salts of sodium have shown to
be helpful in lowering blood pressure when high and
increasing blood pressure when low. The greatest
healthful impact that colloidal mineral salts of sodium,
magnesium, potassium and calcium have on the heart is
to reduce the number of beats per minute to a more
healthful level – generally under 70 beats per minute.

To learn more about colloidal mineral salts go to:


Journal of Clinical Hypertension, July 2008.
The pH Miracle for Weight Loss

A New Hope for Terminal Metastatic Cancer

The above picture is Dr. Gerd Schmacher with Dr. Robert O. Young
on August 1, 2008 after four weeks of hyper-alkalization.

The above picture is Professor Gerd Schmacher on July 4th, 2008

At the age of 54, Professor Gerd Schmacher of Düsseldorf,
Germany was diagnosed with terminal metastatic bone cancer.
He received all the traditional medical protocols for
the treatment of his cancer offered in Germany and then
in the United States, with no success. July of this year
he was sent home to die.

In just a few weeks, after learning from a friend
of the work and research of Dr. Robert and Shelley
Young and upon immediately embracing their hyper-
alkalizing lifestyle and diet all of his symptoms
significantly improved.

The following short video briefly shares his four week
experience living the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet
at the pH Miracle Living Center.

We hope you will share this video with all your friends
and family that there is hope, where there was none, for
terminal cancerous conditions.

In love and light,

Dr. Robert O. Young

Drinking Tea Leads To Stones

Iced tea contains high concentrations of oxalate and tannic
acid, two of the key chemicals that lead to the formation
of brain, breast, liver, gallbladder and kidney stones,
a common disorder of dietary and metabolic acidity that
also acidifies the urinary tract that affects over 50
percent of the population in the United States.

“For many people, iced tea is potentially one of the
worst things you can drink,” said Dr. John Milner,
instructor, department of urology, Loyola University
Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, Maywood, Ill. “For
people who have a tendency to form kidney stones, it’s
definitely one of the worst things you can drink.”

The most common cause of stones is the failure to drink
enough alkaline fluids. During the summer, people are
generally more dehydrated due to sweating. The
dehydration combined with increase iced acid tea
(including green tea) consumption raises the risk of
brain, breast, liver, gallbladder, and kidney stones,
especially in people who are prone to develop them.

“People are told that in the summertime they should
drink more fluids,” said. “A lot of people choose to
drink more iced tea, thinking it’s a tastier
alternative. However, in terms of kidney stones,
they’re getting it going and coming. They’re
actually doing themselves a disservice.”

Dr. Robert O. Young, a research scientist at the pH
Miracle Living Center said, “people concerned about
developing brain, breast, liver, gallbladder and
kidney stones should cut back on eating all acidic
foods that also contain high concentrations of
dietary acids such as dairy, chocolate, alcohol,
coffee, tea, animal protein, peanuts, corn, vinegar,
and soy sauce. They should increase chlorophyll rich
foods and drinks, healthy oils, drink 4 to 5 liters of
alkaline water and eat 10 to 12 grams of
unprocessed salt every day. If you want to be
healthy and strong you need to eat like a COW and
exercise like an OX at least one hour every day.”

Obesity Is NOT A Fat Problem!

Most adults in the U.S. will be overweight or obese
by 2030, with related health care spending projected
to be as much as $956.9 billion, according to researchers
at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health,
the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality and
the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Their
results are published in the July 2008 online issue of

“National survey data show that the prevalence of
overweight and obese adults in the U.S. has increased
steadily over the past three decades,” said
Youfa Wang, MD, PhD, lead author of the study and
associate professor with the Bloomberg School’s
Center for Human Nutrition. “If these trends continue,
more than 86 percent of adults will be overweight
or obese by 2030 with approximately 96 percent of
non-Hispanic black women and 91 percent of Mexican-
American men affected. This would result in 1 of
every 6 health care dollars spent in total direct
health care costs paying for overweight and obesity-
related costs.”

The researchers conducted projection analysis based
on data collected over the past three decades from
nationally representative surveys. Their projections
illustrate the potential burden of the U.S. obesity
epidemic if current trends continue.

“Our analysis also shows that over time heavy Americans
become heavier,” says May A. Beydoun, a former
postdoctoral research fellow at the Johns Hopkins
Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Current standards define adults with a body mass index
(BMI) between 25 and 29.9 as overweight and adults
with a BMI of 30 or higher as obese. Both the
overweight and obese are at an increased risk for
developing a number of acidic health conditions,
including hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart
disease and stroke. Researchers estimate that
children and young adults may have a shorter life
expectancy than their parents if the obesity epidemic
is left unaddressed.

The authors warned that obesity has become a public
health crisis in the U.S. Timely, dramatic and
effective development and implementation of corrective
programs and policies are needed to avoid the
otherwise inevitable health and societal consequences
implied by their projections. If current trends
continue, the researchers say that the U.S. Department
of Health and Human Services will not meet its Healthy
People 2010 initiative to increase the proportion of
adults who are at a healthy weight and to reduce the
proportion of adults who are obese.

According to Dr. Robert O. Young, a research scientist
at the pH Miracle Living Center, in Valley Center,
California, “obesity is not a fat problem it is
an acid problem. America is not over-weight – America
is over-acid. Acidity is a toxic waste product of
diet, emotions, and metabolism. The body retains
fat to park excess metabolic or dietary acids that are
not being properly eliminated through urination,
perspiration, defecation and/or respiration away from
organs that sustain life. We need to understand that
fat is protective and acid is destructive. When one
gets off an acidic diet and lifestyle the body gives
up the excess fat. There is no need for the body
to hold on to excess fat to park excess acid. You
lose weight quickly and naturally.”

The quickest and healthiest way to achieve your
healthy ideal weight is described in Dr. Robert
and Shelley Young’s latest book, The pH Miracle
for Weight Loss. Chapter 11 outlines the entire

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‘Miracles happen not in opposition to nature, but in opposition to what we know of nature.’ St. Augustine

‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ ….Arthur C. Clarke

‘There are only two ways to live your life. One, is as though there are no miracles. The other is as though everything is a miracle.’ Albert Einstein

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An Active Sex Life Is Alkalizing

When you have “sex” on your mind, chances are “alkalizing”
is the last thing you’re thinking about – but the two
actually go hand-in-glove! Sex promotes both our physical
and psychological health which in turn may help to
maintain the alkaline design of the body.

