Reversing Thalassaemia, Ulcerated Colitis and Breast Cancer with The pH Miracle Protocol

The following is an unsolicited testimony of a young woman from London, England who has embraced Dr. Robert and Shelley Young’s pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet and has reversed her diagnosed conditions of Thalassaemia, Ulcerated Colitis, and Breast Cancer. This testimony is an example of millions of people around the world in over 72 countries who are NOW dis-ease free, drug free and living a life of health, energy and vitality because of the work of Dr. Robert and Shelley Young and their pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet!  This story will be included in their new book release The pH Miracle for Cancer – Preventing and Reversing Cancer without drugs, radiation or surgery!

Dear Dr. Robert O. Young,

My name is Ulviye Ozevlat (Olivia). I am 42 years old mother of two and living in London, UK. From the age of about 17 I had low haemoglobin/low iron levels in my blood. I felt extremely fatigued and wanted to sleep all day. My Doctor put this down to the fact that I was aThalassaemia  genetic trait which is described as a blood disorder affecting haemoglobin. I was prescribed iron tablets in the form of Ferrous Fumarate 210mg. I took these tablets for about 7 years but the health of my blood did not improve. I still felt very tired, unwell and dizzy all day. In 1995, I gave birth to my second child and soon after giving birth I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis which is a condition described as inflammation of a part of the large intestine accompanied by stomach pains, extreme urge to go to the toilet with mucous and blood in faeces. I had this condition for about 14 years. On average I had a flare up of ulcerative colitis 2 to 3 times a year and when it came on it would last between a week and three weeks. I was prescribed Mesalazine 400mg (5-aminosalicylic acid) tablets, initially 4 tablets working up to 8 tablets depending on the severity of colitis at the time. I had to go to 6 monthly appointments to have regular check-ups at the hospital, routine blood tests and colonoscopies. My general health did not improve following my doctor’s drug treatment protocol.

My partner Mehmet has always commented on how the doctors were only trying to control the disease rather than aiming at creating health. He practices Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and he was an expert in Human Nutrition as he was preparing to undertake a PhD in Alternative Medicine. Mehmet always argued with my doctors for their lack of knowledge and understanding in Nutrition. He was very familiar with Dr Robert  O. Young’s work. His life revolved around health, psychology and biochemistry but he had a special connection with The PH Miracle and always talked to me about it. He loved to research and he gave a lot of credit to Dr. Young’s The New Biology. In Mehmet’s words: ‘no other scientific explanation on Human Biology can even come close to making a true sense as that of The New Biology.’ He was giving seminars on the Alkaline Diet and he was very busy helping people to lose weight, stop smoking and generally coaching them to re-claim their health.
In July 2009 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and underwent lumpectomy on my left breast. It was described as an aggressive grade 3 tumour. It was 17 millimetres in size. I was advised by my oncologist to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy but I told them that I wanted to think about it. They agreed and booked another appointment 2 weeks later. This is when my life began to change. I came home and sat down with Mehmet and that is when I told him that I was ready to embrace The pH Miracle protocol. I believed that my body was clogged up with acids, toxins and debris and that was the reason for my health challenges. I went on an alkaline green juice diet for 7 days. I juiced everything from cucumbers, spinach, celery, red peppers, green peppers etc. Mehmet taught me how to detox correctly and safely taking correct blend of herbs and alkaline supplements. I felt so ill I could not explain but I knew that my body was going through a healing crisis so I continued with the alkaline diet.  After a week I introduced solid foods but they were all green alkaline vegetables. I gave up coffee, chicken, beef, dairy, bread, potatoes and rice. Was it difficult? Well of course it was but I began to get use to it. I soaked almonds overnight to have them as snacks the next day. I started sprouting different seeds at home and used these as my snacks and in salads. Anything alkaline I was on it. I was drinking around 3 to 4 litres of pH Miracle green drinks a day with PuripHy pH drops. I added in The pHour Salts to increase the Alkalinity. Mehmet showed  me how to test my urine for acidity using pH Hydrion paper and explained to me how the acids in the body corrode our cells and tissues. For the first time in my life, despite being diagnosed with breast cancer and having had debilitating ulcerative colitis for 14 years, I actually began to feel better and set myself a date to give up my Mesalazine tablets (for U.Colitis), and I did.  It has now been over 3 years without medication for Ulcerative Colitis. In the last 2 years I only had a flare up just once (normally this would be 4 to 6 times) and it was a lot milder than before.
My oncologist still encouraged me to do chemo?’ ‘Never’ I said!
He said that I was making a big mistake. I said that I had never felt so healthy in my life before so I was not prepared to go ahead with it. Mehmet tried to explain Dr Robert Young’s principles to the oncologist and his team but they just did not want to listen. I told them that I would take Tamoxifen but in fact I have not even touched it once!!
I still continued with the diet and testing my urine pH daily. I was eating broccoli and avocado for breakfast! We got rid of refined salt and replaced it with Real Salt. I use pHlavor Salt sprayed into my mouth 10 -15 times a day, powerful anti-oxidant Glutathione,anti-bacterial colloidal silver, alkaline Montmorillonite clay, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Co-enzyme Q10, Organic liquid chlorophyll, Aloe vera, Psyllium Husks, pH Miracle pHlush as an internal cleanser and lots more (too long to list here).
I has now been 4 years and  NO CHEMO, NO TAMOXIFEN and NO MESALAZINE for Ulcerative Colitis for 3 years.
I still have my regular check-ups with my consultants: for Ulcerative Colitis and for breast cancer. My consultant for Ulcerative Colitis believes that my success is to do with taking my medications regularly. Little he knows that I have not touched those medications for 3 years! I feel that I will have to reveal the truth to him one day because he may find out if he reads this. He might have a paradigm shift when he does find out! He might well listen and give some credit to the PH Miracle and Dr Robert O. Young.
I have never felt this healthy in my life before!! Mehmet monitors everything I eat, drink and do. All my supplements are specially prepared and there is ZERO Iron in them except which it occurs naturally in Montmorillonite clay. I have to say that my Haemoglobin has improved from all time of 8.0 g/dl (very low) to around 10.5 g/dl and that’s without IRON TABLETS and this is all credit to Dr Young’s good work and advice. I realized that I did not need those acidic medications and iron?? No, No, No! Three years ago I met lovely Dr Young in London and we had a meal together: Yes, you are right the meal was all vegetables, yummy! He told me that he was impressed with what I was doing.
I don’t remember a time in my life when I had not felt dizzy in the mornings or had not felt extremely tired during the day. That is all in the past. Three years without medication for my Ulcerative Colitis? Absolutely! The irony of it all is that I meant to be on medication for the rest of my life! Yeah right! As for my breast cancer, well my attitude to life has changed. People who come to our house to visit us, at first they expect a low-energy atmosphere. Absolutely not! People get shocked when they visit us. Health is everywhere – all around us, there is positive energy everywhere and people comment on it. And it is contagious because people want to do the things we are doing.

Lots of people contact us for information on this new journey that I have proudly chosen to travel. Some people refer to this as a diet. Well it is not! It is a new pH Miracle lifestyle where your diet, thoughts, beliefs, actions and expectations are in alignment with the natural laws of the universe. That is why you feel at ease and at peace when you are on the pH Miracle Lifestyle.
Dr. Young, I know that you have helped so many people change their lives. Well, you truly have changed mine.
God Bless You,

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  1. Sayın Ulviye Hanım,
    Çok çok geçmiş olsun, sağlıklar dilerim. Tedavinizi kendi tercihiniz yönünde yapmış olmanızda çok güzel, ürünleri bulabilmenizde önemli.


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