Part 4 – Dropping A Ton And Having Fun – The Germ Is Nothing

The following is Part 4 of an interview of Dr. Robert O. Young by Rick Laurenzi, on the importance of acid/alkaline balance, food, water, nutrition, and the cause of obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Rick will be releasing a full length motion picture the beginning of next year called, “Dropping a Ton and Having Fun” with a subtitle of “Cancer is Simple.” Rick has featured the science, lifestyle and diet of Dr. Robert and Shelley Young in his new movie.

When Rick started the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet over two years ago he weighed in at over 390 pounds. He has lost approximately 200 pounds in the last two years and has gained a significant amount of muscle weight. He feels great and looks great. His blood has improved and his over-all health and fitness is a reflection of that improvement. We hope to be announcing the release date of this exciting new movie soon. Please go to our website at: http://www.phmiracleliving to see a trailer on this new health and fitness movie or to sign up for our free newsletter.

And now Part , of Rick’s interview with Dr. Young . . .

Mr. Rick Laurenzi: Thank you for this insightful answer. We’re going to change the subject to pH. How important is it to maintain an alkaline pH in our blood, saliva, urine and sweat?

Dr. Young: Maintaining the alkaline pH of the saliva, urine, tears, sweat and blood is critical. Testing the body fluid pH is the most important daily measurement anyone can do to maintain health and fitness and to PREVENT ALL sickness and disease. The beauty of the pH test is that you don’t need to go to a doctor to do it. You can do it yourself. You can actually become your own doctor and manage your own health with this simple test. And if you’ll remember this rule—if you maintain the saliva and the urine pH, ideally at 7.2 or above, you will never get sick. That’s right you will NEVER get sick! The key is to manage the alkaline design of the body fluids. But, most people on the planet have a urine or saliva pH in the six or fives. They don’t manage their pH. People take better care of their aquariums, swimming pools, or spas, than their own internal body fluids. Managing the pH of your body fluids is simple. All you do is take some pHydrion paper or litmus paper, moisten it with saliva and urine and then check the color on the color-coded chart. The chart measures the pH of saliva, urine, sweat, and tears in 5.0 to 8.5 increments. Ideally, you want your saliva, urine, sweat and tears to measure at least 7.2 or better. Managing you body fluid pH with an alkaline lifestyle and diet is the healthiest advice I could give anyone on this planet. It is inexpensive. It is simple, and it works.

Laurenzi: When these body fluids stay acidic for days, weeks, months or years, what happens to human health?

Dr. Young: What happens to human health when you stay in the acidic zone? You get sick, tired and fat. And, if you don’t get fat, you die. When you are underweight you are living on your own body tissue. Your body is making red blood cells at of body cells. Why? Because you have damaged the root system of your small intestine with acidic food, drink, enzymes, probiotics, antibiotics and other acidic drugs. You are constantly breaking down your own body cells in order to maintain the level of red blood cells at 5 million red blood cells per cubic millimeter. In order to build muscle and bones you have to have healthy strong red blood cells. In order to have healthy strong red blood cells you have to have a healthy alkaline root system or intestinal villi with an alkaline lifestyle and diet. You build healthy blood with electron-rich green alkaline foods and drinks. When you are constantly bombarding your internal environment with acidic foods and drinks and damaging your intestinal villi, you set the stage for all sickness and dis-ease.

Laurenzi: When these liquids are acidic, are they by nature taking electrons away causing oxidation and formation of free radicals?