The following are eight ways in which having sex
can help to alkalize the body:

1) Sex Reduces Stress. Scottish researchers studied
the sexual activity of 24 women and 22 men, then put
them in stressful situations such as public speaking.
The subjects who had intercourse withstood stress
better than those who either abstained from sex or
engaged in other sexual activities. The reduction
of stress helps to reduce metabolic acids.

2) Sex Increases Metabolism. Sex burns up 85 calories
in 30 minutes, and 40 half-hour sessions will burn
about 3500 calories, which is enough to lose one
pound of acidic weight/fat.

3) Sex Builds Cardiovascular Health. English researchers
found fear of a stroke during sex is groundless. They
followed 900 men for 20 years and found no connection.
On the other hand, they found that the men who had sex
at least twice a week reduced their risk of a heart
attack by half compared to men who had it less than
once a month.

4) Sex Helps Lymphatic Circulation. The lymphatic
system functions with the contraction of muscles.
Sex helps to activate the lymphatic system which
in turn helps to move acids out of the tissues
that can cause aches and pains.

5) Sex Helps To Reduce Acidity. When having sex
dietary and metabolic acids are eliminated through
perspiration from increased lymphatic circulation
and through respiration from heavy breathing.

6) Sex Builds Immunity. Having sex several times a
week has been linked with raising levels of the
antibody immunoglobulin A (IgA), which helps to
buffer acids that produce the symptomology of a cold,
according to researchers at Wilkes University in
Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

7) Sex Builds Bonds. Sex raises the level of the
hormone oxytocin, known popularly as the “love hormone,”
which results in building trust and strengthening
relationship bonds. The more contact – including hugs –
the higher the level of this “love hormone.”

8) Sex Lowers Pain. As the love hormone oxytocin
builds, endorphins rise, which results in lowering
of acidic pain. If aches and pains are better after
sex, it’s because of oxytocin levels.

9) Sex Lowers Risk of Prostate Cancer. Frequent
ejaculations in young men may lower the risk of
prostate cancer in later years. Australian researchers
studied men with and without prostate cancer, and
found frequent ejaculations in men in their 20s
offered protection, but found no such link for men
in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

10) Sex Promotes Sleep. Oxytocin is at the forefront
again – it helps both men and women sleep, which in
turn promotes healthy alkaline weight and lower
blood pressure. (Although women would almost
universally say it had a much stronger effect
on men, who are wide-awake one minute and sound
asleep the next minute.)

Cancer Angel

Kim Tinkham was diagnosed with stage three breast
cancer in February 2007, just two days before her
fiftieth birthday. Rather than go the conventional
route of mastectomy followed by chemo and/or radiation
she chose to seek out an alternative way to heal her
body. Her choice to search for an alternative
coupled with a late night email landed her as a
guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show in March of 2007,
where she stood her ground for her right to choose
and shared with the audience that ‘you cannot make
a decision based on fear’.

With hundreds of emails from people around the world
who watched the Oprah segment applauding her decision
and spurring her on she spent the next four months
seeking out answers from doctors and practitioners
around the world. With her self imposed deadline
of October fast approaching and no answer to the
question “what causes cancer?” she finally found the
research of Dr. Robert O. Young, a microbiologist in
California. After communicating with Dr. Young via
phone and email she made the decision to follow his
protocol and three months later was cancer free.

She is currently working on her book, “Cancer Angel:
The Explanation of What Cancer is, Its Prevention and
Cure” based on her story. She is also speaking to
groups about how they can use this information to
live lives of health and happiness.

Recently a two part story and multimedia presentation
was published about Kim’s amazing journey. You can
access these at the Holistic Healing icon below.

Cell Phone Risks Updated – You Don’t Deserve Brain Cancer

CNN’s Larry King Live will devote tomorrow’s
(Tuesday’s)show to cell phone health risks. It
was prompted by the last week’s alert from the
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute.

There was extensive coverage of Dr. Ronald Herberman’s
warning –much of it based on the Associated Press story.
Unfortunately the AP story suffers from a number of
serious errors as well as misplaced emphases.

Here are a few of the serious errors as reported by
Microwave News at:

1) The AP reporters cite a 2008 University of Utah
meta-analysis of nine published studies as finding
no brain tumor risks among cell phone users. In fact,
it did point to a 25% increase among long-term users,
that is, those who had used a mobile phone for ten
or more years. This increase reached (just)
statistical significance.

2) The AP states that Herberman is relying on the
as-yet unpublished Interphone study, a 13-country
effort to investigate possible tumor risks from
cell phone use. It’s true that the overall Interphone
results have not yet been public —it’s now close to
three years behind schedule— but a number of the
participating countries, either individually or in
groups, have reported elevated incidences of three
different types of tumors: glioma (brain tumors),
acoustic neuroma, and parotid gland tumors among
long-term users. These findings have been published
in leading peer-reviewed journals.

3) The AP states that the Interphone study suffers
from selection bias and casts doubt on the reliability
of its risk estimates. This remains an open and highly
contested issue among members of the project team and
is a major reason for the delay in the release of the
final results. While the NRC’s recent report cites
selection bias as a possible confounder, it also
details other reasons as to why the Interphone study
may underestimate the risks. It is far too early to
toss out the project’s final results as unreliable.
Shouldn’t we at least wait for it to be published
before trashing ten years of work?

4) While the French Interphone study does not show
significant elevated risks, it does point to increases.
These were sufficiently strong to prompt the French
Ministry of Health to issue an advisory reiterating
the recommendation that children be discouraged from
using mobile phones.

5) It’s true that most studies have not indicated a
tumor risk, but most of these have only looked at
short-term users. For instance, the Muscat study
included only 17 cases which had used a phone for
four or more years. The NCI study also had very
few long-term users: 22 who had used a cell phone
for five years or more. Neither discloses how many
had used a phone for at least ten years — maybe none.

6) It’s also true that the Danish study showed no
increased risks. But as a cohort study it could not
provide any information on the side of the head the
phone was used, which, not surprisingly, turns out
to be a key variable. The study also excluded
corporate accounts, which tended to have the heaviest

Some people appear to have an almost pathological
emotional attachment to their cell phones and there
is a fascinating suggestion that cell radiation
pulses might actually be addictive to the human
brain. We can’t save those who would rather die than
switch. But ethics compelled us to ensure that all
reasonable people have access to the basic scientific

Your cell phone is a microwave transmitter and it
should bear a cancer warning, microwave energy
oscillates at millions to billions of cycles per
second. The Journal of Cellular Biochemistry reports
that these frequencies cause cancer and other diseases
by interfering with cellular DNA and its repair
mechanisms. Microwave promotes rapid cell aging.
Italian scientists have recently demonstrated that
cell phone radiation makes cancerous cells grow
aggressively. Cordless phones marked 900 megahertz
or 2.4 gigahertz emits the same dangerous microwave
radiation as cell phones.

