An Unexpected Journey! My pH Miracle of 100 libs. Weight Loss and Renewed Health and Energy!


Anyone who has known me through the years, has witnessed the continuing battle my excess weight brought to me. As a young child, I developed my love for food early on. I lived for Friday night Dominic’s pizza, big Sunday dinners, followed by rides to Johnny’s dairy bar. Dinner was served promptly at five, and my whole family gathered each night to eat and share the days events. The kitchen table was a happy place. Although I wouldn’t replace those moments, it’s become clear to me, that I chose to linger there a bit too long, continuing to eat past the point of fullness on every occasion.

By the age of nine I became aware that I was bigger in size compared to my friends. At 11, the name-calling started, I was know as Fatso to one of my classmates. The summer preceding Middle School found me in the ER, with an appendix on the verge of bursting. Surgery and a 10 day stay led to some weight loss. I remember thinking, this will be my chance to “get skinny” before school starts! This was the catalyst to many diets that would come and go, causing a yo-yo effect on my weight, and setting the stage for the emotional baggage that went with it. You name it, I tried it.; Weight Watchers, Zone diet, Grapefruit diet, Atkins diet, plus calorie counting. Each one left me tired, hungry and still craving junk food and sweets. This gradually brought the scale up and up and up. At the age of 46, I found myself at 255 pounds. Not only was I severely overweight, but I was experiencing the following symptoms; pain in my joints and muscles, IBS, fogginess in thinking, acid reflux, memory issues, elevated blood pressure, plus unexplained kidney pain that would awaken me each night.


Numerous doctors appointments led to a positive ANA test. This concerned them with the possibility of lupus, scleroderma or rheumatoid arthritis. Although further tests concluded there was none of the above, the fact remained that I had elevated antibodies, which made sense to me as to why I felt ill. Just because the doctors couldn’t pinpoint it and diagnose me, didn’t put me at ease. I knew something was going on inside me, the symptoms were obvious. About that same time in Spring of 2011, my husband Mark became ill with chronic diarrhea and weight-loss. This led him to see many doctors and having numerous tests. One and a half years later, although later on confirmed by Sloan-Kettering, that all the appropriate tests were given, Mark was still undiagnosed.

This lead me towards a different path. In search of answers, we sought the advice of a Health Educator and Biological Microscopist. Jeri Reid Microscopist performed a Live and Dry blood Cell Analysis on both Mark and I. Evaluating our blood under a high-powered microscope as we looked on, she explained to us what we were observing on a cellular level, as it related to our state of health. For me seeing the cause and effect of my lifestyle choices was a large chunk of reality. There was no denying the images of bacteria, yeast, parasites and the overall unhealthy state my blood was in. The state of denial I chose to live in all those years, came crashing down and I decided to take Jerry’s advice. I started detoxing and rebuilding my blood. Learning that all organs, tissues, bones etc….are made from blood, taught me I was only as healthy as the blood I produced. This science made complete sense to me. I incorporated a whole alkaline plant-based diet and started drinking lots of alkaline water instead of the acid-based drinks ( soda, juice, and coffee) I was formally consuming. I realized this approach to obtain health was a major shift from what I was accustomed to. I needed to learn all that I could to support and motivate my efforts. I began educating myself on Dr. Robert O. Young’s New Biology, viewing Dr. Young’s video on the importance of juicing helped me understand WHY scientifically, I needed to drink green smoothies to build my blood.

I soon discovered that everything I was learning was in complete contrast to what conventional medicine tells us. This made me even more curious to test Dr. Young’s research out for myself. After all, he states that ALL sickness and disease originates from one source, which is metabolic, dietary, respiratory and environmental ACIDs.

Given that I had numerous symptoms of illness, if Dr. Young was correct, all my symptoms would disappear once I adopted an alkaline lifestyle and diet.

Well within the first week, I was down 13 pounds, but more important than the loss of weight was the renewed energy I felt. I knew after that first week, this approach was quite different than anything I had tried in the past. The more I chose to commit to the pH Miracle program, the more benefits I experienced. Yes, at first there was the detox.  To learn more about the pH Miracle Whole Body Detox read The pH Miracle revised and updated and The pH Miracle for Weight Loss – or

But not at all as bad as I imagined. I experienced a few headaches and cold-like symptoms which ceased after a couple of weeks. Detoxing and rebuilding my body consisted of plant-based alkaline green supplements (in the beginning I hadn’t started drinking green drinks yet), Dr. Young’s phour salts (calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium bicarbonate), montmorillonite clay for detoxing the heavy metals brought on by 20 years of being a hairstylist. These heavy metals, I learned were wreaking havoc with my body.