Dr. Young: When we ingest any acidic food or drink, our body immediately reacts to neutralize or buffer the acid. For example, let’s say you drink a glass of orange juice. But before drinking the orange juice you test the pH of your saliva. After drinking the orange juice you test your saliva pH again. You would think that drinking orange juice, which has a pH between 2.5 to 3 and is highly acidic, would actually cause the pH of your saliva to go down. But it does not. The saliva pH goes up higher then when you first tested the pH. The pH of the saliva should test out over 8. What is happening is the salivary glands are releasing sodium bicarbonate to buffer the acids of the orange juice. This is why the saliva pH goes up. If the saliva pH does not go up this indicates that your alkaline reserves are deficient. All forms of sugar are acidic to the body. Even fruit sugars are acidic. When the body is trying to neutralize an acid, it has to secrete an alkaline buffer to do so. When you ingest sugar or you drink a glass of fresh orange juice, or you take any acidic food in the mouth, the pH will sharply go up to neutralize the acid from that food. This is done to protect the alkaline design of the body. When you start using up your alkaline reserves and you do not replace those reserves with alkaline foods and drinks, you begin to compromise other parts of the body. Especially if, the daily diet is loaded with acidic foods and drinks. When the alkaline reserves are deficient and the diet is also deficient in foods or drinks that will build up those alkaline reserves the body starts pulling alkaline minerals from the bones and muscles. This causes deficiencies of the bones and muscles. When your blood is compromised from a deficiency of alkaline reserves, such as sodium bicarbonate or the elements to make sodium bicarbonate, the body will begin pulling calcium from the bones and/or magnesium from the muscles to maintain the alkalinity of the blood plasma. This is when you will start experiencing the deficiencies of alkalinity that are expressed in the seven stages of acidosis, going from sensitivities all the way up to degeneration.

Laurenzi: What are some of the positive things that would occur if all of these body fluids are alkaline?

Dr. Young: When you are alkalized you are energized. And when you are energized you feel better and think better. You have sustainable energy when you are alkalized. When you eat and drink alkaline you are making energy deposits to your body, like a bank account. You are making alkaline deposits to your energy bank account and to your alkaline reserves or energy savings account. The positive benefits of being alkaline are incredible health, energy, fitness, mental clarity and vitality.

Laurenzi: We’re going to use your term—why is the “New Biology” so important?

Dr. Young: The New Biology™ is important because it is based on a foundational health principal, that the human body is alkaline by design, but every function of the body is acidic. So every disease is nothing more than the body trying to maintain its alkaline design. So when we’re talking about bone disease, the body is taking alkalinity from the bones to maintain the alkalinity of the blood, which is the most important organ of the body. Once the blood becomes acidic, you will die. A drop from the normal blood pH of 7.365 to 6.9 will cause one to go into a coma and then die. The blood pH has a very narrow range for health and vitality. The normal healthy blood pH is at 7.365. If the blood pH drops down to 7.2, you start feeling very sick and at 6.9 you are dead. So the body will do everything it can to maintain the alkaline integrity of the blood, at the expense of all other organs and organ systems. Once we understand the foundational theory of the New Biology™, and I’ll repeat it again: the human organism is alkaline by design, although acidic by function. So breathing is acidic. Thinking is acidic. Eating is acidic. Metabolism is acidic. The breakdown of the food you eat is acidic. Everything you eat is acidic to a lesser or greater degree. The body has to protect itself. The body protects itself with the alkaline buffering system, which is currently NOT understood by medical savants. Your body is looking for energy in the form of electrons or electron-rich foods and drinks. Health is all about energy. The New Biology™ teaches us the foundational principles of health, fitness and energy and how to maintain that health, fitness and energy, for a lifetime, free from ALL sickness and disease.

Laurenzi: For the body’s immune system to work properly is alkalinity the most important thing to monitor?