The connection between microwave exposure and cancer
has been documented for years. During the Cold War,
the Soviets irradiated the U.S. Embassy in Moscow,
Russia, with low level, twin-beam microwave radiation.
Two successive ambassadors developed leukemia. Other
staffers also developed cancer, or their blood showed
DNA damage, which precedes cancer.


Balance yourself, find out more…


Research by University of Washington professor
Dr. Henry Lai shows brain cells are clearly damaged
by microwave levels far below the U.S. government’s
‘safety’ guidelines. Dr. Lai notes that even tiny
doses of radio frequency can cumulate over time
and lead to harmful effects. He warns that public
exposure to radiation from wireless transmitters
‘should be limited to a minimum.’

Motorola advises consumers to avoid pointing a
cellular antenna toward exposed parts of the body.
But independent tests show that cell phones can
also leak huge amounts of radiation from the keypad
and mouthpiece. This radiation deeply penetrates
brain, ear and eye tissues, which are especially
susceptible to microwave damage. Belt clip cases
allow cell phones to deliver radiation to the liver
or kidney areas when a wired, hands-free ear piece
is used.

Recent studies confirm that cell and cordless phone
microwave can:

* Damage nerves in the scalp

* Cause blood cells to leak hemoglobin

* Cause memory loss and mental confusion

* Cause headaches and induce extreme fatigue

* Create joint pain, muscle spasms and tremors

* Create burning sensation and rash on the skin

* Alter the brain’s electrical activity during sleep

* Induce ringing in the ears, impair sense of smell

* Precipitate cataracts, retina damage and eye cancer

* Open the blood-brain barrier to viruses and toxins

* Reduce the number and efficiency of white blood cells

* Stimulate asthma by producing histamine in mast cells

* Cause digestive problems and raise bad cholesterol

* Stress the endocrine system, especially pancreas,
thyroid, ovaries, testes


Balance yourself, find out more…


In 1993, the telecom industry committed $25 million
dollars for a series of research projects designed
to prove that cell phones are safe. The studies proved
just the opposite. They proved that federal microwave
exposure standards are dangerously inadequate.

Cell damage and tumors can be easily induced in the
lab at about one third of the FCC’s exposure

The telecom boys panicked. They and their lackey
politicians and federal regulators decided the only
lucrative thing to do was to LIE and DENY. Despite
damning evidence, the FDA still prevaricates:

‘There is no reason to conclude that there are health
risks posed by cell phones to consumers.’ Meantime,
the telecom industry has been pressing to INCREASE
BY MORE THAN 10 TIMES the allowable human exposure
to cell phone radiation!

Luckily, Dr. George Carlo headed up the industry’s
study project. He presents the shocking facts in his
book, Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless
Age: An Insider’s Alarming Discoveries about Cancer
and Genetic Damage (Carroll and Graf, 2001). A
summary of Dr. Carlo’s book is this: Cell phones
are hot, adequate protective regulations are naught,
and Americans are being ‘fried’ so that the deceitful
telecom industry can rake it in. It’s dirty business
as usual, and the longer the industry can con the
public, the more billions it collects.

On June 16, 2002, CBS aired a Sixty Minutes segment
which confirmed the telecom industry is about as
grungy as it gets. CBS producers accused major phone
service providers of cheating, scamming, forging
signatures, switching phone service without permission
and lying about charges. The attorney general of
Connecticut stated that despite millions of dollars
in fines each year, these companies remain incorrigible.
Should we trust this industry with our brain tissues
and our very lives?

Microwave to the head is extremely hazardous to
children. Parents in some European nations are now
warned to keep children away from cell phones. A
University of Utah researcher found the younger the
child, the more radiation is absorbed by the brain.
Spanish researchers have shown that cell phones can
alter electrical activity of a child’s brain for hours,
causing drastic mood changes and possible behavior
and learning disabilities. Scientists fear that
cell phone radiation could damage human embryos.

Pregnant women are advised to be wary.


Balance yourself, find out more…


A cell phone must greatly increase its field strength
to maintain communications within the metallic cage
of an auto. Thus, the effect of microwave radiation
inside a vehicle is especially intense.

Volkswagen of Europe has warned that cell phone usage
inside a car can be ‘injurious to health due to the
extremely high electromagnetic fields generated.’

Insurance studies in England showed that an average
driver talking on a cell is actually more impaired
in function and reaction time than a drunk. Finland’s
Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority reports
that one hour of exposure to mobile phone radiation
can cause human cells to shrink. Researchers believe
this is due to increased protein activity, an indicator
of cell damage. What an unstable world needs now is
a global population afflicted with incredible shrinking

Brain cancer rates in USA have increased by 25%
since 1975. In 2001, 185,000 Americans were diagnosed
with some form of brain cancer. A grade four brain
tumor can grow from the size of a grape to tennis
ball size in just 4 months. Brain tumors are almost
always fatal and most people die within 6-12 months
after diagnosis.

On April 7, 2002, Sixty Minutes aired a fascinating
report on brain cancer, explaining that scientists
are unsure why incidence of the disease is growing
so exponentially.

Ironically, the segment was followed by a Sprint ad,
which advised parents that the best way to keep
track of teenagers is to connect them to a cell phone.
While researchers say that radical damage to the
brain can occur within the first few minutes of
conversation, telecom ads encourage customers to spend
many hours on the phone each month. Those blazing,
full-page cell phone ads in newspapers and magazines
must be the reason cell phone dangers are almost
never discussed in the mainstream media.

An excellent resource tool is Robert Kane’s book
Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette (Vantage Press,
2001). As a telecommunications expert, Kane presents
an impressive collection of studies showing that both
government agencies and cell phone manufacturers
KNEW YEARS AGO that cell phone radiation at present
exposure levels is dangerous to human health.

He notes that cell phones would be rendered useless
if their RF emissions were reduced to safe levels.

Reports of illness from heavy cell phone usage and
from living or working close to powerful RF transmitters
are synchronous with numerous cancer-related lawsuits
now being filed against the cell phone industry. The
insurance industry sees big trouble ahead.

Underwriters for Lloyd’s of London refuse to insure
phone manufacturers against damage to users’ health.
Cell phones are today what tobacco was 40 years ago.


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No More Cervical Cancer!


