The Radical Truth In Understanding Health and Dis-ease!

The following is an email I received in response to my articles on the acidic toxic effects of eating sweet fruit. I hope you find my responses educational and inspiring to live an alkaline lifestyle and diet.

Have an alkaline day,

Dr. Robert O. Young


Hi Dr. Young,

It seems that we are have an interesting debate here between me and an JP[] , how would you respond to his views.

Could you give me some help?




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Date: Fri, Apr 17 2009 9:36 pm

Dear Lina,

I totally understand you. When I read your emails, I see myself 3 or 4 years ago, I love your passion and your desire to help, so please read on.

I think we agree on many things : Stu Mittleman, Dr Rosedale, the body thriving on greens and fats and low sugar, the ‘problem’ of classical medicine, etc.

I have read books and books on nutrition and detox, but also tried it and talked to therapists, and I am strongly convinced that the right food can do a lot of good for a body.

Your reply tries to dismiss some of my remarks but you are missing several fundamental points. I am asking you to leave your need to be right, and to truly think about what follows without bias.

JP: 1) Yes, you have seen miracles with greens and alkalizing, I am totally convinced about that, and it makes sense, but I have seen miracles with simple magnets too, or the right water!

Dr. Young: Magnets work on the same principals as alkalizing – negative and positive polarity or electrons and protons. Magnets cannot, in of themselves, heal but can cause an increase or decrease in circulation depending upon the polarity used. If you use the positive or proton side of the magnet, you will cause blood to flow to that polarity. The surface charge on red blood cells is negative and will be attracted to the positive polarity of the magnet. When blood circulation is improved to a certain area, then healing can take place. But the big question is what is the quality of the blood. This is important because
the quality of the blood will determine the quality of the new cells created with the understanding it is blood that becomes muscle, bone and sinew. You can accomplish the same thing and even do it better when you alkalize the body and flush positively charged acids out of the body. So the right water which is high pH electron-rich alkaline water will help healing because it serves to maintain the alkaline design of the body.

JP: People are OBSESSED with food.

Dr. Young: People are obsessed with food because they are starving for electrical potential which gives the body energy to run. The body runs on converted photons to electrons, not food, but people do not understand this. They think that they need more calories or that their body runs on sugar. Or they think that the brain runs on sugar. This is far from the truth. The brain runs on light and energy and the light is called photon energy that is converted into electrons or electricity. The electrical energy transformed from photons comes from green foods and green drinks. Yes, it can also come from the sun as well. But, plants adsorb and the adsorb photons into their plant cells called chlorophyll where these photons are held by their center atom, magnesium, until they are released into the body through mastication. Bottom line the body runs on light that is converted to electrons that is carried through our body fluids on a matrix of sodium or salt ions to power every anatomical element that makes up every living cell, even the genetic matter is powered with light or photon/electrons.

JP: But it’s only one of 5 elements our bodies need (food, water, air, magnetic energy and sun infrared energy).
Biochemical process in the body need those 5 things.

Dr. Young: The body needs electrical energy from photons/electrons to operate. Food, magnetic energy, water, air and sun are forms of energy that contain pHotons/electrons that can be converted into electrical potential. We know that the pHotons from sunlight can be converted to electrons and thus provide electrical energy. We also know that pressure or piezoelectricity can be converted to electrical energy. The body is electrical and runs on electrons – not calories, carbohydrates, proteins, or fats. We are organized electrical energy including a spiritual energy that interconnects us to the entire universe while having a physical experience.

JP: If you are deficient in one of them, it is pure non sense to try to address it with another element : like you are dehydrated and you try to address your condition by eating more (food, vitamins=whatever) … non sense !

Dr. Young: One of the elements that is essential for the conductivity of electrical energy in the body is salt. This element is just as critical as water, oxygen or sunlight. That is why all of our body fluids are salted with sodium, especially the blood and lymph. Without salt we would die. Without salt the spiritual matter would separate from the pHysical matter and we would die. Salt is the Savior of our life. It is the glue that holds the physical and the spiritual body’s together.

JP: If someone’s disease comes from severe magnetic deficiency, you can beat you head against the wall and have him drink 100 gallons of greens everyday, he will not heal, or maybe partially. I have seen people who thought they were healed, only to make a strong healing crisis after sleeping on a magnetic
bed …Food is only one part of the problem.