Dr. Young: True immunity from ALL sickness and disease comes from alkalinity not from white blood cells. We were all taught in human biology that immunity is comes from white blood cells protecting us from some invading germ or virus. White blood cells provide NO immunity. White blood cells do not destroy germs. White blood cells are glorified janitors that swim around in our blood and lymphatic plasma picking up the garbage we create from an acidic lifestyle and diet. White blood cells are NOT soldiers, destroying some invading germ coming in from the outside world that would make us sick. True immunity comes to each of us by maintaining the alkaline fluids of the body. That is where true immunity is found. The first line of defense against sickness and disease is an alkaline internal environment. As soon as you put something acidic into your mind, into your mouth, into your lungs, your alkaline buffering system is engaged to neutralizing or buffer any acidic food, drink, or thought that might be present. That’s true immunity. It is found in the alkaline reserves for your body. When you have an alkaline lifestyle and diet you are able to defend off environmental, dietary or metabolic acids that would make you sick, tired and/or fat. Germs DO NOT cause disease. Acids cause pain, sickness and disease. There is a simple way to understand this principal. Let’s compare our bodies to an automobile. When you start your car, the car begins using energy. As the car uses energy is creates an acidic waste product called carbon monoxide. When you turn the car off you stop producing this acid. If you start the car again and stuff a few socks or a potato in the tailpipe the car will die from carbon monoxide acidosis. If you were to stop eliminating your own acidic waste products through urination, perspiration, defecation or respiration, like the car, you would die too. The body has a way of protecting itself from excess acidity. When dietary and/or metabolic acids are not properly eliminated they get parked on your hips, thighs, buttocks, waistline, breast and brain. The body does this to protect and preserve the organs and organ systems that sustain life. Your best immunity, to protect your body from ALL sickness and disease DOES NOT come from vaccination or medication. True immunity comes from protecting the alkaline design of the body with an alkaline lifestyle and diet. Once again, white blood cells, including neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, T and B-cells help to maintain cleanliness, and in reality are just the janitors of your body fluids – like an automatic pool sweep. You can support your white blood cells with an electron-rich alkaline lifestyle and diet.

Laurenzi: Do bacteria, viruses, fungus, yeast, grow easily in an acidic body?

Dr. Young: Bacteria and yeast are biological transformations of what used to be organized matter from diet and healthy body cells. You know if you leave food in the back of the refrigerator, that it will spoil. And, if you leave it long enough it will give birth to first bacteria, then yeast and finally mold. You know that food is not infected from the outside world, but is spoiling from the inside out. Bacteria, yeast and mold are nothing more than a biological transformation of matter. You can accept this. But for some reason, science has adopted a medical philosophy or theory that somehow germs are species-specific, as if there’s individual like a cat or a dog. There is nothing special about a virus or bacteria. A virus is nothing more than a smaller bacterial form, from disorganizing or transforming matter. In reality, what I have discovered, through my work, is a virus, is many times just crystallized acids. When you look at bacteria under the microscope, what you are looking at are fragments of what used to be a brain cell or a bone cell or blood cell. And, yeast is just another transformation or evolution, very similar to looking at a caterpillar transforming later into a beautiful butterfly. You accept the reality that the butterfly, use to be a different form—it use to be a caterpillar and now is a beautiful butterfly. And yet this idea of attaching some sort of identity to germs has become very popular over the last 150 years. And the whole focus of medical science has been trying to figure out how to kill the virus, bacteria, yeast or mold. And yet, in reality, the germ is nothing more than a transformation of matter. You cannot kill matter you can only change matter. Because matter cannot be created nor can it be destroyed; it can only change its former function. So therefore, bacteria, yeast and mold is nothing more than a biological transformation of matter that has taken place because of an environment that has become acidic. When the internal environment becomes acidic, the body or blood cell will change. When you take water and put it in the freezer, it turns to ice. When you take water and put it on the stove, it turns to steam. Nothing is ever lost, and nothing is ever gained. The matter is still there, it just takes on a different form. This is a law of physics. When you see bacteria and yeast in the body, all you are looking at is the transformation of what use to be a body cell, a red blood cell, a white blood cell, or a heart cell, and that bacteria or yeast is the evidence of a compromised internal acidic environment. Germs DO NOT cause disease; they are the expression that the internal environment is acidic. You see, the great germ theory of medical science is a scientific illusion. The Germ is Nothing! The Alkaline Internal Environment is Everything!

Laurenzi: What is the easiest way for someone to check and maintain their body’s pH?

Dr. Young: The easiest way for someone to check and maintain the body fluid pH is to test the urine and saliva.