The following pH Miracle testimony of Bellgene Chung
is not only impressive but also inspiring. Read on
to learn how this beautiful young woman decided to
discontinue an acidic lifestyle and diet that caused her
cervical cancer and embrace the pH Miracle Lifestyle
and diet that reversed her symptoms – No more
cervical cancer. Remember, “Nothing tastes as good
as good health feels.”

In love, light and laughter,

Dr. Robert O. Young

“I would definitely call myself a “pH Miracle”. I was
able to overcome cervical cancer last year by
alkalizing my body.”

“Now, I am working to maintain an alkaline body by
making smart (green) food choices, drinking alkaline
water, staying positive, staying active, and much more.
Most importantly, I am passionate in spreading the word,
because too many people are needlessly suffering from
ailments that are completely preventable.”

“Cancer is the best thing that has ever happened
to me” – this is my response to anyone who acts
sympathetically to my health crisis. Cancer has
opened my eyes to a whole new world of optimum
health that I never thought was possible; I have
discovered that cancer, like most chronic illness,
is simply Nature’s way of telling you to change what
you’re doing.”

“Before cancer entered my life, I thought that I was
a fairly healthy person – I was always involved in
athletics, my diet was diverse (in accordance with
the Canadian Food Guide), and I looked relatively
healthy. Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving,
and my previous perception of health was skewed by
a combination of apathy and ignorance. Despite my
annual battles with the “common cold”, I figured
that these disturbances were just a normal way of
life. I didn’t realize that every time I got sick,
Nature was presenting me with a proverbial fork in
the road. Apparently, I always chose the easiest
(and most destructive) path – by continuing on with
my supposedly “healthy” lifestyle.”

“During the summer of 2002, I first became aware of
my deteriorating condition after a routine physical.
My Papanicolaou test result was flagged as “abnormal”;
thus, my doctor requested that I get more frequent
check-ups so that he could monitor the cells. For
two years, I continued down “easy street” while my
cells transformed more toward the cancer end of the
spectrum. I subconsciously tried to ignore the cancer,
hoping that it would just miraculously disappear.
During this time, my godfather (Richard) was sending
me tidbits of information from newspapers and other
sources – coincidentally related to health. Some of
the clippings addressed the dangers of consuming
animal products, while others warned against drug
usage – specifically the birth control pill and
vaccines. Although I read through the articles, I
did not feel the need to directly apply the information
to my specific situation.”

“After a colposcopy in 2004, I was encouraged to
schedule an appointment at the local hospital for
laser therapy, which is the current orthodox
treatment for cervical cancer. This materialization
opened my eyes to the severity of my condition.
At that point, out of both fear and a gut instinct,
I decided to delay the appointment. Something
within me was telling me that surgery was not the
answer for my problem; this inner voice was
reinforced by the wealth of information that Richard
had been sending me. I discovered that many patients
who undergo orthodox treatments develop secondary
cancers – this is something I really wanted to avoid.
In my opinion, surgery seemed like a quick fix; it is
a method of covering up symptoms, rather than dealing
with the root cause of a problem. Being twenty-one
years of age, I decided to take “the road less
traveled” – I chose to give Nature a chance.”

“I quickly developed a thirst for information related
to healing and superior health. With Richard’s love,
I was humbled into realizing that I never really knew
anything about true health – I had been living in a
fishbowl for over twenty years! I basically had to
throw out all of my preconceived notions of what
constituted a true state of health; I had to relearn

“My quest for ideal health led me down numerous paths:
I pushed myself in the exercise realm (namely for
toxin removal); I discontinued prescription drug
usage; I focused on deep breathing for greater
oxygen intake; I followed a sleep pattern that was
more in tune with the circadian rhythm; I increased
my exposure to sunlight; and most certainly, I made
a conscious effort to have a more positive attitude.
I believe that a shift in attitude is absolutely
necessary both for healing and promoting longevity.
Instead of acting like a victim of my day, I chose
to take charge of my life, and accept that every
choice I made, no matter how minute, had direct
consequences. Furthermore, I felt that it was
necessary to modify my diet because what you put
into your body cannot be denied at a cellular level;
“you [literally] are what you eat!”

“In addition to witnessing the horrific lives of
slaughterhouse animals, I accepted that human beings
have absolutely no need for animal products in their
diets. A shift in mentality was crucial; I no longer
wanted to be an accessory to murder. From a
biological, environmental, and ethical standpoint,
it made sense for me to eliminate all of the
negative stressors in my life, and diet was of
the utmost importance. With this in mind, I decided
to cut out all meat from my diet. Also, consuming
dairy was definitely out of the question – I
learned that dairy products are more detrimental
to human health than meat itself (due to the
exponentially concentrated amount of acids). Being
raised on dairy, I was aware that I would have to
be patient in my healing process, as unknown amounts
of toxins were embedded within the fibers of my flesh.”

“I understood that the change in my diet would cause
my body to enter a state of cleansing. During my
transition to a vegan diet, I experienced some minor
discomfort (fatigue) as well as cravings for sweet
and salty foods. Thankfully, through my research,
I was conscious of the fact that these minor setbacks
were a positive sign that I was on the right track –
my body was reacting to the changes that I entrenched
upon it. Quite often, I feel that people give up
too easily; therefore, it is important to understand
the mechanics of the human body, especially through
times of change. After I got over the “hump”, I
experienced a dramatic surge in my energy levels –
I was able to function at a significantly higher
state of cognizance on fewer hours of sleep!”

“In 2006, I was introduced to the world of raw foods.
Richard had been sending me information on nutrition,
and I soaked the concepts up like a sponge. It really
made sense, in my mind, that heat kills energy and
destroys “life force energy”; thus, it was pointless
of me to continue to ingest food that was devitalized.
I joined a raw vegan group in Edmonton, and it was
so refreshing to meet people with the same passion
about health as myself. Attending raw lucks (raw
potlucks) really opened my eyes to the endless choices
that a raw diet could offer. At this point, my diet
consists of about ninety percent raw foods, but I am
still in the process of going completely raw. There
are some days that I succumb to the cravings of cooked
foods, and I definitely suffer the consequences for
giving in to immediate gratification (taste)! I
would like to point out that as a result of my raw
diet, I have noticed that my body has undergone some
extra benefits: my hair is silkier (and less is
falling out); people have commented on my skin’s
radiance; and overall, I feel much more at peace
with myself and with Nature.”