Dr. Young: Dis-ease or so-called disease does not arise out of a deficiency of magnetic energy. Dis-ease or so-called disease are ALL symptoms of dietary and/or metabolic acids and the body’s lack of electrical energy in eliminating or removing these acids through the four channels of elimination – lungs, bowels, skin and kidneys. Magnetic energy from the earth or the sun is only two sources for electrical energy for proper organ function and elimination of dietary and/or metabolic acid. The other sources for electrical energy are green food, green drink, alkaline water, nascent oxygen, colloidal sodium and chloride and mono and polyunsaturated oil. Keep in mind that when you were born you were 90% alkaline water, 8% oil, 1% protein, and 1% mineral – very little or NO SUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you want to put out the fire of life than eat sugar in any form. It is a toxic acidic waste product of fermentation. That’s why bananas get sweeter when they are rotting. And why the words, “Diabetes Millitus” means to melt into sugar. When will people get into their bowels and head that there is NO SUCH THING as healthy sugar. It matters not the source. Honey, agave, stevia, cane, beet, fruit, etc., it is ALL poison to the body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JP: 2) A physical disease is, of course, a sequence of chemical reactions, so it is obvious that you can tweak , slow even remove the SYMPTOMS by interfering with those chemical reactions with chemicals or food. It does not mean you address the cause (see below and my other emails). Let me use a stupid example : if you give horse pee to a thousand people, statistically some may feel better, and it will be easy to say ‘hey, look horse pee is good for health, and it’s natural’ ! I am not comparing greens to horse pee, it’s just a metaphor, but not as stupid as it seems because pee is full of natural chemicals…

Dr. Young: The horse pee will only act as an acid to break up undigested animal protein or sticky mucous from bread and dairy in the 9 yards of the small intestine. Horse or human urine, pee will only work to break up congestion, but it will also damage the delicate root system of the small intestine or the intestinal villi. When this happens the body cannot produce healthy stem cells (produced in the crypts of the small intestine)that produce healthy erythroblasts that produce healthy blood cells and then healthy brain and body cells. What you have here when drinking an acidic beverage are short term benefits with long term serious damage to the intestinal villi which are responsible for producing stem cells. This can only lead to dis-ease. Whether it is horse pee, human pee, beer, coffee, tea, alcohol, sugar, apple juice, pear juice, gogi juice energy drinks, sport drinks, or even orange juice, just to name a few, the impact on the delicate intestinal villi is the same – acid damage to the root system which is responsible for stem cell production and red blood cell production. If it were me, I’d prefer getting my acids from the oranges and let others do the horse pee experiment.

JP: 3) We are perfectly adapted to nature. Read Richard Dawkings books about genetics. After thousands and thousands of generations, all the genes of people who cannot thrive on the food we find in nature have been eliminated by natural selection. People or animals who get sick because of bananas are
all gone because their genes could not create efficient survival machines(body).

Dr. Young: Bananas and any sweet fruit will negatively change the DNA of anyone in two weeks. I have yet to see the blood of anyone on this planet who is ingesting bananas and a healthy red and white blood cell count. The acid content of a banana is 25% and can cause significant damage to the root system of the body as well as compromise the bowel pH (ideal at 8.4) and ORP (ideal at -150 mV). After thousands of generations people still do not understand the fundamental physiology of the body – the body is alkaline by design and acidic by function. Eating, breathing, and thinking are all acidic and can all make you sick, tired,
depressed or fat. There is NO disease and NO death that does not involve acid. Maintaining alkalinity is the key to a long life.

JP: Dr Hamer discoveries perfectly fit evolution theories because he proved that disease are survival mechanisms. Ph theory does not, simple as that.

Dr. Young: The body is not trying to survive; it is trying to maintain its alkaline design while people are making acidic lifestyle and dietary choices that are making them sick, tired,
depressed, fat, too thin, and eventually prematurely dead – physically, emotionally and spiritually!

JP: 3) I STRONGLY suggest that you get into Dr Hamer’s findings for the very reason that he healed people without changing their diet or any medicine, thousands of times.

