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Could Sodium or Potassium Bicarbonate save your life? Low levels of bicarbonate ‘are linked to a 24 % higher risk of early death!

Could Sodium or Potassium Bicarbonate save your life? Low levels of bicarbonate 'are linked to a 24 % higher risk of early death!

Robert Young PhD

Naturopathic Practitioner – The pH Miracle Ti Sana Detox Medical Spa

Could Sodium or Potassium Bicarbonate save your life? Low levels of bicarbonate ‘are linked to a 24 % higher risk of early death!

  • Compound in baking soda – bicarbonate – reduces early death, study found
  • Baking soda – or sodium bicarbonate – helps regulate pH levels  
  • People with low bicarbonate levels have 24% higher risk of early death
  • People should ingest fruit and green vegetables to get more bicarbonate!

Many of us think of baking soda as little more than a vital part of the recipe to making a cake or baking cookies.

But two new studies have found that the ingredients of sodium and/or potassium bicarbonate plays a far more important role in human health: It can help save lives.

Older people with low levels of sodium and/or potassiumbicarbonate – which is found in baking soda – have a 24 per cent higher risk of dying an early death!

The findings suggest increasing bicarbonate levels can prolong a person’s life.

Study author Dr Kalani Raphael, of the University of Utah, said: ‘What we found was that generally healthy older people with low levels of bicarbonate had a higher risk of death.’

Sodium bicarbonate, a main component of baking powder, reduces the risk of premature death, scientists revealed. Older people with low bicarbonate levels are 24 per cent more likely to die young, a study found

The kidneys and lungs work together by varying the levels of sodium and/or potassium bicarbonate – a base or alkaline compound – and carbon dioxide – an acid – in the blood, interstitial fluids and intracellular fluids.

Sodium and potassium bicarbonate helps keep the body’s pH in a healthy range (7.365), which allows the body cells that make up our organs to work properly.

Critically ill patients with severe acid-base abnormalities have very low levels of sodium and/or potassium bicarbonate and are very unlikely of surviving their illness, according to the study.


  • Using Sodium and Potassium Bicarbonate in the Prevention and Treatment of ALL Sickness and Disease – Dr. Robert O. Young – www.phoreveryoung.com 


Yet, it has been unclear whether more subtle changes to the body’s acid-base status affect the longevity of relatively healthy older people.

A team of scientists investigated how measurements of pH, carbon dioxide and bicarbonate are associated with long-term survival in healthy older people.

They analyzed data from 2,287 participants in the health, aging and body composition study.

That data focused on well-functioning black and white adults between the ages of 70 and 79.

Data started being collected in 1997 – with collection efforts extending through February 2014.

Each of the participants were followed for an average of 10.3 years.

Scientists recommend people with low levels of sodium and/or potassium bicarbonate should increase their intake of foods that produce it in the body, including fruit and green vegetables.

Because of the study’s results, blood bicarbonate concentrations – which are already commonly measured – may allow clinicians to better identify people with a higher risk of premature death.

Those with low sodium and potassium bicarbonate levels may benefit from increasing their intake of foods that produce bicarbonate in the body – including fruit and vegetables, according to the scientists.

The study was published in the Clinical Journal of American Nephrology.  The study by Dr. Robert O. Young has been approved for publication in The International Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Read more: http://www.phoreveryoung.wordpress.com

The History of the USDA Food Pyramid and Dr. Robert O. Young’s pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet!

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Spend the Summer In Como, Italy with Dr. Robert O. Young Getting Healthy and Fit!

The pH Miracle Ti Sana Retreat in Como, Italy

July 12th – July 18th and July 19th – July 25th 2015
(sold in one week increments)
Call 760-484-1075 for more information.

We are thrilled to make available the pH Miracle Health services in Italy. You will be able to enjoy all of the same benefits of the pH Miracle Center at the Rancho del Sol but in a picturesque setting at the pH Miracle Ti Sana Resort, just outside of Milan, Italy.

This unique resort offers luxurious accommodations and tremendous spa amenities. Ti Sana provides all the elegant intimacy of an 18th century noble dwelling located in the historic area of Arlate, near the Adda River which flows from Lake Como in the foot of the Alps. This is the ideal location for a once in a lifetime alkalarian lifestyle experience.

We invite you to join us for this spectacular opportunity to grow and heal together.

Benefits and Services Available: 

  • Daily alkaline meals and snacks
  • Full-Body Thermography, Full-Body Ultra Sound, and Full-Body functionality testing
  • thermography1
  • Daily massage
  • Live and dried blood testing
  • 1233385_677529848925748_360956809_n
  • Daily Colonics: lower bowel cleansing with alkaline infusions to flush-out toxins
  • Nebulizing to infuse alkalinity and nutrition directly into the blood and tissues
  • Nasal salt treatments
  • Basic alkalizine-nutritional supplementation with Young pHorever pH Miracle® products
  • Use of resort amenitites: sauna, spa, exercise facilities, walking trails, etc.

The pH Miracle Whole Body Healing Retreat is a medically supervised protocol for all symptoms of sickness, dis-ease or so-called disease. Anyone can attend if they are ambulatory.