“In addition to altering my diet, I increased my
alkaline water intake. Looking back at my previous
lifestyle, I realized that there were days where
I did not drink a single glass of water – oh, my
poor body! Since the human body is made up of
almost ninety percent alkaline water, it must be
stressed that water is the ideal choice of drink;
it is important not only for cleansing, but for
the rejuvenation and rebuilding of cells. Also,
with my diet being focused around fresh organic
alkaline fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, my
alkaline water intake has increased ten-fold.”

“I firmly believe that the human body is quite
amazing and – if given the proper tools – it can
repair itself to a state of superior health.
Throughout my progression, I continued to get
regular colposcopies, and I am jubilant in reporting
that the cancer is almost completely gone! Rather
than accepting cancer as a death sentence, I embraced
it as my savior – I honestly do not know where I would
be at this point in my life had I not been touched
by this illness. I believe that health is something
that we earn – it is not automatically awarded to us,
especially if we treat out bodies like cesspools.
Ultimately, health is a function of responsibility.
My journey to attain optimal health has been a work
in progress, and I realize that this journey will
continue for as long as I am living.”

-Bellgene Chung

Energy, Sport and Exotic Fruit Drinks Lead To Physical and Emotional Imbalance

Over the last decade, acidic energy drinks — such as
Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar — have become nearly
ubiquitous on college campuses. The global market for
these types of drinks currently exceeds $3 billion a
year and new products are introduced annually.

Although few researchers have examined energy drink
consumption, a researcher at the University at Buffalo’s
Research Institute on Addictions (RIA) has been
investigating links between energy drinks and public
health concerns like substance abuse and risky

Two new research reports by RIA Research Scientist
Kathleen E. Miller, Ph.D., examine the relationships
between energy drink consumption and risk-taking in
college students as well as “toxic jock identity” —
characterized by hyper-masculinity and risk-taking
behaviors among college-age athletes.

Miller’s research validates and expands upon existing
concerns about acidic energy drink consumption: “The
principal target demographic for energy drinks is
young adults ages 18-25, but they’re nearly as common
among younger teens,” she explains. “This is a concern
because energy drinks typically contain three times
the caffeine of a soft drink, and in some cases, up
to 10 times as much. They also include ingredients
with potential interactions such as taurine and other
amino acids, massive doses of vitamins, and plant and
herbal extracts.”

According to Dr. Robert O. Young a research scientist
at the pH Miracle Living Center, “all the energy drinks,
sport drinks and exotic fruit drinks on the market are
highly acidic and saturated with hydrogen/proton ions
that steals energy from the body. When you consume an
energy, sport or exotic fruit drink the body will
immediately go into preservation mode to protect the
alkaline design of the body from systemic acidic
poisoning. There is no net increase in energy when
drinking these highly acidic beverages and should
never be consumed. True energy comes from the release
of electrons from alkaline foods and drinks. The
electron is the spark of life and energy drinks,
sport drinks and exotic fruit drinks robs that
energy from the body leading to eventual sickness,
dis-ease and disease.”

In the first set of results published online in June
in the Journal of Adolescent Health, Miller identified
links between energy drink consumption, risky substance
use and sexual risk-taking.

Frequent energy drink consumers (six or more days a
month), according to Miller’s findings, were approximately
three times as likely than less-frequent energy drink
consumers or non-consumers to have smoked cigarettes,
abused prescription drugs and been in a serious physical
fight in the year prior to the survey.

They reported drinking alcohol,having alcohol-related
problems and using marijuana about twice as often
as non-consumers. They were also more likely to engage
in other forms of risk-taking, including unsafe sex,
not using a seatbelt, participating in an extreme
sport and doing something dangerous on a dare.
The associations with smoking, drinking, alcohol
problems and illicit prescription use were found
for white but not African-American students.

According to Miller, these findings suggest that
frequent energy drink consumption may serve as a
useful screening indicator to identify students at
risk for what scientists call “problem behavior

“Energy drink consumption is correlated with substance
use, unsafe sexual activity and several other forms
of risk-taking,” Miller notes.

“For parents and college officials, frequent energy
drink consumption may be a red flag or warning sign
for identifying a young person at higher risk
for health-compromising behavior.”

In the wake of several recent deaths linked to energy
drinks, a number of countries have instituted restrictions
on their use. Some, like France, Turkey, Denmark, Norway,
Uruguay and Iceland ban high-caffeine/taurine energy
drinks altogether. Sweden only permits them to be sold
in pharmacies as medicinal products.

Canada, which banned these drinks until 2004, now
requires warning labels cautioning against use by
children or pregnant women, use in large quantities
or use with alcohol. However, energy drink consumption
remains unregulated in the United States.

“The energy drinks, sport drinks and exotic fruit drinks
compromise the alkaline design of the body. They all
have a pH that runs between 2.5 pH and 3.5 pH which is
100,000 times more acidic then purified water. My
blood research also indicates that these drinks compromise
and may damage the delicate pH of the small intestine
and the intestinal villi – the root system of the body.
When this happens the body cannot produce healthy
normal blood which may lead to blood disorders,
i.e., anemia, anisocytosis, anesthetized white blood
cells, shistocytes or the breakdown of the red
blood cells, and leukemia just to name a few. My
best advise is never drink energy, sport or exotic
fruit drinks and start drinking 4 to 5 liters of 9.5 pH
alkaline water daily,” states Dr. Young

The Signs You Are Aging

This is not an exhaustive list for signs of aging or their prevention or reversal, and is in no particular order.

1. Muscle mass decreases. (muscle/weight/height Body Mass Index Increases)

2. Fat increases as a percentage of body weight.

3. Strength, energy and speed of the body decreases.

4. Base Metabolic Rate (metabolism) decreases.

5. Aerobic Capacity, the capacity to process oxygen, decreases. Red blood cells as a percentage of total blood volume (hematocrit) decreases until the average at age 90 is what is considered to be “anemia” at age 40.

6. Body cells become resistant to insulin.

7. LDL Cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol) and triglicerides increase, and HDL Cholesterol (“good” cholesterol) falls.

8. Blood pressure increases.

9. Bone mineral density decreases.

10. Density of calcium in circulatory system increases.

11. Kidney functions decrease.

12. We lose neurons in our brain. This leads to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Senile Dementia.

13. The vagus nerve, the longest nerve in our body, deteriorates… and all the nervous system surely also deteriorates.

14. Growth Hormone secretion drops.

15. Testosterone in men, and estrogen and progesterone in women, drops.

16. Sexual desire drops.

17. Thyroid (a hormone which affects metabolism) drops.

18. melatonine (a hormone which regulates the body clock) drops.