Dr. Young: Long term change can only happen on the foundational principal that the body is alkaline by design and to prevent or reverse any disease it is based upon re-establishing that alkaline design. This can only be done with your thoughts, your words and your deeds. As it has been said, “faith without works is dead!” It sounds like Dr. Hamer undoubtedly did the right things but had a faulty explanation for what was happening inside the body. But he did have the advantage of working with
people at higher levels of consciousness. He didn’t have the benefit of observing the blood of 20,000 people in 72 different countries while manipulating their diet and re-testing. Apparently, If Dr. Hamer was not affecting food and drink, he was affecting higher levels of consciousness. If he wasn’t working with the physical body, he would have been working
at the spiritual level which has many effects on the physical plane – but the effects are only temporary. You have to bring the physical body into balance before you can bring the emotional
or spiritual body into balance. He could have been lowering stress levels that cause acid and he was somehow creating higher levels of love, joy, peace and enlightenment which either prevents acids from forming or can neutralize them very quickly.

JP: This means that the disease is created by the brain. Disease actually are linked by ‘foci’ on the brain that are visible on brain scans. By simply looking at brain scans, Dr Hamer can tell anyone all the problems he has had in his life.

Dr. Young: If Dr. Hamer first looked to the primary brain, the small intestine, where there are more brain cells than in the cranial cavity, then he would understand that the cranial brain is subservient to the small intestines or primary brain. Dis-ease and so-called disease begins with your thoughts, your words and your deeds. Dis-ease is an expression of lifestyle
and dietary choice which is first reflected in the bowels and then in the physical brain and then the body. Until you clean up the acidity of the bowels you will never clean up the physical brain. Every treatment that focuses only on the brain will eventually fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Young: It is also important to differentiate between the physical brain and what we refer to as the mind–meaning that which connects us to universal energy. The enlightened mind
creates a constant integrated awareness of body, sense, mind, intellect and spirit. Much healing comes from the higher consciousness of mind just as much disease can be created by the preoccupation of the mind dwelling on the powerful negative emotions and addictions of lower consciousness.

JP: As I said, the brain creates new blood vessels for cancer cells to grow,

Dr. Young: The brain creates nothing. It is the small bowel that creates the stem and red blood cells that make brain cells. Your primary brain is in your gut not your head. Cancer cells are the illusion of unscientific minds. There is no such thing as a cancer cell. There is only healthy and unhealthy blood and body cells. And all unhealthy blood and body cells are acidic cells. Cells that are spoiling. Remember you do not get old; you mold!

JP: Acidity cannot do that by any stretch of imagination, it is a by product, one step in the very long and complex biochemical process. When you try to address the symptoms, you may heal but you never address the cause. This implies that people may end up taking drugs (natural or chemical) all their life.

Dr. Young: There is only one cause of ALL sickness and dis-ease and that is the over-acidification of the blood and then tissues due to an inverted way of living, eating and thinking.

JP:: Having to drink green juice all your life is like taking a natural drug.

Dr. Young: Drinking green drinks has the highest level of pHotons which are converted in the body to electrons or electrical potential. The pHotons are held within the chlorophyll molecule and converted in the body into electrical energy carried from cell to cell via a saline solution. The evidence of what I am saying is in the blood. Blood does not lie – but people do!


Dr. Young: Green foods were given by way of counsel in Genesis, Chapter 1 verses 29 and 30. You will find that the color of the food we are counseled to eat are all green herbs.

JP: 4) When symptoms are gone, it does not mean you are healed totally. Dr. Hamer proved that the disease is a program in our brain. If you do not remove the program, the disease can and will come back. This is the most important part to understand, and this is why many people have to take a drug or greens all their life, just ‘to make sure’.

Dr. Young: Dis-ease and or so-called disease is not an event; it is a process of acidic lifestyle and dietary choice. You don’t get sick you do sick. Cancer is not a disease you contract. Cancer is a symptom of acidity that you do with acidic lifestyle and dietary choice. One has to be aware of this on a daily basis that they are creating more dietary and/or metabolic acids than the body can buffer and/or eliminate. This is why we age or get old. To stop the aging process and to prevent all sickness and dis-ease, you must be conscious of the fact that the body is alkaline by design and acidic by function. You need to ingest or adsorb and then absorb more alkalinity to keep up with the constant onslaught of acidity to maintain the body’s alkaline design and prevent or slow down the aging process. I personally drink greens and take alkaline buffers everyday to prevent dis-ease and slow down the aging process. That is why I look like I am fifteen to twenty years younger than my age. But physiologically I am a teenager. Remember, the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is the blood. You are only as healthy and young as your blood. And you cannot make healthy blood with an acidic polluted bowel full of meat, fruit, dairy or bread regardless of your thoughts In fact thinking is also acidic. When you think you are consuming energy and when you consume energy while thinking you are producing acidic toxic waste products. Just writing this email is acidic. That’s why I am drinking my electron rich alkaline greens!!!!!!!!!!!