The best time to test the urine is in the morning, because the morning urine is an expression of what you ate and what you drank and how you lived your life the previous, 24 hours. The morning urine is not a product of the blood; it is a product of the tissues. When you measure your urine, you are measuring the pH of your tissues. If your pH is below the ideal of 7.2, and it measures in the 5’s or 6’s, you are in tissue acidosis. When someone over-exercises they can go into lactic tissue acidosis. Lactic acid from over-exercise is felt in the connective tissues and muscles. When the muscles are sore, that’s the tissues picking up the acid to maintain the alkaline blood pH. The blood has to rid itself of metabolic acids or you would die. So it throws the acid out into the muscle tissues and you feel it as irritation or inflammation. If the lactic acid stays in the tissues, it will spoil the tissue cells, and the body will go into preservation mode. In preservation mode, the body will encapsulate the cells spoiled by lactic acid, and now you have a tumor. The tumor is the solution to stop systemic spoiling or metastasis. When the lymphatic system is healthy it will pull the lactic acid out of the tissues, and eventually you will sweat it out or it will be recycled back into the blood and you will urinate it out. So this is very, very important. So remember, when you are testing the pH of your urine, you are testing the pH of your tissues.

And when you are testing your saliva, you are testing your ability or potential to alkalize your food and drink. So when you’re saliva pH is below 7.2, your potential for alkalizing your food, drink and emotions is less. Your reserves are low. You need to make a deposit to your alkaline bank account. And that would be the same with your urine. When your urine is acidic, you need to start alkalizing. You run the risk of staying within an acidic zone; you run the risk of going through the seven stages of acidosis. Starting with lack of energy to sensitivities to inflammation, and working up to ulceration and degeneration.

Laurenzi: Should every doctor, hospital, nutritionist, health care professional be using pHydrion paper to monitor their patients’ body fluids?

Dr. Young: Absolutely, they should be giving pHydrion paper to their patients so they can monitor their tissue pH. Doctors need to educate NOT medicate. My goal is to empower every individual person on the planet to be able to take responsibility for their own health and fitness. I’ve expressed my theory very simply in what I call “the fishbowl” metaphor. The fishbowl metaphor is very simple to understand and it starts out with a question. Here is the question. “If the fish is sick, what would you do? Would you treat the fish or change the water?” If you said change the water you are correct. When you put on your common-sense hat and you ask this question, “if the fish is sick, what would you do? Treat the fish or change that water?” Right off the top of your head, you would say, “Dr. Young, I would change the water.” If you ask the same question to your doctor, what would you expect? “Well, I’d treat the fish.” Because that’s what doctors do. That’s their mindset. But when you realize that every cell in the body is eternal in nature, and would live forever if you would only maintain the correct alkaline pH, you see, there would be no aging of the body. I mean, in a perfect scenario. But, we don’t live in a perfect scenario. Ideally, in the perfect scenario, the life expectancy of the human cell, that makes up all of your organs and tissues are infinite. Every day you either choose to live or you choose to die—either by omission or commission. Either you do it with knowledge or you do it with a lack of knowledge. When you have a lack of knowledge, you live in acidic state and you can end up sick, tired and/or fat. It is critical for me to tell you that, “YES, testing your urine and saliva is the most important thing one can do to maintain the body in an alkaline state full of health, fitness, vitality, hope, love and peace.” You’ll be surprised at how healthy, energetic and strong you will get, even when everyone around you is getting sick. That just won’t happen to you anymore!

Laurenzi: Sir, if you’ll forgive me. I’ve just spent two days shooting in fish stores. If the fish is sick and the water’s dirty, do you give the fish a pill or do you change the water?

Dr. Young: If the fish is sick and the water’s dirty, do you give the fish a pill? The answer is definitely not, because that just contributes more to the internal environmental pollution. Taking a pill does not clean up the water. You’ve got to change the water and do it in a way that’s not going to kill the fish or the body cells that make up your tissues and organs. You have to do it in a way that’s going to be healthful and energetic. And, there is a way to do this. The way to do this is with an alkaline lifestyle and diet; I call “pH Miracle Living.”

To order your pHydrion paper for testing urine and saliva pH go to:

This is the end of Part 3 of the Rick Larenzi/Dr. Robert O. Young interview. Please let me know if you would like to read more of the interview. You can also go to our website at: to watch the trailer on Rick’s new documentary called, “Dropping A Ton and Having Fun” or “Cancer Is Simple.”

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