19. DHEA (a hormone precursor to testosterone and estrogen) drops.

20. EPO, (erythropoyetin, a hormone which stimulates the production of new red blood cells) drops.

21. Estradiol, a female hormone, increases in men.

22. Cortisol, “the Death Hormone,” increases.

23. Good enzymes (Super Oxidase Dimutase, etc.) drop.

24. A bad enzyme, MAO-B increase in the brain. MAO-B destroys neurons that produce dopamine, which is a neuro-transmitter.

25. Aromatase enzyme, a bad enzyme, increases. Aromatase converts testosterone to estrogen in men, which deprives him of libido.

26. The thickness of skin decreases, resulting in more wrinkles.

27. Prolactin, a female hormone, increases in the body of a male, presumably depriving him of some sexual libido.

28. Water proportion in the body and in the skin, drops. This results (among other things) in dryer skin, and more wrinkles.

29. Sense of hearing drops.

30. Sense of taste drops… “everything tastes the same.”

31. Sense of vision, especially capacity to read small letters in low light, decreases.

32. Hair falls and loses its color (it becomes white).

33. The thymus gland, the master of the immune system, shrinks and atrophys, thus lessening our immune system.

34. Our liver, brain, and other critical organs shrink in size, thus affecting their functions.

35. Lipofuscine (“liver spots or acid spots) accumulate on our hands and our brains. This snuffs out many neurons in our brain.

36. The circulatory system deteriorates in length and width.

37. The velocity of blood flow decreases.

38. Inflammation increases in our body.

39. “Deep sleep” becomes more scarce and less profound.

40. Digestion becomes slower and less complete.

41. The retina of the eye becomes thinner, in many cases detaching.

42. The macula of the eye loses some of its shape after age 40, and causes distorted vision.

43. Micro-vessels in the eye pop, covering the retina, causing partial loss of vision, or complete blindness.

44. Night-vision decreases.

45. Melanocytes continually release small amounts of the brown- black pigment called melanin into the skin. Exposure to sunlight signals the melanocytes to produce more melanin. Melanin determines our normal skin color and attempts to protect our skin from severe sun damage. As we age, our melanocytes begin to function less effectively. The density of active melanocytes in the skin is reduced by 10% to 20% every 10 years, starting in our late 30’s and 40’s. Melanocytes are also responsible for hair color, so their loss explains why 50% of people are gray by age 50.

So what can you do about some or all of these acidic changes taking place in your body?

The good news is that for everything that can happen, for each sign of aging there is a cause, and there is a natural approach to slow down or stop the sign of aging completely, or even reverse the course.

1. Muscle mass decreases… on the average about 7 lbs. per decade… this loss accelerates after age 45.

And what to do about it: Do exercises to increase muscle mass, or to decrease the rate of loss. Take 1 teaspoon of glutathione 3 times a day, which will help to increase muscle mass. Eat more high chlorophyll foods to build blood and in turn builds muscles. Eliminate all animal protein and complex carbohydrate intake to reduce acidity that tenderizes and weakens the muscle cell. Whole body or whole cell exercising with a rebounder and/or whole body vibrational machine will help to remove acids from the tissues and prevent and/or reverse tissue wasting.
Drink 3 to 4 liters or quarts of electron rich alkaline water with 1 to 2 scoops of pHruits and pHloage and/or Doc Broc Power Plants.

2. Fat percentage increases from 25% to more than 40%.

And what to do about it: Eat less sugar and protein in your diet which causes the body to retain fat to buffer the excess acids. Eliminate undigested proteins in the 9 yards of the intestines with oral alimentary canal cleaners, enemas and colonic irrigation. Take 2 to 3 teaspoons of pHlush or Core Cleanse to break-up undigested animal proteins, sticky acids from complex carbohydrates and acid bound mucous.

3. Body strength, energy, and speed decreases.

And what to do about it: Do low impact and static attraction exercises. Try to EAT much more chlorophyll rich foods and eat 60 grams of polyunsaturated fats.

4. Base Metabolic Rate (Metabolism) decreases. The thyroid gland produces less hormone.

And what to do about it: Eliminate all protein and complex carbohydrates, eat more alkaline electron rich, high water content and high chlorophyll content foods and drinks. Start taking 1 to 2 teaspoons of pHour salts containing sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium bicarbonate. Spray the pHlavor salt in your mouth every hour or when you feel a decrease in energy.

5. Aerobic capacity (capacity to process oxygen) decreases.

And what to do about it: Do low impact aerobic exercises such as rebounding, walking, jogging, and whole body vibration. Clear the bowels of any undigested animal and dairy products. Drink 1 tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll every hour to help build the blood.

6. Body cells lose sensitivity to insulin.

And what to do about it: Avoid all sugars (natural sugars like honey or stevia) and complex carbohydrates in your diet, increase healthy fats in your diet from avocado, olive, hemp, pomegrante, pumpkin, sesame, etc., and eliminate all protein in your diet. If you are overweight, try to lose weight through the pH Miracle alkaline diet and low impact and static attraction exercise. Do exercises to increase muscle mass and eliminate acids, which will help to lower high insulin levels. As you eliminate acidity and clear the bowels of undigested protein and carbohydrate, this will reverse your sensitivity to insulin. Take supplements with chromium and vanadium, which will help insulin to work better. Take supplemental sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, long chain fats, arginine, carnitine, and especially veggie based glutathione. Buy a meter to measure glucose levels after every meal, and adjust your diet to keep glucose between 70 and 105, (preferably 80 to 95.) As you begin to alkalize your body you will need less insulin (up to 75% in the first 72 hours).

7. LDL Cholesterol, (Low Density Lipoprotein, the “good cholesterol) increases when we are more acidic, and HDL Cholesterol (High Density Lipoprotein, the “good” cholesterol) decreases when we are eating acidic foods.

And what to do about it: Avoid animal protein, all sugar, and complex carbohydrate foods whenever you can. Take chromium, vanadium, Omega-3 from hemp seed, Omega-5 from pomegranate seed, amino acids such as glutathione, taurine, cysteine, carnitine. Eat alkaline, high chlorophyll fruits and vegetables with a high content of water and fiber. Never take injected growth hormone!

8. Blood pressure increases.

And what to do about it: Eat less animal protein, eat less foods with a high carbohydrate content (potatoes, rice, pasta, sweets, bread) and eat more foods with a high chlorophyll content. Avoid processed salt and eat mineral salts like pHlavor, take supplementary chromium, vanadium. magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Do whole body exercises.

9. Density of minerals in our bones decreases. Osteoporosis (“porous bones”) is a nearly universal condition beginning after age 50.