Retreat participation requires booking in a one week increments, not per day.


Transportation will be provided to and from the Milan, Italy Airport to the Resort.


$13,200* per week for Single occupancy or
$12,200* per week for Double Occupancy

Price includes:
  • Accommodations (Only for the Dates listed. Arrive on on the 12th or 19th and depart 19th or 26th. You must pay for the extra nights if you arrive or depart before the listed event days.)
  • Food
  • Resort Amenities
  • Instruction from Dr. Young and Dr. Galina Migalko, MD 
  • Basic Supplements
  • Massages
  • Colonics
  • Thermography, full-body ultra sound, and full-body 3d functionality testing
  • Colonics
  • Transportation to and from Milan Airport
Not Included in Price: 
  • Airfare
  • Rental Car
  • Other Services and Activities


A Self-Care to a Self-Cure for Lyme’s Dis-Ease

Hi, Dr. Young.

We spoke on the phone a few times and you had asked for my testimonial regarding my alkaline diet and how it affected me and/or changed my life.


In 2000, I had been bitten by a tick and had become infected with Lyme’s Disease. The issue was that I didn’t know I had Lyme’s for 10 years!  I didn’t get properly diagnosed until tests were run to find out why my arms were going numb. Anyway, once I was finally diagnosed, nothing that any of my medical doctors had given me had helped at all. In fact, I just felt worse.

Continue reading A Self-Care to a Self-Cure for Lyme’s Dis-Ease

The Amazing Health Benefits of Grapefruit

If one has never tasted a pH Miracle, Rancho del Sol ruby-red grapefruit, the first experience may be somewhat disconcerting: less sweet than an orange, less acid than a lemon, and you will find that they are NOT sour to the taste. At first, you may be surprised because you were expecting a sour after taste.  But, the Rancho del Sol organically grown grapefruits are watered with high pH (8.5)  and high sodium water (1000 ppm) that makes these unique tasting grapefruits unbelievably delicious and alkalizing.

The Rancho del Sol organically grown ruby-red grapefruit is the largest of the citrus fruits and the most alkaline. It has also been the object of the most scientific research in recent years. As much for its composition as for its medicinal properties,the Rancho del Sol organic ruby-red grapefruit is surprising investigators, who continue to focus their attention on this incredible alkalizing fruit.

The Rancho del Sol grapefruit pulp contains a moderate amount of carbohydrates and very few proteins and lipids. Among its vitamins, the most prominent is C at 34.4mg/100grams. As for mineral salts, it is high in potassium at 139 mg/100 grams making it an alkalizing fruit, in addition to a certain amount of calcium at 12 mg/100 grams and magnesium at 8 mg/100 grams.

The Rancho del Sol Grapefruit contains hundreds of no-nutritive components. Among these are pectin, flavonoids, carotenoids, and limonoids.

Pectin is a type of soluble vegetable fiber found in many fruits such as citrus. Vegetable fiber was the first non-nutritive food component to be studied because of its medicinal effects. Grapefruit pectin is found in the fiber forming its pulp and in the whitish layer just below the skin and between the sections. The fiber stands out for its arterial protection and its anti-cholesterol effects as demonstrated in numerous scientific experiments.

The flavonoids are part of a group of non-nutritive components known as phytochemicals. Chemically they are glucosides, which are widespread in plant-based foods and whose medicinal properties continue to amaze scientists. The predominant glucoside found in the Rancho del Sol Grapefruit is naringine, which is transformed into naringenine in the body. It improves blood flow, and has anti-oxidant and anticarcinogenic properties.

Carotenoids are a good source of beta-carotene, the precursor to Vitamin A. The Rancho del Sol grapefruit contains many other substances, called carotenoids, which act similarly and facilitates the antioxidant effect of Vitamin C and flavonoids.

Limonoids are terpenoids that constitute the essence of the Rancho del Sol grapefruit.

TheRancho del Sol Grapefruit is particularly rich in one of these – limonene, which gives the fruit its bitter alkaline taste, and a large portion of its proven anticarcinogenic properties.

The Rancho del Sol grapefruit serves to protect the arterial walls from the acidic hardening and induration associated with the deposit of acid bound cholesterol and its consequent acidic calcification, the process known as arteriosclerosis. In this way the Rancho del Sol grapefruit increases the volume of blood reaching the tissues and improves circulation. Pectin is the non-nutritive component that is principally associated with this effect.

The protective and healing effects of the Rancho del Sol grapefruit on arteriosclerosis are more pronounced if the whole fruit is eaten and not just its extracted pectin. This is probably because the flavonoid maringine contained in the Rancho del Sol grapefruit has the proven effect of lowering the blood hematocrit when this is excessive (more than 55%). Hematocrit is a measure of the concentration of the blood in cells. When the hematocrit is lowered to normal levels by the effect of grapefruit, the blood becomes more fluid, circulation improves through the arteries, and there is less risk for blood clots, which are the most serious complication of arteriosclerosis. It is important to note that when the hematocrit is low because of excess acidity (causing anemia), the Rancho del Sol grapefruit does not reduce it further, but rather, it causes it to rise toward more normal levels.