Click Here to learn more about heavy metals

I began replacing all acidic drinks with 5 to 6 Liters of 9.5 alkaline water daily. Since all the metabolic acidic waste needed to be removed to prompt healing, this was a crucial step in aiding my filtering organs (liver and kidneys) and my lymphatic system during the detox.  I also made a drastic shift in my diet, eliminating all dairy ( acidic), and reducing my meat (acidic) consumption down to one meal a day. I eliminated all white bread and substituted Ezekiel bread instead, but kept it down to two pieces daily. 90% of my diet consisted of alkaline foods.

Dr. Young’s Acid and Alkaline Food Chart

By spring of 2012, I was not only feeling better, but was down 50 pounds. In addition to the weight-loss, all my symptoms of illness had disappeared. At 200 pounds I was feeling stronger than I had in years! It amazed me to see my muscles, that had previously felt like Jell-O, become solid and strong! ALL this from eating green plant foods!!!

I started to incorporate jogging into my daily walk. Gradually, I lost my desire for meat and coffee and all the comfort foods I had been accustomed to. As my cellular fluids became more alkaline, it killed the yeast that caused the sugar cravings in the first place.Therefore, what appealed to me before, no longer did. The unexpected benefits I had by choosing to follow this plan, simply amazed me. During this whole transformation period of three years, I continued to educate myself on holistic healing modalities. Learning, by watching many of Dr. Young’s YouTube videos, as well as other documentaries featuring MDs as well as holistic practitioners, helped to broaden my understandings on the body’s natural abilities to heal if given the correct tools.

Some of the videos I viewed were;

1)  Forks over Knives, Food Matters, Vegucated,

2)  Crazy Sexy Cancer (documentary featuring Kris Carr’s self-healing from non-treatable, terminal vascular cancer who followed Dr. Young’s pH Miracle for Cancer protocol)

3)  Vaccine Nation

4)  Cut Poison and Burn (documentary on Dr. Burzynski’s cancer protocol and the corruption in cancer care involving the FDA, politicians and Big Pharma – What is happening to Dr. Burzyniski is also happening to Dr. Young!).

5)  Dr. Simoncini on YouTube, an oncologist from Italy curing cancer holistically with sodium bicarbonate IV’s.

All these documentaries, plus the healing testimonies viewed, brought me to this conclusion, they ALL proved Dr. Young’s new biology! That indeed an acidosis/degenerating body can be cured by bringing the bodies cellular fluids, organs,tissue and blood back to alkaline state, which would bring forth a state of homeostasis, which then naturally would lead to healing and regeneration.

Click Here to watch Dr. Young’s YouTube Videos

Sadly, while I became more healthy, Mark’s health continued to decline. For his own personal reasons, Mark chose not to follow the nutritional advice we had received in 2011 and sadly was diagnosed with liver cancer of unknown primary in November 2012. I knew by what I learned, that with this diagnosis, conventional medicine held no cure for him. The Yale oncologist, in his ignorance, had given Mark just 6 to 9 months to live with treatment and Mark believed him. Honestly, I still battle with the “what if’s”.  But part of my healing is trying to let go of the “what if’s” and embrace the “what is.”  So as I celebrate 100 lbs of weight-loss and renewed health today, I give thanks to God, for holding me and our girls through the hard times of life, and leading me to wisdom and understanding in truth on healing.

I will continue, to live this truth, and teach it, to those with ears to hear! For it has opened a world where love and possibilities abide. I hope that many choose to embrace the pH miracle lifestyle and diet, for it brings inner- healing and true peace of mind, body and spirit.


I sincerely thank you Dr. Robert O Young, for your scientific advances and ceaseless devotion in educating others. To Jerry, I thank you for your unending support not only to me, but to my family, as we all move forward in health and fullness in life, just as Mark would want.  In love and healing light, Donna

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