And what to do about it: Eliminate all acidic foods and drinks which causes the release of calcium ions from the bones. Take supplemental vitamin D, sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, lysine, and boron. Take mineral salts like pHour salts and pHlavor salts.

10. Calcium increases in our blood, as it decreases in our bones. More calcium in the blood contributes to arthritis, and stiffness of the circulatory system.

And what to do about it: Eliminate all acidic foods and drinks as outlined in the pH Miracle for Weight Loss, including all proteins, sugars, complex carbohydrates, non-alkaline water. Start eating a diet rich in chlorophyll, alkaline water, mineral salts like pHour salts and pHlavor salts and liberal amounts of long chain fats from olive, avocado, hemp, flax and pomegranate,

11. Kidney function decreases. The kidneys are responsible for filtering and purifying our blood from dietary and metabolic acids. They also serve as a thermostat to determine if there is enough oxygen in our blood. If there are not enough red blood cells carrying oxygen, the kidneys are the organs that produce EPO, erythropoietin. As kidney function decreases, they allow red blood cell level to decrease, which decreases oxygen to all parts of our body.

And what to do about it: If red blood cell count is lower than normal, it can be raised by increasing the diet in high chlorophyll foods and drinks. Eliminate all meat in your diet. Drink 1 quart or 1 liter of alkaline green drink per day. Take 1 teaspoon of glutathione 3 times a day.

12. We lose about 20% of the neurons in our brain. This may be due to a lack of oxygen, or to the increase in acid on our brain, or bad circulation, or red blood cell deficiency or probably to a combination of these factors. Improving any or all of them will decrease the loss of neurons.

And what to do about it: Nebulize 10 ml of glutathione 3 times a day. Glutathione will help to clean up lipofuscin, which contributes to the loss of brain cells. Hydration with green drinks will help to clean up the circulatory system. Lower cholesterol and triglycerides will help blood to flow better. Vaso-dilators such as sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium bicarbonate with 3 to 4 liters of green drinks per day will help get food, oxygen, and water to your brain cells. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will super-saturate blood with oxygen, which could help repair or save brain cells. Take supplements with glutathoine, cysteine, taurine, magnesium, zinc, choline, vitamins B-5, B-6, B-12, folic acid, calcium, and especially CLA from pomegranate seeds. Nebulize glutathione, cysteine, and taurine which will help to increase your circulatory system to the brain, which will help to keep your brain cells healthy.

13. The largest nerve in the body, the vagus nerve, which runs from the brain to the lower body, deteriorates from acidic exposure to dietary and metabolic acids. The vagus nerve is the main neural component of the parasympathetic nervous system, or that part of the nervous system that takes care of the functions that run more or less on “auto-pilot”. These include heart rate, ability to have an erection in men, and digestion. As we age, the vagus nerve is affected and damaged by rising blood acid levels. This affects and can be measured in heart rate, the increase in erectile impotence in men, and digestive problems. A twenty-one year old non-diabetic’s heart rate typically slows as much as 75 percent from inhaling to exhaling. This drops to about 30 percent for a seventy year old non-diabetic, or less (including “no variation”) in a diabetic.

And what to do about it: The acid sugar causes the most damage to the circulatory system. Learn which foods increase your blood glucose levels, and avoid those foods (potatoes, bread, sweets, fruits, rice, pasta, pizza, cookies, and cakes). Eliminate all animal proteins that will decrease uric, nitric, sulphuric and phosphoric acid.

14. Growth hormone secretion decreases about 70% from age 20 to 50, and another 70% from age 50 to 80. Testosterone decreases in males, estrogen decreases in females, thyroid decreases, DHEA, and melatonin decrease.

And what to do about it: Eat more mineral salts like pHlavor and pHour salts to decrease dietary and metabolic acids and increase the health of the endocrine system. When you have a healthy endocrine system which runs on electrons transported on the backbone of mineral salts then the glands will function normally. The evidence of a normally functioning gland is the secretion of hormones which are the acidic waste products of these glands. Some of these acidic glandular acidic waste products include melatonin, DHEA, pregnenolone, testosterone, Tri-Est, progesterone, thyroid, and growth hormone. The single most important nutrient for healthy endocrine glands are the ingestion of mineral salts, especially sodium. It is scientifically proven to reverse many of the signs of aging, including perhaps rejuvenating the thyroid gland itself.

15. Our bodies produce less of certain antioxidants, such as super-oxidase dimutase, which are important for buffering dietary acids or as our first natural defense against fermentation or tissue degeneration from dietary and metabolic acids.

And what to do about it: eat raw electron rich green fruits and vegetables, if necessary take natural mineral salt supplements, like pHour salts which contains sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium bicarbonate. Take orally glutathione, which will help decrease the harmful dietary and metabolic acids that increase with age.

16. The thickness of our skin decreases… skin wrinkles.

And what to do about it: Take supplements of vitamin A, C, E, and glutathione. Eliminate all animal protein and complex carbohydrates. Increase your intake of green fruits and vegetables which are high in chlorophyll that will help build healthy blood and in turn help build healthy skin cells. The quality of the blood will determine the quality of the skin cells and the quality of the red blood cells as the primary stem cells will be determined by the quality and quantity of green fruits and vegetables eaten. Take at least 9 to 12 servings of green fruits or vegetables a day or supplement your diet with a concentration of fruits and vegetables called pHruits and pHolage. Take 1 to 2 capsules or pHruits and pHolage with alkaline water 3 times daily.

17. The proportion of water in tissues decreases… this causes dry skin and more wrinkles.

And what to do about it: Drink 3 to 4 liters or quarts of structured electron rich alkaline water with 1 to 2 scoops of concentrated pHruits and pHolage each day. This will help provide the naturally occurring antioxidants to prevent wrinkles and the electron rich hydration to prevent dry skin.

18. We hear less well, and see less well.

And what to do about it: take supplemental Glutathione, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E. Place 1 drop in each ear or each eye of colloidal copper, gold, silver and titanium. Drink 3 to 4 liters or quarts of electron rich alkaline water with 1 to 2 scoops of pHruits and pHloage.

19. Men more than women, some younger and some older, but all of us lose hair on our heads, and hair turns white.

And what to do about it: Wash and condition your hair with Young pHorever Shampoo and Conditioner which will increase the circulatory system reaching the roots of the hairs, thus taking water, oxygen, and nutrients to the roots of your hair. This will avoid or postpone the loss of hair.

20. The thymus gland which is the master gland of the immune system, shrinks and atrophy’s with age, because of increased dietary and metabolic acids.