The combined components of the Rancho del Sol grapefruit, then, have a positive effect:

1) on the arterial walls, increasing their interior diameter, and

2) on the blood, making it more fluid.

The use of the whole Rancho del Sol grapefruit,including the pulp is particularly useful for all forms of arteriosclerosis, whether or not its is complicated by clotting:

1) cerebral (lack of circulation to the brain);
2) coronary (angina pectoris, heart attack):
3) peripheral (lack of circulation to the limbs).

The virtual absence of sodium and fat in the Rancho del Sol grapefruit, as well as its high level of potassium, makes it very suitable for those challenged with heart dis-ease, particularly heart failure. Those suffering from hypertension should also eat an abundant amount of Rancho del Sol grapefruit, since it has a mild diuretic effect that helps decongest the circulatory system. In these cases the juice is adequate, although eating the whole fruit including the pulp provides better access to the benefits for the circulatory system.

Excess uric acid from eating animal proteins, in any of its forms: gout, urate arthritis, kidney stones, breast stones, brain stones, gallstones, a Rancho del Sol grapefruit is very effective in dealing with these symptoms of over-acidity.

Whenever one wishes to ‘cleanse the blood,’ thus promoting the body’s detoxifying functions (particularly in the liver), one may drink a glass of fresh Rancho del Sol grapefruit juice on an empty stomach each morning. The best results are obtained by following this regime for one month, resting one or two days a week. The detoxifying effect of the Rancho del Sol grapefruit , at least partially, because its limonoids, chelate excess acids in the body and especially the liver.

The Rancho del Sol grapefruit does not promote weight loss in and of itself, although it is recommended in the pH Miracle Weight Loss Plan. However, because of its depurative and detoxifying properties, it is an excellent complement to the diet of anyone wishing to lose weight. This is accomplished by including the Rancho del Sol grapefruit juice in the diet.

An interesting study using laboratory animals was conducted at the University of Florida, USA. During an entire year the animals were fed an atherogenic diet (one that generates arteriosclerosis) very rich in saturated fat and that, indeed, generated arteriosclerosis. From that point, one group of animals was fed small amounts of grapefruit pectin each day. After nine months, the average arterial narrowing in these animals was 24%, as opposed to 45% in those animals that had not been fed pectin.

Other experiments show that grapefruit pectin intake may lower the level of LDL cholesterol by 10.8% in four weeks.

The grapefruit’s specific combination of Vitamin C, pectin, and limonoids help protect against the acids that cause cancerous tissue. Regular consumption of Rancho del Sol grapefruit is a good way to protect against the acid that may cause cancerous tissue.

To order your Rancho del Sol grapefruit go to:


To learn the more about the cause of cancer go to:
The pH Miracle for Cancer



Hollander A.A. et al. The effect of grapefruit juice on cyclosporin and predisone metabolism in transplant patients. Clinical Pharmacol. Ther. 57:: 318-324 (1995)

Yee G.C. et al. Effect of grapefruit juice on blood cyclosporin concentration, Lancet 345: 955-956 (1995)

Cerda J.J. et al. Inhibition of atherosclerosis by dietarypectin in microswine with sustained hypercholesterolemia. Circulation. 89: 1247-1253 (1994)

Cerda J.J. et al. The effects of grapefruit pectin on patients at risk for coronary heart disease without altering diet or lifestyle. Clin. Cardiol. 11: 589-594 (1988)

Robbins R.C. et al. Ingestion of grapefruit lowers elevated hematocrits in human subjects. Int. J.Vitamin Nutr. Res. 58: 414-417 (1988)


JULY 23, 2014


Two Months after being in hospital with an attack of colitis (January 2012), I would go as far as to state as far as I’m concerned, I didn’t have IBD anymore. This might be a case of positive thinking, but I didn’t have any pain or symptoms anymore, if it is dormant then I don’t care. I know already that it will never come back. I stopped taking all medication at this point. All that extra acid that was going into me wasn’t needed.
An update on how I feel: I still don’t have any cravings at all, for sugar, carbs, anything. I feel an abundance of energy, I’m so productive now, all I want to do is learn and work out. There isn’t enough time in the day it seems. Time management ideas are more than welcome. The gym is easier, bones ache less, not even one stomach cramp or symptom of discomfort since January 2012. Considering I’d have pain every day for 6 years or more I’d say my results stand as testimony for anyone wishing to follow the ph miracle views on diet and lifestyle.
In the same year having reversed colitis and become med free, this was the year i cycled 150 miles from one coast to another in 4 days, and a few months later climbed Scafel Pike. It might not seem too impressive to some, but i hadn’t moved from the sofa for years until this point.
Who doesn’t want to feel better when they realise all their health problems can be improved by realising they are down to an over acidic lifestyle.
After cleansing I went back to juicing on a morning, salads made up my other meals, snacking on seeds and nuts and all things alkaline, avocados is always a favourite. This is how life is now for nutrition and health and abundance of energy. I just feel sorry for people with any similar digestive disorders who are given advice to keep taking the meds to ‘control’ the symptoms. And a bit later maybe we can operate to get part of your colon removed. That was advice given to me.  I had been on strong medication for Ulcerative Colitis (total colitis as it was stated it was as bad as could be) and anti-depressant which id been on for 10 years. It took me 2 months to feel no pain and have no symptoms and get off medication! I’ve not taken any medication since. I would like to shout that last statement somewhere. People suffering should know this.
JULY 23, 2014