JP: Let me use a metaphor. Someone wants to commit suicide, he takes a gun and shoots himself. What is the CAUSE of the disease ? The bullet, the trigger, the gun, the finger ??? It’s not the bullet because if you take the bullet away, the guy will go buy bullets, if you take the gun away, he will go by another gun or use a rope to hang himself… if you tie his hands behind his back, he will throw himself thru the window etc etc
If you know someone like that, you have to monitor him all his life, it’s like living in fear all your life that a disease will come back, and forces people to worry all their life and take drugs or supplements. The real cause of the suicide is the reason why the guy wants to commit suicide of course. Take that away, and you will free him of the disease (suicide) all
his life. That is what Dr Hamer discovered with those mental programs. Take the program away, the disease is gone forever.

Dr. Young: First off, the bullet is the acid, the smoke is the bacteria and yeast, and the trigger is the acidic lifestyle and dietary choice. You kill yourself not with the gun, or the rope, or by jumping out of a window – you kill yourself with your acidic lifestyle and diet – your acidic thoughts, words and deeds. I have found in every case that when a person will begin to re-establish the alkaline design of the body they start feeling better and when they start feeling better they start
thinking better and when the start thinking better they start doing better. They forget their depression or their suicidal thoughts with alkaline thoughts of life is good and I want to live and contribute.

JP: Some disease for instance come from very low self esteem, unconscious fears, etc.

Dr. Young: The first law of the Universe is the Law of Duality. The Law of Duality states that there needs to be opposition in all things that we might learn from our experience. The opposite of fear is faith which I have said stands for the “First Attribute In Thinking Healthy.” Fear stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real.” When you begin the alkalizing process, cleaning up the bowel, beginning the process of building healthy blood and then a healthy brain and body, the low esteem and unconscious fears vanishes!

JP: If you try to heal people with greens, they will believe they are healed, and 2-3-4 years later, if they stopped drinking greens, the disease may strike back.

Dr. Young: There is no dis-ease or so-called disease; there are only various states of balance and imbalance. This is based upon the duality of life. Bringing opposites of protons and electrons, acids and base, enervation and energizes, fear and faith into balance. Bringing your body into alkaline balance can ONLY happen with an alkaline lifestyle and diet I call The pH Miracle – The Lifestyle and Diet for Immortality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JP: This is why I URGE you to take one of those classes in the US or Canada.

Dr. Young: I believe such a course would be a waste of your time and money. You can easily learn the truth and resonance of the “New Biology,” “New Chemistry,” “New Nuclear Physics,” and the “New Psychology.” Dr. Young’s next course is June 15th through the 19th in London, England and July 6th through July 31st, in San Diego, California. To enroll go to:

JP: 5) Many doctors, even the most honest ones, usually focus on one thing and forget the forest behind the tree. They all have a ‘pattern of focus’ and after a while they forget that the body is much more complex than what science can explain today.

Dr. Young: The science is not complex; it is pure and simple. And it’s already pretty well explained in my books, my science, and the success of reversing hundreds of thousands of so-called fatal or incurable illnesses. Man makes it complex. There is only one health and there is only one dis-ease. It is the simple truth!

JP: You have done the Oneness University, right, you know that we are much more than green-drinking animals. Our bodies are chemical, energetic, spiritual entities. You know that we are all connected, that what happens inside is linked to what happens outside of us.

Dr. Young: We are spiritual, eternal created beings having a physical experience which requires us to stay connected to our physical body by maintaining its alkaline design and eliminating dietary and/or metabolic acids through the four channels
of elimination. Oneness is achieved by keeping the Spirit body in solution with the Physical body. This is what constitutes the Soul – the colloidalization of the Spirit body with the Physical body. This union or solution or colloidalization which
constitutes the Soul is not possible unless we maintain the physical alkalinity of the body. If we do not, the Spirit will fall out of solution and separate from the body. This is what we call death. Death is nothing more than the Spirit body falling out of solution and separating from the Physical body. Another Law of the Universe is “Like attracts Like.” Like intelligence attracts like intelligence. Like alkalinity attracts like alkalinity. Acid attracts acid. Hate attracts hate. Love attracts love. Peace attracts peaceful people. We are only connected to the extent of this law.