And what to do about it: Take supplements of Glutathione, CLA from pomegranate, Vitamins A, and E. Drink 3 to 4 liters or quarts of electron rich alkaline water with 1 to 2 scoops of pHruits and pHloage to help reverse the atrophy of the thymus gland.

21. The liver and brain and other vital organs shrink and become less effective because of dietary and metabolic acid. We lose up to 20% of the neurons in our brain, especially after age 45. Our liver also shrinks in size because of dietary and metabolic acid.

And what to do about it: Drink 3 to 4 liters or quarts of electron rich alkaline water with 1 to 2 scoops of pHruits and pHloage to help dilate the capillaries. This will help feed the brain and other organs with oxygen and nutrients, to prevent loss. Take glutathione, which will increase the circulatory system, thus getting nutrients and oxygen and water to all organs, thus preventing their loss.

22. Lipofuscin accumulates in our brains and snuffs out memory cells.

And what to do about it: Drink 3 to 4 liters or quarts of electron rich alkaline water with 1 to 2 scoops of pHruits and help remove lipofuscin from the brain, or reduce the rate of accumulation, with a doctor’s supervision. Take glutathione, which will increase the size and vigor of the circulatory system, thus helping to keep the garbage moving out.

23. The circulatory system deteriorates. We are born with a perfectly clean and beautifully flexible circulatory system reaching everywhere. But by the time we are 50 years old, if you would see a cross-section of your veins and arteries, and depending upon how much you have abused your body with sugar, trans-fat foods, cigarettes and alcohol etc, they are looking like a clogged up sewer. In addition to cholesterol bound acid, they are clogged up with calcium bound acid, and veins and arteries have lost flexibility. This causes blood to circulate more slowly, and so less oxygen gets to all parts of the body, including the brain. Dietary and metabolic acid are at the root cause of loss of brain cells, and organ and gland atrophy.

And what to do about it: Avoid as much sugar and carbohydrates and protein in your diet, as possible. Glutathione, cysteine, and taurine will help prevent free radical damage, which causes some of the problem. Omega-3, 5, 6 and 9 oil will help lower acidity, increasing the level of healthy red blood cells that will help repair the walls of the circulatory system, and bowel detoxification, oral alkaline chelation will might help to cleanse out micro-calcifications and some metals, thus improving circulation. Take glutathione which is proven to increase the length and breadth of the circulatory system. Drink 3 to 4 liters or quarts of electron rich alkaline water with 1 to 2 scoops of pHruits and pHolage to help build red blood cells and to dilate the circulatory system, thus helping to increase the flow of blood to all parts of the body. Take chlorophyll and eat green fruits and vegetables to increase blood volume, the percentage of blood that is red blood cells, and hemoglobin which carries oxygen.

24. Toxic metals such as lead and mercury accumulate throughout our lives in our bodies. They stick to the brain and the spinal column, causing damage. This process probably starts soon after birth. After a certain level, lead will cause a decrease in learning. Mercury causes a decrease in learning and headaches and pain. Both probably also contribute to damage which might result in an increase in other terrible deceases.

And what to do about it: Get an analysis done to determine what levels of toxic metals are in your body. Of course, if you smoke, quit smoking. Drink 3 to 4 liters or quarts of electron rich alkaline water with 1 to 2 scoops of pHruits and pHolage to help lower the levels of toxic metals. Dry heat sauna, lymphatic massage and exercise can also help lower some toxins. Avoid contact as much as possible with mercury and lead in paints, fungus creams, etc. The greatest amount of mercury is foolishly placed into your mouth by ignorant dentists, via so-called “silver” amalgams (if dentists would call them “mercury amalgams,” like they should since they are more than 50% mercury, then they might lose business…) Utterly refuse any mercury amalgams in your mouth, and consider removing and replacing the ones you have!

25. Deep sleep deteriorates. The first stage of deterioration of sleep due to aging occurs between young adulthood (ages 16 to 25) and mid-life (35-50). Although the total amount of sleep remains constant as young adults move into mid-life, the proportion of slow wave or deep sleep decreases from nearly 20% of a normal night’s sleep for those under 25, to less than five percent for those over 35. Growth hormone secretion, which occurs primarily during deep sleep, also declines by about 75%.

And what to do about it: Nebulize glutathione, which helps to increase deep sleep. Drink 3 to 4 liters or quarts of electron rich alkaline water with 1 to 2 scoops of pHruits and pHloage.

26. Certain acidic hormones such as cortisol increase with age. Cortisol is produced by the body in response to stress. It is a catabolic, ie, it destroys or ferments muscle. Cortisol is also known as “the Death hormone” under the theory that the human body will spontaneously end its own life at a certain age.

And what to do about it: Avoid anger and stress, and very strenuous exercise which will make the body produce cortisol. Take 1 teaspoon of glutathione 3 times a day, which helps you to remain optimistic and to resist stress. Drink 3 to 4 liters or quarts of electron rich alkaline water with 1 to 2 scoops of pHruits and pHloage.

27. A harmful acidic enzyme, aromatase, increases with age. Aromatase converts testosterone to estrogen, which are both acidic waste products of glandular function. In a man’s body, this results in a loss of muscle and worsening skin tone, and a decrease in sex drive. In a woman’s body, this results less acitivity of the glands that are vital for building muscle, and skin tone, and also sex drive. This is indicated by the reduction of the acidic waste hormone testosterone.

And what to do about it: Take phour salts, pHlavor salts, and glutathione, which are very effective anti-aromatase. Drink 3 to 4 liters or quarts of electron rich alkaline water with 1 to 2 scoops of pHruits and pHloage. After 12 weeks you can take blood tests for hormone levels to determine that the hormone levels are now in healthy levels.

28. As we age, our melanocytes begin to function less effectively. The density of active melanocytes in the skin is reduced by 10% to 20% every 10 years, starting in our late 30’s and 40’s. Melanocytes are also responsible for hair color, so their loss explains why 50% of people are gray by age 50. When sunlight hits the skin, cells called melanocytes (located between the outer and middle layers of the skin) begin to take action. Melanocytes continually release small amounts of the brown- black pigment called melanin into the skin. Exposure to sunlight signals the melanocytes to produce more melanin. Melanin determines our normal skin color and attempts to protect our skin from severe sun damage.

And what to do about it: Take 1 teaspoon of glutathione 3 time a day and treat your hair with Young pHorever Shampoo and Conditioner, which can help to reverse loss of hair color in many people. Drink 3 to 4 liters or quarts of electron rich alkaline water with 1 to 2 scoops of pHruits and pHloage.

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