THE ph miracle


This is from my notes made in February 2012…
The rules I followed:
  • 4 Litres of water per day, each with the juice of a full lemon
  • 2 litres of water per day, each with a teaspoon of wheatgrass
  • Dinner time (or Lunch if you are posh) was a green vegetable juiced drink (Spinach, cucumber, celery and lemon or lime, with water added.
  • Tea time (or dinner if you are still posh) was another juice, or an avocado soup, blended avocados and onions and added to hot water with herbs and sea salt to taste.
  • I also took 4 (Dr Robert O. Young’s) pHlush tablets with morning drink, and another 4 at both meal times. 12 in total. http://www.phoreveryoung.com or http://www.phmiracle.com
For Exercise I did 20 minutes bike ride per day. Couldn’t have done any more at this time.
Day 1
Was tough, headaches and eventually hunger that wouldn’t let up.
Day 2
Saturday was the worst day by far. Same as Friday, headaches and hunger but also what felt like flu symptoms, runny nose, feverish.
Day 3
Things improved with the earlier symptoms, though sadly the toilet symptoms arrived about 6pm. And never left again until the cleanse was over. I won’t go into these.
Day 4, 5 and 6
The best thing about from day 4 was I had no hunger at all, I was fine, sticking to the juices and waters. Wheatgrass is also a great appetite suppressant. I felt great.
Day 7
I really couldn’t face a vegetable juice drink on Thursday. I had my lemon waters and wheatgrass and decided against the juice. I decided I was fasting but all the while getting plenty fluids.
Day 8
I felt much the same as Day 7. Couldn’t face a juice, but I made one anyway as was worrying I wasn’t getting enough nutrients. But then I didn’t have my second of the day. Got weighed and had lost 9 lbs since I had started the cleanse, that wasn’t the goal, but was interesting to see.
Day 9
Because the previous 2 days i had faltered with the juicing, and I hadn’t stayed true to the rules of the cleanse, I started to feel very weak. And by about 1pm decided I was off the cleanse. I got myself some carrots and humus. It’s what I’d craved all week. I was so full after 2 carrots. Very odd. They tasted different to what i remembered. Felt weird eating at first.
What I’ve taken from this most, is although I haven’t exactly enjoyed not eating, I have enjoyed having absolutely no IBD (colitis) pain or discomfort. And I think that is the first time in over 5 years that I could say that. My goal was to set me on the right path bringing my body back into pH balance, and I think I’ve made a pretty decent start. I didn’t make it to day ten, but even a 1 day cleanse is pretty good if you can manage that now and again. When I do it again maybe later in the year, I think I will plan for about 5 days cleansing.
Another thing, when I ate those carrots on Saturday, something I didn’t expect. I had to try some peppers later too and had the same results. My taste buds had changed in the week of experiencing nothing but alkaline food and drink. They were not being ruined by spoiled processed foods crammed with chemicals and sugars and i felt that i was getting the true taste of foods for the first time in a long time.
JULY 23, 2014



This is from my notes made in January 2012…
Firstly here is a breakdown of my dietary history:
  • 20 years vegetarian. Too much dairy every day.
  • 3 year’s vegan. A lot of bread/wheat, and cravings.
  • 2 month’s raw vegan. Each day a salad, every time it’s different and enjoyable.
As it is early days i am still on my medication for ulcerative colitis, and i would love to be free of that as soon as i possibly can. I know how it was before the meds so I’m a bit wary, but i do have strong feelings that i can get to where i want to be.
These are the aims:
  • To be medication free
  • Pain/Discomfort free
  • Energy Abundant
  • Have an improved memory/concentration
  • To help others do the same..
It is a work in progress, and I’m recording my progress here online. What i have found is my taste buds have changed. I crave things like carrots and humus, or cucumbers, or leafy salads with tahini dressings.
I have to say it’s a continual learning curve for me as i plan to improve and absorb everything in my path in this area, hopefully I can pass on some good information while I’m at it.
The most inspirational books I’ve read, and by far the best place to start  are these 2:
Paul Nison – Healing Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which is the book that made me think this was achievable. This set my goals in motion.
Dr. Robert O. Young – The pH Miracle revised and updated which really goes in-depth into what causes disease in the body and what you can do to reverse it.  www.phoreveryoung.com or http://www.phmiracle.com
I’m half way through a 10 day cleanse at the minute. Having followed the guidelines in the books I am already seeing results. I’m going to blog again on Monday to record how the time went and what I experienced.
Facebook: Raw Vegan Steven

Reversing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Cellulite, Low Energy, and Sciatica with the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet!