JP: 6) Saying that 100 yr old people are an exception is a bit too easy. It is easy to dismiss things that do not fit the theory, this usually happens when we focus too much on something and try to prove it right at any cost. Dr Hamer’s German New Medicine can explain why someone gets a breast cancer in the right breast and not on the left one, why Greek women who are one of the biggest smokers on Earth have the lowest rate of lung cancer, why one can live 100 years drinking alcohol and smoking and being perfectly healthy, or why all sportsmen in the world whose bodies are full of acid day after day do not all get cancer by far.

Dr. Young: Living to the age of 100 is not impressive when the ancients lived to 1000 years. People who smoke or drink or eat acidic and live to age 100 have a better alkaline buffering system and elimination than those who die in their 70’s or 80’s. It is still not impressive. As a scientist, I could only imagine that someone who had a so-called long life with an acidic lifestyle and diet could have lived much longer and a whole lot healthier and probably with a better mind and better energy. So there are two factors here – the first is the quantity of life and the second is the quality of life. Living longer without health and fitness is misery. Living life longer with health and fitness is bliss and can only happen with a alkaline lifestyle and diet I call the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet.

JP: People who cannot explain all that say it’s an exception, dismiss it. I say that someone who can explain it all is worth listening to.

Dr. Young: It is not an exception that someone only lives to 100 when they could live to 1000. It is their ability to manage lifestyle and dietary acid. Few do it well, and most die prematurely.

JP: Dr Young has done valuable scientific discoveries, he is a true giving wonderful human being, but if he cannot explain all of the above, that means that his theory is incomplete.

Dr. Young: Now, however, I have addressed this commentary that you have gleaned and explained second-hand from the work of others. It also appear likely from your commentary that you have not investigated my work, the work that I have personally conducted with 20,000 people worldwide, even though I have been
standing on the shoulders of giants of past centuries. Nor does it appear that you have a sufficient understanding of nutrition,
naturopathy, biochemistry, biophysics, nuclear science, microbiology, bacteriology, mycology, pathology, serology, histology or psychology.

JP: What I am asking you is to look into Dr Hamer’s work and make your mind afterwards. It is too easy to disregard it because right now you are immersed in someone else theory, especially because he has results.

Dr. Young: This sounds like someone being called black by the kettle….:-)

JP: But results do not mean someone is 100% right, especially when there are many things he cannot explain.

Dr. Young: The blood does the explaining. I just translate it into English words. For the person who has had a cancerous condition, diabetes, heart dis-ease, or multiple sclerosis
and has reversed these conditions with the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet, then results are of utmost importance. People who are sick want to know if the plan works – they really don’t care
how it works.

JP: One last word : just think about the reason why we did not burn walking on coals.

Dr. Young: The reason you don’t get burned when walking on coals is because you are NOT walking on hot coals you are walking on the cool ash. It is the cooled ashes from the coals
that protects your feet from burning. This whole thing of walking on coals is an illusion.

JP: Haven’t we seen or heard miracles during the Dickens process (like that autistic kid) ?

Dr. Young: Autism is a symptom of the brain that is focused in the small and large bowel. Clear the bowel and restore health to the intestinal villi and you will start building healthy blood
cells that will build healthy GI and cranial brain cells. Autism begins in the acidic bowels.

JP: Ask Dr Young to explain that with pH theories, and you will realize that alkalinity theory is only a small part of the truth. I know you want to be a healer, and you have a beautiful soul. I am just trying to give you another perspective.

Dr. Young: We are not so much trying to give you another perspective, but to wake you from your acidic sleep…:-)

JP: I am just saying that if you learn German New medicine, you will have an incredible tool set to help people even more.
Go to Dr Hamer’s website, and take a class in the US (see ). I guarantee that you will be blown away, and all the info you have in your
head about health will come together, at their right place!

Dr. Young: I would suggest that Dr. Hamer, if still living, would come to San Diego and learn the “New Biology” to help him further his own science and his explanations to others.

I hope my answers to your friends commentary from others helps him to understand the radical truth – which means at the root of truth.

Kindest regards and in love and light,

Dr. Robert O. Young

One thought on “The Radical Truth In Understanding Health and Dis-ease!”

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