Dear Dr. Young,

My name is Lisa and I am a 51 year old woman. I am writing because I wanted to let you know of my success following an alkaline lifestyle and diet.
I have abused this body with an acidic diet and lifestyle for a good many years. Three of the biggest issues were “IBS”, low energy and aching in the hips and down the legs (Sciatica). Standard medicine has not been able to offer any substantial longterm relief from any of these conditions, apart from prescribing acidic medications to mask the discomfort, but not cure the problem.
The way I stumbled on the pH Miracle alkaline journey was unusual. In a random chance meeting with an Indian Shaman, he told me some things about my health and what I needed to do to fix them. He told me that I needed to give up the endless coffee and energy drinks, as well as the cigarettes.
This is what was happening to me: my colon was dehydrated and my whole system was acidic. He told me to drink aloe vera juice for rehydrating and healing the colon and go on the internet and learn about eating “happy food”..lol. At this point, I was desperate to fix these chronic health issues and I had nothing to lose and everything to gain so I did what he told me to do. This led me to you Dr. Robert O. Young.
I immediately gave up all but one cup of coffee in the morning and the sugary energy drinks entirely. I switched to herbal teas with lemon and water with lemon. I drank the aloe vera juice and dove into learning about which foods I should be eating. As with any major overhaul, I am still honing my knowledge and skills, as I attempt to practice eating alkaline.
Now here is the my testimony: In less than 6 weeks of implementing my newfound knowledge of Dr. Young’s alkalizing protocol, the IBS is completely gone! That’s right completely gone! I’m not going to get graphic, but this was a chronic horrific condition that I suffered fo over 12 years.
I have recently started juicing and my energy level is no longer fluctuating from extreme highs to even more extreme lows. I feel great all thru the day without acidic coffee and energy drinks! The pain in my joints and hips has also lessened, as long as I restrict the majority of acidic foods. My skin is just beginning to have a healthy glow and I think my body fat content (cellulite) is disappearing as well.
Keep in mind, I am a beginner at this and by no means a perfect alkaline/acid practitioner. But even so, the good news is that within only 6 weeks under my belt, I have already seen amazing results!
I look forward to applying this newfound pH Miracle alkaline lifestyle to the rest of my years.
Thank you sooo much Dr. Young.
To quote a fairly “popular” author: “My people perish for lack of knowledge”.
Thanks much for sharing the knowledge everyone needs out there!
Lisa King

The London Telegraph – Cleanse Your Body With Dr. Robert O. Young’s Alkaline Diet


Cleanse your body with the alkaline diet

Alkaline eating helps the body maintain healthy pH levels which improve digestion, skin tone and mood as well as weight loss. Natasha Corrett’s new book has a range of four cleanses with recipes to rebalance your body.

Five years ago, Natasha Corrett was overtired, overworked and unhappy with her weight. And when her back seized up in a stress-related spasm the day before her 26th birthday, she sought acupuncture treatment in a desperate effort to ‘‘un-knot’’ her in time for her party. What the gourmet cook didn’t expect was advice on food which would revolutionise her diet, lose two and a half stone “without noticing” – and find relief from the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome that had dogged her for years.

It was while she was having the needles inserted that the therapist told her about the benefits of an alkaline diet: one which avoids “acid forming foods” such as dairy, meat, sugar and coffee and replaces them with plant foods and wholegrains.

Now 31, Natasha is in radiant health and her series of best selling Honestly Healthy cook books, based on the principles of alkaline eating, have a big celebrity following – one fan is Victoria Beckham. The latest book, Honestly Healthy Cleanse, is launched this week and contains 100 meticulously tested new recipes that combine her alkaline diet principles with four “cleansing plans” to kick start a new eating regime.

Each detox is tailored to individual needs: the six-day slim down cleanse, for example, suggests a menu of raw salads with soups and smoothies, to inspire those New Year weight loss plans; while for those in search of something more ambitious, the 30-day life-changing cleanse is, she promises, a stepping stone to a new, healthier life.

‘’Once you’ve achieved the first 30 days, there will be no turning back,’’ shepromises, ‘’you will make definite lifestyle changes for the better as you’ll feel so energised and full of life.’’

Natasha, who is engaged to fitness guru Simon Bateman, 36, comes from a family who know about food. Her mother, interior designer Kelly Hoppen (actress Sienna Miller is her stepsister) was always a ‘’health freak’’, she says, and the fridge at home was full of ‘dairy-free milk and similar products.’

From her father Graham Corrett, a restaurateur, owner of fashionable Le Boudin Blanc in Mayfair, Natasha developed a fondness for good food, learning to cook at his restaurant during her school summerholidays. Like many of us, she admits she has always been torn between knowing what is ‘’good for you’’ and not wanting to deny herself a dish she enjoyed.

So what led to her passion for “the alkaline way?” ‘

’Five years ago,’’ she explains, ‘’I was always on the go, making and delivering fresh food for my company Fridge Fill, working hard but not making a living, and feeling tired all the time.’’ In addition, Natasha admits that being dissatisfied with her weight and years of yo yo dieting meant she was on the verge of an eating disorder. ‘’When I was at boarding school, it was fashionable to be really skinny and my weight fluctuated massively as I tried to fit in.’’

It was her mother who recommended the therapist specialising in Ayurvedic medicine as well as acupuncture. When he pointed out that Natasha’s whole system was out of balance, she was more than ready to listen.

‘’The therapist told me my body had become incredibly acidic from years and years of yo-yo dieting, even though I thought I was super-healthy being vegetarian and knocking back a green smoothie with spirulina every morning,” she says.

‘’He suggested my body was in such a toxic state from stress and overwork that there was no way it could absorb the nutrients I was consuming. He said I needed to do an alkaline cleanse.”

Claims as to the benefits of an alkaline diet are not new. Pioneered by an American biologist Dr Robert Young, the theory is that the digestive process causes foods to become either alkaline or acidic, as measured by their pH levels. The results are sometimes counter-intuitive: dairy for example becomes highly acidic when digested while lemons become alkaline..

Fans of alkaline eating maintain that while alkaline forming foods help the body maintain healthy pH levels, too much acidity does the opposite; and that sticking to an alkaline diet can help with weight loss and bloating as well as improving digestion, skin tone and mood. An acid based diet is blamed for diseases such as osteoporosis, heart problems, back pain and kidney stones.

‘’At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to try this way of eating,” says Natasha. “I had promised myself I would never do another detox or diet, as I had become so obsessed with food, and felt so unhappy. I had sworn never to put myself through that misery again. But I was persuaded to try an alkaline cleanse for 21 days, and in the end, I just didn’t stop. I felt so well.’’

Gradually, the weight came off, while her symptoms of PCOS – acne, mood swings and bloating – disappeared as her hormones became more balanced. ‘’I look at old photos of me and can’t believe the difference.’’

Whether or not the theory holds up, much of the advice on alkaline eating chimes with official guidance on a healthy diet, Natasha advocates replacing acid forming foods with alkaline foods fruit, vegetables, pulses and wholegrains. Wheat is also considered acid forming, while almonds, garlic, olive oil and herbal teas are highly recommended.

As Natasha points out following this way of eating is mostly common sense and her delicious recipes prove it need not be painful. ‘’Think about eating as Mother Nature intended,” she advises. “Make your diet plant based, with lots of pulses and grains, although don’t eat too much fruit – certainly not on an empty stomach as that is very acid.’’

She recommends following the alkaline pattern of eating 70 percent of the week and then relaxing about the other 30 percent. “And if you can’t resist meat on a 30 per cent day, she says: ‘’Just be sure that all the meat you buy is organically and sustainably reared.’’

Exercise is also plays a large part in Natasha’s life and, she says, complements.

‘’When I’m feeling low or tired, a burst of activity just gets the ‘happy hormones’ (aka endorphins) pumping around my body, and in that state I find that I naturally reach for healthier foods. What’s more,research has shown that just eating healthy food can boost endorphins in the brain – so combine that with exercise and you’ll double the hit.’’

She blogs enthusiastically about the alkaline lifestyle, and runs occasional exclusive cookery classes, too. There’s also a recipe app, and Londoners can join the Honestly Healthy supper club. Naturally, both mother (for health) and father for (taste) approve of her venture. Best of all was a surprise endorsement from one of the UK’s leading chefs

Marcus Wareing who, Natasha was thrilled to learn, cooks from her books at home. ‘’Natasha has a really, creative, inventive and forward thinking attitude to food and cooking,’’ he says on the book’s cover.

‘’That was my Michelin star,’’ she says proudly.

‘’What’s important to me is how can we get to optimum health,” she adds. “It’s what is going on inside that matters, not about how you look. And if you follow a healthy diet, your skin will glow and the weight will drop off. But the food has to taste good too.’’

Honestly Healthy Cleanse by Natasha Corrett (Hodder & Stoughton, £25) is available to order from Telegraph Books at £21.50 + £1.95 p&p. Call 0844 871 1514 or visit books.telegraph.co.uk

Foods to avoid

All of the below are extremely acid forming. To rebalance your body towards a more alkaline state you need to cut these items out of your diet.



dairy produce



wheat and gluten

processed foods

Alkaline foods to indulge in

Barley, millet, soya bean

Avocado, berry, lime, mango

Carrot, garlic, butternut squash

Almonds, coconut oil, olive oil

Herbal teas

Cleansing the Honestly Healthy way

Each of the four cleanses in the book is designed to fit in with your lifestyle, depending on whether you want a weekend cleanse, a pre-event slimdown or a cleanse for heavy exercise.


A two- or three-day liquid cleanse, comprising smoothies, juices, teas and soups – all designed to give your body a rest from digesting and to help draw out the toxins naturally.


This six-day cleanse will give you a gentle kick-start to shift any extra pounds before a party, holiday or special event. You’ll be eating raw salads with soups and smoothies, which will boost your immune system.


This six-day cleanse is designed for people who are exercising a lot, who want to find out how to get more vegetarian protein into their daily diet and cleanse their body at the same time.


This 30-day cleanse is a stepping stone to a new, healthier you. Once you’ve achieved the first 30 days, there will be no turning back – you will make definite lifestyle changes for the better as you’ll feel so energised.

Top tips for any cleanse

Get all your shopping done before you start a cleanse. Make up the first day’s worth of food so you are ahead of time.

Remove or hide any food that you normally turn to for a ‘fix.

Drink plenty of water – ideally, at least 2 litres of water per day.

Clear your mind of any problems. Do whatever works best – read a book, meditate or pay yourself some attention

How you might feel and what might happen

If you have not undertaken a cleanse before, be warned that you might feel worse before you feel better. The process of drawing toxins out of your body results in classic symptoms, such as:




skin break-outs



The Recipes

These recipes are high in alkalinity and low in acid. Ingredients can be sourced from organic supermarkets and online suppliers]

Acai smoothie

[Suitable for all cleanses]

I first fell in love with acai, a South American superfood, while travelling around Brazil, where I had the most amazing smoothies made from freshly frozen pulp. This smoothie is the next best thing. Throw in a few ice cubes and you will get a deliciously cold smoothie that will nourish your body with its supply of antioxidants and immune-boosters.

Serves 2

1 small banana (about 100g)

100g cucumber, peeled

3 tbsp acai powder

80g mango

bee pollen or raw cacao nibs [roasted cacao beans, broken into pieces] , to garnish (optional)

Put all the ingredients into a high-speed blender and blend until completely smooth. Serve either in a bowl or in a glass, with a garnish of bee pollen or raw cacao nibs for extra crunch. The smoothie is best drunk straight away, but you can always put it in a jar and take it out with you to drink as soon as you can during the day.

Cauliflower and pink peppercorn soup

[Suitable for all cleanses]

I love nothing more than a velvety soup to help cleanse my body from the inside out. Here, I use the umeboshi plum purée (a Japanese condiment) for its natural saltiness and its alkalinity. I also love to add nutritional yeast to this soup to give it a deeper flavour. I buy the brand that has added vitamin B12 as it can be hard to get adequate amounts of this vitamin on a vegetarian diet.

Serves 2–3

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 shallot, sliced

1 clove garlic, sliced

2 tsp sumac (a spice often used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking), plus extra to garnish

¼ tsp ground coriander

10 pink peppercorns, plus extra to garnish

5g oregano leaves, plus extra to garnish

250ml cold water

1 leek, chopped into 2.5–5cm chunks

1 whole cauliflower, chopped into 2.5–5cm chunks

800ml boiling water

½ tsp umeboshi plum purée

2 tbsp nutritional yeast (optional)

In a medium-sized pan, heat the coconut oil and sauté the sliced shallot and garlic for 2 minutes. Add the sumac, ground coriander, pink peppercorns and oregano. Add the cold water, bring to the boil, then simmer for a further minute.

Add the leek and cauliflower pieces to the pan and be sure to stir well so all the flavours can mingle. Add the boiling water and leave to cook on a medium heat for about 10 minutes. You will know it’s ready as the cauliflower will start to break up into much smaller pieces and will be soft to the point of a knife.

Add the umeboshi plum purée and stir well. Transfer the contents of the pan to a blender and whizz until very smooth. If you are going to add the nutritional yeast stir it into the soup once it’s blended.

Serve the soup hot with a garnish of oregano and a sprinkle of sumac or a few pink peppercorns on top.

Carrot ‘noodles’ and avocado dressing

[Suitable for slimdown, high energy and life changing cleanses]

This wonderfully cleansing dish is incredibly alkalising too. The creaminess of the avocado dressing transforms a few humble ingredients into a delicious meal.

Serves 2

2–3 carrots, spiralised

2 ripe avocados, roughly chopped

juice of 1 lemon

1 tbsp sweet miso

1 small clove garlic, grated

a pinch of Himalayan pink salt

½ small red onion, finely chopped

15g coriander, chopped

40g pea shoots

To garnish:

Tamari-toasted seeds (Tamari is essentially a gluten-free soy sauce)

finely grated zest of 1 lime

1 tbsp pumpkin oil

Place the carrots in a bowl.

Put the avocados, lemon juice, sweet miso, garlic and salt in a blender and blend until completely smooth.

Pour this dressing over the carrot ‘noodles’ and mix in – using your hands is best – then stir in the red onion and coriander.

Divide the pea shoots between 2 plates, add a pile of the ‘noodles’ on top, garnish with the tamari-toasted pumpkin seeds and lime zest and drizzle the pumpkin oil all over.

Spiced overnight oats

[Suitable for highenergy and lifechanging cleanses]

An oaty breakfast is a great way to start the day as oats release energy slowly, balancing blood sugar levels. If you can’t find Chinese pear, use half an apple and half a regular pear.

serves 2

60g Chinese pear (see above)

juice of ¼ lemon

80g gluten-free oats

¼ tsp ground allspice

10g goji berries

2 star anise

200ml rice milk

1 tbsp coconut oil

Chop the Chinese pear into thin slices about 2cm long and squeeze the lemon over them to prevent the fruit going brown. Then put the rest of the ingredients into a bowl, finishing off with the chopped Chinese pear. Mix together and leave overnight or for at least 2–3 hours. Divide between 2 bowls, discarding the star anise. If you’re eating alone, store the other serving in the fridge, where it will keep for up to 5 days.

Butterbean and butternut curry

[Suitable for highenergy and lifechanging cleanses]

This is quick to make and perfect if you’re having friends round for dinner. It’s now a staple in my house – all you need is some fresh herbs and a butternut squash to transform dried ingredients from your larder into this delicious meal.

serves 2

1 tsp coconut oil

½ white onion

1 clove garlic, grated

½ lemongrass stalk, bashed with a rolling pin

120ml water

400ml coconut milk

200g butternut squash, cut into 2cm cubes

250g butterbeans

20g coriander leaves

For the curry paste:

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp fennel seeds

1 tsp ground coriander

1 tsp ground turmeric

¼ tsp paprika

5cm piece of root ginger

2 tbsp brown rice vinegar

5g galangal [from the ginger family] (optional)

2 tbsp sesame oil

¼ tsp Himalayan pink


finely grated zest and juice of 1 lime

Put all the curry paste ingredients in a small food processor or blender and whizz until you get a nice chunky paste. Set aside.

Melt the coconut oil in a pan and sauté the onion and garlic for 1 minute. Tip in the curry paste along with the whole lemongrass stalk. Leave the sauce to bubble for a further 2 minutes, then add another 4 tablespoons of the water.

After another 2 minutes add the coconut milk and butternut squash and continue to cook for 5 minutes on a medium heat. Finally, stir in the butterbeans and half the coriander leaves and leave to simmer for a further 7 minutes. Test to see if the squash is cooked; if not, then simmer for another few minutes until totally tender.

Remove the lemongrass stalk before serving, and sprinkle the curry with the rest of the coriander. If you’d like your curry with some rice, then use a brown basmati or perhaps some quinoa on the side.

Tamari-toasted seeds

[Suitable for slimdown, highenergy and lifechanging cleanses]

Here’s my go-to recipe to transform a salad – also perfect as a snack. Packed full of protein, these little salty seeds are great for adding to any recipe.

serves 1 as a snack

1 tbsp sesame oil

1 tbsp tamari (Like soy sauce but wheat-free)

30g pumpkin seeds improving digestion, skin tone and moodimproving digestion, skin tone and mood

Put the sesame oil, tamari and pumpkin seeds in a pan on a medium heat and toast for 1 minute. Set aside to cool.

Quinoa, teff and almond bake

[Suitable for highenergy and lifechanging cleanses]

Quite often I find that the best recipes, like this one, arrive through a mistake. I decided to experiment with teff flour (a gluten-free alternative to wheat flour) expecting to create a more biscuit-like texture, but in fact ended up with a super-fluffy result, so this recipe became a bake. The mixture is also ridiculously healthy – with the whole grains as well as the omega fatty acids in the chia seeds.

80g quinoa

2 tbsp ground chiaseeds

6 tbsp cold water

130ml warm water

2 tbsp coconut oil

150g almond butter

100g coconut blossom syrup or agave syrup

1 tsp vanilla extract

150g teff flour

1 heaped tsp bicarbonate of soda

finely grated zest of 1 orange

30g cacao nibs

1 tsp orange-flower water

raw walnuts and almonds, roughly chopped, for the topping (optional)

Preheat the oven to 180°C/gas mark 4. Line a baking dish with baking parchment, or line a 12-hole muffin tin with paper cases if you prefer.

Cook the quinoa according to the packet instructions. Drain and leave to cool in a bowl.

Soak the ground chia seeds in the measured cold water for 10 minutes until you get a thick gloopy texture.

Put the warm water, coconut oil, almond butter, syrup, soaked chia seeds, vanilla and cooked quinoa into a blender and blend until fully mixed.

Sift the teff flour and the bicarbonate of soda into a largish bowl and add the zest and cacao nibs.

Now, stir in the wet mixture (from the blender) – it will be thick.

Scoop the mixture into the prepared baking dish, keeping it about 3cm thick. Pop the tray into a preheated oven and bake for 12–15 minutes.

The bake will be ready when a sharp knife inserted into the middle comes out clean.

Lift the bake out of the dish, using the parchment to help you, and transfer to a wire rack. Sprinkle with the crushed nuts (if using) and drizzle with orange-flower water. Set aside to cool.

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Leighanne D.
I just want to say how much of a gift to the universe you all are and I extend that to Dr Young. I cannot thank you enough for your energy, your passion, your knowledge, your love and for this opportunity to be your student. Words just do not express my gratitude to each of you.
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I just want to let you know guys that I had a problem with my eyesight at night time. After a week of the cleanse, my eyesight has been much clearer and not needing my glasses at night time. I am able to drive without my glasses at night Isn’t that amazing?!

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This cleanse and information, materials, documents, and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before starting this program please be sure to check with your physician or health care practitioner.

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